Jumpsuit, Rompers & Dungaree: when, what and how to wear

On the beach, wearing a comfortable, beautiful hot dress. Or think of going on a long drive with friends wearing your favorite dungaree or jumpsuit or maybe rompers. We all love these western dresses, isn`t it? But looking someone wearing something like this is totally different than wearing itself.topless romper

It seems to be the most complicated dress to wear for some. Pairing these with any jewelry is also confusing. But today we’ll talk about fashion, what to wear and, how to wear. Jumpsuits, Dungaree, rompers, or playsuits are almost similar to each other.

We can say these are all belongs to the same family. Family? Haha, Don`t take my words seriously! Looking at the models wearing jumpers is really fascinating. But bewitching towards the trending fashion and thinking of wearing it as confidently and perfectly as she is wearing, is just an expectation. Reality comes after buying that dress.

Wearing is also easy but after that maintaining that look for long is not the same thing. Carrying it confidently as well as comfortable is the challenging task.

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  Similarities between Dungaree, Rompers, and Jumpsuits

The big similarity is dungaree, romper and jumpsuits are all one piece dresses with the attached bottom with the top section.

All these three dresses are of the same kind. Wearing and carrying the style of all these are the same. That’s why I have decided to put all the three new trending dresses in the same post today. Till now you have gathered almost the all information about these outfits. Read about the long journey of dungaree and Jumpsuit from Labors to Models. It seems like is not going to change its face. But yes the wearing purpose and style have changed completely. And is never going to be outdated.

  • The look is almost the same
  • Same wearing style
  • You can wear almost the same footwear with all these three
  • The same Hairstyle can be carried out with any of these
jumpsuit wit jacket
Fashionable and Bold at the same time
Before all this, let me clear one thing- that wearing trending dresses is not fashionable. Wearing your dress uniquely with perfection and confidence is Fashion in reality. 

You should wear a dress according to your body type and color should be complemented with your complexion. Foot Wear and pieces of jewelry decide your final look, be a bit choosy. Then choose your makeup, nails, and hairstyle. After selecting all your attire, just decide your hairstyle. Your hairstyle should be according to your outfit.

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What is a jumpsuit and when it has been first time worn?

A jumpsuit is basically a one-piece dress. Top wear is attached with bottom wear gives a unique look. Let`s talk a bit in-depth about when how and with what you can pair and wear it with.

Now, wear your favorite colored jumpsuits like a style pro. I will give you each and every idea about wearing and carrying your attire. You are beautiful! And just need to enhance your beauty by choosing the perfect outfit, jewelry, and footwear.

If you are thinking jumpsuits are our trend and are invented for us according to our fashion. Then Stop! You are totally wrong. Talking about the invention of the jumpsuit- Since the 1980 jumpsuit is being worn. Yes, that`s true! But jumpsuits were not worn like we do today. The dress was worn especially by paragliders and skydivers.

Its name – Jump-Suit literally refers to an outfit for jumping. Well, thanks to that lady, whoever had decided to turn her jumping suit into her fashion. I personally love to wear a jumpsuit, especially on a picnic and beach.

jumpsuit with belt

How to Wear Jumpsuit like a style expert?

Pair it with stylish accessories and layer it with a stylish jacket to style like an expert.

Always keep a few points in your mind before picking up your outfit. It should be of proper fit and also suits your body type. If you are still wondering about the answer to the questions like – how to wear a jumpsuit casually or formally, How to wear a jumpsuit with a jacket. Stop wondering where are the answers to all your question.

Let`s talk about some points that you should be careful about while choosing and wearing your jumpsuit.

  • Avoid wearing too loose jumpsuit even if you are wearing it casually.
  • Choose your jumpsuit according to your height.
  • If you are short- height, do not pick the broad full length, camel toe suit.
  • Wearing cropped length is not a good idea (if you`re short)
  • The narrow full-length jumpsuit will give you a bit taller and slimmer look
  • If you want to wear a shorter one,at-the-knee length, then choose (strapless) gaucho or culottes’ type jumpsuit.
  • Gaucho jumpsuit with a wider downside will give you a stunning hot look without stunting your height.
  • Choose lose-fit relaxed with gathered waist jumpsuit will be an awesome choice for the casual occasion.
  • Don`t choose too revealing jumpsuit, it may make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.black jumpsuit

Different ways to style a jumpsuit-

  • Pair it with your shrugs or jackets it will give you a totally different and smart look.
  • Wear a tuxedo if you are going to any fashion event or even formal meetings, it looks stunning.
  • Never pair your cropped broad, knee-length jumpsuit with any long jacket.
  • The full-length jumpsuit will awesome pair with a long jacket.
  • If you want to look like a dress expert then just break the monochromic straight up and down line and cinch your jumpsuit with belt.
  • Defining your waist using a belt will take your fashion to the next level.
  • Try to choose your belts carefully, not all belts are the same.
  • An extra-wide belt will not give you that desired look.
  • Thin designer belt, any floral belt, or any of your choice will work.off-shoulder jumpsuit
  • Wearing a belt too high or too low to your waist will ruin your look.
  • Just chinch the belt at your natural lower waistline.
  • Or tie any shirt or denim shirt, it will give you an awesomely cool, and stylish look.
  • Layer a tee, top, shirt, or any t-shirt under your jumpsuit. This is my personal favorite.
  • Choose the right top for layering under your jumpsuit and be extra careful with proportions.

