How to wear a jumpsuit to a wedding?

Jumpsuit to a wedding- Nowadays the wedding option is not the only dress. A few years ago, a jumpsuit as a wedding dress, could be allowed. Either by very brave girls who wanted to stand out or girls who decided to emphasize their business status.

For a wedding, you can choose matching accessories and jumpsuit in order to look the best. Makeup hair and accessories can make or break the whole wedding look so do it perfectly.

Put on a restrained “painting” instead of a magnificent ceremony.

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How to Wear a Jumpsuit for a wedding?

Wear a Jumpsuit that looks traditional as well as modern for a wedding. 

If you are getting ready for a friend’s wedding or any of your relative’s weddings, you can go for a modern style jumpsuit. Even you can go for a sexy romper. Wear whatever you feel comfortable and confident.

Wear a jumpsuit with a jacket or wrap a funky belt around your waist. It will give you a more classic look. I love to carry a sling bag to add to my style.

But when it comes to a bridesmaid or a bride to wear a jumpsuit, the scenario is totally different. Most of the people expect you to be in something that can be a bit traditional. The truth is you cannot please everyone at a time. And this is your day so you should choose the dress of your choice.

To look more traditional you can pic one broad leg jumpsuit with lots of sparklings to give you a bride or bridesmaid feel. Choose matching shoes and accessories that compliment your wedding dress.

What overalls to choose?

Choose something out of the box but it must give you a wedding feel. 

This year, many houses in their spring-summer collections “released” on the catwalk models in jumpsuits. Experimenting with silhouettes, length, materials, and width of the pants.

And this is not surprising: мore than a year has passed since the wedding day of Beyoncé’s younger sister. Solange Knowles, but her trouser outfit with a cape thrown over captivated many brides. And excites the minds of wedding designers to this day.

So, that the image of the bride in overalls is as effective as possible, adhere to the emphasis on the shoulder line. And the secret weapon of your wedding dress will be an asymmetric cut, a seductive V-neck, wide trousers with arrows, and pure solid color.

Individual image

Creating a really stylish and creative wedding look is much more difficult than classic. Particular attention should be paid to the details of the jumpsuit: a cotton lace top, a proper fit, arrows on trousers that visually extend the silhouette, and а pants length, designed to show beautiful ankles and new shoes. The most important thing is the feeling of comfort that you will feel on your wedding day.

Сhoose flowing fabrics: silk, chiffon, crepe de chine, lace. 

As a rule, jumpsuit sews from the same materials as wedding dresses. Often used silk, satin, chiffon. Overalls are decorated with lace, embroidery, beads, pearls, Swarovski crystals, and other elements. Nevertheless, such a wedding outfit looks more modest than any of the white dresses.

5 style tips to put together wedding jumpsuit:

  1. Find the jumpsuit by your size

It is very important to find a jumpsuit according to your size.  It should not be too large or too small. You should feel comfortable.

To emphasize the figure, emphasize the waist.

  1. Define your waist

To emphasize the waist, for white jumpsuit use a thin leather strap, black or gold. In the latest collections of leading designers, there is another trend – the lace at the waist, embroidered with beads or diamonds.

  1. Add a blazer to а jumpsuit

A blazer will add sophistication and elegance to your outfit. The outfit can be made monochrome by choosing a blazer to match your jumpsuit. To stand out and be the queen at your wedding, another option is to wear a bright blazer with a floral print, embroidered with beads or diamonds.

  1. Wear right shoes to your jumpsuit

Wearing heels is the rule of style for all fashionistas. If in doubt between several pairs of shoes, choose high heels. With the help of heels, you will stretch the figure and you will feel more confident.

  1. Pastel shades

The most fashionable shades of this season are pastel, – pale blue, navy, beige or pale rose. And if you want to look more extravagant, the wedding jumpsuit can be polka dots, made of shiny fabric or with transparent elements. But since this is a jumpsuit that is intended for a wedding, be careful not to overdo the experiments.

