Eyebrow Piercing Types, Pain, Healing time with Care

Eyebrow Piercing for Every Beautiful Girl:- Know it’s Type with best suitable Jewelry

People look really cool with an eyebrow piercing. I personally admit that I am crazy about getting my eyebrow pierced. And many enthusiasts like you keep asking some of the important questions related to this.

Today we’ll talk about eyebrow piercing meaning, types, pain, healing time, scars and aftercare. I will help you out of the problems you are facing now.

Before proceeding, let’s have some personal talk. I know you are thinking that why I am this much crazy about pierced eyebrows.

The love for eyebrow piercing starts with following Kirstin Maldonado on social media. Yah, Kirstin – a famous American singer and songwriter.

My love for musing attracts me towards Kirstin and her look tends me to fall in love with an eyebrow piercing.

I don’t wanna say that I only love Kirstin’s piercing, I love almost everyone’s pierced eyebrow. But Kirstin makes me fall in love with eyebrow piercings. It seems to be painful and dangerous at first thought. After getting full knowledge it will become as easy as ear piercing.

The most common question that I generally received is – how to pierce own eyebrow? But before answering this question let me clear that I never recommend piercing any of your body parts on your own.

If you are planning to get pierced then make sure that the person piercing you is a professional. Avoid using a piercing gun, use needles instead.

Check out different types of fashionable face piercing in this Article.

What is Eyebrow Piercing Called?

Eyebrow piercing is a vertical surface piercing. In this, a needle is inserted through the bottom of the eyebrow and exits through the upper side of the eyebrow to insert jewelry.

The needle generally used in eyebrow piercing is somewhat between 12Gauge – 18Gauge cannula needle. Confused with the needle size and type? Click here to get quick information about piercing needles.

Holding skin using clamp is the better way to better guide the needle through the skin. The curved barbell is the most common jewelry inserted by piercer after piercing the eyebrow skin.

Vertical eyebrow piercing is the most common type of eyebrow piercing, but I have noticed that horizontal eyebrow piercing is also in trend now.

You can pierce your upper eyebrow as well as bottom of the eyebrow horizontally. But be extra careful if you are doing it yourself. I will highly recommend you to take an expert’s help.

This is not all, the craze of piercing tends people to pierce their whole body. Seriously! Its madness, I saw a man pierced his lower eye area.

Yes! Anti-eyebrow piercing. This is what the piercing underneath the eyes called. Do mention below in the comment section if you are interested in this. I will give you a piece of detailed information about this too.

6 types of Eyebrow piercings

  • Vertical eyebrow piercing
  • Multiple vertical eyebrow piercing
  • Horizontal Eyebrow piercing (Upper)
  • Lower Horizontal eyebrow piercing
  • Bridge piercing
  • Anti-eyebrow piercing

Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

Vertical eyebrow piercing is the most common eyebrow piercing type. In this piercing eyebrow is perforated upside down vertically. You can get this piercing anywhere along the ridge of the eyebrow. Get it anywhere as you want but the most common placement of a vertical eyebrow piercing is 35-degrees from the outer corner of the eye.

You can wear a beautiful barbell or ring into your vertical eyebrow piercing. These are really easy to get and also very easy to keep clean. There are no major complications in getting vertical eyebrow piercing. It is always recommended to get it done by an expert piercer.

Multiple Eyebrow piercing

Multiple eyebrow piercing is nothing different as in this eyebrow is pierced multiple times. You can pierce your eyebrows multiple times to get multiple piercing looks.

It can be multiple vertical piercings or can be horizontal piercings. You can pierce the edge of the eyebrows as much time as you can. Basically, 2-3 vertical piercings at the end of the eyebrows are the common type of multiple eyebrow piercing.

Horizontal piercing can also be done multiple times but it is very rare. I don’t know actually why is it so rarely seen? But I must say it looks awesome.

Multiple horizontal piercing makes your face look masculine. Maybe this is the reason why most of the girls avoid getting multiple horizontal piercing.

T eyebrow piercing is one of the popular multiple eyebrow piercing types that combines both horizontal and vertical piercing. In this horizontal and vertical piercing overlap to form T shape.

Upper eyebrow horizontal piercing

This piercing is the best to suit for guys willing to get eyebrow piercing. Upper horizontal piercing looks awesome on guys. It will give you a more fashionable and bold look.

This piercing looks best on guys but it doesn’t mean to say that girls can’t pierce their eyebrow horizontally. Horizontal eyebrow piercing is popular among both girls and boys.