  Shoes to wear with jumpsuit: winter and summer

Food wears like ballerinas, wedges and mules are awesome to wear with a jumpsuit. 

Because of its long length and lower design, the jumpsuit has an eye-catching tendency. Wearing a high heel is the best counterbalance. You should wear heal especially if you are short height. Now coming to the types of shoes and footwear that can go well with the jumpsuit.

beautiful jumpsuit

  • Ballerinas
  • Mules and Wedges
  • Booties & Court shoes
  • Flat sandals
  • Loafers
  • Gladiator sandals
  • Ankle boots & Chelsea Boots

Choose your footwear according to your dress type. I have seen so many of you wearing military boots, especially with simple navy or any dark green colored straight jumpsuit. But it creates a bulk and tuck look to your simple sweet outfit.

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When to wear a jumpsuit?

Actually, there is no wrong time to wear a jumpsuit. Isn`t it? The wedding party, Office, outing, picnic, beach, or even on a romantic date, Jumpsuit suits you on every occasion. You can pick a perfect designed jumpsuit for your occasion.

Have to attain weeding, Ball Party, or any formal party – Choose Structured Jumpsuit. You can wear a jumpsuit in your office too. Layer it under your tuxedo or jacket or shrug. This is an awesome idea to look formal in the office along with stylish.

Rompers wearing tips

We can say it is a shorter or mini version of a jumpsuit. If you will ask me to define romper in my words- “It is Hot pant with attached Top”.  haha! Funny. But it really looks like that.

You love to expose your legs, and also wants to look simple and stylish at the same time. This is your stop baby! You are going to love this dress. As it is comfortable and fashionable too.

If you don`t want to wear a jumpsuit as you want to margin your waistline and leg shape, this is also going to help you’re out of the situation. Don`t want to expose your legs? No problem, Just wear your favorite leggings underneath. But it should be proportional to your romper.

Wear your stylish romper with a jacket or shrugs. Pair it with your favorite tights or leggings. It’s all your choice, there are many ways you can carry it on. There is one weird way to wear your romper. Just put on your jeans or hot pant. Yes, you can and it works not only with romper but also playsuit. Giving you’re a slim stylish bold look, it is comfortable too.

  When to Wear and How to Wear a Romper?

On the beach, or on a long drive, or even at any picnic site. The romper looks totally stunning and makes you look cute along with a hot look. This is what a girl expects from her outfit. There is a huge variety of rompers and jumpsuits available in the market. Go and grab one of your choices.

Denim, zippered, crochet, stripped, bell sleeves, sleeveless, Button-down, open shoulder, crowned neck or hooded, pick any of these. All of these will look awesome on you.

You`re just simply awesome in your way. Long jackets, as well as short or mini jackets, can be wearied with rompers. Wear a belt or tie your scarf or it may be your t-shirt or shirt that will enhance your waistline and add extra wings of fashion to your look.

Overalls, Dungaree or Bib-and-brace overalls

How can we forget about dungaree while talking about new trending dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers? This is the most demanding and loved the dress. One of the dynamic fashion wear. First of all, let`s have a talk on how dungaree originated and how it turns into a fashion attire. Just peep into dungaree history with me.

If talking about the history of dungaree, there is no exact evidence of origin. But it is seen that the use of Dungaree was already initiated in the early 80s and late 70s. In World War I, it is worn by American shoulders.

Why did people think about this kind of odd dress at that time? What was the reason for dungaree origin? Dungarees Vs Overall You are searching for the differences between Dungarees and overall but both of them are the same. Almost everything is the same, straps, looks, wearing style and purpose, all are the same.

History Dips of Dungaree

Actually that time in America and in other regions it is known as Overalls or Bib-and-brace overalls. This dress was only worn by railway workers and other slave workers. Usually used as a protective garment by the workers on a working site.

You probably have seen your plumber in this kind of dress like jumpsuit or dungaree. Yes! Dungaree or overalls are the dress worn by low-grade workers and laborers (mainly male). I have heard about the use of dungaree in India too. In the late 70s workers in Indian have used this Overall as a protective dress too.

Some also believe that the name Dungaree is given by Indians. This dress was manufactured and mainly worn by the impoverished people of the village “Dongri”-a dockside village in Mumbai. The strange thing I found about this is- it is almost the same even now. It was worn by many people across the World. That time overalls were mainly made up of durable, coarse, thick, cheap, rough-n-tough fabric.

Even now, give your dungaree a quick glance. It is mainly of denim, a coarse, thick, rough-n-tough fabric. Although we have innovated the fabric the design and look are just the same. Interesting, isn`t it Haa? The main this I have noticed that- The purpose of wearing dungaree. We wear it to look fashionable and that time fashion and overalls were totally different things.

Is there a difference between jeans and dungarees?  

