How do Girls look at the guy with a nose piercing?

Piercing, a word that makes an image of beautiful girls with piercing jewelry. Talking especially about Nose piercing most of you barely can think about a guy. And very few men dare to get their nose pierced.

Yeah, today we`re gonna talk only about you boys. Your love, fashion, and even fear for this piercing trend are going to be reviled today. I will answer all your questions and clear all your doubts related to this topic.

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How do Girls look at the guy with a nose piercing?

Most of the girls find it hot and attractive. I have personally asked different gori=ups of girls about guys with a nose piercing. You wouldn’t believe but 90 % of girls admitted that they love it.

Nose piercing makes you look fashionable and help you to stand out from the crowd. Nostril or bull septum piercings are the most common type of nose piercings among boys.

I personally love septum piercing it gives you a more manly look. Septum piercing is also called bull nose piercing. Even girls feel powerful and masculine after wearing a septum ring. It adds strength and power to your look.

On the other hand, nostril piercings are very common among both men and women. Nowadays, double or triple piercings are also trending.

Girls love piercing their face and body, jewelry is the main reason. Similarly, girls love guys with nose piercings. The main reason is the look, confidence, and jewelry.

You should get a nose piercing that suits you the best or the one you love the most. Wear jewelry that reflects your personality and carry it confidently. This is all to impress a girl with your piercings.

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 What girls think about Men’s nose piercing?

Being a girl, I can say that we don`t think or feel the same for things. Some girls love piercing. While some fear and never get any piercing. That`s 100% true some girls really love to hang out with the guys with facial piercings.

Almost all fashion freak guys wondered about whether girls like him or not? Piercing is something that gives you a whole different space to stand out. You look different and start behaving differently.

If you are planning to get your nose pierced, just kick away all rubbish thinking. And get what you desire.

You can`t impress every girl! Just focus on the only one you really want to. You can get that whether she like your nose piercing or not, just be talking to her on this topic.

First of all, start loving yourself and your desire, everyone will start loving you. Give priority to your, happiness to the things you love.bull nose piercing

If the girl really likes you she will like everything in you. And if you hear a diss from her just move on. You are who you are and be proud of yourself.

You will see a different world after your piercing decision. A perfect facial piercing can make you bold and confident. Start loving and caring about your needs and desires.

Change in behave also can be seen in guys who get piercing. The only reason behind the behavioral change is Inner self-confidence. It brings positivity and power.

Stop thinking about what others thinking, start asking yourself. How you feel your nose piercing. If you feel fear and a little shame, then stop here. Change your decision before getting pain and slaps of sarcasm.

If you’re confident about your look, girls will definitely be going to love you. Most of the girls like bold and fashionable men. Carry your look confidently and wear the right jewelry.

why and how the trend or culture of piercing starts?

It starts with the arrival of an ancient era. Tribal peoples use to pierce and makes different marks by cutting or tearing the skin and other parts of their body. These marks differentiate different groups.

Some pierce their wives and family members (especially women) to indicate she is committed to him. Even now people do this because of cultural belief and superstition.

It`s becoming fashionable more than culture or rituals. We pierce our nose, ears check, and even belly button. Today’s world is all about fashion and appearances.

Let`s not get deep into history. We are now aware of the basic fact related to piercing. Now get to the real point.

Can guys get nose piercings?

Yes! Why not? Nose piercing, ear piercing or any body piercing is being practiced by women as well as men from the ancient period.

Nothing bad in getting piercings. It has many health benefits also. The culture is also vanishing but I appreciate these fashions which reborn the old cultures.

Now everyone is accepting this trend of piercing- even nose piercing.

You simply can get nostril or septum piercing. If wished more complicated and unique nose piercing you can go for bridge or other piercings.

Nose piercing gives you a tough look as well as funky at the same time. I personally like men with a nostril piercing.

The main thing is to carry your look confidently. Choose correct piercing and jewelry.

Some of the fashionable nose piercing types and healing time

Nostril – Healing time 2-4months

High Nostril– 3-5 months

Septum- 1-2 months

Bridge- 2-3 months

Rhino- 6-8 months

Nasallang – 4-6months

Austin bar – 3-5 months

Do not take out your piercing jewel until it does not heal completely. Take proper care do well cleaning regularly. Avoid eating Eggfruits, jackfruits or pumpkins like fruits and vegetables.

Do not eat excess sweet within the healing period. Sweet make raises your body sugar level and it can affect the wound healing process.

And the most important thing- get piercing only from professional piercers. Needle piercing will be the best. If you want to get self-pierced, check out the info here.

Check out some well-known hot guys with a nose piercing

Men’s nose piercing is trending at the speed of light. Not only common men but also celebs boy are crazy about it.

Donno how you stuck up with this topic. But I must say this fashion trend is changing the world at high speed. And I am Loving It!

Let`s have a look at some famous guys with nose rings-

  1. Justin Bieberbieber's nose piercing

YouTube sensation, Justin now killing with his nostril piercing. This looks really stunning on him.