The horizontally pierced upper section of the eyebrow edge, enhance the beauty of the eyebrows and also makes your eyes look beautiful. You can make it more unique and eye-catching by picking the best jewelry and choosing the best placement for the piercing.

Horizontal piercing under the eyebrow

This horizontal piercing is similar to that of horizontal piercing on the area above the brow. The difference is the placement of the piercing, one is above and another is under the eyebrow.

This one is the prettiest eyebrow piercing. I found under eyebrow horizontal piercing cute and beautiful at the same time. It looks awesome of both girls and boys.

If you are girls looking for a unique and beautiful eyebrow piercing, you should get this horizontal eyebrow piercing.

Bridge piercing

Bridge piercing is a piercing generally placed on the area between two eyebrows or eyes. This is often included in the nose piercing type but mostly bridge comes under the eyebrow piercing type.

To know the exact placement location for the bridge piercing you can look at the area where the ridge of the eyebrows and bridge of your nose combines.

Bridge piercing is a bit complicated piercing and is not suitable for everyone due to facial characteristics. You should ask your piercer for whether this piercing is for you or not.

P.C- askideas

Anti-Eyebrow piercing

Anti-eyebrow piercing is actually not eyebrow piercing. In reality, anti-eyebrow is a piercing done on the cheekbone area under the eyes.

The distance between the eyes and anti-eyebrow piercing is equal as the distance between eyes and eyebrows. Anti-eyebrow piercing is also known as butterfly kiss piercing.

I personally love this cheekbone piercing. It looks really beautiful and is very popular among girls.

How to Pierce own Eyebrow?

Piercing own eyebrow can only be done if you are brave enough to do that. Yes, you must be brave and careful at the same time. Be very careful while piercing your eyebrows. Take special care while doing it. Start with the very first step of sterilizing your equipment.

You can pierce your own eyebrow by having proper knowledge about the process of piercing, equipment, and jewelry. 

But before starting the process take a look at the equipment that is necessary for doing eyebrow piercing.

List of piercing tools for Eyebrow Piercing

Choose your Forceps according to your need. It will depend on your eyebrow piercing type (vertical or horizontal).

  1. Sterilization of Piercing tools

This is a highly recommended step. As sterilization lower the risk of any infection caused due to the use of dirty equipment.

Then the most important question is –

How to sterilize Piercing needle?

Here I am giving you some easiest ways to sterilize your piercing needle or even forceps. You can also sterilize your other piercing equipment using these steps without an autoclave.

  • Boil the needle and forceps for 10-15 minutes on the stove.
  • Keep your needles in rubbing alcohol.
  • Rub your piercing tools using clean soft cotton.
  • Sterilization is highly recommended even if you are using a new needle.
  • you can also use any skin friendly disinfectant or may be hydrogen peroxide for this purpose.
  1. Mark before proceed

Make marks carefully to be safe side, so that you get your piercing exactly how you want.

You can use a pen or marker to gently draw points where you want your piercing to be.

  1. Numbing

Now you are all set be pierced. That’s why let me ask you an important question. How tolerant are you? I mean are you tolerant enough to get pierced directly?

If yes then just go for it! But if you are afraid of a little bit of pain just apply any numbing gel or lotion.

How to numb the skin before piercing?

If available then apply Numbing gel or lotion on the area of the piercing. It is important because if you will panic, your piercing may be misplaced.

Numbing cream for piercings

You can get any numbing cream or gel from your nearby market or online. But I am telling you 2 most effective numbing creams that I have tried. Check out the pricing details by clicking. (Both with 5% lidocaine)

Numb-ify Numbing gel

Uber numb pain relief cream

How can I numb my skin naturally?

Numbing skin without any cream or gel is a bit tough task. As the numbing effect by natural methods stays for very less time. If you don’t have any numbing cream or gel then you can try any of these in an emergency.

You can numb your skin naturally by punching or pressing the skin or you can apply ice or clove oil to numb skin for a few minutes. 

  • how to numb skin using Ice?

Ice is one of the most effective and can be used as a numbing agent. Apply Ice cube directly to the area where you want you’re piercing to be.

Press it for a few minutes and you will feel that it’s numbing. When you are sure that the area is totally numb start the process of piercing immediately.

Ice will numb your skin to some extent. Coz it numbs only the outer layer of the skin.

