How to close nose piercing? FAQs

Wanna close nose piercing? Many of us nowadays had all sorts of body modifications, including nose piercing. I have a question though- how does one piercing close when we get tired of it? Maybe, it’s closing to fast and you want to know how to stop that if possible!

Leave your nose piercing without jewelry. Or you can go for some surgeries to close your piercing quickly. 

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How to Close Nose piercing?

 To close your nose piercing you can try some hacks or go to a cosmetic surgeon. 

You don’t have lots of options for closing a piercing. Basically, people advise you to leave your nose piercing without wearing any jewelry in it. And yeah, it works for almost everyone.

If your nose piercing is not too old, it will get closed quickly. The older the piercing longer it takes to close completely. If you might never get closet completely if it is 4-6 or more years old.

Our body keeps healing itself and that’s why sometimes we feel like our nose piercing gets partially closed overnight. Partially closed nose piercing can easily be reopened. If your nose piercing 2-3 years old you can leave it without jewelry to get closed naturally.

It can take one month, 6 months, or even a year for some people to close nose piercing naturally. But the scars remain the same for most cases.

I recommend going for a surgery if you want to close any old piercing. Cosmetic surgery will close your piercing properly and even remove the scar. This is one of the quickest ways to close nose piercing. But is not suitable for everyone as it is expensive and no one love to go through any kind of surgery.

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How long does a nose piercing take to close up?

Your new nose piercing can get closed within a few days. However, old piercings can take a couple of years.

Truth be told, there is no clear time frame for every single person. Especially since each individual person’s body responds differently. In most cases, people say that freshly made piercing can close in 24h if you remove the stud.

For some people, it can even be half a day or less! Especially the inside hold will close much quicker than the outside one. The outside one might take a bit more time.

Can a piercing close in minutes?

Yes, it can get closed partially if not healed completely. But it is really rare for a nose piercing to get completely closed within a minute.

Once again, it really depends on the person. From what I have heard the shortest amount of time a person had their piercing closed was 45min.

It is not impossible for the nose piercing to close within minutes, just rare. Usually, people choose to get their piercing redone if possible. However, it does get tiresome after a while. More so, if you take out your piercing often.

How do you close a piercing?

I simply leave it without jewelry to get closed completely. It is one of the easiest ways and also very time-taking.

Everyone will give you basically the same answer to this question. If you are tired of nose piercing and want it to close, just let it close naturally. What’s important is the aftercare when the hole does close up.

Using certain skincare products like creams and oils will help your skin heal up properly. Most importantly if you had no issues with piercings everything will take care of itself in the end.

Will my piercing close up overnight?

Yeah, there is a chance that your piercing gets closed overnight. 

Unfortunately, this situation has happened to many people. Don’t be surprised that the next morning your stud is out and you can’t find it.

It’s even more hassling if you need to figure out in the morning how long was stud out. Because as I mentioned it is very possible for the hole to close fast, which is even more headache.

The next thing is either redo it or pierce it yourself.

Why do nose piercings close up so fast?

Nose piercing gets closed faster due to forming mucus membranes.

The biggest reason why nose piercing closes so fast, especially inside, is mucous. The inside of your nose is coated with mucous membranes, without the jewelry it can close quickly.

While the holes on the outside will take much longer time to close up. some people face problems like the inner side of the piercing is closed.

The outside hole can heal as well and remain a small pore looking scar.

Does a nose piercing leave a scar?

Yesh, nose piercing leaves scars in most of the cases. 

If there were no problems like infections, the only type of scar that can remain is pretty harmless looking. It usually ends up being flat, and maybe just slightly different skin tone from your normal flesh.

Then again, if your self conscious about the scars there are ways to minimize it. I highly recommend you to use vitamin E oil or even Mederama, to help better.

Small scars may remain, but it is not too serious.

For now, I have covered parts that regard the hole closing process. There are more things that you really need to think about. Especially before getting the nose piercing, aftercare, and general safety!

In the follow-up, you can check out a few more things that will give you some food for thought.

