Can You get a Nose piercing while pregnant?

Nose piercing while pregnant? Are you pregnant? First of all a huge Congratulation to you for a new beginning. Pregnancy is a period of every woman’s life when she needs the ultimate rest and relaxation of at least 9 months. you can definitely plan a vacation, picnic but, Getting a nose piercing during pregnancy is not a good idea.

Can you get a nose piercing while pregnant? No, it is not recommended to pierce your nose or even any body part during pregnancy. Although some people bear the risk and get pierced while pregnant.

Everyone has their own view and thoughts about pregnancy. But if you’ll ask about piercings during pregnancy -almost everyone will advise you to wait until your baby comes out.

changes introduced during pregnancy are totally strange and awkward. To adopt those changes you’ll need to relax mentally as well as physically.

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nose piercing while pregnant

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Can You get a Nose piercing while pregnant?

No. Pregnancy is likely to make our skin more sensitive and infection-prone, that’s why it is advised not to get pierced.

However, everyone’s skin and body is different and reacts differently. During pregnancy, your body undergoes many strange changes including hormones. It is always recommended to take proper rest. As rest will help your body to adopt the changes successfully without any complications.

On the other hand, piercing is a process of perforate your skin, which is basically a wound. And to heal that wound your body needs extra energy. There are many reasons why it is recommended to stay away from getting new piercings while pregnant but the infection is supposed to be the greatest risk.

perforating any of your body parts during pregnancy is not recommended. but the truth is that people get piercings even after knowing the risks.

The doctor recommends not to get panic or too excited during pregnancy. Although the fear of getting piercing pain can panic you.

After perforating your nose or any body part, you have to take proper care of it which becomes the toughest task of that time. Going through so many changes at the same is not easy.

A growing belly, breasts, and other sudden unknown changes during pregnancy are sufficient to make you uncomfortable. Along with the changes, bearing perforation pain and managing time for the cleaning routine may become really tough and can provoke you to get panic.

Pain, uneasiness, and hypertension can never be good for your baby’s health.

I’ll recommend you to give the whole 9 months to you, your body, and your young one. Eat healthy, live healthy, and stay happy. Enjoy your pregnancy and avoid unnecessary problems and pains. You can get your nose pierced even after your pregnancy gets over.

Nose Piercing Infection while pregnant

Is it safe to get a nose piercing while pregnant? No, absolutely not. it can never be safe while pregnancy as the risk of getting infections is comparatively high. And the infection can worsen your condition.

 No one can ever recommend you to get it done during piercing. It is always better to avoid these kinds of unnecessary procedures. Even if the Nose is not connected to your womb and you wondered how it affects your pregnancy.

Let me explain Why Can’t you get your nose pierced during pregnancy? During pregnancy, your body needs extra energy as it undergoes some dramatic changes. Your Body growth, as well as the formation of the baby’s body inside your womb at the same time, needs lots of energy. That’s why you quickly get tired and feel uncomfortable most of the time. And getting your nose pierced during pregnancy can make you fall sick. This may affect your health as well as your child’s health.

All these processes need energy and as a result, the healing process of the body slows down. As a result of that time, our body and skin become sensitive and infection-prone.

It is more likely possible that your nose piercing gets infected. And maintaining and caring infected piercing is a bit difficult. However, the lack of proper cleaning and care can put you into some unnecessary troubles.

If your piercing is infected, you can head over to this article ” best-tea-tree-oils-for-piercing-infection” for a one-stop solution.

How to take Care of your new piercing while pregnant?

It is always better to avoid piercing during pregnancy even piercing just after delivery is not good. But if you have to get it, The best will be getting just before pregnancy.

Yes, it may sound nonsense to you but the truth is that it is far much easier to take care of new piercing at the early stage of pregnancy. This thing is not in your hand, it may happen that you get pregnant just after getting a piercing.

If it is a nose or ear piercing, you can take proper care by cleaning it regularly. Clean your piercings at least 1-2 times a day with saline solution. You can also wash your piercing with tea tree oil along with the saline solution.

Some essential oils can really help you to heal your piercing quickly. Tea tree oil will help you fight infections and promote healing. Lavender oil is also helpful in soothing and pain-relieving.

Cleaning your piercing is important but it is also important not to clean too much. There is no need to clean it more than twice a day. Too much cleaning makes the piercing area dry and may result in wound tearing. which can also slow down the healing process.

Apart from cleaning, your diet plays an important role in the healing process. Eat greens and don’t forget to concern your doctor before adding anything to your diet.

Nose piercing while pregnant

Can you get your nose pierced while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can definitely get your nose pierced during breastfeeding. If I’ll say no you can’t take care of your new piercing properly along with your newborn, it may seem to be a silly reason.

There are no complications but you may have to face some difficulties. Like cleaning your piercing on time regularly may become your toughest work and you may skip or miss someday.

Sometimes when your piercing feels painful and your baby starts crying- You may become angry and feel irritated. Working the whole day and taking care of your toddler is not an easy task.

Another thing that you should keep in your mind is your piercing may get hurt. Your kid can snatch or hurt your new piercing unknowingly while playing. This may lead to bleeding and pain and also slows down the healing process.

