12 Different Types of Nose Piercing with Images

There are many different types of nose piercing. Today, when everyone is running behind fashion, wants to look different anyway. If you are one of them, you should check out this post.

The septum, nostril, and bridge are some of the common nose piercing types. Check out 12 different types of fashionable nose piercing before you go to your piercer.

what is Nose Piercing? Any type of piercing done on the skin, cartilage, or even on the bone over the nose line can be said as Nose Piercing. It is the most common type of facial piercing. These days’ people are more prone to pierce their faces or other body parts. Body piercings are now trends for today’s youth.

You also think of getting your Nose piercing and that’s why you are here. Am I right? You want that but you are afraid of pain isn’t it? You can pick the easy and less painful piercing for yourself here.

Nose Piercing Information

Different types of Nose piercing

  1. Nostril
  2. High Nostril
  3. Double nostril
  4. Triple Nostril
  5. Septum
  6. Septril
  7. Vertical Forehead Bridge piercing
  8. Horizontal Bridge
  9. Vertical Tip 
  10. Horizontal tip
  11. Nasalang
  12. Austin Bar Piercing

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types of nose piercing

12 Different Types of Nose Piercing

What are the fashionable nose piercing types which you can try? you can try Nasalang, Austin bar, bridge, and septum. These are some of the well known fashionable nose piercings which you can try.

  • Nostrils piercing

Nostril is the most common type of nose piercing. These are the external opening of a nasal cavity. It is made up of skin and getting nostril nose piercing is one of the easiest and less painful types of piercing.

It this piercing skin of any of the two sides of the nose is perforated to wear jewelry in it. Basically, the lower section of the skin of your nose is pierced using needles or piercing guns.

wear rings or beautiful cute studs in your nostril piercing. It will give you a bold and beautiful look at the same time.

You can get both of your nostrils pierced. But there are some people in the world believe left nostril is for girls. And boys should pierce their left nostril only otherwise he or she is not straight. Although I don’t believe these things, You have the right to decide which side nose piercing suits you.

If you are planning to pierce your nose on your own checkout-  piercing needles in detail.

  • High Nostrils

High Nostril piercing similar to nostril piercings. The only thing that differs id the position of a nostril. Piercing the higher part of your nostril much closer to your nose bone.

It may view a high nostril gives a more strong and powerful look to your personality. This piercing looks awesome on guys especially.

This is Piercing Nostril bit higher but below cartilages. It looks more classy and swaggy than simple traditional nostril piercing.

Wearing small cute rings in your high nostril piercing is not easy and that’s why piercing studs are commonly worn jewel for high nostrils.

  • Double Nostril

Piercing nostril twice is now a trend. Wearing two nose studs or rings on the same side of the nostril looks something totally different than traditional nostril piercing.

You can place two nostrils piercing together. Pierce one high nostril and place another on the lower nostril. There is no rule for the positions of these two piercings.

You can get two piercings placed vertically or even horizontally. You can choose according to your face and nose shape. Choose whatever looks good on you.

I personally like to get one on hight nostrils and another on lower. Vertical placement makes your nose appear longer. Wear two tiny cute studs to make it look even more pretty.

  • Triple Nostril

triple nose piercing

Just a double nostril piercing you can pierce your nostrils thrice. pierce as much as you can or as much you nostril can bear.

This is a different level of nostril piercing. I personally love triple nostrils and suggest you wear 3 small cute studs in it. Studs look better than rings for multiple nostril piercing.

This is the rarest nostril piercing as it also depends on your nose shape. Actually there should be enough space to place three piercings together.

After getting this nostril piercing you might not be able to wear all types of jewelry. If you are wearing jewelry in all three piercings it must be small and comfortable enough for you.

You cannot wear only one as it will not look nice. leaving two piercing holes without jewelry may look ugly. There are some of the reasons why this piercing is uncommon.

  • Septum

septum piercing

The septum is an anterior nasal spine. It is a thin projection of bone at the midline on the lower nasal margin. holding the cartilaginous center of the nose, Septum separates both the nostrils.

Septum piercing is one of the most popular piercings among both males and females. It is currently in fashion and my personal favorite type of nose piercing.

It is also popular as bullnose piercing cause, the jewelry we wear looks like bullnose rings. normally 14 or 16 gauge size is used for a septum piercing. you can wear, rings, hoops, studs, or even curve studs in this piercing.

These days septum piercing is in trend. It is loved by both men and women. I personally love it. Most of the time, whenever needed I wear fake jewelry to pretend it.

It looks so classy and fancy. No matters what is your face shape, septum piercing suits long, round, oval, and even almost all face shapes.

If you think this piercing is right for you, check out – Septum piercing jewelry for more detailed information.

  • Septril piercing

Septril piercing is one of the most complicated piecings. Most people feel like it is one of the most painful nose piercing too.