Numbing your skin using ice tightens the pores of the outer layer of the skin. Ice makes it hard to pierce using hollow needles.

  • Can Clove Oil numb skin naturally?

Clove oil can be you’re another alternative for numbing cream. As it gives an intense sensation to the skin and may divert your mind from the pain of piercing.

As I already have discussed above that, these are only alternatives and can be used in place of numbing cream or gel.

It only can divert your mind from pain and you will experience less pain.

  • how to numb the skin by Patting?

This method is the cheapest and easiest one but I doubt whether it works or not. Truth is that numbing caused due to patting skin stays for very less time.

Continue patting your skin at one place for some time can cause numbing of skin. I never tried this method but heard from some people that it works.

It works for those people with high pain tolerance. But It will never be a good idea if you are less tolerant of pain.

These methods are alternatives and can be used but I will never recommend you to try any natural DIY things if you are afraid.

  1. Pinch and Hold

After numbing your skin Pinch the area of eyebrow where you want your piercing to be.

You can hold it using a clamp, a Forceps or just use your fingers. Using the tools is recommended to make sure that you are not doing any mistake.

Hold the eyebrow skin tightly and stretch your skin a bit. So that it will become easy for the needle to get into the skin quickly.

Pulling your eyebrow skin is also important so that it turns away from your eyes.

  1. Pierce

At last, poke the needle straight through one point to another. Push the needle from downward towards upwards. And then push the needle out from another end.

How long does an Eyebrow Piercing take to heal?

Getting your eyebrow is not a real tough task the real challenge is to heal it quickly. You should take proper care so that you can get rid of the pain of piercing quickly.

An Eyebrow piercing generally takes 6 – 8 weeks to close the wound completely. Yeah, it is a really long time and you should be extra careful towards the wound to heal.

Eyebrow Piercing Heal Time: -6 – 8 weeks

You can change your jewelry after 6 weeks. But don’t leave the piercing without jewelry. And have to take extra care that it will never get hurt.

How to take Care of an Eyebrow piercing?

Now, this is something that you should ask your piercer at the time of piercing. And if you are piercing your own eyebrow then here I am to help you.

Look it is really common to get bruising or some kind of tiny bump near the wound. And it is also not uncommon that you notice a white sticky discharge from the wound.

To avoid problems and to heal your piercing quickly you have to keep it clean. And make sure you are neither touching it with dirty hands nor playing with it.

Eyebrow piercing aftercare (Do’s & Don’t)

  • First of all, never touch it with dirty hands, wash it before.
  • Avoid Moisturizer, foundation or any makeup around the area
  • While taking shower, don’t forget to clean you’re piercing.
  • Make sure there is no shampoo or soap rest in the piercing.
  • If you are going out in the dust and dirt then make sure you are cleaning your piercing at least 2-3 times a day.
  • Keep checking that not crusting.
  • Cleaning wound and removing crusting important coz it concretes on the jewelry and can tear and cause the pain to the wound.
  • Sleep on the other side, not on the piercing side.
  • For fast healing of the wound take B-Vitamins with zinc supplements.
  • Avoid using public pools or spa as it has a high risk of bacterial infection.
  • Be extra careful while wearing or taking out of your clothes.

If you want a separate detailed post on any of the point then do not forget to write it to be, right here below in the comment section.

How often should you clean your Eyebrow Piercing?

It is really very important to clean piercing regularly to help it to heal quickly. You should clean your piercing at least 2-3 times a day. Cleaning helps in preventing any infection in your piercing. 

If the crust is forming treat it using sea salt solution. Get started the process of cleaning your eyebrow piercing by washing your hands with soap and water.

  • Use aftercare spray for cleaning.
  • If your piercer doesn’t provide you the aftercare mist of spray you can buy one online.
  • The spray keeps you away from the infections caused due to touching the wound. As you don’t have to touch the piercing.
  • Wash your hands slowly and completely if you are not using spray.
  • Wash underneath your nails between the finger areas and don’t forget back side of your hands.
  • You’ll notice sometimes crust forming around your eyebrow piercing. Cleaning crust really very important to avoid infection.
  • Treat the crust forming using a salt solution.

Sea salt soak recipe

Take 1/4 cup of sea salt (non-iodized). Pour some warm water in not iodized (Iodine free) salt and mix it.

Take a fresh clean cotton ball. Place that cotton ball in the solution for a minute. And wallah, your sea salt soak is ready.

Take out the cotton ball from the solution and place it over your eyebrow piercing for cleaning.

