How I use body adhesive for False Piercing look? Skin glue Uses/types and side effects.

This is a bit different topic to talk upon. But you all are asking me how I use artificial piercing ornaments. How I use body Adhesive? Which Skin Glue I prefer? That’s why I decided to write a post for you. In which I will answer all of the questions related to Body Glue.

How I use body adhesive for a piercing look?

I use body adhesive to paste rhinestones on my body to give it a piercing look. Body glue works better than any ordinary glue.

I Love piercing my body and love to wear piercing jewelry. But I fear to be pierced and fear of bearing pain. I never got pierced after I grew up. I learned many things about Body art/ Artificial Tattoo and False Piercings.  Body art is something that makes me feel more beautiful and confident.

I have 1 Nostril piercing and an earlobe. These are the most common and looks ordinary to me. My favorite is Lip Piercings, Snakebite piercing us my favorite one. But it`s really tough for me as my parents are not allowing me for getting such types of piercings and I fear bleeding and pain.

That`s why I have decided to use Skin glue to get my body piercing look. It seems really amazing, painless, and a beautiful alternative of piercing to me. I like piercing because it gives me inner satisfaction, confidence, and makes me Bold inside.

Today I am here not to talk about piercing but to talk about its alternative. You and I will discuss how to use skin adhesive to give our body a piercing look. You can use this technique to get a Nose, ears, cheeks, and even navel piercings.

Talking about Body Glue, the first thing that strikes my mind is an alternative of piercing but this is not the only use of it, you can also use body glue for dance costumes. I will tell you how.

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How I get the Idea of Artificial Piercing?

Actually, it`s is not even artificial, it is fake piercing. And the idea comes in my mind when I was in 12th std. One of the girls in my school got 5 ear piercings. whenever she wears rings or pins on all piercings it looks really beautiful and different.

Then I have decided to find another way that is simple and painless. And I come to the Adhesives, I read, researched and experimented, again and again.

At very first I have used all of my crafts glue or paper glues. But none of these worked then I come to know about Skin adhesives.


Failed Successful
Fevi Glue DUO waterproof eyelash adhesive glue
Fevicol Ghost bond platinum (1.3oz) Lace glue
Fevikwik C2P professional makeup, glitter glue
Ordinary paper glue Double-sided waterproof tape

Note- Never use any glue/ adhesive to your skin without reading its precautions and other Instructions.

Which one failed miserably?

Applying all these glues to my skin leads to many problems. I have remembered that when I have tried Fevikwik to my skin, it was really one of my foolish did. But I thank God that I haven’t used that on my face. I have just applied it to my Navel. To give it a navel piercing look I applied some fevikwik and paste some stones and stuck a ring there. And the other moment I have realized that something is not OK there. My skin feels like plastic (lifeless) with a slight burning sensation.

Then I realized the ring got stuck there on my navel and it was not moving at all. It tried water, Soap, oil, Shampoo, Lemon juice…. Many more things but nothing worked. I tried pulling it out but it really hurts and I got rashes there. After all, I go to my mom and showed her what I did. Then she gives me the solution to Remove Fevi Kwik from Skin. 


  • Whenever you found yourself troubled with any glue, don’t panic, as decisions taken in a hurry my cause damages.
  • Take a bowl or bucket (according to the glue affected area.
  • Pour some cold water.
  • If you are able to dip your glued part then dip it.
  • Or if you are not able to dip it take a piece of cloth or towel.
  • Dip the cloth into the cold water.
  • Apply to the affected area.
  • Do this process of 5-10 minutes.
  • Look at your skin.
  • The glue is hardened enough and detached from the skin.
  • Now pull it slowly.
  • It will come off as a skin Mask.

I know, you are thinking that this is really easy and effective. But when we are in a panic situation we are unable to think anything. Now, whenever you will be in this type of trouble to remember the solution.

What are the uses of Skin glue?

Skin adhesives are useful in many ways. The main use of any skin glue / surgical glue is to glue fix the cuts on the skin. Instead of stitches, some people prefer glue to fix the wound. It is a good alternative to skin Stitches.

But the main drawback of glue is that it takes a little more time to heal and we just have to take proper care of it. It can be washed off or stretch may cause damages. Even after all people prefer these more than any other painful method.

Piercing alternative-

It is really an awesome alternative to piercing as I am using this even now. I mainly use Eyelashes glue to paste stones on my body or face. Navel Piercing, Lower lip piercing, and Medulla piercing are my favorite and I do these with the use of skin glue.

Fix your Costume-

you can use skin adhesives to fix your party costumes/ fashion/ fancy costumes. It may be proved as a boon when you are struggling with a loosely fitted dress, you can fix your dress with your skin. This hack will help you anywhere. The only thing you have to do is to keep any skin glue with you. You can make designs on your body using body adhesives and fancy stones. And now I will discuss how to stick sequins to your face.