  1. Ranbir Singhranbir singh nose piercing

He looks totally out of the box. This look gives him at an apex position in Bollywood celebs fashion.

  1. Amir Khan

I will give 5 out of 5 stars to this stud look. I am loving it! It shows a strong heavy masculine personality with a traditional touch.

  1. Akshay Kumar

Carrying a nose ring with this much confidence shows Bollywood is nothing less than any other fashion shows. Akshay Kumar nailed it. I can`t say this looks awesome but must say that it shows piercing is nothing bad. Anyone can get it done.

  1. Ayushman Khurrana

This singer and actor from India look even smarter with a nose ring on.

  1. Jamie Campbell Bower

Remember “The Mortal Instruments and Sweeney Todd”? Jamie Campbell, a British Actor is carrying his nose piercing for long. This look still excites today’s youth to get one.

  1. Lenny karavitz

The epitome of hotness! Lenny is killing hearts with his singing, acting from long. Now his nose piercing putting fire on. Double nose piercing on both of his nostrils, is totally out of the box thinking. Looks Awesome!

  1. Tupac Shakurtupac nose piercing

Tupac piercing is now trending and is the most searching rapper. He supported his nose piercing with a stone stud. And it looks simply awesome. This gives inspiration to the youth to get nose piercing.

Correct Men Nose piercing Side

Actually, there are no such rules that girls and guys should have a different nose piercing side. But it is believed that girls should pierce their left side nose and boys should get that on their right.

It is also believed that guys with left nose piercings are probably gay. But believe me, now no one cares. This is all rubbish. You do not have to get a right nose piercing to be a straight guy. Get both of your nostrils pierced. Or do nasallang or any other.

It totally depends on you, whether you want to wear your nostril the on left or right nose or just septum. It must be attractive and look beautiful. I don`t believe these things and can’t spread these thoughts. No matters what others thinking.

guys nose piercing

Types of Nose Jewelry
  • Nose stud or Nose bone

  • Nostril screw

  • L- shaped nose pin

  • Captive bead ring

  • Nose Hoop

  • Circular Barbell

  • Simple nose ring

You can wear any of these but I personally recommend you to wear rings or studs. Captive bead ring or a simple nose ring or just wear a funky stud.

I always wondered why do guys pierce their nose, how studs look on a man with the beard. Believe me, it looks really outstanding I love that studded look. Just go for it! Nose studs go well with beard and mustache.

If you are a good boy with a clean shave just choose nose rings. Keep in mind, it should be very simple looking. Too many glitters and decorative stones give girly look.

Try to wear simple wire-like rings or single stone studs. I will recommend you to wear oxidized pieces of jewelry. It looks classy and fashionable.

nose piercing men

Why should you get your nose pierced?

Apart from everything, I think this section is most important to help you out of the confusing situation. You want to pierce your nose but the thinking like- how will others react? What will be the girl’s view? Am I giving a point to sarcasm? Am I really doing it right?

Just STOP! Stop your thinking here. Through all these rubbish out of your mind.

You are who you are. You have the right to make decisions and you are doing it the right way. Get your nostril pierced right or left whatever you find comfortable and beautiful.

That`s not other’s business to pip into your choice. If they are commenting negatively on you just move on. They are doing their job, you do yours.

Here are a few reasons you should give to your mind-
  • Fashion

You are running with the new world and your nose piercing will make you fashionable. Fashion is not something like wearing new trending dresses and pieces of jewelry. It is all about carrying your bold and attractive look confidently.

  • Tradition and culture

Just give you mind one single reason that you are carrying your tradition. Or you are carrying any cultural tradition that is not vanishing from our society.

  • Self-confidence

You look bold and smart. This bold and smart look will give you the Inner confidence to stand alone. And ultimately inner satisfaction and happiness will embrace you.

  • Uniqueness

Your nose piercing will give you a space to stand out from the crowd. You look different so that people recognize and notice you more. I feel happiness is in standing in your own space. Just make your own void and fill it on your own.

Guys with nose ring YES or NO?

Yes! A big yes.  If you love nose piercing and comfortable enough with that, then who am I to say no.

Just go and get it by today. Everyone is loving it.

Alternative of piercing

If you going out for a party or anywhere else and want your nose get pierce this is the right time. But it will take time to heal and may ruin your whole party mood.

The painful and swollen nose will never be your choice. Just go to your nearby market and grab anybody’s adhesive or surgical glue.

Paste stones or any jewel you want. This is a perfect trick to get the instant piercing look without pain.

Here is the detailed post about false piercings.

That all guys, I have written almost everything about men’s nose piercing. You can go through all piercing related posts by visit the site. Which nose piercing is your favorite? Are you still thinking of getting one or got it?

Let me know everything. I am waiting for your reaction. If there is any query, suggestion or anything that you want to share with me just comment below in the comment section or drop me a mail.

I will be happy to hear from you. If you find this helpful and interesting, do not forget to share with your family and friends.

Be fashionable, Be Bold-“Because you are beautiful”.

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