Wedding accessories for White women’s jumpsuit 

  • Short lace gloves
  • Мiniature bag and umbrella, made of the same materials
  • Еlegant hat with ribbons and a veil

Following traditions

Without departing from the traditions, many wedding professionals believe that “a veil is a very romantic and traditional accessory for the bride, which to this day is chosen by many girls.”

When you pick up a veil for a jumpsuit, be sure to pay attention to how well it goes with it.  Color, size, shape – all this should be in harmony with the jumpsuit and emphasize the intended image.

Also, an interesting solution would be to reflect the idea and style of the wedding, not through a costume, but through accessories, which, if necessary, can always be removed and create a new image. Choose the exact image for the wedding ceremony that emphasizes your personality.

  • The jumpsuit is more practical when compared with a traditional wedding dress. It is comfortable, does not have a corset, in which many women feel uncomfortable.

There is a tendency when brides refuse the usual white color in favor of other shades. Various pastel colors are in fashion: delicate green, coral, blue, beige, and other.

Some women choose dark shades. However, you need to be careful about this. It is likely that a woman will get lost at her own wedding in a crowd of guests.

Who will suit the wedding jumpsuit?

It is suitable for both a young girl and a serious businesswoman. For wedding overalls, there are practically no restrictions. However, there are exceptions.

Girls of a full physique or short stature, overalls are better not to wear. He is able to completely disfigure the image. There are no other restrictions. 

Moreover, a wedding jumpsuit is much more appropriate for brides who get married for the first time, as well as for women of elegant age. Such a festive costume is comfortable and does not require victims in the form of pulling the body into a corset. A jumpsuit is more practical, since most likely the bride will not throw out money for the sake of one day, but will be able to wear it in the future.

Pluses of overalls for a wedding

Besides the obvious comfort, wedding jumpsuits have many advantages. The following advantages can be cited:

  1. A jumpsuit is easier to choose. It is quite difficult to find a wedding dress that will perfectly fit the figure.
  2. The wedding overalls after the celebration will not turn into a meaningless thing in the closet. It can be worn at any gala event. It remains only to correctly select accessories.
  3. Overalls will not let you down, no matter what the weather the heavens send on the wedding day.

Jumpsuit from leading designers

Fashionable collections of designers are full of overalls for every taste. Among branded things, you can find evening dresses, casual formal suits, or luxurious wedding jumpsuits.

The most popular designers creating wedding collections with jumpsuit:

Oscar de la Renta

Naeem Khan

Alberta Ferretti

Carolina Herrera

Elie Saab and others

Most models are extraordinary and feminine.  Among the current trends, the use of transparent elements when creating a jumpsuit stands out. Sometimes transparency transcends all boundaries. Most brides still choose restrained and laconic images that are close to the classics.

Where to find overalls and what to do with it after the wedding?

You can find overalls in evening gown collections and you can wear it with stylish or simple tops and accessories after the wedding.

Of course, overalls are not as popular as a wedding dress. It is possible that he will have to look. Not in every collection for brides, the creator paid attention to such an extravagant version of the image. Do not limit your searches to a wedding collection. The desired option can be found among evening dresses.

There is an option to choose a white jumpsuit and subsequently complement with lace, a luxurious belt, pearls, and sparkling crystals. It will turn out a true wedding look and don’t forget a veil.

You can wear this jumpsuit even after the wedding. All that remains is to change accessories, and the exclusive evening look is ready.

  • There are high requirements for a wedding suit: the suit must be of high quality, beautiful and emphasize the figure of the bride

To look original and elegant at your own wedding, and not look like hundreds of other brides, give preference to a stylish wedding jumpsuit!

Is a jumpsuit acceptable for a wedding?

Yes, now people accepted jumpsuit for a wedding also. 

The bride’s wedding jumpsuit is perfect for a solemn and magnificent holiday, as well as for a small ceremony. Such an outfit is universal and will be appropriate for any type of event. The main thing is to choose it for the general style of the wedding so that the image of the bride does not get out of it.


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