  • Use this warm salt solution for cleaning at least 2-3 times a day.
  • Avoid using soap or shampoo, just stuck to the sea salt.
  • If you are using readymade spray the mist it gently over your piercing.
  • You have to spray 6-8 times in order to keep it clean and infection free.
  • Avoid intake of nicotine or alcohol as it lowers the body immunity.
  • Eat healthily and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget the daily cleaning routine. And write your problems, experiences or query right here in the comment section.

Which Side to get Eyebrow Pierced?

 There are no such rules that you can pierce only one of the particular side of your eyebrows. It depends on you, which side suits you and looks beautiful on you is the main thing.

You should think first about you and your own desires. People consider whatever they want. And considering anyone as a gay or straight by his piercing is not a fair thing.

But yeah, these things exist. We have to face such shits. That’s why I am picking up this topic and gonna include in this post.

It is considered that guys should get left eyebrow piercing and girls should pierce their right side. The guys with right eyebrow piercings are considered as a gay and the same rule applied to the girls too.

I don’t like these dysfunctions nor do I support. But giving this answer is inevitable so that you don’t have to face disgust sarcasm.

That’s all that I know about this question. Let this question for you to answer. Let me know what you know about this topic? What do you think about these rules? And what should we do with this? Do comment!

How do you Know if your Eyebrow Piercing is infected?

Abnormal pain, redness, swelling, and burning sensation are some of the common symptoms of infection. Observe your piercing regularly and never miss cleaning routine. If the symptoms of infection are visible, first of all, diagnose properly. Here are a few tips to diagnose your piercing.

  • Observe your eyebrow piercing carefully.
  • Check if there is any discharge other than white sticky discharge which is normal.
  • Yellow, green, gray or any other color liquid is oozing out of it then it may be a bell of danger.
  • If pus is forming, then is a sign of infection. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Wash your hands and touch the tip of your eyebrow piercing lightly.
  • If the area is feeling usually warm, it may be infected.
  • Although it is normal for a new fresh piercing to look red and feel warmer.
  • But if the problem stays more than a week then it is a matter of tension.
  • The appearance of a hard bump, shooting or stabbing pain is a direct sign of an infection.

The first step to avoiding such infect is to choose experienced piercer and get pierced with sterilized or a new needle.

Is your eyebrow piercing infected? Or you are just over thinking. Write it to me, I’ll help you out of the problem (if any).

Are Eyebrow piercings Dangerous?

Hmmm, well I don’t know exactly what seems dangerous to you. But yeah, it can be dangerous in some case as – The area of eyebrow piercing contains several supraorbital nerves.

Yes, it may be dangerous if you are getting it done by an unprofessional person. And if you are not taking proper care during and after piercing.

Risk and danger is the word comes only when you are careless about your piercing. Careless in the sense that you are taking it lightly and getting it in a hurry. Or you are not following the daily cleaning routine.

Here are some points that seem dangerous about eyebrow piercings.

Eyebrow Piercing Risk

  • Nerve damage
  • Infection
  • The piercing rejection or Migration

Nerve Damage

Although this rarely happens. It is totally safe to pierce the outer edge of the eyebrow if done carefully.

Any of the supra-orbital nerves can be damaged if piercing not done by a professional piercer. Or this risk is higher in lower eyebrow piercing (if horizontally)

Don’t let anyone do you’re your eyebrow piercing if he or she doesn’t have proper knowledge of it.

Piercing Infection

This is the most common problem among all and is sometimes dangerous too. But eyebrow piercing infection happens only by not taking proper care during and after piercing.

You should clean your piercing regularly. And keep all stated points in the mind for avoiding infection.

Rejection or Migration

As Eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing, there is always a risk exist i.e. of rejection or piercing migration.

But this problem is not so serious. You can avoid it too, just by wearing the right type size and material jewelry.

Barbells, curved barbells, and captive bid rings are commonly used jewels in eyebrow piercings.

Wearing heavy jewelry in new piercing may cause irritation and migration. You should wear light jewelry and a right curved one.

How much does an eyebrow piercing cost?

I think I can answer your question but approximately near exactly. See cost depends on piercer, type of piercing and the type of jewelry you are going to wear.

If you are getting vertical eyebrow piercing then your expense is going to be somewhere between 30-80 $. Horizontal piercing is not that much common among us. It is a bit rarely seen and that’s why more expensive too. And this piercing price lies between 40$-100$.