This is the solution to your question – how to use Rhinestones or Body jewel.

Here is the best way to stick gems onto the face or any other parts.

  • Wipe off the area where you wish to apply body stones.
  • You can use your makeup remover or any astringent to clean dry the area,
  • Choose any skin safe glue.
  • You can use your false eyelashes glue.
  • Apply Glue on your desired place.
  • Use tweezers to pick Stones.
  • Dress the Rhinestones onto the glue/ glued area.
  • Never apply too much glue as it may cause stones to fall off.
  • Place body jewels gently.
  • Do not press too hard as it may cause oozing.
  • Let it dry for some time.

Some of the best glue for body jewel.

  1. Body glue for glitter tattoos / temporary tattoos

This glue is hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists.  It is a specially formulated body adhesive that is ideal for the body jewels, glitter tattoos, or any other body arts. This my lasts up to 5 days is applied glitter. Maybe act as waterproof when used with Glitz glam glitter. Consistency is also good, a little drop can go long.

  1. Mehron spirit gum Liquid adhesive

This Skin glue claims to be of good quality and safe for skin made with the child in mind. Mehron spirit liquid adhesive is the one which is used in most of the theater and movie industries for decades. This Amber colored liquid adhesive is used for applying crepe hairs and false mustaches/ beards, wings, false Nose and Bald Caps. Made in the USA, Top quality products and safe for children.100% satisfaction guarantee.

  1. Glimmer Body art Glitter Tattoo Skin Glue

This Body art glue is best for Glitter Tattoo. It is also used to apply body jewel but I found this worked more effectively when applying for Temporary tattoo/ false tattoo. Glimmer skin glue can last up to 7 days. It is Hypoallergenic and contains no latex. You can easily remove it using a little baby oil or alcohol. The packaging makes it unique of all easy to apply dispenser and can refill as it has an easy refill cap.

body skin glue

  1. Infinite Volume premium Eyelash adhesive

You can your eyelash glues as your body jewel glue. Apply Rhinestones using your eyelash adhesive. Infinite volume Eyelashes are all good but Latex fee adhesive is recommended for your skin.

  1. Companion Eyelash Glue

This is the product that I have used the most. Companion Eyelash Glue is the most reliable and stronghold which can go all day long. The main thing which makes it easy and my favorite is its Wand applicator precision brush tip. That applies the perfect amount every time. It is also lightweight does not feel heavy at all. This latex-free & formaldehyde-free formula is suitable for sensitive eyes. It gets tacky in seconds and dries invisibly. Takes no extra time or waiting. That`s why this is my favorite.

companion skin glue

Can you use Eyelashes Glue to your face?

yes absolutely. I am already using my eyelash Glue to my face skin and even on other parts of my body. As we know Eyelash glue is made keeping in mind about our most sensitive and important sense organ-“Eyes”.

If the adhesive is safe for your eyes then there is no question of harm to your skin. Yeah! If you are worried about its reliability, then I must say it is good. Companion Eyelash glue that I am using even now is really reliable.

eyelash skin glue

I have heard people use derma bond- surgical glue for body jewelling. This is also a safe and effective way to apply Rhinestones. But after some hours they get panic about derma bond removal.

I don’t use this add this is really strong glue and removing it really takes time and patience. Although it is not that harmful or dangerous. I have heard so many stories regarding dermabond.

One day a boy shared his experience- he said when he goes to the doc after getting hurt and wound. They started applying dermabond glue instead of stitches. And the other moment the boy realized it adhered to his chin. This is not the only case.  A child`s eyes get accidentally glued and after a long time of soaking, it opened.

How to remove surgical glue from skin? 

I am giving the process to remove dermabond from wound, hairs, or any other part if applied accidentally.

  • Soak the glued area in the triple antibiotic ointment for a few minutes.
  • If unable to soak then cover it completely.
  • The glue should be loose enough to remove
  • If nothing happened, soak that area for few more minutes
  • Rub gently to break the glue
  • repeat these steps.
  • You can use Acetone (dilute as necessary), Petroleum jelly (Vaseline), or Warm soap water for soaking.

How to remove dermabond from hair?

  • Apply tea tree oil, Vegetable oil, Vinegar, or Vaseline to remove dermabond from hair.

The application of these oils and gels may loosen the glue. And can help to remove dermabond from hair.

decorate with skin glue

Don’t do this in a hurry with your hair as it may damage your hair. Apply any of the above options and wait till it gets loosen and removable.

How long does surgical glue stay on?

It may take 5-10 days after the application to come off. This time may vary depending on the application, amount of application, and skin type on which it is applied.

This is all about Skin glue, Eyelashes Adhesives, and Dermabond. Do comment on how you liked this post? How did these tricks work for you? What are your experiences with Body adhesives? Write me if there any suggestion or if you have and question further regarding this topic (in comment), I will surely help you.

Stay healthy and Keep smiling!


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