How to Clean Nose Piercing with Antibacterial soap?

Are you planning for getting nose piercing? or you wanna clean a new nose piercing with antibacterial soap? Here I will give you each and every information about nose piercing cleaning.

You can start the piercing cleaning process by cleaning your hands first. Then make some lather out of the soap and use it for cleaning your piercing.

Nose piercing is one of the most common types of facial piercing. The number of people with a nose piercing is relatively higher than other types of piercings. Nose piercings are popular among men and women. I have a nostril piercing and love wearing different jewelry in it. It gives your face a different dimension and also gives you inner confidence that you look awesome.

Get piercing of your choice and take care of it properly at least until it gets healed completely. Don’t forget to ask your piercer about the aftercare routine. Usually, saline solution is being used for cleaning piercing and it helps the piercing wound to heal quickly.

Nose piercing is not so complicated and the process of cleaning is also very easy. Your hands easily reach your nose and hence it is easy to touch and clean. But, you have to take extra care of it as it can easily get infected too. It is very important to clean and strictly follow the aftercare routine. Today we will discuss the cleaning of nose piercing with Antibacterial soap. Along with it, I will answer all frequently asked questions here. Let’s get started.

clean nose piercing with antibacterial soap

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How to Clean a Nose Piercing with Antibacterial soap?

For cleaning your new piercing choose the right soap and follow the steps mentioned. After choosing the right soap for you, start with the cleaning process. Here are the steps of using antibacterial soap for cleaning nose piercing.

  • Wash your hands using hand wash or antibacterial soap
  • After washing your hands damp the piercing area
  • Use normal water or a little warm water
  • Let it get soaked in water for 1-2 minutes to make it easy
  • Now pour some soap on your pals
  • Rub your hands to make lather out of it
  • Use lather instead of direct soap
  • Apply the lather to the piercing area
  • Clean the area and jewelry
  • Make sure you are cleaning all discharge and crust
  • Clean carefully, do not hurt it
  • No need to move or rotate jewelry if it is not healed
  • Observe your skin after the first cleaning
  • If your skin feels too dry, red irritated after wash
  • Stop using soap for piercing cleaning and go back to saline solution.

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Can you use antibacterial soap on piercings?

Yes, absolutely you can. You can clean your nose piercing with antibacterial soap but need to be sure that it is suitable for you. Like if it is too harsh it can damage the skin cells and can make the wound worse.

What soap can I use to clean my piercing?

You can any mild natural antibiotic soap. Please choose fragrance-free, Dye-free, and alcohol-free soaps for your piercings. Liquid soaps are mostly preferred as bar soaps are being used again and again. Bar soaps contain dirt and bacteria which can be transferred to your skin. It can cause nose piercing infection.

What kind of antibacterial soap is good for piercings?

you should use mild liquid soap that contains triclosan. These are really amazing and really well. You can find antibacterial soap easily in the market and even online too.

clean nose piercing with antibacterial soap

What is best to clean a nose piercing?

A saline solution will be the best choice to clean your nose piercing. You can also use DIY sea salt solution, liquid anti-bacterial soaps, tea tree oil, and lavender oil also. Just make a Sea salt solution with warm water, it is easy to make. For quick heal add a few drops of tea tree oil or laver oil even you can add any other essential oil.

Cleaning is the most important process of aftercare. Clean your new piercing 2-3 times a day. Apply essential oils to speed up the healing process. Tea tree oil cures the infection and speeds up the healing process. On the other hand, Lavender oil helps to relieve pain. These two essential oils are super effective and I personally use these for my piercings.

You can simply apply diluted essential oil on the piercing site. Then use readymade saline solution spray. Wipe it off using a clean cotton cloth or Q-tip. Do this twice every day.

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What to clean a nose piercing with?

You can make a sea salt solution at your home. Here I am giving you the easy recipe for Sea salt solution.

  • Take a pan, put it on the stove
  • Pour 1 cup (8oz/250ml) of normal water in it
  • Switch on the stove
  • Let it boil for a couple of minutes
  • Put 1/8- 1/4 tablespoon of not iodize sea salt
  • Do not use iodized salt
  • Switch off the stove
  • Pour the solution out in a cup or a bowl
  • Put a cotton ball in it
  • Pour 2-3 drops of tea tree or lavender oil in it
  • Let it get cool a bit
  • Make sure the solution is not too hot (before final application)
  • Take out the cotton ball from the solution
  • Dab it on the piercing site
  • Let it get wet completely
  • Carefully remove all the crust around the piercing area
  • Slowly wipe the area without hurting it
  • Do this at least twice a day and not more than once a day

For me, this is the easiest way to clean nose piercing. You can also use mild soaps or readymade saline solution.

clean nose piercing with antibacterial soap

Can I clean my nose piercing with just water?

No, normal water is not sufficient to clean all crusts, impurities, and bacteria. You should use warm water with sea salt. Or even you can use soap and water to clean your piercing.

Although washing with normal water can also work for you. You can use something that can speed up the healing process. Your hands and skin contain lots of bacteria. And washing it off using normal water is not sufficient. You should use any mild antibacterial soaps to clean your skin and hands.

If you touch your new nose piercing after wash your hands only with water, it can cause infections. That is why it is really very important to use soap to clean even your hands.