If you are getting Anti-eyebrow piercing the cost will be near the same as horizontal eyebrow piercing.

Why do people pierce their eyebrow?

This is all about the pleasure of pain. Yes, its pleasure of looking different and bold as compared to others. Eyebrow piercing gives you boldness and confidence to stand out of the box.

Some pierce their nose, ears, chin, cheeks, eyebrows and even tongues. They do it for their desire or because of some traditional values.

I always feel felicific about getting my eyebrow pierced. Even if someone asks me about should he or she get eyebrow piercing, my answer is always in YES.

I haven’t heard about any rituals of piercing brows. But it may be possible that people pierce their eyebrows because of their personal rituals and cultures. Maybe I am not aware of that and so as you.

The question – why do people get eyebrow piercing can have many different answers.

Everyone thinks and feel differently about their brows piercing. So, different people may have different reasons for getting it done.

But the strongest reason is a hot fashion trend. It looks cute on some and some found it brave and bold. It is a matter of vision and imagination.

If you are planning for getting eyebrow pierced but confused about what people will think of you, how will they treat you? Then STOP right now.

Stop thinking such rubbish things, not your Ideas. People will always judge you even if you’ll be good for them. You can’t please everyone at the same time. That’s why you should stop a while and think about you.

Think about what you want to do, what are your desires and how you look with your piercings. Let everything be! Just go for it and feel proud of you that you are bold enough to ignore all bitchy talks. You are beautiful and you’ll look even more beautiful with pierced eyebrows.

EyeBrow Piercing Jewelry 

If you are picking jewelry for your new piercing then make sure it is simple. It should not have corners or edges as it may be caught on anything like clothing, beddings, etc. It may hurt and cause swelling.

The preferred jewelry for a new Eyebrow piercing

Rings are commonly used jewelry for an eyebrow piercing. As these rings are simple and comfortable to wear.

Jewelry that should be avoided during the healing

  • Novelty
  • Studs
  • Any ear piercing jewelry
  • And jewelry with sharp edges or point
  • any hanging jewelry

During the healing time of your eyebrow piercing, wear the simple and right type of jewelry. Do not get attracted towards complicated jewels and don’t ever to try before its completely healed.

Tie a knot Tips for you

  • Don’t ever dare to try this at home if you never did any piercing before on your own.
  • Opt for professional piercer always.
  • Don’t forget to ask your piercer for eyebrow piercing aftercare.
  • Avoid going to a crowded place (if possible) at least for a week after getting pierced.
  • If using a public pool, make sure your piercing is not getting into the water.
  • Eat and Drink healthy
  • Sleep well, as sleeping helps to get relief from the pain of new piercing.
  • Never miss the daily cleaning routine.
  • Clean your piercing at least 2- 3 times a week.

Related Questions

Do eyebrow piercings get infected easily? No, not really, eyebrow piercings are easy to get pierced and also get healed quickly. Aftercare routine is very important to stay away from infection. You should follow all the instructions given by your piercer strictly.

Is bruising normal after eyebrow piercing? yes, It is very common for an eyebrow piercing. As swelling, redness, and bruising is the body’s natural reaction against trauma and also shows that your body is healing. You don’t have to think too much about bruising coz it gets reduced 1-2 weeks after piercing.

How bad do eyebrow piercings hurt? According to most of the people, it is not very painful. Some people feel like the same pain as plucking eyebrow. Although swelling, redness and mild pain are normal for an eyebrow piercing.

Can an eyebrow piercing last forever? No, usually not. Eyebrow piercings are surface piercings and get rejected by body after sometimes. your piercing can last anywhere between 3 months to 2 years. Everyone’s body is different and react differently after piercing. That’s why it is very difficult to predict for how long your eyebrow piercing will last.

Do eyebrow piercings always reject? Yes, most of the time. Eyebrow piercings usually migrate or you can say rejected by body after sometimes. It most of the case this piercing get rejected and end up resulting in an ugly scar.

That’s all about eyebrow piercing. I have tried to put each and everything of my knowledge. do comment below in the comment section if I missed any.

I’ll be waiting for you to comment. 

How you get your eyebrow pierced and which one is your favorite? How much you liked this post? Did you share this with your friend if not please help others to get the right piece info at right time? Do comment and stay connected with me for such awesome posts. Visit the site for more wonderful posts.

Keep smiling and & stay Healthy- “Because you are Beautiful”. 


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