Types of Fashionable Face Piercing Ideas-All you need to know

What is  Piercing? It is a process of body modification. It is a process of puncturing or cutting any part of the human body in which jewelry may be worn. When we talk about piercing, it may the act or practice of piercing your body for fashion or just for the Traditional rituals. Fashionable face piercings are the trending topic today, though its weird for few.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.

fashionable face piercings
“Be fashionable and be bold”, piercing gives you inner confidence and boldness.

Today we will only talk about various types of Face piercing but before that let’s talk about its History.  Actually, there is no exact evidence for its starting.  It is believed that In ancient time people use piercing on their own body, sometimes on their family member’s body just to mark them as a group or family members. Even now Tribal people pierce their wife’s body so that to indicate that she is married. Certainly to indicate that she belongs to him.

There are so many stories behind piercing as it’s been more than 100 year’s rituals. People Pierce different parts of their body to fulfill their Ritual satisfaction, but now a day piercing is becoming a part of daily life and our youth attracting towards this as this is becoming trend what we called it is fashion.


Piercing- Weird and Taboo Vs Bold and Fashionable

We are talking about face piercing which not only gives a different look but also a self-confidence to fight against the deformities of our society. Apart from this some of us never get pierced not even ear or nose piercing because they fear pain. Cutting our own body parts is not an easy thing for all of us.

The fear of pain tends me to think about the alternative for this. I was maybe 5-6yrs old girl when I got my nose and ears pierced. Being an Indian I always dreamed of wearing fancy earrings and nose pins, but after piercing I fear to be pierced again because of unbearable pain and even after that taking care of that always pissed me off.

Ear Piercing and nose piercing is the most common piercing that can be seen in different countries but apart from these two, there are many different types of piercing that people do.

some of the most fashionable face piercings 

  • Cheek- I think I may need not to say about this piercing as this a really common between us.
  • Mandible- this Is piercing under the chin but not on the neck.
  • Eyebrow piercing- this is becoming the people’s choice now a day as this is most easy, simple, stylish and may be less painful piercing.
  • Anti-Eyebrow- you can pierce near eyes a bit far from the eyebrow. This is not so easy to have but ever after everything, this is in a trending list.
  • Nostril- this is one of the common piercing in India and even in all over the world. Piercing left or right nostril is in fashion.
  • Septum- this is piercing in the anterior nasal spine (is the thin projection of bone at the midline on the lower nasal margin, holding the cartilaginous center of the nose)

All about Facial Piercing Ideas…

  • Austin bar- this a piercing in the middle cartilage of the nose or we can say piercing in the spine of the nose.
  • Septril- this is a mix of medusa piercing and a septum piercing.
  • Rhino- piercing septum vertically through cartilage to the tip of the nose and it indicates the front horn of the rhino and that’s why called as Rhino.
  • Nasallang- This is piercing in which piercing is done in both left and right nostrils.
  • Bridge-this is done in between both eyes on the nose this can be a horizontal or vertical bridge. Sometimes called as forehead piercing.
  • Chin piercing. This is a simple chin piercing
  • Third Eye- middle forehead piercing is also known as third eye piercing
  • Eyelid- piercing upper and lower eyelid is also in trend
  • Temple piercing- temples (curvy surface on the upper side of the ear) piercing temples also help to enhance eyes and helps to look eyes a bit bigger.

Some of the trending oral piercings

  • Snake Bite- this is the most popular type of oral piercing and it gives your lips more definitions and is eye catchy style. In this, we pierce our lower lips but on both of the corner sides of the lip so that it give snake bite like impression.
  • Spider bite- this is also similar to the snake bite but in this, we pierce only one of the corner side. Double piercing on the corner side of our lower lip gives us spider bite (small bite) feeling.
  • Shark bite- double piercing on both of the corner side of our lips is named as Shark bite piercing.
  • Labret- in this type piercing is at the center of the lower lip and looks simple and more attractive and is becoming almost everyone’s favorite.
  • Vertical labret- as you can understand the name this is the type of piercing lower lip vertically at the center mainly.
  • Frowny– I don’t know why this is becoming people’s choice as it is not so fashionable. Its even hardly noticed and bit uncomfortable. This piercing is inside your mouth underneath your lower lip.
  • Tongue Piercing– This is a bit more uncomfortable than Frowny. Our tongue is the most important organ that helps us to talk but piercing your tongue will make some of the words very difficult to pronounce. This is a simple single piercing into your tongue.
  • Venom Bites- this is also a type of tongue piercing which is a double piercing. Most people love to have this on the forward side of the tongue.
  • Horizontal tongue Piercing- piercing tongue from one end to another horizontally is a horizontal tongue piercing.

