Common lips problems and their solutions

Lips problems and cure, is gonna be our topic for today. Lips are my favorite part where I love to put makeup. I am obsessed with applying lip balms and Lipsticks.

Well dressed, complementary accessories, Perfect makeup, and lustrous beautiful popped Lips.  What else a girl needs to live alive. Frankly speaking! A girl depends more on her beauty than food.

Think for a while about your Beauty and health. You feel happy thinking about the points that perfectly complements you. But the spots of problems or I can say the problematic area tends you to be Sad.

Like every other part of our body, Our Lips needs extra care too. It needs to moisturize and hydrate after sometime regularly. We do everything for our skin to look younger, beautiful and glowing. But if our lips look dull, chapped, cracked or rough then it ruins our whole makeup.

Our lips should be smooth, pink and healthy. Here are a few common lip problems and their cure. At first, take a look at Chapped lip problem.

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Beautiful Smile Comes with beautiful LIPS

 Common lip problems

  • chapped lips
  • Cracked corner lips
  • sunburn lips
  • pigmented lips
  • dry lips
  • swollen lips
  • dark lips

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Common lips problems and their solutions

Chapped lips

This is the most common lips problems that we have to face. The chapped lip is a term used to describe highly dry and cracked lips.  It is sometimes swollen and itchy.

If your lips are highly dry and chapped, then skin peels may also be seen. If you never experienced this problem then you may wonder- Why the chapped is a big problem for anyone. It seems so normal and simple.

Chapped dry lips not only look ugly but also feels bad. It is painful sometimes too. Wearing makeup is also not easy when your lips are chapped.

It hurts whenever you try to eat or drink anything. It gives a layered look whenever lipstick is applied to chapped, cracked or dry lips.

First of all, it is important to know what the symptoms are. Diagnosis is the primary step of curing any disease or wound. Let`s find whether your lips problem is chapped lips or not.

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Chapped lips symptoms

The symptoms of the chapped lips problems are easily self-diagnosed. You can observe the symptoms on or around your lips. Here are a few symptoms of Chapped lips.

  • Dryness
  • Cracking
  • Flaking
  • Itching
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling

These are the common symptoms of chapped lips. This is an easily curable problem. And generally takes 3-4 days to cure completely.

Chapped lips causes

The skin on your lips is very thin and needs to moisturize. Lips do not contain oil glands. Our skin contains oil glands and secretes oil from time to time. Oil keeps skin hydrated, nourished and protected from dryness.

But the skin of our lips does not contain oil glands. It needs to me moisturize and nourish manually. Otherwise, it will get dried and chapped.

Here are a few factors that may cause Chapped Lips-

  • Lack of water in the body. (Dehydration)
  • Little humidity in the air during Winter season
  • Frequently exposed to the Sun
  • Too much licking
  • Malnourishment

Lack of nutrition and sufficient water causes Dryness of lips. Both malnutrition and Dehydration are a dangerous health problem. You should visit/call your doctor immediately.

Drink sufficient amount (not less than 4L) a day. Eat healthy food and at a healthy quantity. Apart from these things, if you are going out in the sun then never forget to apply lip balm.

The main thing is to avoid licking your lips too much. As I have already discussed that lips do not secrete oils and liking it too much will wipe it off and make it drier.

Chapped lips treatments

As I said above, Chapped and dry lips are the most common lip`s problem. And is not really too serious to consult any doctor. It is self-treated and cured.

You can cure it by doing simple things. Leave the habit of licking your lips. It is also not good for your stomach as you lick your lips, the products presented on your lips and even dirt gets into your mouth. This can cause many more problems. It is better to leave it or it will leave you with a big problem.

  • Things to keep in mind

Chapped lips problems are generally cured with self-care. If the problem resists then it may be a Cheilitis. This is a condition of highly dried lips and cracked corners. Cracks can also be seen on the lips and are not easily curable.

This is a condition which needs medical attention. If you are suffering from cheilitis then you must have- lumpy lip`s texture or area near lips. Have white plaques on the surface and develops Ulcer. Your lips or area near lips seems dark pink or Red colored.

Cracked lips corner

Cracked, swollen and painful corners also called Angular Cheilitis. It can be caused by Infections, irritation, allergies, and deficiency of nutrients.

It can be caused due to lack of Vitamin B2, Zinc and Iron. You can cure cracked lips corner by applying coconut oil, petroleum jelly or Lip balms regularly.

Your lips look crusty, scaly, itchy, painful, swollen, Red bleeding corners. If your cracked lips corner can`t be self-cured then visit your doctor.