Related questions

What are the pros and cons of nose piercings?

Nose piercings used to be something that people a few decades ago would call a fad of rebellion. Moreover, it has been part of just a few cultures that were not so mainstream, but fashion like time, changes.

Today having a nose piercing is simply part of personal identity, with some pros and cons you need to consider.


Let’s start with the pros first shall we? Here are a few great things about having a nose piercing:

  • They can fit everyone’s style. It is indeed something that can put a stamp of extra spark in one’s image.
  • Piercing heals up fast. You don’t have to worry too much, it starts healing quickly.
  • A wide variety of jewelry out there! You will most likely end up having a huge collection of nose jewelry!
  • Nowadays, they are widely accepted in most workplaces. Of course in some places you cant go over the top. Still, you can always wear a more refined option to still remain true to yourself.


As much as it pains me to do this, I do have to mention the cons. Keep in mind, they are all within the reason. Read carefully and make your own decision:

  • They do leave a mark once you remove them. Most of the time it resembles a blackhead.
  • It hurts, which is unsurprising given how sensitive that skin is. Yes, it is unpleasant but thankfully it doesn’t last long.
  • Scars can remain, but like I mentioned rather small ones if there were no issues. Sometimes it can even be a small bump.

These all within reason and hopefully it won’t stop you from getting that piercing! Hopefully, you get something to match you as a unique individual and leave a lasting impression on those around you.

How safe is it to get your nose pierced?

Much like with any other piercing, it can be safe as long as it is done right! Almost every advice not to try piercing on your own. You can hurt yourself or cause some serious injury.

Sure, you might save up a couple of bucks by DIY or even letting your friend do it. Think about it though, is it worth to risk a possible infection just to save money? Refrain from that kind of risk and save up enough for a professional.

The best thing is finding a reputable studio, avoid armature basement piercers, and small mall ear piercing places. Once you do that make sure to have a proper discussion with your piercer.

At the start, the piercer will need to check the condition of your nose, which is what most professionals do. It may sound strange, but is all done for your own personal safety and to avoid risks. This only confirms a skill level and their knowledge of the given work.

Don’t be shy to look around the place and make sure that their equipment and saloon are clean. After all, anyone who wants to keep a good reputation wants to leave a solid impression no?

Follow the advice from the piercer always, this is the most important thing. They will most likely provide you with the aftercare you need to do and cleaning solutions.

As you can see, it is pretty safe as long as you have it done by the right hands. Because piercers much like any other professions put their reputation on the line.

The last thing anyone wants is to be connected by a horror story that happened in their own saloon.

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How do you care for a newly pierced nose?

One thing is for sure, the nose is a more delicate location for piercings than the ear, it needs more care. The moment you step out of the saloon you will instantly have to take care of your new piercing. Don’t panic it doesn’t sound as scary as I might

  • First and foremost, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Use cotton balls to apply the saline solution, which you can buy at the studio. You can make it yourself by adding 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt to a warm cup of water.
  • If your skin is oily or prone to acne, use a clean towel to wipe your nose gently. To avoid irritating the piercing you can do this.
  • To make the healing process faster, make sure to stay hydrated, and have a healthy diet.

As you can see, cleaning and good hygiene are important when taking care of the piercing. It might hurt a bit since the nose is still a pretty soft spot. Never rub too hard, try to keep a steady slow pace.

Some would also recommend using coconut oil to speed up the process. Most importantly try to avoid using strong antiseptics, especially if there might be an infection.

A choice of jewelry is also a vital part as well! Try choosing a good quality metal and it might be wise to avoid wearing copper made rings.

Since, because copper made rings often cause irritations, quality piercings is a huge must!

Final Words:

To end things, whether your nose piercing closes without you paying attention or if its something you want. It is your own choice what you want to do with plenty of ways to do that safely.

Always try to follow proper instructions and make sure to gather as much as info as you can. The last thing you want is to have your nose piercing close and leaving you an unappealing scar.

With this knowledge under your belt, step forward, and have no fear about future possibilities!


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