It will take at least 12 weeks, you have to take care of your piercing during this period.

I’ll recommend staying away from piercings while pregnant as well as during breastfeeding. It will be managed in your early pregnancy if you already have piercings. but new piercing during pregnancy or breastfeeding is a big no according to me.

Can you wear piercings during pregnancy?

Yes, you can get piercings other than the belly button, nipple, or genital area.

Handling piercing complications while pregnant becomes the toughest task. And you would never like to spend a painful day or night while your baby in your womb.

Piercings other than nipple, navel, and genitals are possible during pregnancy. Like you can get lips, eyebrow, ear, or nose piercing while pregnant.

But most of the piercer would not pierce you while you’re pregnant. And you’ll have to face difficulties in finding a professional piercers.

As the risk of getting piercing infections are higher, no piercer would take risk of complications. Your piercing can get infected and may close during pregnancy.

If you are getting piercings at your home (although I’ll never recommend this) You can find the correct niddle size and sterilization techniques for your piercing.

Avoid taking unnecessary procedures as I already have discussed. Take a break and give some time to self-care and nourishment. Relax and take rests, live happily, and plan for your future.

Related questions

Is my nose piercing infected? Unusual tenderness around the piercing area, unbearable pain, redness, burning sensation, and throbbing are the symptoms of infection. Observe if you are going through these problems, it may be an alarming situation that your piercing is infected.

Although, redness, light pain, and minor swelling are normal for a new piercing.

Do Nose piercings get infected easily? Yes, it can get infected easily. if not properly cleaned or if the aftercare routine is ignored. The risk of getting infections increased by two times during pregnancy.

Nose piercing is one of the most common types of face piercings. If not followed a daily cleaning routine, it can get infected. And also if frequently exposed to dirt or pollution. Although cleaning nose piercing is also easier than other piercings.

Can you get a facial piercing while pregnant?

pregnancy is likely to turn your skin more prone to infection. Your new piercing can get infected. After getting pregnant it would be really tough for you to handle. Even just after pregnancy, it would be tough for you. Managing time for your newborn and bearing piercing pain may make you frustrated.

Can you get a tongue piercing while pregnant?

No, you should not get your tongue piercing while pregnant. Pregnancy is a time when your body needs rest, nourishment, and more care. But, after getting your tongue piercing you will not be able to eat foods properly. At least for 2-4 weeks you will uncomfortable while talking, eating, and even brushing your teeth. That’s why it will be better for you to avoid getting your tongue piercing while pregnant.

Can you get a lip piercing while pregnant?

Yes, you can but you should not. Just like tongue piercing, lip piercings also create problems while eating. Swollen and painful lips may make the situation tougher. Pain, stabbing, burning sensation, oozing liquid, and infection can be a reason for your panic. Neither god for you nor for your child. Stay away from these unwanted troubles for at least 10 months from tor pregnancy.

Can you get an ear piercing while pregnant?

Getting your ear pierced may not seem to be bad for you. But, keep in mind that it can create troubles for you even if the womb and ears are far away from each other. There is a risk of getting a piercing infection. Apart from infection, lots of hormonal changes cause mental imbalance too. That’s why it may feel more painful and unbearable at that period.

Can you get a Daith piercing while pregnant?

Daith is a cartilage ear piercing and is a big No during pregnancy. Our body and the whole system gets busy in nourishing the baby in the womb. It gets tougher to heal even a small wound. That’s why don’t even think of getting cartilage piercing. As cartilage takes more time to heal, bleeds a lot and most of the time ends with a painful infection.

You may have heard about getting Daith piercing during pregnancy to avoid the headache.  Many women believe that the Daith ear piercing is related to headache and migraine and is beneficial in reducing the problem. But, I have seen lots of women suffering from piercing rejection and infection problems during pregnancy.

No reputed piercer will pierce you during your pregnancy period. Neither I will suggest you get Daith piercing just to avoid a headache as it may not work for you.

Can you get a Belly piercing while pregnant?

No one will suggest you get piercing during pregnancy. Even expert piercers will refuse to pierce. And a belly button piercing is an absolute No. Growth in Abdomen size is the biggest change in our bodies. It grows biggest as the days of delivery come closer. The biggest risk is of piercing rejection along with infection. Wait for some time relax and take good rest.

Can you get a dermal piercing while pregnant?

No, you can’t and you should not. Most of the doctors strongly suggest removing dermal piercing jewelry. And if you haven’t get it yet jut wait a while. let you your baby come out safely first.

Say no piercings and tattoos while piercing. Not even ear piercing or nose piercing while pregnant. Stay healthy and safe. Give yourself a break and spend the pregnancy period with happiness and peace.

Is it bad to get piercing while pregnant? Absolutely yes, it is not good to bear piercing pain while pregnant. Especially breast, nipple, belly button, and genital piercings are a Big NO.

If you are taking a risk and getting pierced, be sure you are not piercing any of the above-mentioned areas. getting a nose, ear, lips, eyebrow piercings may not harm you that much. But you’ll have to take special care of it.


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