How to Reopen Nose Piercing? Steps/methods & FAQs

Are you planning to reopen your Nose piercing? Or you accidentally closed your piercing and now want it back. Here am up with some easy tips and tricks to reopen your nose piercing. I will share my experience along with some techniques that can help you too.

You can reopen your nose piercing just by cleaning the inner side and by applying oil. If your piercing is new and closed a few days ago, it’ll be very easy to reopen it. Older piercings are tough to open on your own. You need to figure out your condition and pick the best technique for you. Check out the post to know the best ways.

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How to Reopen Nose Piercing?

Clean your piercing with soap and try inserting a nose pin. This is one of the commonly used techniques. Just lubricate the surface and outer side of the piercing and try to slip your jewelry in.

There can be many reasons for closed piercing and that’s why you need to pick the right technique for yourself. Above all, time plays an important role in reopening. If it is too old it’ll hurt you more and you may have to re-pierce it. Here are some steps you can try to reopen your pierced nose.

  • If the piercing hole is closed for two to three days, you just apply any cream or gel to reopen it
  • Clean with soap water and try inserting the jewelry in it
  • Use oil or vaseline. You can also use Aloe Vera gel
  • If it is older than 6 months, you will have to put a little pressure to insert the jewelry
  • And if your piercing is older than 1 year you’ll have to re-pierce it.
  • A retainer is the best way to hide your piercing and keep it open.

How to reopen the inside of the Nose piercing?

You can simply apply oil or soap as a lubricant and try inserting the jewelry. Generally, our nose piercing seems to be closed from inside even in just 1-2 days.

In some people, the inside of the nose piercing gets closed overnight. For solving this problem, it is very important to why it happens. Our body continuously working even if we are sleeping. In our sleep, our body heals wounds and cell damages more quickly.

This is the reason our piercing close overnight. It is simply a thin mucous membrane that forms as a layer. The layer is a result of the healing process of the body. It can be removed easily without bleeding.

  • Clean your nose inside out
  • Use face wash or soap to clean the outside
  • You can clean the inner side of your nose using soap & water
  • Be careful while applying soap in the inner part
  • Wipe the area using a dry cotton towel
  • Try inserting any jewelry
  • I recommend using sterilized earrings with pointed pin
  • Do not use a needle or pointed tool, you may hurt yourself
  • Never forget to clean the jewelry or pin you are using
  • Sterilization is very important, as to avoid infection risk
  • You can use a sterilized sewing needle
  • Use the back blunt side of the needle to reopen the piercing
  • If it is painful or not easily going in, apply oil, Vaseline or soap
  • Soap and oils can act as a lubricant
  • Gently press the jewelry in
  • Light redness, pain, and sneezing is very common

If this method is not working for you and is very painful, you can simply leave it and visit your piercer instead. Your piercing might be closed. And your piercer can reopen it easily.

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How I opened my piercing?

I intentionally closed my piercing and suddenly reopened it after 3 years.  

We all love wearing beautiful nose pins or rings. But, piercing our nose is not that pleasant feeling as we all know how painful it is. Let’s not talk about the pain today, we all are aware of it.

Got my nose pierced when I was 10 or 12 year’s old. I cannot even remember the exact age and time. But, the thing I still have in my mind is- the pain. It was painful, I and never liked to wear anything at that time.

Even when my mom tried changing my nose ring, I cried a lot. I thought it was wrongly done. Then I removed it and never wore any jewelry in it. Everyone thought it was closed. But, After 2 or 3 years I saw my bestie wearing a nose ring and everyone is complimenting her.

I feel like I should get it too, but my parents were not ready to re-piercing my nose. But I was so desperate that time and tried inserting different jewelry in it.

I tried earrings and nose pins applied to oil and Vaseline and fortunately, it slipped into the piercing. At that moment I was so surprised and so that my parents were. I was fortunate to reopen nose piercing on my own.

Some said that it was not closed and some said that the metal used during piercing also plays an important role in closing and opening the piercing. I was pierced with gold wire and after re-opening my nose piercing, I am still wearing a gold nose stud.

Nose piercing closed from inside

What generally happens with the nose piercing after removing jewelry? If your piercing is not healed completely from inside out, it will start closing up. As in my case, the mucous membrane-covered the piercing hole. But, it was opened from outside and closed from inside.

The layer was very thin and can be removed just by putting some pressure. Even an old piercing hole kept visible from the outside of the nose. However, it gets closed from inside.

I have seen many people with a closed nose piercing, but it appears like it is opened. An old nose piercing scars are nearly impossible to remove. But you can try to reopen it by inserting any blunt needle, earring or nose rings. Do not use nose stud, as studs are wider and can be painful to insert.