When can I stop cleaning my nose piercing?

As soon as the piercing gets completely healed. Healing time can lie somewhere between 4 – 6 months. You should continue the Aftercare routine. Continue until your nose piercing is healed completely.

Heal time depends on the type of nose piercing you are getting. If it is Cartilage piercing, it is supposed to take more time. We all know cartilage piercing is a bit painful and it bleeds a bit more than normal. It takes more time to form cartilage and heal it than other parts of the body.

Some people reported that their nose piercing gets healed even in 3 months. But this can be your case only if you are lucky. This is not common, even healing in only 4 months is very rare.

You have to strictly follow the aftercare routine. Along with the aftercare routine, you should eat healthy foods and follow a healthy lifestyle. Strictly balance your lifestyle and diet. Avoid eating oily, spicy, do not take alcohol, and eat more veggies and less junk.

clean nose piercing with antibacterial soap

Can I use bar soap to clean my piercing?

No, you shouldn’t. Bar soaps carry bacteria and dirt because of reuses. It will get transferred to your skin. Suppose someone washed his hands or used it, all dirt and bacteria get transferred onto the soap.

Then you used the same bar for piercing cleaning, it gets reapplied to the piercing area. This may change the situation worst from the bad. Bacteria in the soap can infect a new wound. This will increase the healing time also. That’s why it will always be better to use liquid soaps.

Is Softsoap Antibacterial soap good for piercings?

Yes, it is totally safe and good for piercings. Along with this soap, some liquid mild antibacterial soaps like johnson & johnson, Dial, and Nutragina are also good. You can clean a nose piercing with antibacterial soap. Hurry up for the best price

My piercer recommended a liquid mild soap. And he advised me to choose soap with Triclosan. I have used both antibacterial liquid soap and saline solution for cleaning my nose piercing.

You can get any of these mentioned antibacterial mild soaps online at Amazon. All of these soaps are really good for piercing cleaning. It not only cleanses but also keeps your new piercing away from infections. These are mild and gentle to the skin.

How to clean a nose piercing without sea salt?

You can clean your piercing with liquid antibacterial soap and also you can use a readymade saline solution. Sea salt is easily available and also cleanse it nicely. It is really very easy to make a sea salt solution. You just have to add sea salt with warm water and use it.

But the readymade saline solution spray will be the easiest option, I guess. You just have to spend a bit more than a homemade Saline solution. Most of the reputed piercers will recommend you one for aftercare. It is always better to go with your piercer’s advice. You should use and do exactly what advice given by your piercer.

Using soaps for cleaning is also very easy. Choose your soap very wisely. Antibacterial liquid soap with triclosan will be the best option. make some leather out of it and use it for cleaning your nose piercing. It is really very easy but you have to make sure there is no soap residue at the piercing site.

There are many ways f cleaning nose piercing without sea salt. You can use warm water and some essential oils, liquid mild soaps for cleaning. You can choose any of these easiest methods. Just be sure you are cleaning it properly for at least 2 times a day. you don’t have to wash it more than 2 times until it is infected. As too much cleaning can dry out the area.

How to clean nose piercing after healed?

Remove your jewelry and clean it properly inside out. Do not forget to wash and clean your piercing jewelry. First of all, check it properly whether it is healed or not. Removing jewelry before it is healed completely can lead to complications.

It can get closed or even the mucous lays can make it tough to reinsert the jewelry in.  wait for at least 3-4  months and continue with the daily cleaning process. After that check whether there is any pain, discharge, or any uneasiness. If everything is ok, now this is the time when you can change your jewelry.

You can safely remove your jewelry for the piercing for cleaning. Wash your hands before doing anything. Then remove the nose piercing jewelry and wash it. Clean your piercing with antibacterial soap and at the end you and apply essential oils also.

After healing, I wash my nose piercing as I do for the rest of my body. It is super easy to clean then. Just be sure there is no soap rest in the piercing. Clean it properly with water and wipe it to dry.

How do you know if your nose piercing is infected?     

You can simply check for the symptoms of infection. Light redness and pain are normal even white discharge are normal. But the pain, redness, swelling keep going after 4-5 days. It is not reducing or if you feel like the problem is continuously increasing, it’s time to be more careful.

If you feel the pain is not bearable, intense throbbing or burning sensation, green or yellow smelly discharge can be a sign of infection. The first this you should do is to visit your piercer or doctor. Till then, keep cleaning and even start cleaning  3-4 times a day (if you are sure about the infection). Use tea tree oil with the saline wash.

Clean your piercing with tea tree oil, it is rich in antibacterial, antimicrobial, and healing properties. Tea tree oil will help you cure the infection and also speed up the healing process. You can use Lavender essential oil before bed, it helps in pain relief, headache, and anxiety. This will help you in relaxing and also you will feel relax.

Finding the symptoms of infection are not that tough. The pain, throbbing, burning sensation, unnecessary smelly discharge, and bump will make it clear for you.

I will say only one thing- ” prevention is always better than cure”. Strictly follow your aftercare routine and never ignore it. Clean it with saline or clean nose piercing with antibacterial soap. Choose the method that suits you the best. And yeah, this is all about cleaning your nose piercing with antibacterial soap. Do try these methods and don’t forget to let me know.


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