How to Treat an Infected Nose Piercing?

How to cure Infected Nose piercing? Nose piercing is easy to clean and take care of. But any piercing can get infected. If you are thinking that your piercing is infected too, you should seek some medical care. However, you can also try some home treatments on your own.

How to teat an Infected Nose piercing? You can teat nose piercing infection by cleaning it 3-4 times a day and giving warm soothing compress to your infected nose piercing.

If your nose piercing is getting painful and signs of infection are appearing, Do visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Visiting doctors and taking proper medical attention should be your priority. But if you are not able to visit a doctor, you can treat your nose piercing infection by doing some simple steps.

As nose piercings are always exposed to sun and dirt, avoiding proper aftercare routine may cause infection. Some of the symptoms can be cured if treated at the early stages. On the other hand, if the infection left untreated, it may soon turn into a serious problem.

If the symptom of infection suspected, treat immediately or Call your Doc.

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What Can I Use to Heal My nose Piercing?

You can use a saline solution for cleaning and tea tree oil for faster healing. 

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How to Treat an Infected Nose Piercing?

To treat an infected nose piercing use saline solution, sea salt solution, and some essential oil to treat nose piercing infection. Here are some of the easiest steps to treat infected nose piercing-

  • Sea Salt Solution

Clean your nose with Sea salt Solution piercing 3-4 times a day during infection. Infected piercing needs some extra care than normal. Cleaning frequently will suppress infection to get bigger.

Sea salt is a natural antiseptic that helps to cure nose piercing infections. It also helps to heal up the new piercing wound.

Sea Salt solution is an awesome alternative to using soap. If you don’t wanna use soap you can simply use sea salt solution for cleaning.

Using Non-Iodized salt is recommended. Never ever use Iodized salts- it will pit adverse effect and can make the situation worse.

  • Soap and warm water

Use soap and warm water for cleaning your infected nose piercing. Soap will eliminate dirt and bacteria formation while warm water will reduce pain and inflammation.

Be careful while using soap, the direct application can be harmful. Using Antibacterial or medicated soaps are recommended. Avoid using ordinary soap that is harsh to your skin.

The best way to use soap for cleaning piercings is – first to make lather out of the soap and water then apply it to the piercing site. Wash completely with warm water. Make sure there is no residue of soap water in the piercing area.

  • Warm soothing compress

The warm compress technique is really very helpful in reducing bump, swelling, throbbing, and infection pain. It is also helpful in draining away the fluid or pus from the wound and relief pain.

You’ll need a clean cotton cloth or rag and warm water. It is the simplest way to fight infection swelling and pain.

Dip the piece of cloth into the warm water. take it out, rinse the extra water. Lay it over the nose piercing. Cover the infected area with the warm rag and press gently.

Don’t put too much pressure, it should not be painful to you. If you are feeling pain even with light pressure then you should consult your doctor.

Do not use any ordinary or dirty cloth, It may increase infection. As the clothes contain harmful bacterias. I’ll recommend you to use disposable cotton wipes.

  • Treat piercing infection with Tea tree Oil

I usually recommend applying Tea tree Oil to the piercing even if it is not infected. Tea tree oil speed up the process of healing and keeps infections away.

If regularly used on infected piercing, it will help reduce infection problems. You can simply add a few drops of tea tree oil to your salt solution or warm compress.

Tea tree oil is rich in anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties. It kills bacteria and helps reducing infection quickly.

Mix few drops to the salt solution or apply directly to the infected area after cleaning. Do not forget to remove excess left the oil on the skin.

Make Sure you are applying diluted oil, don’t use concentrated oil directly to the skin.

  • Avoid touching too much

 Do not touch your new piercing too much especially if it is infected. Our hands contain germs and many harmful bacteria.

The new piercing wound gets infected quickly. Touching too much can increase infection. Even if you are cleaning your piercing, make sure your hands are clean too.

wash your hands with soap to remove unwanted dirt and bacteria from your hands.

  • Wear Hypoallergenic jewelry

Always use hypoallergenic jewelry as metal allergies are also common in some people. Usually, these types of allergies are seen with nickel or alloy a (mixture of metals).

 If your piercing feels itchy, soar, and appear rash, it may be an allergy due to jewelry.

Hypoallergenic jewelry is always recommended as these do not react with the body. Before buying make sure you are buying surgical steel or titanium nose piercing jewelry.

  • Don’t remove jewelry if the piercing is infected

Don’t try to remove your nose ring or stud before it gets healed completely. After piercing it will take at least 2-8 months according to the type of nose piercing.

you should not remove your nose piercing jewelry even if it gets infected. It may hurt and bleed which can increase pain and infection.

