Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas and Hair Styles for girls.

Halloween makeup, costume, traditions, food and many more ideas I am gonna share with your all. Let`s take a different and a bit scary topic – “Halloween”. Haha! Well, it`s not scary anymore. Halloween is a day of tricking, treating, Enjoying and having fun with family and friends. Before talking about Halloween costumes, makeups and traditions, let me share more important facts about the day of Hallows.

Halloween is actually called as Allhalloween. That means all Hallows` Eve or Saints Eve. This day of the year is dedicated to remembering the past (dead), including hallows (saints), Martyrs and all faithful departed.

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31st of October is the day when the 3 day`s Halloween celebration can be observed in a number of countries.

It is believed that most of the Halloween traditions are started from the Celtic harvest festival holiday of Samhain. But to the day today, this day of Halloween is less about fear and more about fun.

Celtic harvest season was the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter. And the beginning of the winter was a bridge to the world of the dead.

It is all about tricking and treating, attending Halloween horror costume parties, playing pranks, watching horror movies, bonfire, apple bobbing, Carving Pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns and visiting haunted spots.

Apart from these Christian attends church services and light candles on the grave of the dead. This All Hollow’s Eve is a solely Christian holiday.

 What I found best about Halloween?

The best part is tricking and playing pranks on friends and family. I love doing pranks but on this day it becomes even more interesting. Visiting haunted places is also an exciting thing and at last watching horror movies with family makes this Eve one of its kind.pink halloween horror makeup

Bobbing for apples and consuming candies are the activities I really love a lot.

I think it is really unique and interesting day. Everyone should celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, even if you are not Christian.

Parties in horror costumes, eating vegetarian and sharing love is the main thing that attracts me toward this celebration.

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Traditional Halloween meals

On this vigil day, some Christians abstained from consuming meat. Traditionally All Hallow`s Eve is celebrated by consuming only vegan foods like Apple, Soul Cakes, Potato pancakes.

Actually, Halloween is the only celebration when people do not gather together on the dining table for a big meal.

We generally eat light and vegetarian foods like fruits and make veg cakes. Potato pancake is one of my favorite dishes.

Pumpkins are carved, kids bobbing for apples and everyone eats candied. A huge quantity of candies is consumed on this Eve.Halloween meals makeup and traditions

Bobbing apple- It is a game generally played by kids. This is a simple and interesting game played by filling any big pot, tube or basin with water and putting an apple in it. Due to its less dense than water, apples start floating on the surface of the water. All the participant then tried to catch one with their teeth.

It is really fun, everyone enjoys the Halloween night and prays for the good to come.

Halloween Makeup for girls

Today you and I, both of us will discuss the makeup and Halloween costume for upcoming Eve. I will help you to decide the costumes and makeups for your kids.

All Hallow`s Eve cannot be completed without kids. Scaring them and sharing candies are the real fun. Cute horror costumes and Makeups adds extra fun.

Here are some suggestions for adults as well as kid`s Halloween costumes and makeup. The main thing that troubles us is what should be my kid`s look. Everyone wants a different and unique look for their son/ daughter.

Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideashalloween pink skeleton makeup

  • Mermaid
  • Spider Web makeup
  • Cute deer makeup
  • Pink Skelton
  • White sugar skeleton
  • Doll makeup
  • Cat makeup
  • Cute pretty clown makeup
  • Queen of heart
  • Snow Queen
  • Fairy

Easy Halloween Makeup ideashalloween makeup look

  • Vampire
  • Zombie
  • Catwoman
  • Cheshire cat
  • Black swan
  • Ghost
  • Cruella De Vil
  • Witch
  • White Nun
  • Scarecrow

Scary Halloween Costumes

  • Michael Mayer
  • Creepy Clown
  • Bloody Doll
  • Mysterious mummy
  • Voodoo Skelton
  • Gothic Weeding Dress Costume
  • Dreadful Nun
  • Soul taker costume
  • Haunted beauty costume
  • Creepy Statuemakeup for halloween

Pick any of these costumes and enjoy the scary fun night. After choosing a costume, the main thing is to do the right hairstyle and makeup.