Yes, there is a big difference between the look of simple jeans and dungaree. 

Jeans are pants made of denim. Whereas, dungaree is a pant or skirt with attached two straps to the waist.  Let me clear you one thing. Jeans is bottom wear made up of denim. But dungaree connects your upper body and top with your bottom wear. The fabric material can be denim or anything else. Dungaree gives your totally different looks than simple jeans. And this is because of the 2 straps connected.

How to wear a Dungaree dress perfectly?

Wear a dungaree with the right type of top and style it properly to dress perfectly. 

There are many ways of wearing your dungaree. As I have already told you that you should pick your dress up according to your body type. It should be not only comfortable but also stylish. Here are few dungaree outfit ideas– First of choosing what you want to wear- Dungaree skirt, shorts, or a simply dungaree. Then choose the fabric and color that suits you.

  • Skinny Dungaree

This is an all-time favorite, as almost every girl loves the skinny fit dress. It gives a cool look along with a classic look.  This is basically a body fir outfit or what you call a body-hugging dress.

  • Boyfriend Dungaree

Boyfriend dungaree is inspired by the boy’s style. It is a loose casual looking comfortable outfit, Best for picnic or hiking and tracking.

  • Knee-length

If you are a Capri lover, you`re gonna love this too. Short length, cute looking comfortable dungaree.

  • Dungaree shorts

Rompers and dungaree shorts are almost the same but the straps of dungaree make it different from other dresses.

  • Dungaree mini skirt

Most of the cute girls prefer wearing a mini skirt dungaree. Paring it with high boots or tights will give your trendier classic look.

  • Long skirt dungaree dress

You can find a long skirt, ankle-length, maxi, or even palazzo dungaree in the market. This is the best dungaree according to me. Really the best for traveling by air or train. It is comfortable and beautiful too.

  • Culottes Dungaree

This is what a free dungaree, it doesn’t cover your waist or upper body. Just connect your bottom wear with your upper body with its long straps. It gives a more funky and stylish look when layered with the crop a top.

How to wear dungaree to look stylish?

To look stylish pair your dungaree with a stylish top to look stylish. I have some awesome ways to wear dungaree. You don’t have to wear it as casually as everyone wearing. Follow my following steps and look fashionable.

  1. Simply wear your dungaree with tees or tops. Wearing full sleeves or hoodies gives a totally different personality. Pair it with the matching shirt if you want a formal look. Cap sleeves tops are a BIG NO.
  2. Take out your tube top and wear it underneath your dungaree. Or just be bold and wear your tube undergarments with it. Your beautiful off-shoulder top can go perfectly with it too.
  3. If your overall is covering your upper body and not a culottes, you can skip wearing anything under. It will give you a bolder look. Make sure nothing is pipping out of your dungaree before going out.
  4. Layer your dungaree under your see-through or transparent top. It will hold your body and give you inner confidence along with a bold look.

How to wear dungaree straps?

  • Before fixing your overall strap, cross it, or make a loop. It will look awesome the from the backside
  • Fix one of the straps of your dungaree and drop another down your shoulder.
  • Drop both of the dungaree straps off your shoulders. This will give you a totally different look.

What shoes to wear with Dungarees?

you can wear High boots, ankle shoes, gladiators, and court shoes with a dungaree.

Now, this is one of a genuine and useful question. I have seen many of you suffering from this problem. Wearing a fashionable dress is one thing and enhancing its beauty by wearing the right pieces of jewelry and footwear is another thing. Choose your shoes of heels that are proportional to your dress.

Footwear’s Dungaree types
·        High boots- Dungaree Shorts, skirts, cropped dungaree
·        High laced sandal or flats Shorts, skirts, cropped dungaree
·        Gladiators Miniskirt and short dungaree
·        Ankle shoes Ankle length- dungaree
·        Court shoes All types of dungarees

Things I don`t like about these dresses: Jumpsuit & romper

There is only one this that I don`t like about these outfits. And the problem is taking off your clothes. It feels almost embarrassing when you are in a public place and feels like you got to go washroom. You have to take off your whole clothes even only to pee.

It never feels good when it comes to going to the washroom if you are wearing jumpsuits, dungaree, or romper. going naked in any public toilet is not even safe.

I have found one solution, but this is not a permanent one. layer a top or spaghetti or any Sando under your dress. So that whenever you will have to go to the public toilet, you do not have to be half-naked.

romper dungaree jumpsuit

You can wear oxidized earrings and neckpiece. And just go with the untied wavy hair. This will be simply awesome. Keep in mind while choosing your neckpiece- It should be of a little longer length chain. Funky as well as a fashionable look is what you can get from your jumpsuit or dungaree.

Coming to the makeup- keep it as simple as you can. If you want a little heavy makeup look. Or you are willing to get a bit bolder makeup. Just go with Smokey’s eyes with light lips. I have tried this look once and found this experiment useful and easy. You should try this once and do let me know how you got compliments.

Try to keep it as simple as you can. For any query, suggestion, or for sharing your experience, do comment below and share the post with your friends and family.


Keep smiling and stay Healthy-“Because you are beautiful.”


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