How to reopen a partially closed ear piercing?

Closed ear piercing? Wanna reopen it? You are at the right place! we’ll talk about- how to reopen ear piercing. Most of us women love wearing accessories, and earrings fall into one of the most popular ones. Ear piercing has always been trendy for many decades. Even centuries you know! Wearing them gives you a unique image and statement of your own! But like with any accessories there might be some small issues. For example, what are you going to do when your piercing closes? Will, you just live it there closed or reopen it?

Apply oil or soapy water to the piercing area and try inserting blunt earring. You can use sterilized wire or any thin jewelry to reopen partially closed-ear piercing. 

Many times this situation happens, you stop wearing your ear piercings, then the hole closes up. This is an annoying situation, but it is not completely impossible to reopen the partially closed hole.

One thing you got to do is gently rub the area of the hole where your old piercing was. In most cases, you can feel up a knot, which means there is a tunnel. The surface of piercing might be closed, but the tunnel in the center means you can still reopen it!

You have to consider though, how much time has passed since you wore your piercing. I would highly suggest that you should seek out a professional to reopen your ear piercing. Especially if you can’t handle the pain of stinging.

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re pierce your ears

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Is it possible to reopen ear piercing at home?

Yes, it is totally possible! If the hole partially closed recently it will not be very tough for you.

Like if it gets closed a few days ago, then you can try opening it by yourself. Since this early, the skin is pretty thin and easy to pierce through.

First and foremost, sterilized the area of your ear and wash your hands thoroughly. And most important do not forget to sterilize the piercing jewelry, in order to avoid infections.

Then gently try to push the earning back in by moving it around a bit.

But if the hole of the original piercing is much older than a few months, you will need help. As time passed, there might be something more than just a thin layer of skin.

You could still try to reopen the closed-hole by yourself, but it might be slightly difficult. Either twist, push or try to stretch the hole those are some of the options you can do

Should you feel discomfort, go to professional right away.

Now, there are far more fine details that I’d like to go through with you. Since I don’t want to discourage you completely, so there are few questions to be answered. I hope these tips will give you some good ideas while you are reading through!

Can you reopen a closed ear piercing?

Yes! It is pretty possible to reopen a closed-ear piercing.

But is it a good idea to do it at home? Since unlike in a professional setting which is usually sterilized, you might have a small risk of infection

If you want to try it at home, the best way is to first soften the tissue of your ear. Usually, the hole of the previous piercing will shrink and softening the area might make your job easier. When you’re done, try to push an earring from the back of your ear or any different angle.

If there is no luck, contact the registered piercer.

Ways to open ear piercing

If you want to reopen ear piercings at your home, there is a simple way you can do that. Follow these steps, make sure you do them in a way that will be as painless as possible.

1 soften your skin

You need to soften your skin first, either by taking a shower dabbing moist cloth.

2 Wash your hand

wash your hands thoroughly and make sure to use a mild soap while doing that. Wear gloves in order to avoid any bacteria getting into the hole.

3 Disinfect

Disinfect your earring with alcohol, clean your earlobe with cotton swab do the same for the back of the ear. The alcohol will get rid of any dangerous bacteria that might harm you. Let the earrings you plan to use dry a bit before using them.

4 High-quality jewelry-

I don’t advise you to use any cheap earrings, especially if you got allergies. Either sterling silver or hypoallergenic is the best choice to avoid irritation.

5 Observe carefully

Carefully feel the back of your ears. The hole is most likely shrunken and not closed completely. Slowly try to wiggle your earring around and push it through the hole.

6 Lubrication is important

Use an ointment or cream to lubricate the piercing hole. rub it in gently with your fingertips. Remember to do the same thing for your earring too, and then try to stretch your ear.

Once you are ready either twist your ear little, wiggle it if needed while slowly pushing the earring. However, if you cant make progress after some time, the best thing is to seek help from professionals.

reopen partially closed piercing

What do I do if the inside hole of my ear piercing closed?

You can try to reopen it using soapy water or cream. Do not use ant pointed or sharp thing, use blunt clean wire or earring. 

Now, this highly depends on each person, since everyone’s body will react differently. When you stop wearing earrings for a good while over time your skin will close and form a knot.

DIY way of piercing should be your last resort! Often times if the skin of your piercing is not thin and easily open, you will need help. Even if the inside is closed, the tunnel should still be there.

Sometimes ears might close even after a short time, due to an allergic reaction to the metal of earring. It is risky to try opening by yourself ask for help.

Can I pierce my closed ear piercing in the same spot?

Yes, you definitely can re-pierce your ear at the same spot. People generally avoid getting piercing at the same spot because they felt more painful. 

I would say there should not be any problems what so ever. Yet again, there might be some small concerns.

It is quite possible to pierce your ears twice in the same spot, just make sure there is no infection. Also, the skin tissue of your old piercing might be a little tougher than before.

