Best Septum piercing jewelry-type, size, pain & Heal time

Septum piercing is one of the most popular nose piercing among both men and women. This piercing passes through nasal septum. And it looks like a division between two nostrils (left and right). It gives a totally unique and different look to your personality by adding a touch of boldness.

No matter you are a male or a female, The septum piercing is going to give you a dashing fashionable look. I personally love this piercing on boys, it adds unique swag to their look.

Here in this post, you’re going to discover some really awesome and unique septum jewelry. I am giving you a list of septum rings today which are high quality, unique and beautiful at the same time. I am answering all the questions and doubts related to septum piercing in this post. we’ll discuss septum piercing pain, healing time and many more related things

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Let’s start with the best quality septum jewelry.

17 unique best quality affordable septum jewelry on Amazon

  • Gold Plated over Surgical Steel Horseshoe Septum ring

(1 pair) Price.septum hoop

This horseshoe is at the top of my list and the reason is both the quality and the quantity. You’ll get 2 of this kind jewelry at the best price here. And quality is just amazing I loved it.

  • Cubic zirconia 14K white gold captive bead ring.

check price here.septum ring

This blue stone ring looks simple as well as cute at the same time. amazing silver and the blue combination will win your heart.

  • 14G 14K white Gold twisted ring.

click here.double twisted ring

I have included this white gold twisted ring in my list. Its uniqueness and shine attracted me to buy it.

  • 14K Gold with Diamond Petals Septum ring.

Price here.petals ring

Look at the diamond petals it’s really beautiful. I mean how can you control yourself not to buy this amazing piece of jewelry. It will give you ethnic jeweled look.

  • Imperial Opal 14K Rose gold Clicker septum ring.

Price.pearl ring

Expensive Imperial Opal on 14K rose gold ring is a clicker septum ring. you can find out your own the reason behind including this ring in my list.

  • Fresh Trends 16G garnet Petals 14K rose gold ring.

Price.petal red stone ring

This garnet petals septum ring is on high demand. I generally love this kind of clicker rings, are very comfortable and looks cute.

  • 14K white gold bead ring (colors- aqua blue, light red, dark blue & Pink) price.beautiful pink septum ring
  • Standard 14G 14K white gold bead ring. best price.silver ring
  • Turquoise Maya 14K white Gols clicker ring. price stone ring

This turquoise gives a look of tribal septum ring. The vibrant color gives a much bolder look and can be worn by both men and woman.

  • Silver Dimond Cut Septum Jewelry 18G.

Amazon price here.ring

  • Gold color 24G Nose septum Ring.

Price ring

  • 14K Gold Captive Bead Ring, 14G septum jewelry.

Check price here.captive bead ring

  • 14K solid gold Horseshoe circular spike.

Price.horseshoe septum

These horseshoe spikes attract me, although it gives a manly look but is worn by both male and females.

  • 16G silver Septum ring.

check price.multiple ring for septum

This is a tribal design septum ring. It gives an illusion of three rings in a single piercing. In reality, it is a single ring with 2 more semicircular rings attached to the top design.

  • Septum ring Amethyst, beautiful gold septum jewelry.

price here.stone septum ring

  • 3mm opal septum ring solid gold ring.

Amazon price.septum

  • 5 Piece fake septum piercing jewelry, Faux septum ring.

price septum ring


All of these rings are my personal favorite. I have picked these for you not only on the basis of look but also on the basis of quality. These are some of the best septum piercing jewelry you can buy online.

What Gauge is a normal septum piercing? 

Talking about general gauge size for a septum piercing the most commonly used is 14 G and 16 G. Gauge size 14 is just perfect for everyone. 

If you are planning to get your septum pierced and wants my suggestion on gauge size, I’ll recommend getting 14 G piercing. If you want smaller you can definitely go for 16 G size. some people also use 18 G, which is the smallest gauge size you can get for a septum piercing. But keep in mind one things that too big or too small size may cause complications.

If you are asking for normal gauge size, I’ll definitely recommend 14 G. But some people want smaller piercings, for the 16 G is perfect or maybe 18 G. In case you are getting 18 or even smaller than that, there always be a risk of getting “cheese cutter effect” or what you called it to “cheese wire” effect.

since we all know 16 and 18 G is the very thin and fine piercing size. And piercing done at the edges of the skin or cartilage using inadequate size jewelry cause tearing of piercing.

Thinner jewelry needs less pressure to tear or cut the skin. If it is at the edge may tear entire piercing out. It also sometimes causes a long slit from a small piercing. To avoid these types of ugly problems do discuss things with your piercing artist before getting piercing.

How badly does septum piercing hurt?

This is the most commonly asked question about piercing. And my answer is yes it hurts, but there is no meter to calculate or compare pain. I mean no one can even think of getting piercings without pain.

piercing is a process of cutting and inserting metal jewelry into it. If it is done correctly the amount of pain may seems lower. Every piercing hurt but the type and amount of pain varies.

Talking about Septum piercing, the pain is much similar to the nostril piercing. Some people think septum is a cartilage piercing but this a myth. it is pierced through the sweet spot, a small area where tissue is thinner than cartilage.

I can say that the pain of septum piercing even less than nostril. the tissue of septum is very thin and easy to pierce but on the other hand, the nostril is thicker and bit stiffer.

apart from all this, the pain also depends on the bearability of particular person. A different person can experience a different type of pain for the same type of piercing. Thus, if you want to know the exact intensity of pain, you have to get that piercing too.

How long does it take to heal septum piercing completely?

It will take minimum 6-8 weeks to heal septum piercing completely. And this data is for those who have followed a well-kept aftercare routine. 6-8 weeks is the minimum time for the healing process it may take a bit more time for some people to heal.

Piercing infections slow down the healing process. That’s why it is recommended to clean your piercing at least once a day. No need to clean it more than twice a day. As if you don’t clean your new piercings time to time it can get infected. On the other hand, too m7ch cleaning is also not good.

If you clean your piercings too much, it may result in dry skin. And due to lack of natural oil skin near piercing will start tearing, causing pain and this will also slow down your healing. if you’ll take proper care of your piercing, most probably it’ll get healed within 8weeks.

How to speed up the healing process of septum piercing?

To speed up the healing process you have to take special care of your piercing. With piercing aftercare, you have to take proper care of your diet and daily lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habit always give you a quick desired result. You should avoid late night works, sleep early so that your body can get sufficient time to relax and heal the wound. Avoid smoking or drinking. Alcohol slows down the healing process and can make the condition worst.

Avoid too much oily, junk or processed food. Start eating healthy by adding greens into your daily diet. Beans, nuts and all green veggies are good for you as well as your piercing. You have to cut down your sugar intake until it gets healed completely.

Apart from your diet and lifestyle, I will recommend you to clean your piercing regularly and apply essential oil. Essential oil such as tea tree oil and lavender oils are the best essential oils that speed up the healing process.

Clean your piercing with tea tree oil of just apply after cleani8ng. You can also check the detailed post on best tea tree oils for piercing infections. 

Septum piercing is also popular as – Jungle piercing, Bull ring piercing, and septril. The best part of this piercing is that it is easy to conceal, rarely migrate and never get rejected.

This is all about septum piercing, pain, jewelry and healing time. do not hesitate to share your experience with us. Just go down in the comment section and write your opinion, requests or even suggestions. If you found this post helpful, do subscribe our blog to get quick notifications about awesome upcoming posts. Don’t forget to comment on your experience and share this post with your friends and family.

Keep smiling & Stay healthy-” because you are Beautiful”. 


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