If the yeast is present then your doctor will prescribe any antifungal. Topical antiseptic to clean open wounded lip`s corners. But you can do something on your own- like keep applying petroleum jelly, coconut oil or any lip balm.

How to heal cracked lips?

Here are some of the simplest steps to get rid of cracked and dried lips. You can do these at your home and get smooth glowing beautiful lips.

  • If your skin is peeling off your lips then it is really important to exfoliate it before anything.
  • Take a bowl and pour a little warm water in it. Add coconut oil or petroleum jelly. Add the honey and dip cotton balls in it and put that on your lips for a few minutes.
  • Do this for 3 to 5 minutes. This process of steaming will help to remove the peel or dead skin easily.
  • Now exfoliate your lips. Take 1 tbs honey to add a few pinches of sugar and then a few drops of glycerin.
  • Apply this mixture on your lips and massage gently. Do not rub it harder. Rubbing may cause more cracks and pain to your lips.
  • If your lips are not cracked but a bit chapped then you can use your toothbrush to massage. Brush your lips gently and if there is any cracks or wound please do not your toothbrush.
  • After 2-4 minutes of massage scrubbing your lips rinse it with water. You can use warm water if like.
  • Make lips pack or mask as you do for the skin of other parts of your body.
  • You can make sever skin masks and packs but keep in mind ingredients should be natural and safe if eaten accidentally.
  • I simply apply Banana or papaya paste along with honey, Olive oil, and glycerin. You can apply Aloe Vera gels. After applying to leave it for 5-6 minutes.
  • Rinse it off and gently dab cotton pads to wipe excess water from your lips.
  • Now apply your lip balm or simply Petroleum jelly or Olive oil, coconut oil.
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NOTE* I fight dry lips problem by simply doing the given steps. But apart from these, I got a permanent cure of cracked lips. You can also get smooth lips just apply a few drops of warm Mustard oil on your Navel (Belly button)and massage for 2-3 mins. You can also use coconut or Olive oil, Do this regularly for the desired result.

Sudden Swollen lips in the morning

This is also a common lip problem. One of the sudden morning you wake up with swollen lips. Although there is no itch, wound, cracks or even cracks on your lips. You must wonder why my lip is swollen for no reason.

I guess I have a genuine answer as I also suffer from this problem sometimes. Building up of fluid under the lip`s skin or underlying inflammation may be the cause of your swollen lips problems.

There are several reasons that may be the cause of your swollen lips. Injuries, wounds, and cuts are obvious causes. But some of the cause like allergic reaction due to some foods, medication and some other substance may also be the reason.

Sometimes it is seen that people with high blood pressure also suffer from swollen lips problems. Cold sores also cause swollen lips. Lack of hemoglobin also results swelling of body, face, and lips too.

If your lips are itchy with swell then it may be the allergic or insect`s bite. Swollen lips sometimes look weird and embarrassing.

Swollen lips cure

Generally, the swell goes on its own without doing anything. But if you have to cure it immediately then you can apply Cold therapy.

  • Dip one cotton ball or piece of cotton cloth into chilled water and press gently on your lips. Do this until you feel the difference.
  • You can massage your lips with ice cubes. Do not rub your lips as it may cause cuts or cracks.
  • Best way to do this is- Put 2-4 ice cubes on your hanky or any cloth. Tie it and gently press on your lips.

Sunburned lips symptoms

Sunburn lips problems are common among the people to work in the sun. If you have to travel in the sun, you don’t take proper care of your skin and lips. Then you will have to suffer from sunburn problem.

Especially our lower lip is more prone to sunburns. The symptoms include-

  • Swollen lips
  • Blister on or around the lips
  • Lips seem dark red colored
  • Feels tender, on touching
  • Sometimes lips turn black also
  • Feels difficulties during talking, eating or drinking
  • It is also seen in some people that their Lips burning and turning black.

Sunburned lips healing time

A mild sunburn lips problems generally last 4-6 days. But sometimes it takes a whole week. If even after a week your lips are not getting its normal color or texture then you should visit your doctor.

X Do not apply petroleum jelly to sunburned lips. It can trap the heat and can worsen the condition. Application of oils is also not recommended during sunburn.

Cold compress, Aloe Vera gel, Anti-inflammatories and lips sheet mask are some of the options that can help you out of the problem.

 Lip pigmentation causes

There is a common factor that is responsible for the darkness of your skin as well as your lips. This is due to excessive production of Melanin. Melanin is a substance produced by Melanocytes presented in our skin.

Do people keep asking me -Why lips turn black without smoking? More melanin production will result in darker skin or lips problems. And the main question is why this happens? The reason may be that this is a genetic problem for you.

