How to clean lip piercing? Lip piercing pain & aftercare

It is really very important to clean lip piercing in order to stay away from infections and to ensure faster healing. Cleaning your lip piercing will take only 5-10 minutes out of your 24 hours.

You should clean piercing at least two times a day. Start your day with a toothbrush and after brushing clean your lip piercing every day.

Brush your teeth, use mouth wash and then use a saline solution that’s it. You are done with the cleaning process with these 3 easy steps. 

Like you do in the morning, make a habit of brushing your teeth before going to bed and do the same cleaning process as you do in the morning.

Piercing your lip will give your pain, swelling and maybe infection. That’s why to be prepared with all the tips for cleaning and purchase your cleaning supplies in advance.

Always use Alcohol-free mouth wash, mild fragrance-free soap, Sea salt (non-iodized salt) and a soft new toothbrush.

This is the easiest way to keep the cleaning routine remember so that you can’t miss it. Let’s get started.

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“My piercing is my Confidence”

How to clean Lip piercing?

  • Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth will remove all bacteria in your mouth. It will stop bacteria to cause an infection. Start using a toothbrush with soft Bristles and replace your old one.

If you don’t brush regularly and properly the bacteria can easily enter into your wound (new lip piercing) from your mouth. And I am sure you don’t want it to happen.

So to avoid problems, brush your teeth properly and then use mouth wash. Make sure you are brushing each side teeth properly.

Do not brush in a hurry, you may hurt your piercing. You have to be careful while moving brush inside your mouth.

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  • Mouth Wash

After brushing your teeth rinse it with fresh water. Then use Alcohol-free mouth wash to ensure there is no bacteria rest in your mouth.

Mouth wash with alcohol can harm new piercing and slow down the healing process.  Choose and buy your mouth wash carefully you have newly pierced lips.

You can also check the online price for the best quality alcohol-free mouthwashes here.

  • Wash your hands

Wash your hands properly before you come to contact with your new lip piercing.

Anything that is in your hand can get stick to your piercing if you’ll touch it without washing. And worst will do the bacteria if get transferred to the wound it can get infected.

Wash your hands using soap and water or use any hand wash. It will always be better if you’ll use warm water and antibacterial soap.

Make sure there is no soap residue on your hands after wash. Wash thoroughly with water coz harsh soap can harm new piercings.

  • Saline solution for cleaning

Buy any good saline solution for the cleaning process. If you don’t wanna spend money on it just make your DIY saline solution at your home as I do.

Take a small bowl or a glass put some sea salt in it and pour hot boiled water in it. Make sure you are using clean water as well as containers.

Take a Q-tip and dip it into the solution and clean the pierced area of the lips. Do not put too much pressure, do it with a light hand. Water should not be hot to burn your skin let it cool a little then use.

As you have cleaned your inner pierced area of the lip, this is important to clean from outside too. The warm saline solution will help you clean your piercing and also help you to relieve pain and swelling.

If you are feeling too much pain burning sensation or any sign of infection, visit your piercer or doctor as soon as possible.

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How much does a lip piercing hurt?

The pain during and after lip piercing is very similar to earlobe piercing. You don’t have to bear intense stabbing pain while piercing your lips.  

It is much easier than getting your nose pierced. yes, you can compare it with your nose piercing, piercing lip’s intensity is almost half of that of nose piercing.

Lip piercing doesn’t hurt too much and even doesn’t bleed too much. If you’ll compare lip piercing with any cartilage piercing, it is much easier to get and maintain.

Although, it is also possible that you feel the pain differently. Everyone’s pain bearing is different. Ever people can experience a different level of pain for the same lip piercing.

If you really want to get your lip pierced, just go for it. Do not think about pain or any other thing. It’ll look awesome on you, just be confident with what you are wearing.

