Best Tea tree oils for Piercing infection

 Tea tree oil has an antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties in it. And is really helpful in healing infected piercing wounds. That’s why today we’re gonna talk about the Best Tea Tree oils available in the market. Also How it works on infected piercings, How to avoid getting a piercing infection? and some most asked questions.

If you are planning for getting piercings or you already got it recently, this is gonna be a helpful post for you. As you should be pretty much sure about getting the infection if you get it done by your nearby mall or you touch it too much and don’t clean it regularly.

Where to buy tea tree oil?

There are many brands out there selling tea tree oil in the market. you can buy any of them from your nearby market or online. But the main question is – whether you are getting the best quality at a reasonable cost or not.

I will recommend you to try any of these high-quality Tea Tree Oil from Amazon. Your first priority should be the quality and here you are getting it at the best affordable price also.

giving a list of tea tree oils I have tried for not only to fight piercing infections but also all types of skin problems. tea tree oil also helps reducing small piercing scars. It helps in many ways, let’s get started with some of the best quality tea tree oil from some best brands.

15 Best Tea tree oils for infected piercing

  • Clarifying Tea Tree Facial oil by Beauty Foundry

Amazon Price. This tea tree oil is something act as a cleanser and healing agent. I use this to remove dirt and sometimes makeup too. Avoid makeup in the area near new piercing.

But if you have accidentally applied any makeup or its just durt. You can use this to wipe it off from there. Do not need to dilute this facial oil. As it is already diluted and contains the goodness of many natural oils. IncludRosemaryarry leaf extracts, sunflower oil, coconut oil, Brassica napus oil, peppermint and many more including Tea tree oil.

It is not pure tea tree oil but is a good quality essential oil mixture.

  • 100%v Pure Essential Tea Tree Oil -Premium

 Check Price.

The smell of this tea tree oil is amazing. Soothing and reliving smells helps a lot in coming out of the pain zone. Infected piercing continues teasing and oozing. this helps to reduce the bump redness and pain.

You can add coconut oil to dilute it and lavender for stress relieving. apply this oil just after cleaning and washing.

  • Eve Hansen Pure Tea Tree Oil for (face, Hair& Nail)

check price here. This tea tree oil by Eve Hansen is a kinda universal oil. You can use this oil on any of your body or face piercing. And the best thing is that it can be used for hair nail and skin also. No need to worry about the quality, I found it really good with awesome fragrance.

  • Pure Body Naturals Tea Tree Oil

check price.I have applied this to my infected piercing and found really useful. It helps to relieve pain and tabbing. Gives cooling relaxing feel. And also helps to reduce inflammation by curing the infection.

You can use this oil as you need. Also helpful in reducing bump and redness. As it is pure light burning sensation is normal. To avoid any kind of inconvenience don’t forget to dilute it.

  • Plant Therapy 100% pure Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Amazon price. Plant Therapy gives you one of the high-quality tea tree oil. Quantity may seem not sufficient to you but it is more than sufficient when it comes to treating the piercing infection.

  • Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil.

 check price

Applying Majestic Pure Tea tree oil to your infected piercing regularly will give you instant relief within 2-3 applications. It smells really good and relaxes you to relieve pain.

  • Viva Naturals Organic Tea Tree Oil.

click for the Price


  • Tea Tree Essential Oil by NOW Foods.

 price here 

  • 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree oil.

click here for the price. This is one of my favorite tea tree oil – First botany. The packaging really so beautiful and classic. It also smells great. As you all know Australian tea tree oils are supposed to be of best quality. And this brand proves it absolutely true.

  • Undiluted Tea Tree Essential oil (Australian).

 Amazon price here. It’s a real deal of tea tree oil. Believe me, you’re gonna love this product. As it is durable, more than a year or two. Make sure to dilute it before application, especially your is sensitive skin.

After that, you can use this oil in any way. Just add it to your daily skin and hair care routines. If you are really interested in knowing about my Tea tree oil life hacks, don’t forget to write it in the comment box.

Apply this oil even if you are willing to close or heal your piercing quickly. It also helps in reducing scars and spots.

  • Vegas fortune Premium Quality pure tea tree oil.

Check for the priceVegas tea tree oil is really of premium quality. The quantity may disappoint you but you’ll never regret it. I will only it worth the price. Liked it a lot.

  • Tea tree Australia Premium Tea tree oil.

click for the price

  • 100% Pure therapeutic grade Tea tree oil.

price here 

Amazing aromatic pure tea tree oil by Sage Creek is a

  • Happy Life Harvest Tea tree oil (therapeutic grade undiluted).

 price here

I have included almost all best quality tea tree oil to my list. You can find all of these on Amazon ant very affordable price. Click the price link given in front of each product and compare price and quality. Order any one of the

Piercing Aftercare 

Aftercare is the most important thing if you want to avoid unwanted infections. When we get piercing, we generally cut and try to modify our body to wear jewelry in it.