Septril piercing is actually a vertical septum piercing which looks much similar to vertical tip nose piercing. There is a very thin line and very little space in that area, which makes it more complicated.

you’ll need a tend professional piercer in order get Septril piercing. It is a combination of both septum and half vertical piercing.  This piercing requires time, patience, expertise, and also pain.

  • Vertical Bridge Piercing

vertical nose piercing

This piercing is done in between both eyes vertically and called a vertical bridge. Sometimes called forehead piercing, third eye piercing, or unicorn piercing.

It is placed between your eyes or eyebrows. It is a bit complicated piercing too. The bridge is a surface piercing as in this piercing, the skin of your forehead between eyes and brows is perforated to insert with a bar.

To know the exact placing of this piercing, hold your upper nose area between two eyebrows. In this piercing, a needle is inserted through the skin surface, not through the bone.

As the area is very sensitive and many sensitive nerves are there, please do not go to any untrained piercer. Always choose the right piercer for you.

You may wonder why I have included this piercing in a nose piercing list. Actually it is a type of nose piercing, maybe only because it is placed on the straight end of the nose bone.

Overall this piercing looks super cute on people with round faces. Although it never means only a round face can get this. you can definitely go for it if you really want.

  • Horizontal Bridge Piercing

bridge piercing

Bridge piercings that Horizontally done are also called Erl. This horizontal brize piercing is done on the nose area between the eyes.

Some people have the misconception that a horizontal bridge is a piercing through bone but it’s not. The bridge is a surface skin piercing. In this piercing, the start end of the nose near eyebrows get pierced horizontally.

This is exactly the same as a vertical bridge. Just the difference is the placement, you have to place it horizontally in this case.

The position of this piercing makes is a bit complicated because of the sensitive area near the eyes. It is always advised to get these types of piercing under the guidance of experts.

  • Vertical Tip -Also called Rhino piercing

Piercing septum vertically through the cartilage to the tip of the nose and it indicates the front horn of the rhino and that’s why called Rhino.

To me, Vertical tip nose piercing is the most awkward looking piercing. It is rarest seen nose piercing as in this you pierce your nose tip vertically.

perforate your nose tip from upside down and wear beads studs in it making it looks like a rhino horn.

Leave all these just think like you’re in a public place and a fly comes and sits down on your nose tip. How embracing and irritated it feels right?

I feel like same wearing any visible jewelry on the tip of my nose. However, I never oppose getting your nose tip pierced. If you are one of those rhino piercing lovers, stop thinking too much just go for it.

  • Horizontal Tip piercing

Horizontal  Tip piercing looks much similar to Nasallang piercing. But the biggest difference between Nasallang and horizontal tip piercing is the position of the piercing.

Only the tip of the nose is pierced horizontally in horizontal tip piercing. It actually pierces the skin of the nose tip. This is also a rare nose piercing as it is not in trend.

  • Nasallang Piercing

Nasalang piercing

Nasallang piercing Goes through both nostrils and septum. This is a kind of triple piercing. The Nasallang piercing goes through the skin of one nostril through the septum it goes through another nostril.

To understand take a piece of wood or take your pencil and put it on your upper lips holding with both nose and lips. Now, look at yourself, how it looks? This is the exact look Nasallang will give to you.

This piercing can commonly be seen among tribes. It looks painful and may be more painful than any other piercing. And this is because in Nasallang you’ll get at 3 piercing wounds at the same time.

In this piercing jewelry is inserted through one nostril to another through the septum. This is also not common among us as it looks painful and not so stylish.

  • Austin Bar Piercing-Nose tip 

Austin bar nose piercing

This a piercing in the middle cartilage of the nose or we can say piercing in the spine of the nose. you can wear a bar with two cute stones on it. It looks really cute on round face people.

The pain of Austin bar piercing is much similar to that nostril piercing. But in my view it makes your nose appear wider. So if your face is long, try to figure out how it will come and then decide to get it. You can check by using two rhinestones.

For details, You can directly go through the Reading section

Piercing Types, Jewelry Ideas, Healing Time, and Alternatives

Piercing is the process of cutting or we can say it is a form of body modification in which jewelry can be worn. You perforate skin or cartilage of our nose in order to wear jewelry in it. You can pierce 12 different locations of your nose to wear a piece of fashionable jewelry in it and look fashionable.

There are mainly 9 types of Nose piercing. It takes around 2-8 months to get healed completely depending on the types. Body Adhesives are a great alternative to nose piercing. you can try many different Nose rings and studs.

Why do we Pierce our Face or Body?

People pierce their faces and bodies coz it is a part of the rituals and culture in many communities. Yes, for sure piercing is a very important type of ritual and especially for unique identification in some tribal culture. Many other communities do piercing because of their socio-cultural reasons.