Here are some Halloween HairStyles for medium length hair and long hair-

  • Voluminous Curls
  • Crown Braid
  • Updo, the 60s inspired
  • Long Braid
  • wavy hair
  • Long spikes
  • Bob hairs

These hairstyles are super easy and can be done at home. Everyone can make these hairstyles according to their look and costumes. Just add different colors to your hair and give your look a different dimension.

Hair products for making creepy hairstyleshalloween hair and makeup

  • Temporary hair color spray or wax

Hair color is also as important as body and face color for Halloween looks. You should choose your hair color according to your costume. If you are getting looks like a vampire, witch, Zombie, Cruella, and cat then you should choose a darker color like black, dark red or dark blue.

If you have decided to get a ghost, sugar Skelton, fairy, and queen of heart then you can choose white, light blue and pink hair colors.

  • Hair extensions

You can use hair extensions of different color instead of coloring your hair. But this option is a bit expensive and can not be afforded by everyone.

  • Hairspray

You will need a hairspray if you have to hold the style in place. Putting a lot of effort into getting the desired look can be ruined if you are setting your hair.

  • Curl defining cream

If you are curling your hair for any look then you should use any curl defining cream too.

These pins and clips are must-have hair products for a girl. It has a great role in making an awesome hairstyle. You should choose the right hairpins for your hairstyle.

  • Rubber bands
  • Hair gel or spray for spikes


Halloween Makeup products for a scary lookscary halloween makeup

Safe body glue is really important if you have decided to paste any glitter or body jewel on your face or body. Ordinary Gum or glues are not made for skin and are toxic for us.

Never use any flue on your skin without reading instructions. Always opt of natural glue or safe body adhesives. Use the minimum amount of glue as your requirement.

You can make a spider web, cat woman, vampire, and witch or mermaid look using anybody glue.

  • Skin jewelry or Body jewel

You can decorate your body and face with these tiny stones like jewelry. This is useful in getting the mermaid, princess, queen, and fairy look. Just apply a little of body glue and paste skin jewelry then let it dry for few minutes.

This will give your look a different dimension. Use darker shades of body jewel for a scary look. You can be a scary witch or anything you want.

  • GlittersHalloween makeup for girls

Body glitters are a really useful product for getting the perfect Halloween look. A scary spider web face, Zombie, Queen of heart, Creepy clown, creepy statue many more look can be achieved with the body glitters.

In addition, you can also use re glitters for fake bloody face look. Black and dark red glitters can help you to get a creepy clown look. Mix different glitters and get unique Halloween looks.

  • Colors (Body paints)

Body paints are the most important thing. If you want a black duck, ghost, doll look, zombie, Skeleton or any other look you have to use body paint. Acrylic paints or any paper paints are not made for our skin. but some times people ignore that and apply it to the skin directly. As a result, then get rashes all over the body and other skin problems. That’s why never use these colors on your body or face. Even a watercolor is harmful to us.

You can easily buy Face and body paint online or from your nearby market. But do not use any other color as it may harm your skin. However, I generally recommend applying edible colors but even those are not for skin. But using edible colors results in almost no harmful effects.

Here are a few body paint recommendations

  • UV Glow Blacklight Face and body paint
  • Mehron barrier body spray
  • Zalan Zink stick-colored zinc stick for face and body paint
  • TAG face paints
  • UV paint stick color crayon for body paint
  • Glominex
  • Amareu glow

These are some of the easily available and safe body paints. Among these, you can easily buy Mehron body paint as it has a wide verity of body colors. You can purchase your face paint and body paint amazon.

Halloween makeup dress and hair


  • Dark eye shades

Eyeshadows are a must-have Halloween makeup product. You can use any darker shade. The shade that does not suit you will work best for you just opt for the weird shades.

Be a Zombie, clown, Doll, Queen, mermaid, ghost, creepy statue, vampire, Cruella or white nun. Eye shaded are needed for almost all looks.