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Re-piercing Nose yourself

I will never suggest you do the same. As re piercing causes much more pain than piercing it the first time. Especially if it is on the same spot. For re-piercing, i recommend to visite any reputed piercer’s shope.

Piercer will use tapper to remove the tissue if it is not closed completely. But the exact process of re piercing depends on how much the piercing is healed and how old it is.

But even after all, you want to do it on your own, here are the steps.

  • Clean the area properly
  • Sterilize the needle and other piercing tools
  • Clean your hands using soap and water
  • Mark a spot if it is not visible
  • Apply numbing cream before piercing
  • Use a clamp or holder to hold your nose properly for piercing
  • Gently press the needle through your nostril upside down
  • Wear any high-quality sterilized jewelry just after piercing
  • Use piercing gun only if you have your own
  • Do not touch, remove, or replace your piercing until it gets healed completely.

*Never ever put Alcohol or Hydrogen peroxide on a new piercing. It will dry up the skin and makes it really difficult to get healed. It can also damage the jewelry.

Re-piercing nose scar tissue

If the piercing is closed completely isn’t easy to re-pierce it. Piercing is a process of proliferating the skin in order to wear jewelry in it. Puncturing or modifying any part of body results wound.

We have to keep the jewelry in the piercing until it can be healed completely and makes a permanent space for jewelry there. But, when we remove our jewelry before it gets healed, our body starts filling the space and healing the wound.

The process of healing results in scars tissue over the piercing wound. Oldest scar tissues are more painful to pierce. You might hear some people get re-pierced without pain or very little pain.

If it is painless, it means the nerves have been destroyed in that area due to piercing. Usually, scar tissues get more sensitive and painful over time. This is due to the regeneration of nerve endings.

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DIY Fake nose piercing

You can opt for a fake nose piercing if your nose piercing is closed. This is a much better option than to re-pierce your nose if your failed reopen it. Fake piercing can be one of the best options for you when you failed re-piercing it. Here I am giving you some easy and quick ideas for fake piercing.

  • Rhinestone

Using Body jewel or rhinestone may sound silly. But, believe me, it works very well and is one of my favorite way to fake nose piercing. Using a beautiful body jewel for a fake nose piercing is the easiest way to get a fake nose piercing without any pain.

You’ll need Rhinestone of your choice and a body adhesive. Do not use any ordinary glue as they are not made for your skin. Use body blue or surgical glue instead.

The best option will be the eyelash glue. If you have eyelash glue you don’t have to use any other glue. Just apply a very little glue on the rhinestone and place on the spot hold it for a few seconds and your fake nose piercing is ready.

  • Magnetic nose studs

Nowadays Magnetic Nose studs are very popular among both men and women. It is really very easy to use and remove. But, I’ll recommend keeping this away from your child.

Kids are more curious and always try to find out how things work. They may pull it out of their nostril, and also can put it into their mouth. But the biggest risk is of inhaling it accidentally.

Never leave your kids with magnetic nose stud on. If you have to use it keep then on surveillance. Even if you are wearing it, do not forget to remove it before going to bed.

Related questions:

What are nose piercing retainers?

Retainers are made up of transparent substance to hide piercing. Wearing retainer can help your piercing to stay open. It makes the piercing almost invisible. Stay away from the risk of getting your piercing closed and reopen your nose piercing. you can simply wear a transparent retainer. you should read my post on Nose piercing retainer.

Can a Nose piercing close up?

Yes, absolutely. But it depends on how old your piercing is. New piercing closes up quicker than the old ones. If you piercing new on 1-2 yrs old, you might notice it gets closed halfway within 2-3 days.

How long does it take a nose piercing to get fully healed?

The healing period lies between 3-6 months depending on the types of nose piercing. If talking about simple nostril piercing, it will take 2 whole months to get healed. But, the healing time can increase if it is not properly cared. Piercing infection can also increase healing time.

Do you get a scar from a nose piercing?

Yes, Nose piercing is almost impossible to close completely for some people. Inside of the nose piercing start healing and closing quickly. But the mucus tissues close only the last layer or halfway of the piercing. It will remain opened from outside or form scare tissue slowly to fill the gap. But I haven’t seen anyone with a closed nose piercing without a scar.

Can I change my nose piercing after a week?

NO, you shouldn’t. At least for 4-8 weeks, you shouldn’t disturb your new piercing. This may hamper or slow down the healing process. There is also a risk of infection.

This is all about nose piercing, healing, and re-opening. Hope you got the exact piece of information that you are looking for. I am sure you managed to reopen your nose piercing using the given methods. Do not hesitate to contact us by dropping your comment below in the comment section. Before leaving Please read How do girls look at a guy with a nose piercing.


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