I met one of my school friends after a long time gap of 5 years, she belongs to a certain community.  First thing I have noticed her pierced nose and asked her. whether she did that for fashion or any other reason. “I got married this month that’s why I had to pierce my nose.

After hearing the reason, I conclude there must be any ritual behind that. This is not the only thing I come to know that makes me pretty surprised.

Once I visited one of my relative`s village, I met an old woman. I noticed so many things about her presence that fascinated me. She had so many green tattoos written or symbolized so many different things.

I talked to that old lady and come to know so many different and weird rituals and cultures. One of them was her husband`s name along with one of the Hindu god`s names.

She described the whole story of what she told me at that time, Newlywed brides are not allowed to do anything or go out without her husband or without her husband`s permission.

At that time women used to be illiterate and they were not allowed to even take her husband`s name. That’s why there must be the name of their husbands on each newlywed women.

Our old rituals

In my view, that time Marriage was literally a time taking, tough and painful process. Women of their community forcefully pierced the bride`s nose and ears (if not pierced at the time of marriage). This is not all after marriage brides forcefully tend to get a tattoo of their husband`s names.

Thank God, I am not there and I know you too never ever imagined of that world. But that was the truth!

Even in today`s world, there is many communities and tribes- where people even believe these things. And they are doing the same as their ancestors.

Today we will talk about fashionable nose piercings. Nose piercing is not the only topic of today`s post here are many more things for you-How to wear nose pins without piercing, Indian nose rings, Fashionable Nose pins, unique nose rings, Designer nose rings, Different nose pin gold of girls and pressing nose ring.

Also Read: All Types of Fashionable Face Piercings 

“How long does it take for a nose piercing to fully heal?”

It may take 2 to 8 months for your nose piercing to get fully healed. It depends mainly on the type of piercing.

Healing time of different types of Nose Piercing. Your First Question maybe this:- Though the Time for healing may differ a little bit for everyone due to their immunity, still you can think of maximum healing Time for All nose Piercing Types as described below.

Nostril  2-4 months
High Nostril 2-5 months
Septum or Septril 1-2 months
Bridge (vertical/ Horizontal) 2-3months
Rhino (Vertical / Horizontal tip) 6-8months
Nasallang 4-6months
Austin bar 3-5 months
Double nostrils or triple nostrils 2-4 months

Some Precautions For Healing Nose

As of now, You may have read the above details and already know the time for obvious natural healing of any type of Piercing. Generally, it is a very simple process but you can do some useful stuff or just say make a few changes in your daily diet to make the healing process faster.

What can you do to fasten the Healing Process of your Piercings?

Regular proper cleaning of the piercing site, taking proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can heal your piercing wound quickly. You can also use lavender oil or tea tree oil which will help you stay away from infections and speed up the process of healing.

Strictly avoid drinking alcohol, carbonated drinks, oily junk foods, and too many sweets. Add a=lots of green veggies to your diet and drink at least a glass of fresh fruit juice every day.

Next is to keep the Pierced area clean and avoid using hard harsh soap or body cleanser as it may cause irritation and make it very uncomfortable to heal naturally.

Take a proper 8 hours of sleep. As we all know our body heals the most when we are sleeping. This is because our body put all the energies in the healing process. That’s why proper sleep is really very important.

The Last Part that is tried and tested- It is to keep your fingers away from your Nose. Not Like that — Actually, it will protect the piercing wound from getting infections. It is very important to keep away from any dust or dirt. This habit helps a lot in the healing process.

 men’s nose piercing Information.

Best Jewelry for Nose Piercing 

  • Nose stud or Nose bone Nose stud nose pin

Nose studs or Nose bones are types of Nose Pin. It comes in two parts and wearing this is also easy. Put the upper designer part into your pierced nostrils or anywhere you want to wear it. Then put another pin-like structure into the inner side of the piercing and insert it into the upper part. It will fit like a nut-bolt.

I have a nostril piercing and i am wearing a nose stud in it. Sometimes i like wearing rings too but in my view studes looks more cute on me.

  • Indian Nose ring (Nath)

Nath is a type of nose ring. it mainly comes in a bigger ring size as compared with other general used nose rings. The Nath is mainly wearing by Indian women. It is a cultural ornament which they wear on their wedding night. It is a sign of the Royalty of old ages. India queens used to wear this Nath (Gold nose ring) it showed the luxury and domination Royal family.


  • Nostril screwnose screw jewelry

Nostril screw is one of the easiest nose jewelry. It is super easy to wear and gives the look of nose stud. This nose jewel has a design on the upper tip and the rest of the part is a wire-like structure. It can easily be inserted into the piercing because of its thin wire-like structure. After you have inserted it fold the wire part like a screw so that it will not come out its own.


