Should my wedding dress cover my shoes?

First of all, congratulations that you are going to get married. Even if it’s just a thought, it means you are now thinking about it. A wedding dress is the most precious thing for a girl.

You are going to be a queen for a whole day. Your wedding dress should be the most beautiful and best fitted. It is obvious to have a thought of different dresses. There are lots of things you should see before you finalize your dress.

Should my wedding dress cover my shoes?– Your wedding dress should not hide your shoes.

As you’ll be wearing the best shoes ever on a very special day. Whoever wants to hide the precious shoes behind the dress? No one! You should wear a dress that highlights your shoes and jewelry. On the other hand wear jewelry and shoes that compliment your dress the best.

You do not have to hide anything until it is a part of a ritual. Everyone’s eyes will be on you. People notice the bride more than the groom. Take your time to focus on each and everything. Choose your dress, shoes or jewelry that is beautiful and also comfortable for you to carry.

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Why shouldn’t my wedding dress cover my shoes?

It is most obvious that you’ll wear the best pair of shoes on your wedding day, isn’t it a valid reason?

You should show everything confidently. Everyone’s eyes will be on you. People notice everything shoes, dress, dress length, sleeves, hair, jewelry, everything. Even if you want a long wedding gown, keep the length comfortable enough to show your footwear.

You can hold the front side of your dress with your hand to make it easy to walk and show your shoes. This is only one of the ways to show your shoes. You can keep the length shorter and this is the easiest way.

I am sure, you already have read articles and watched videos on the best wedding gowns. You must have taken enough knowledge about how it should be.

The fitting is not the only thing. Length also plays an important role. The length and width can change your whole look. Choose the dress according to your body type and then finalize the length.

Suppose if you are wearing beautiful expensive heels and a long tail gown. What do you expect from your dress? If it is a maxi dress it will hide your feet and most probably your shoes too.

Wear the heels while finalizing the length. It should be long enough to expose your shoes. Or you can make it longer so that you can hold it in your hand and walk to look more classic.

Why should my wedding dress cover my shoes?

It looks so ethnic and also makes you look longer.  Another reason to cover shoes under gown can be the design of the hem, lace, or the print works. Apart from these two reasons, there is nothing to hide your wedding shoes.

You must have seen most of the brides wearing a long floor-length gown. Their shoes are rarely visible from the dress. But I want to keep it simple and a bit shorter than usual.

Even if you like it long and maxi, manage it not to hide your shoes behind. You too don’t want to cover shoes coz no one will notice it.

So it is always better to choose a perfect shoe for a perfect dress. You can keep your dress to ankle length if you want. Another option is the one I already have told you – to hold and lift it up.

If there is a lot of prints, designs or works on the bottom border, you cannot shorten it. Keep it long and keep lifting it up.

But the best option will be the long tail gown. It must be shorter from the front and longer from the backside. You can ask your friends to hold it from the back if it is too long. Believe me, this is the best option according to me.

Keep the tail long enough to manage. On the other hand, make sure that the front side should not be too short. The size should not contrast, it should complement each other. Ankle length from the front and long tail from the back is a perfect combination.

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Is it ok to wear a short wedding dress?

Absolutely! It is fine if you wanna keep it shorter. Even short wedding gowns are more popular these days.

You can show your perfect beautiful legs. This is a matter of confidence, otherwise, no one can stop you. Most of the girls avoid wearing too short coz they are not confident with their shapes.

Another reason for avoiding short dress can be the center of attraction. It’s your wedding day, people supposed to stare you throughout the day.

People love to see the bride doing rituals or anything. Siting, getting up, dancing and moving can become tough with short dress especially when you know everyone’s eyes on you.

To avoid awkward moments, you can simply choose a comfortable length for you. Apart from these points, it is totally fine to wear a short dress on your wedding day. Even I love it.

Are wedding dress sizes smaller than normal?

Yes, the Standard wedding dress size is usually 1- 2 sizes smaller than normal. 8 out of 10 bides feels that they have ordered the smaller size.

You can order a size bigger than yours so that you can get it fit. It is really very rare to get a well fit wedding gown. You have to send it for an alteration. Size, bust or length and sometimes designs also have to send for alteration.

The things that look pretty in pictures and attract you, may not come up the same on you. It may happen that you start disliking the same design after trying.

You ordered the same dress with the same design and lace for you. You tried it and feels like it is not looking the same. It is not because the product is not good or you haven’t received the same. Sometimes the matter is your body type, skin tone or hair color also.

You cannot come up with the conclusion until you try it. The wedding dresses believed to be in a smaller size. But keep in mind a slight difference can be adjusted by wearing shapewear also.

Can a wedding dress be made shorter?

Yeah, why not. You should try the dress and alter it according to your preference.

The dress should be fit enough to look perfect. Choose a dress that suits your body type. Wear it to try first. Then finalize it for your big day.

The dress you see in the pictures on models may not seem the same on you. Everyone has different body types, high and weigh. It is believed that buying one size bigger gown is always better.

The standard size always believed to be smaller than the normal dress size. You can give it to your designer or tailor for alteration. But cut down the length becomes sometimes really tough.

If it is laced at the bottom, it will take more time to shorten the length. But the prints and works at the bottom make it more difficult to alteration.

Before trying anything try your dress first. Visit your dress designer if you feel like your dress in long, short or not fit. Only a tailor or dress designer can tell you exactly how much time it’ll take.

It always better to finalize at least 8-10 months prior to your wedding. Most important is to try your dress a week before the big day. Trying is most important if your size keeps changing.

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How many wedding dresses should you try on?

Try until you get that perfect one for you. There is no limit to try, you can try as much as you want.

First of all, check out your body type. Then choose the type of gown that will suit your body type. Like if you are petite Narrow A-line will work for you. If you’re a bit chubby try to avoid too many layers and wide dresses.

You have to choose the dress according to your body type. After finalizing the design you should check for the patterns and works. Like you are going to wear mermaid gown, now choose what should be the work on it.

Is it better to buy a wedding dress too big?

Nope, it will never be a good idea to buy a too bit size wedding dress. You cannot wear it too big it will not look good, as we all know.

If you are not so fat, you can wear shapewear. For chubby brides, shapewear works like amazing. Buy only size bigger dress if you are not sure.

Buying too big size will need more money for alteration. Also cutting down the size will become difficult for the designer. The prints, designs, and patterns may not stay the same after the alteration if you’ll buy it too big.

I will never recommend you to buy too big. But if you have a bit fuller body you can order one size bigger than normal. Then adjust it by wearing shapewear.

No one will advise you to buy a wedding gown too big or too small. Just buy your own size or one size bigger than your normal size.

How long should a wedding gown be?

A wedding gown should be long enough to look beautiful and comfortable as well. It should be unique but also manageable for you.

If you like it long and maxi, you can make it long till your shoes are not covered. Huge lace at the bottom and make it longer than it is. You should wear your shoes and finalize the length according to them.

Heels can help better with longed reses. You can add extra lace to make it longer and more attractive. But be sure, whenever you will put off your heels it will become huge for you to handle.

I prefer ankle length as it is perfect to show you shoes and at the same time easy to carry. Along with these, the ankle-length dress looks amazing.

You can make it a long tail from behind whereas keep the front shorter. If you wanna look hot and want your dress to be shorter like shorts, you can definitely go for it.

Most of the brides like it long and detailed. But on the other hand, a few girls want it to keep comfy and bold at the same time.

You can wear a short gown to show up your beautiful legs. Make a short dress with a long tail for a change. You can explore many more designs by altering the length of your wedding gown. Or you can wear a long beautiful wedding veil.


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