The worst consequence is that your piercing will close just a day after removing the jewelry.

It is advised to treat your piercing infection while wearing a nose ring or pins. And only remove or change nose piercing jewelry after getting healed completely.

  • Visit piercer or doctor if needed

Visiting a doctor or piercer is one of the important steps of curing nose piercing infection. You can treat and cure your nose piercing infection at home.

But if, the problem is persistent after two weeks. Even if you are taking proper care of the infected piercing.

If your new piercing is developing symptoms of infections, you should visit your doctor first. It is always advised to seek proper medical attention at the early stage of infection.

See you, doctor, immediately if experiencing the following symptoms-

  • Swelling and redness
  • Severe pain around the swell area
  • Heat area around your piercing
  • Burning sensation
  • Throbbing
  • Excessive grey, green or yellow discharge
  • Smelly discharge
  • High fiver
  • Sometimes dizziness or nausea

Sometimes avoiding problems or treating on your own may quickly turn into a serious problem. Don’t ignore or let your piercing hurt you, visiting a doctor or piercer is much easier than bearing pain.

  • Antibiotics for nose piercing Infection

You, Doctor, may prescribe antibiotics. As bacterial infections are the biggest threat to new nose piercings.

Generally, Doctors prescribe creams to treat nose piercing infection. But oral medication is needed if the infection is in serious condition.

Antibiotics are also prescribed if abscess forms. An abscess is a pus buildup, it is very important to treat it immediately. I am not good for health but the biggest problem is that it could lead to scarring.

To treat abscess and nose piercing infection, it is very important to follow all the instructions your doctor given.

Complete your antibiotic dose coz even if symptoms of infections disappear it doesn’t mean you defeated your nose piercing infection.

Always complete the course of your antibiotic in order to make sure your infection is defeated and symptoms wouldn’t return.

pierced nose

Tea tree oil for infected Nose piercing

The anti-bacterial property of tea tree oil makes it a good wound healer and is really helpful in defeating nose piercing infection.

Tea tree oil is good anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory in nature.

Applying tea tree oil to clean as well as stimulate the healing process. Applying directly to infected piercing will fight infections quickly.

How to use Tea tree oil for piercing infection?

You can use tea tree oil with your salt solution for cleaning or apply after cleaning.

Mix s few drops of tea tree oil to the salt solution and use it for cleaning infected nose piercing.

Another way to apply tea tree oil for infected piercing is to apply after cleaning with a salt solution or saline solution.

Make sure you are not applying concentrated oil directly to your skin. Add water or coconut oil for dilution before application.

After application, wipe out the excess oil residue from the piercing area. Apply at least two-three times a day.

Tea tree oil is one of the most effective essential oil for piercing infection It is not only effective for piercing infection but also helps healing piercing wound.

For better results, it is also important to buy the best quality of tea tree oil. You can find some best tea tree oil brands online also.

If you wish you can read about some of the best quality tea tree oil available online as well as in the market in this Article.

Mild irritation and a burning sensation are normal. But if it is unbearable, just wipe it out using a cotton bud or dilute a bit more by adding coconut oil.

Avoid using your finger for direct application, use cotton buds or droppers. But if using a dropper make sure you are removing excess oil from the site.

How do you tell if your nose piercing is infected?

Mild pain, redness, and swelling are normal for a new piercing. But the pain and swelling should reduce with the time if it is persistent and getting worst then this is an alarming situation.

This means your piercing may get infected and need some special treatments. You have to take extra care of your piercing.

Here are the symptoms that may appear with the nose piercing infection.

  • Swelling and redness

Swelling and redness of the skin around the piercing are normal. But it is increasing by time instead of reducing then it may be a symptom of infected.

Growing bump even after regular cleaning (twice a day) is may due to infection. you have to now clean it 3-4 times a day.

  • Severe pain around the swell area

Your piercing may feel painful until it gets healed completely. But if the pain is severe and unbearable then it is the time to seek special medical attention as your piercing is not infected.

It should not be too painful even if touching lightly. Teasing pain may make you uncomfortable if the piercing is infected.

  • Heat area around your piercing

Are noticing the heat area along with the swelling and pain? It is may be due to infection of nose piercing.

You can feel the temperature difference by touching the infected area and other parts of the skin. Your nose may feel swelled and heat if the piercing is infected.

Our body fights with bacterias and tries to reduce by itself, the result of which it get swelled and heated.