If it is not genetic then it is may be due to stress, bad eating, and living habits and many more. Let`s have a look at the possible causes of pigmented lips.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are interrelated to each other. If you are in stress you will forget your beauty and healthcare routine. You will skip the meal and in some case, you will start smoking and drinking Alcohol too much. You may skip your sleep and start eating too much fried and unhealthy foods. All these will pull you towards skin aging, pigmentation, and other problems.

  • Excessive intake of caffeine

If you are addicted to your tea or coffee and wondering for your lips pigmentation. Then the answer is simple too much-drinking tea or coffee will darken your lips. Quit these habits or try to minimize it to 2-3 cups a day. Too much of anything is Harmful, Always keep in mind.

  • Sunburn
  • Dehydration
  • Anemia
  • Too much use of cosmetics

Apart from stress, unhealthy lifestyle and beverage addiction, these are some of the possible cause of your pigmented lips.

Dark lips treatment

Dark lips problems can be treated naturally as well as chemically. If you want to get rid of this problem instantly and permanently then there is teaser treatments and cosmetic surgeries.

But for these treatments you have you empty your pocket. And there are some complications too. If you do not want to spend this much of your money then you can opt for some basic solutions. You can go to the cosmetics available.

You can find solutions of almost all kinds of skin problem in the market. And if you want to get the solution for lips pigmentation you can buy some products. But let me clarify that there is no shortcut in this world. You can`t be beautiful naturally instantly. Thing is that you have to put some efforts into that.

I am giving a list of lip balms and creams that will work for you for sure. You only have to use any of these properly and regularly.

  • Godiva Lip lightening Cream
  • Dark lips magic Cream
  • Meladerm Skin lightening cream
  • Nulips lip lightening balm

These are some of the best creams and lip balms able to lighten the color of your skin. Use any of these products regularly and see the result.

How to get rid of black lips fast?

There are several tips and tricks for lightening your lip`s color. But I found that using natural ingredients is beneficial and pocket-friendly too. I have tried many chemically treated products that are available in the market.

It is really hard to find the desired result even after drilling your pocket. Now go to your nearby market and buy a bottle of glycerin. Buy one rose and lemon.

If these ingredients are available then it`s great. Just pluck all the petals from the flower of the rose. Dip those petals in

the glycerin and drip a few drops of lemon into it. Add approx. 15-20 drops of lemon juice in the bottle. Apply this mix regularly.

Another method to use Rose petals is to let it dry first. Let the petals dried in the sun for 2-3 days then crush them. And add in the bottle of glycerin. Lemon juice is totally optional.

Store your mix in a cool and dry place. You can refrigerate it and use chilled every day. I recommend you to apply this before bed and leave it overnight.

The color of your black or dark lips will start to lighten after 1-month regular use. In my view, this is the most effective way to get lighter colored lips.

Here are some more Homemade DIY Remedies

  • Yogurt

Massage your lips or the area on your face where you can see pigmentation. Yogurt is capable to remove Tan, Sunburns, and pigmentation if applied regularly.

  • Beet Root

You can apply Beetroot juice directly on your lips. Leave it overnight and see the result in only 7 day`s application. You can mix Petroleum jelly with the beetroot juice and boil it to make lip balm. It will give you nice pink lips. Apply this regularly and remove all your lips problems.

  • Almond oil or Olive oil with lemon juice

Simply mix a few drops of lemon juice with Almond or Olive oil. Apply this oil on your lips and massage for 3-5 minutes. Leave it overnight or you can wash it after 30 minutes. This will lighten your lips quickly if you will apply this every day.

These are the possible Lips problems and their cure according to me. If you have any query or suggestion or anything Just writes me down. What you have in your stock for curing lips problems? Have you tried these remedies and how these ideas worked for you? Let me know everything by commenting below.

If you are wondering about some awesome DIY beauty ideas, Do visit the site. And follow for more informative posts. Stay connected and keep asking your queries, I will always there for you for sure.

related questions

Is Vaseline good for lips? Yes, Vaseline is really good for almost all types of lip problems. Vaseline petroleum jelly can help you to cure chapped lips, dry lips, cracked lips problems. It gives deep moisturization and cures cracked lips.

What causes dead skin on lips? Dead skin on lips can be a sign of anemia, vitamins deficiency or any type of allergy. Exfoliate your skin with light pressure and apply petroleum jelly for the best cure. If the problem is persistent even after exfoliating and moisturizing then do visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Keep Smiling  Stay Healthy- “Because You are Beautiful”. 


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