  • Dark contour

If you want your face to look broader or even smaller you can get that look with contouring. Darker contouring and bright highlights will work best for you. You can use anybody paints also but the coverage should be high.

  • Lipsticks

Lipstick is the makeup product that almost every girl loves to wear. But for a scary look, your lipstick should be of dark color. Applying black lipsticks will be great for the witch, vampire, zombie, Cruella, and many more look.

Creepy Halloween nailsHalloween nails and makeup

There are many ways for getting Halloween creepy nails. You can visit your salon for expensive nail art. But the Halloween special nail arts can be done at home also.

If your nails are long then it will be good for any scary look. But even if your nails are not that much longer, you can get desired nails. You can buy false nails and make them look scary.

Even if your nails are not long enough, you can make different Halloween nail art. You can get black matte nails or red and black fade nails. I will suggest you polish your nail with dark green and gray color for more dirty and creepy Halloween nail art. Halloween nail design pictures.

How to scare someone who doesn`t scare easily? Halloween makeup and prank Ideas)


Halloween makeup ideas

This is a most asked common question. I know the feeling when you put all of your efforts to scare someone. But you fail again and again. I also had to face this situation when I was a kid.

Everyone easily scared me but I was unable to scare them. But now I have discovered many ways to scare someone who doesn`t scare easily. Here is one of my Scary Idea that I have already tried.

  • Plan this prank with at least 2 friends or family member.
  • Do not extend your pranks to the dead limit.
  • It should be fun for both of you, never hurt anyone with your pranks.
  • Make sure everything is available and ready at a time.
  • Fake Blood and a fake knife will be needed.makeup halloween

Enjoy Halloween night with all your friends and family members. Do not get over-excited about the prank. You can do this after Halloween costume party.

When the party will be at the end and seems a little boring. You can discuss your prank with your friend. And set everything at the place.

Ask one of your friends to act like a murderer. He should be dressed as a murderer with bloodstains on his costume. Or he can be a ghost, vampire or even a monster. But his face should not be revealing.

Move towards a bit solitary place from the party. You can go to the lawn or inside the house may be towards the kitchen.

Then make a convincing sound of falling something heavy. You can knock any heavy bag or anything on the ground. Or you can just record that sound before the prank.

Then scream as loud as the sound can reach that person. Your friend who is helping you in this prank should stand in front of you. And you will be laying on the ground. But be sure you are performing everything in safety.

This is a murder prank and your friend who is in the murder costume should not face towards the gate. He or she should be standing in front of you with a knife in his hand. Scatter fake blood on your dress and friend`s costume and on the knife.

Make the sound of screaming as painful as you can. Therefore, your friend will come to you for sure. If he did not recognize the sound then send your second helper friend to him.

After scared him, revile your truth immediately. Do not stretch your prank to the deadly level.

2nd friend will talk to him. And convince him to come to the place where the prank is planned. As a result, he’ll come towards you. When you are confirmed he is coming to you, start screaming. Meanwhile, the friend in murderer costume will hold your body and start stabbing you.

He will be frightened for sure. This is enough to scare anyone. If he runs away then stop your prank here and tell him the truth. But if he is trying to be a little brave then your friend (murderer) will turn towards him and starts running towards him.

After killing you the murderer will run towards him. The murderer with a bloody knife in his hand is the most scared look. As a result, he or she will get scared for sure. But do not get irritated or do anything that can harm you or anyone involved in the prank.

It is totally fine even if he is not scared. Having fun with everyone should be your primary moto. The prank is the secondary thing. Whatever you do will be fun for you. No matters anyone scared or not. Everyone should enjoy your prank.

Wish you and your family Happy All Hallow`s Eve. Trick and Treat everyone. Do not overreact to someone’s prank. And do not be mean or aggressive while pranking.

Let me know, how you scared kids or elders with your prank? And which prank scared you the most? For more useful posts visit the site and follow my blogs. Share with your friends and family if you found this a useful post.

Keep smiling & Stay healthy “Because You are Beautiful”.


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