  • L- shaped nose pinL-shaped

Wearing an L-shaped nose pin is also easy as nostrils screw as it is also a modified type of nose screw. Just put the L-shaped side into your piercing and then try to curve it. Adjust as you feel comfortable and press it to fit in. Don’t press it harder as it can hurt your piercing, just be gentle.


  • Captive bead ring 

    captive bead rings

Captive bead rings are not ideally of nose piercings. you can wear these in your ears and belly button also. This is the most simple and easily available piercing jewelry.

  • Nose Hoopnose hoop

We wear nose hoops mainly in septum piercings. Also nostril piercings, ears piercing or in belly piercing. It also acts as a piece of artificial ring jewelry as you don’t need to be pierced for wearing it.

horse shoe

  • Circular Barbell

It is nothing different from a cartilage hoop. You can also call it horseshoe barbell earing or you can call it horseshoe barbell ring.

 I got my ears and Nose pierced when I was about 5-6 years old. Now I have forgotten the pain of piercing but still, fear to get more.

My favorite is Medulla lip piercing and a septum piercing but I never dare. yes, I fear after piercing pain.

Another question that many of you have asked me several times —

“Is Nose piercing painful?”

Well yeah, it is painful. I will say all types of piercings are painful. And it totally depends on you whether you can bear it or not.

After all, piercing is the process of body modification by cutting it. It will hurt and bleed a little. Nose Is a bit more painful than ear piercings. But it is not that dangerous.

I was a5-6 year old little girl when I got my first piercing. If you really want it, just go get it right now. The pain will do nothing if you love your style.

NOTE* if you are planning for any kind of nose piercing then get it right now. Nose piercing is less painful if done at a small age.

“Which side of the nose is best to get pierced?”

This is a bit confusing question according to today’s generation. Everyone gets piercing according to their need and on the side, they look better.

Some people think guys with left nose piercings are gay. You should pierce you right nostril if you are a straight guy. These are applicable to girls also. Although I don’t support these kinds of things.

According to the Ayurveda, the Left is for females. the left nose of the female corresponds to her reproductive health. And it helps to reduce the pain during childbirth. Indians mainly Northern Indian wears nose pins or rings in their left nostril even I am wearing in left.

But people all over the world pierce both sides of the nose even the septum and bridge (If there is no cultural issue).

Don`t think too much if you are getting piercing just because of your fashion desire then go for it! You can pierce your Right as well as Left nostril and even septum and bridge. Do what you like to do.

“What is the precaution and Aftercare Instruction of Nose Piercing?”

It is common to get infections after piercing. Infection can cause pain and unwanted complications. Your piercing will get close due to infection. “Precaution is better than Cure” that`s why you should be cautious about your piercings.

Some homemade remedies’ or you can say your DIY remedies- I have seen several times in villages people apply turmeric and honey paste at the place where they want piercing.

As we all know turmeric acts as a good antiseptic as well as disinfectants. It will help your skin to heal the wound and get rid of the unwanted bacteria.

After piercing you should clean the area at least 2-3 times a day. You can buy packaged sterile saline solution at the chemists` or you can get it home.

For making your own DIY saline solution- Take any non-Iodized salt mix it with warm water and your saline solution is ready to use.

“What to avoid to heal it fast?”

Food plays an important role in healing wounds. Healthy foods your body to get extra energy and heal the piercing wound. You should avoid eating veggies like- peas, Pumpkin, jackfruits, and brinjals (egg fruit). Cut down your sugar intake.

Eating protein-rich foods is the best you can do to heal wounds quickly. Avoid alcoholic drinks.

If you are using artificial stones or pearls to get a different piercing look then here are some of the questions that must be in your mind.

One most commonly searched question-

“What are the alternatives to wear Nose pins or Nose rings without piercing?”

Well, I have a wonderful answer for you. You love fashionable piercings but you don’t want pain, one of the solutions to your problem is to wear artificial nose rings.

Pressing nose Ring

Pressing nose rings are false nose rings. Those who haven’t pierced their nose can use these. You can use these for your kid’s fancy dress competition. We can see male actors wearing nose rings or even female actors although they never pierced their nose. You can try this too. This is the easiest and useful way. You can buy these kinds of rings from any nearby marker or just check the online price of Best Nose Piercing Jewelry.

If you like to wear Nose pin and don’t want to pierce your nose then the only solution is using skin Glue. You can use medical skin glue, Dermabond skin glue, shock glue, fashion tape, or any type of hold up body adhesive.

Yes, you can also use double-sided tape. Firstly, cut the double-sided tape in thin strips like wire. Join the two ends to see whether it fits good for your nostrils. You can make designs by cutting it and paste whether you want. Then paste small stones pearls or anything that you love to wear on your face or nose.




This is all about Nose piercing and I hope it will help you out of any confusion. Follow the safety steps to stay trouble-free and happy. Do share this post with your friends and family members if you find this useful.

Stay tuned for many more Ideas and information regarding your beauty and fashion.

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