Sunglasses Types You Should Know in 2022

Types out there to buy a nice pair of sunglasses but struggling to find a perfect one? Let us help you with that! This article explains several sunglasses types that offer remarkable functionality in a given situation.

According to TheShadesHut, Sunglasses are categorized into various types depending on their frames, glasses, material, and tints. Some people purchase sunglasses solely to make a fashion statement. Yet, many prefer functionality over looks, styling, and appearance. This article, in specific, explains different sunnies based on lens technologies.

Presenting sunglasses types that offer exquisite looks through vibrant tints. And an astonishing view of surroundings with their futuristic lenses:

1. Polarized Lens Sunglasses

As a frequent outgoer, you certainly find yourself struggling with the horizontal sunlight bouncing off the glass, shiny surface, and water. This horizontal light, known as glare, can harm your eyes when fully exposed under broad daylight. This is where polarized technology comes into play!

What are Polarized Sunglasses?

A polarized lens is the most widely used technology in sunglasses. On a basic level, polarized lenses feature a layer of coating known as “polarization”. This layer filters out the strong rays of the dazzling sun and the horizontally reflected sunlight (i.e., glare). Canceling such sharp rays, the light transmitted through these filters is deemed softer & eye-comforting. And ultimately offers better clarity of vision.

Most manufacturers featuring polarized shades use acetate lenses since they’re lightweight. It can conveniently be coated with polarization. The Nylon-based acetate (a new & improved variant of plastic) offers impact resistance and ensures superb durability. Therefore, Nylon-based lenses are also gaining notable approval among the manufacturers such as EssilorLuxottica, Safilo, and Marcolin Group.

Unlike typical dark-shaded or grey-tinted sunglasses, polarized shades would focus more on glare cancelation rather than darkening the view around you. Evidently, polarized sunnies not only make an amazing companion for day-to-day outdoor activities but also serve as excellent sports eyewear.

Polarized Sunglasses – Benefits and Applications

  • Glare elimination and (horizontal) UV protection are the foremost aspects of polarized shades. So, you must employ them if your daily routine revolves around outdoor activities under daylight.
  • If you’re heading to a beach for a nice sunbath, be sure to put them on. These sunglasses types will cancel every bit of glare. Glares that strike the rippling water waves and approach your eyes.
  • If you aim to reduce eye-straining or get rid of that need to squint for better focus on moving objects, wear polarized sunglasses. The polarized coating will offer exceptional visual clarity. And allow an extensive focus even on bright sunny days.

Limitations of Polarized Sunglasses

  • Do not wear polarized shades at night, particularly when driving. These glasses will darken your view at night due to the complete absence of vertical light.
  • Avoid wearing them under overcast or foggy conditions. Vision clarity in polarized shades mainly stems from the vertical light under sunny conditions. Since vertical light no longer exists in hazy conditions, the chances are that these shades might darken the surroundings.
  • Do not mistake them for “protective eyewear for display screens” since polarization has nothing to do with filtering out X-rays and UV light. You may use blue-blocking tinted sunglasses to protect your eyes against long-term exposure to computer, LED, and smartphone screens. However, evidence for their efficacy against digital strain isn’t sufficient either.

2. Prizm Sunglasses

These sunglasses, or more precisely, the Oakley Prizm sunglasses, are based on the “exclusively Oakley’s” Prizm lens technology. Prizm lens works on a unique technology that mainly concerns visual acuity, reducing color distortion, and offering depth perception.

What are Prizm Sunglasses?

Prizm lenses are more about vision enhancement than eye protection. The original Oakley Prizm lenses do not offer glare protection features. Instead, they balance the color contrast just according to the surrounding.

Prizm lens technology doesn’t necessarily exploit darker lenses to blacken the light. Rather, Oakley engineers put the concept of “contrast lenses” to use. They rolled out lenses that could enhance certain wavelengths according to the given conditions.

Such remarkable functionality is further ensured by the availability of Prizm lenses in several variants. This includes Prizm MX, Prizm sport, Prizm snow, and so on. Meanwhile, “Prizm Daily” is designed to amplify individual colors in any given environment. Hence, this particular Prizm variant should be your ideal choice for everyday life as they tend to offer great visual acuity by adjusting the colors.

Prizm Sunglasses – Benefits and Applications

  • Prizm “daily” are ideal pairs if you want to experience the colors of nature in their purest form. They should also be your perfect travel companion as they sharpen your vision by balancing the appropriate color wavelengths.
  • Prizm Sport and further sport-specific variants are actively used by sportspersons worldwide. For instance, skiers and golfers use Prizm “snow” and “MX” variants to have a better depth perception of snow trails and grass, respectively.
  • Prizm polarized, or HD polarized sunglasses offer glare protection alongside vision enhancement features. They’re basically polarized sunglasses with the additional privilege of Oakley Prizm technology.

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Limitations of Prizm Sunglasses

Not all Prizm sunglasses offer glare protection. The function of non-polarized standard Prizm shades is limited to enhancing color contrast and adjusting wavelengths. So, be sure to check whether you require a “Prizm polarized” pair or a standard one.

3. Blue-Blocking Tinted Sunglasses

Blue-blocking tinted sunglasses, aka blue-light shades, feature tinted lenses offering unique functions in varying situations. Although these pairs feature several tints, blocking the distorting blue light remains the common aspect among all.

What are Tinted Sunglasses?

All the tinted sunglasses have one common feature: boosting the color contrast under hazy conditions when one struggles to focus. Every variant, regardless of the tint, blocks the vision-distorting blue light and offers superb depth perception. Consequently, the tinted shades are ideal for sportspersons, night drivers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Blue-Blocking Tinted Sunglasses – Benefits and Applications

  • Blue-blockers primarily cancel the blue light that distorts your vision under overcast conditions. The high-tech lenses of these shades are coated with a particular tint. It allows you to experience superb depth perception, dramatically enhancing visual accuracy.
  • Several tinted sunglasses feature a layer of polarization for glare cancellation. So, a fusion of polarized lenses with blue-blocking technology can roll out a futuristic pair that allows eye protection and visual acuity alike.
  • Every specific tint has its respective function. Orange and yellow-tinted sunglasses make excellent night-driving glasses. Red and rose-tinted shades are a more worthy choice for sportspersons. Violet, blue, and grey-tined pairs are perfect for everyday use, as they add a bold sense of fashion alongside blocking the scattered light.

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Limitations of Blue-Blocking Glasses

Many people believe that blue-blocking glasses or eyeglasses can eliminate digital strain. However, recent studies concluded that it’s a myth, and there’s no sufficient evidence to support blue-blocker glasses’ function against digital eye strain. Therefore, you do not essentially have to wear them when using your smartphones or PCs; it’s totally a choice!

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Bottom Line:

all of the above-mentioned sunglasses types are awesome. You can pick any of these that suits your personality.

Hopefully, all the points and information listed above help you point to choose your sunglass easily.

If you have anything to add or suggest, feel free to drop them in the comments section below! Suggestions are always appreciated.


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