It takes time to heal the wound completely. while in the healing period our body works really hard to heal and cure the wound. But that not always enough, some external factors also effects and can make the process slow and tough.

We should follow a regular cleaning and healing steps. This routine can increase the speed of your piercing healing process. Now the question is what we should do.

I generally recommend you to ask your piercing artist about your aftercare. As they are more aware of the type of piercing and your skin condition. But if in case you forgot asking, no need to worry.

It is really easy to take care of your new piercings. It only includes cleaning and avoiding a few things



Clean your piercing at least once a day or max twice Do not clean too much it may get dried and gives your pain
Use saline solution or Homemade sea salt solution for the cleaning process Don’t use Iodized or any other salt
At the shower, time use a mild soap to wash your piercing


Never use harsh soap or soap that contains alcohol
Dry your piercing after every wash Never let water or soap inside the pierced area
Keep your new piercing untouched Do not touch too much, it may get infections
Wear loose and comfortable dresses, if your piercing is in that area Avoid wearing tight dresses
Take a daily bath in your personal area or pool Public pools should be avoided

How to apply tea tree oil to piercing?

Before knowing the answer to this question you should know where you are going to apply it. This will work best for all types of surface piercings. You should apply Tea tree oil to your piercing to clean and stimulate the healing process.

But if you have a piercing infection, then it is necessary to treat it by using tea tree oil. As this oil works like magic in curing infections. But before application doesn’t forget to do the patch test. This will help you to ensure that your skin doesn’t have any allergy to this oil.

Dilute Tea Tree Oil

Dilution of concentrated Tea Tree oil is the first step of application. I never recommend applying pure concentrated oil directly to the skin. especially if your skin is dry or sensitive.

To dilute this oil you can add a few drops of water to it or you can add other carrier oil. I generally recommend diluting concentrated essential oil with the help of coconut oil.

Applying Tea Tree oil without diluting may result, redness, burning sensation even damaged skin. Try diluted oil to avoid all these problems.

you can apply this oil to your infected or uninfected piercing in two ways. First is to mix it with a salt solution. You can pour a few drops of tea tree oil into your saline solution.

Then clean your piercing as you usually do. If you are using it to oral piercing, make sure you don’t swallow it. And wash your mouth and the piercing area with water properly.

The second way to apply tea tree oil is to directly apply diluted oil to your piercing area. You should apply this oil after cleaning it with saline or sea salt solution. Don’t forget to wipe out excess oil after application.

Patch test

The patch test is a process of trying products before final application. You should do a patch test before trying any new skin products.

For testing take a cotton swab and dip it into the diluted oil mix. Apply it in a very small amount to the softer area of your skin. Like you can try it to your inside arms or leg areas.

you can patch test both diluted and undiluted oil. But make sure you are applying to a very small area and the quantity is also very small.

How to treat an infected ear piercing? What are the causes?

Treating Ear Piercing is very easy but before that let me explain the possible causes.

  • Getting pierced with a public piercing gun. This is the biggest reason for infection as in public places like the mall, piercers are unable to clean piercing guns properly. And the sterilization is also not possible, this increases the risk of getting infected.
  • lack of cleaning. You should cleat you piercing regularly at least once a day or maximum twice a day.  Skipping your cleaning routine may result in infection as the new wounds are more prone to infections.
  • Frequent touching. It is very important to clean your hands before touching your new piercing. Dirty hands can infect your piercing and can worsen your pain.

These are the three major causes of getting infections. You can prevent infections by simply keeping these three causes in your mind.

But if you are feeling that your piercing is infected you should start special care of it. Proper cleaning and applying antiseptic can also help you. But for better results, I recommend cleaning infected piercings with tea tree oil.

How to get rid of Nose piercing bump with tea tree oil?

Bump on the nose is very common after piercing. It looks dirty and is very painful too. But the bump on the nose is not always due to infections. sometimes crusts forms around the piercing and due to lack of cleaning it becomes dry hard.

crusts need to be clean regularly as it blocks the wound path. And can result in torn skin near the wound by getting harden.  The white or transparent discharge from the wound is normal as it shows our body is healing.

But the liquid oozing out of the wound get clotted around the wound and by the time gets harder. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil to the salt solution for cleaning crusts or infected piercing.

you can also directly apply diluted tea tree oil to the piercing using a cotton swab or a bud. If you are using your tea tree oil mix to the oral piercings, make sure to wash your mouth thoroughly with water after cleaning.

Tea Tree oil is rich in antiseptic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Which not only cleanse but also boost the healing process.

Hope this post is helpful for you. Do share with your family and friends and don’t forget to comment below all your requests, query or suggestion. Subscribe and Stay Tuned for more awesome posts.

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