Lip piercing Aftercare

  • Clean your newly pierced lip at least 2 times a day.
  • Never miss cleaning as new piercings are more prone to infection
  • Avoid makeup on the pierced area
  • Do not touch too much
  • Always wash your hands before touching new lip piercing
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Use high-quality soft bristles toothbrush
  • Make sure your mouth wash is Alcohol-free
  • If you are using soap for cleaning, make sure it is mild soap without fragrance
  • Avoid using public pools
  • Be careful while brushing or eating anything
  • Take special care while washing and wiping your face
  • Do not lick your lips too much as it may slow down the healing process
  • Avoid Alcoholic drinks and unhealthy foods
  • Add green veggies and beans to your diet
  • Try Ice cream, pudding, cold foods that soothe and help reduce swelling
  • Avoid Chewing gum as it can increase the risk of infection and can hurt your new piercing by sticking with it
  • Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day, sleeping is really important for healing new piercing faster
  • If there is any visible symptom of infection, take quick action and visit your doctor or piercer
  • Do not remove lip jewelry before it is completely healed
  • Always wear high-quality piercing jewelry
  • Be careful while wearing clothes, it should not hurt or bang with your new piercing

 How long does a lip piercing take to heal?

Healing time may lie between 6-8 weeks for pierced lips. Sometimes it may extend to 10 weeks to get fully healed. Different lip piercing may take different time to heal. Heal time also depends on the cleaning routine and aftercare routine.

If you’ll take proper care of your lip after piercing and never miss cleaning then it will heal quickly. For faster healing, you should take special care of your new piercing.

If you’ll miss daily piercing cleaning routine, then it may get infected. Infections are really tough to cure and it delays the healing process.

Heal time totally depends on how diligence you are with cleaning routine and how you control your diet.

Your lip piercing should get healed within 6-8 weeks, if it is not healed even after 8 weeks then it may be infected. Too much cleaning can cause dryness and also can slow down the healing process.

Find out the exact reason for slow healing then treat your piercing properly. Neither let it dirty nor clean too much.

For a normal pierced lip, clean at least 2 times a day, more than that is not recommended. Cleaning 3-4 times a day is recommended sometimes for infected lip piercing. It is always better to visit your doctor or piercer before doing anything at home (if it is infected).

Can you kiss with a lip piercing?

Yes, you can kiss with a pierced lips if it is healed completely. Kissing with newly pierced lips can hurt you and the chance of getting an infection is also high. Let it get healed completely before kissing your partner.

Even if you have an old piercing, you should be careful while kissing. The jewelry in the can hurt you or your partner. It can cause oral damage, you both have to be careful about it.

Related Questions

How long will a lip piercing hurt? It will not hurt too much you can feel the pain for max. 2-4 days only. piercing your lips gives only mild puncture pain much similar to the earlobe. You can feel almost no pain until you banged your new lip piercing. It’ll take time to heal and after complete healing, it’ll be all right.

Is it normal for your lip to swell after piercing? Yes, it is very normal for a lip to get swelled after piercing. Swelling normally goes down after a few days. Make sure the jewelry you are wearing is not a too tight fit, it should be long enough to be comfortable even with swelling. High quality and correct size jewelry should be worn after piercing to avoid infections or any other problem.

How can I make my lip piercing swelling go down? You can give your lips a cold compress to reduce swelling. Take out an ice cube from your refrigerator wrap it in a hanky or towel. Gently press the swell area with the ice wrapped clothe. Press with light hands until swell goes down. You can also do this with chilled water (if ice cubes are not available)

What can I use to clean my lip piercing? Use toothpaste and alcohol-free mouth wash for inside cleaning and for outside piercing cleaning use sea salt solution or saline solution. That’s if you don’t have to spend too much money or time on it just use your regular mouthwash and toothpaste. And making sea salt solution at your home is the super easy task.

How long does a lip piercing take to close? It will take near about 3-4 months to get closed. The longer you have a lip piercing and wear a piece of jewelry in it, longer will it take to heal. New piercings get closed quickly than the older one. You just have to take out your lip piercing jewelry out of it and leave it to get closed.


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