  • Burning sensation

Infected Nose piercing may give you a strong burning sensation. The temperature near the piercing increase due to body reactions and the heat may give you a severe burning sensation.

  • Throbbing

  • Excessive grey, green or yellow discharge

After you get the new piercing you’ll notice liquid oozing from the area, it means your piercing wound is healing. But it should be white and transparent without the smell.

If the color of liquid discharge is grey, green, or yellow, it may be due to infection,

  • Smelly discharge

  • High fiver

The burning sensation, throbbing, pain, and teasing of your nose piercing may result in a high fiver. If you suspect these symptoms do consult with your doctor before doing anything.

  • Sometimes dizziness or nausea

Infected nose piercing may also result in dizziness or nausea which may be the effect of a fiver.

If you are feeling like the situation is unbearable, don’t ignore it. It is always better to take advice from your piercer or doctor.

How to get rid of Infected Nose piercing Bump?

If the bump on your piercing is due to infection, it may get healed after proper treatment as mentioned above.

But if the other symptoms are not visible it may not be an infected nose piercing bump. Your nose piercing bump is one of the three types-

  • Keloid- Thick skinny scar
  • Pustul- pus-filled pimple-like blisters
  • Granuloma- a lesion that occurs on average 6 weeks after piercing

You can avoid these bumps just by-

  • avoid too much touching
  • get piercing from an expert piercer
  • wear high-quality jewelry
  • Avoid using the wrong products for cleaning your piercing.

You have to keep cleaning the piercing but never try to drain pus or remove the crust forcefully. It may worsen the condition of your nose piercing.

clean it at least 2-3 times and apply tea tree oil to eliminate infection and bump.

Home Remedies for nose piercing Infection

You can use some home remedies to treat nose piercing infection like applying turmeric with coconut oil mixture, lemon honey, many more.

Here are some of the effective home remedies for curing nose piercing infection-

  • Turmeric+ Coconut oil

mix a pinch of turmeric powder with a few drops of Coconut oil and apply directly on to the piercing. Coconut and turmeric both the ingredients are antiseptic and antibacterial in nature and help reducing pain and infection.

Don’t forget to clean after a few hours. I will recommend you to apply this mix an hour before the cleaning process.

  • ACV for piercing (Apple cider vinegar)

Applying Apple Cider vinegar directly to your infected piercing can help you fight infection. And also can cure your nose piercing infection quickly. You can directly apply it to the site or just mix it with few drops of water (saltwater solution will work best for you).

Vinegar’s acidic property kills bacteria and prevents further infection. This is not all, ACV also breaks down the scarring tissue to scar.

  • Lemon + Honey

Mix Lemone juice with honey and apply it using a Q-tip. This mixture will help reduce dryness and also fight infection. Apply 2 times a day for better results. if you feel irritated, you can dilute the mix by adding a few more drops of honey to it.

  • Green Tea for a warm compress

Drinking Green tea helps improving skin and repair damage. It also helps cure infected piercing.

For best results use warm green tea for warm compress along with drinking it. If you are using bagged green tea just take out your tea bag from the water and put it on the nose piercing.

Make sure it is not too hot. Press gently with the help of your fingers. This warm compress will help to drain pus-filled bumps and also fight infections.

Some people claim they have noticed green tea also helps reducing skin scar.

  • Garlic for infected nose piercing

It may sound weird to you but the Garlic clover is a miracle ingredient for piercing infection. As Garlic is naturally astringent and antiseptic, it reduces infections most easily and quickly.

Garlic prevents attracting germs and eliminates toxins from the system. Crush half of a garlic bud and dilute before application (as most of the people can’t bear it).

It may result in a burning sensation just after application, you can add honey or coconut oil to the crushed or paste garlic.

The best way is to add it with coconut oil or olive oil and cook for at least 15 minutes. Let it cool down a bit. Then apply warm garlic oil to the infected piercing.

You will see the result in 2-3 days.

  • Aloe Vera can do everything for you

pluck fresh  Aloe Vera leaf and take out the flesh part. crush to make gel lice texture. Add tea tree oil or Lavender oil to it.

You can also use Calendula oil. just mix any of the three given essential oil with fresh aloe vera gel and apply to the infected piercing.

Its cool soothing effect will relieve burning sensation and also reduce pain. Regular application of this mix will fight nose piercing infection and repair damaged tissue.

That’s all about treating the piercing infection. Note*  We are not giving any medical advice, tips are on the basis of experiences. Before using any of the ingredients make sure you are not allergic to it.


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