Best of Fashionable Oral Piercing Ideas

  • Tongue web- This is a type of tongue piercing in which piercing is done under the tongue in frenulum of tongue or tongue web (also called lingual frenulum or frenulum linguæ; also fraenulum). It is a small fold of mucous membrane extending from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the underside of the tongue.
  • Smiley- it sounds cute and as its name this piercing enhance your smile. This is done inside your mouth under the upper lip skin.
  • Gums-this is a traditional gum piercing. Some types of gum piercing is also called vampire bite piercing if the piercing done on the upper front teeth gums.
  • Dahilia- This is a piercing on the corners of the mouth or we can say this is a type of cheek piercing but around the mouth or at the corners of the mouth.
  • Madonna-This is the upper side of the upper lip and wearing pins on the upper side of the upper lip is also known as Madonna piercing. This type of piercing is done either side of the upper lip (generally right side). In some of the countries, it is also called as “Monroe” (piercing left side of the upper lips).
  • Angel bites- piercing both sides of the upper lip. It is generally a mix of both Madonna and Monroe.
  • Medusa- this is my personal favorite piercing. This is in the middle of the upper lips or under the nose and at the middle. It looks really beautiful on girls.
  • Jestrum- It is generally a mix of Madonna, Monroe, and Medusa.
  • Cyber bites- a lip piercing is called as cyber bites when we pierce both Medusa and a vertical labret.

fashionable face piercings

The types of Ear piercing that are trending today

Earlobe piercing-

This is the most common type of ear piercing that is on the earlobe.

Transverse Lobe piercing-

This is a bit different from traditional lobe piercing.  In this, we can pierce vertical or horizontally by piercing inside our skin.

Tragus Piercing-

This is most trending and in my view looks cute and beautiful too. Beside the place where you pierce and put your earrings commonly, there is a tiny skinny cartilage outgrowth which we called Tragus. Piercing that part of the ear is called Tragus ear piercing.

Anti-Tragus piercing-

As its name defines this is the piercing on the opposite side of the tragus or we can say this is the spot which we can call upper lobe piercing.  Ok, the lobe is the skinny part of the ear and ant in this piercing we pierce cartilage on the sides of the ear.

Vertical Tragus-

when we pierce Tragus vertically is known as vertical tragus piercing.

Daith Piercing-

when we pierce the inner lines of our ears is called Daith Piercing.

Rim/ Auricle Piercing-

This is also a common type of Ear piercing. It is a bit more fashionable and may be a little less painful. Cartilage, pinna and Helix piercing is also the same. Piercing the upper outer line of your ear.

Forward Helix-

This is the type of piercing that can be done on the forward side of the ears but in the outer line.


It is a type of piercing that is not so common among all. It looks really different and bold. In this piercing technique, your ear is pierced vertically from uppermost corner to lowermost corner. You can wear a long pipped ear cuff or chain or ever big giant ring covering your whole ear.


when we pierce in the middle of the inside of our ear it is called orbital piercing.

Your Body is an Empty Canvas. so, Decorate

This is all about face piercing and now it’s time to think about the alternatives for these piercing. Let’s make it clear first, there is a very simple yet effective idea for having these piercings without bearing any pain.

You can use any artificial ring also known as toy piercings. These are artificial rings that are used by mostly actors. These rings need not have pierced really it just has to pinch a little and it will be set.

Another option is more interesting and easy too. You can use skin glue or adhesives to stick any of the stone or art you love to have on your face. This works awesome with false eyelashes glue.  Trying to do any kind of Artwork on your face just use a little of it to paste stones.

This is really a good alternative to piercing. But just keep in mind it only gives you artificial pierced look and can be fixed only for 3-4 hrs. Please don’t try to do inner mouth artificial piercing as the glue is not safe for eating. So keep these points in mind and never do mistakes. Be Bold, Be Safe, Be Beautiful.

If You want, you can try these artificial piercing ideas- Nostrils, Ear piercings, Madonna, Medusa and septum using skin glue/ adhesives.

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Stay Bold and love yourself “because you are beautiful”

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