This might sound repetitive, but the least painful way to do this is to see a piercer. It’s far less painless to this with a professional gun than a random needle you have at home.

Just be sure to check if your ears are without any allergic reaction or damage to the tissue.

How does re-piercing ears work?

It might feel more painful as compared to first piercing at the same spot. But the pain is only at the time of getting it done. 

Before anything, you got to make sure that your old pierced area is completely healed. Usually, it is highly recommended to get re-pierced in the same place or at least close to it.

For the most part, this is a painless procedure. I felt way less comparing it to your first time (throughout the healing process). When it comes to healing, the time is also relatively short in this step as well.
You can also wear the same jewelry you have worn before, just bring it beforehand to your piercer.

How long does it take for an ear piercing to close?

It takes 4 – 8 weeks for an ear piercing to close completely inside out. 

This is also something that varies with different case by case situation. Fresh piercings can close within a few days, while older piercings will heal slower.

Lets put it this way, if you wear your earrings continuously for years the harder they will close. Some people might say it takes 4-6 weeks, while others as long as 8 weeks.

If you want to avoid having your ear piercings getting closed fast, try wearing it for a month.

Your body could react differently to your friends or any other person’s experience, so there are no rules.

closed ear piercing

How long should you wait to re-pierce your ears?

4-6 weeks or even a maximum of 3 months. This answer can connect to the previous question. The first thing that you have to know if your piercing healed properly to avoid any kind of risk.

Keep checking it. It might seem to be closed from outside also. This can be due to liquid discharge and crust formation. But it should not be painful on touching if it is healed completely.

When you do get to wear your first piercing try not to remove it right away. Let them stay on your ears for a while, so next time re-piercing will go smoother.

Be wary of what sort of material you wear on your ears. Many times people experience irritations because they wore the wrong kind of earrings and closed their piercings faster.

Are re-piercing ears more painful?

Yes, it might feel more painful while piercing the same spot the second time. 

But, I mentioned before, reopen ear piercing is less painful. Again, depends on the condition of your ear as well and your own tolerance to the pain.

It will hut some that is for sure, but to others, it can only be minor discomfort. Just like with any part of the body, ears also have areas that hurt more than others.

The ear lobe is considered to be the least painful area, while areas like a helix, forward helix and conch do hurt. Knowing this its good to remember that your scar tissue is thicker than before it won’t be painful.

As you can read from this re-piercing if taken the right steps aren’t a bit challenging. There are however few more questions and stories I’d like to mention before you do anything.

In the next part, I’ll answer questions that might relate to your own particular experience. It might also help with a few small concerns you have for the future.

Related questions

What should I do if my ears are pierced unevenly?

If that does bother you, then it is possible that you can get your piercing redone.

It is a well-known fact that the human body itself isn’t symmetrical to perfection in a natural state. You got to ponder and consider if you are comfortable with having an uneven piercing.

Sometimes, this unevenness can be caused if you often fiddle with your fresh piercing too much.Consult your piercer and ask them to mark ears with a marker and see if it’s okay with you.

Before getting them fixed its best to wait for the period of time I already mentioned here.This can also be done if the ear hole is slightly crooked. Neither unevenness or crooked hole have any dangers to your health, but it can be unpleasant to look at.

Depending on how thick is a layer of skin from your previous piercing, it can be done on same location. However if that’s not the case, then piercer can suggest a slightly higher or lower area.

All most all professional piercer takes pride in their work. And they are comfortable to have a proper discussion. Build up trust is a huge part of getting a job done properly. Since they put their reputation on the line, some piercers don’t charge for an ear re-piercing.

What to do if my ears reject the earrings?

The best choices that do not cause high sensitivity are titanium, surgical steel or 18 karats gold. Before getting your ears done, make sure to discuss this with your piercer.

This sadly can happen to many of us, our ears develop sensitive to certain metals. I personally experienced this situation where if I wear nickel earrings my skin becomes irritated.

It is also advised to check with your doctor if they can do an allergy test, specifically nickel.

The procedure itself is simple and with that out of the way you can think about the next step. It is a simple patch test where they can evaluate your sensitivity properly.

A few unwanted reactions might happen if you will skip the counseling step.Earring rejection can be similar to that of infections. Swelling is one of the first signs, after that, you might see some discharge, redness and mild irritation.

Don’t try to replace the earring yourself, take it out, but don’t put in a new one.It might be hard to resist the cute handmade earrings for a low price. For your own sake, it’s better to do that.

After all, you want the best for your health and beauty no? Investing a little more cash in a piece of quality jewelry is always better than choosing something that seems affordable.

All in all, reopen ear piercing is not as scary as it might seem at first. It just takes some time to do proper research, find the right salon and have the job done properly. After all, you want to look the best you can!

With all of this information, I hope it will help you with your future choices. Beauty and health are two things that go hand in hand don’t forget it!


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