35 Unique toddler Halloween Costumes 2020

Are you Halloween ready? I am pretty sure that you are all set for the Halloween celebration. But what about your kids. Have you picked unique toddler Halloween costume for your baby? If you are still confused and searching for the best Halloween costume, you’re at the right place. I’m gonna search for you and help you to pick the best for your toddler.

A witch, a vampire, and skeletons are the most common thoughts come into our mind. As a result, we see lots of vampires wandering around. And the same happens with the other two common looks. But what is the alternative?

If you want to look different from others, you have to pick something unique for this Halloween celebration. In addition g you can do is to innovate the look that is common. But the best is DIY looks, as they are easy to get and also looks good if you are a good artist (kidding).

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Best Halloween Costumes for Dog. 

35 Unique toddle Helloween Costume Ideas

Black Horse Mascot dress Price here.

halloween black horse toddler costume

Disney Maleficent costume for kids. price here.

toddler maleficent halloween costume

Creepy Mummy Halloween costume. check price.

halloween horrible toddler mummy

Black Skywalker outfit. price here.

toddler halloween sky walker

 Baby Hunter Costume: 

Giving Your Kid a Halloween Hunter look will be the best Idea. Here I am giving you a list of 5 unique Hunter looks that are also unique and cute at the same time. Duck Hunter is one of my favorite looks. And kids with long beard look the cutest.

It will be best to let your toddler choose his or her costume for Halloween. In my view, we should choose costumes that look cute on our kids. Some parents make the look really horrible as a result it ends with the screaming and crying. It should not look wired or very creepy as it can make other children scared and also put a negative effect on both. Try to keep it simple and cute.

Duck hunter Costume price here.

toddler halloween

Treasure hunter costume for boys, check price here.

halloween toddler Toy’s Robbin Hood costume check price here.

halloween hunter toddlerHunter Delux toddler Halloween Party Costume, click for price.

halloween killer toddler

Camo trooper costume, click for the price.

toddler costume halloween Kids Spiderman Superhero costume check price here.

halloween spiderman toddlerHorror Halloween costume. click for price.

soul taker toddler halloween costume Dragon Slayer Costume. check price here.toddler warrior halloween Avengers Endgame Cosplay Halloween costume. price.

halloween costume for toddler

Spandex Unisex toddler Halloween costume. check price here.

halloween monster toddler

Sea treasure hunter pirate costume for girl price here

halloween girl hunter toddler

Hunter Princess Haloween Cosplay costume. price here.

toddler halloween dress

Best girl Toddler Halloween costumes

Optic light Glow Princess dress. check price here.

Arabian Princess Dress for Halloween. Price here.

Full battle suit Halloween party dress. Click for price.

Glowing wings angel dress costume. check price.

Classic kids Hello Kitty costume. check price here.

Toddler girls halloween kitty Snow White Evil queen cosplay dress. price.

Halloween Costume for one-year-old

Cute Lion king costume. price here.

Little Buzz Lightyear dress. check price.

halloween buzz lightyear toddler Infant Batman Costume. check here.

Halloween toddler batman

Warm Toddler Halloween Costume

Cute Warm Snowman Costume. click for price.

toddler snowman for halloween night Baby Lil bunny costume for kids. price here.

Halloween bunny dress toddler

Baby Flounder fish Costume. price.

toddler halloween cute dress

Dianasour Halloween costume. click for price.

halloween green dragon toddler dress

Easy DIY toddler Halloween Costumes for girls 

If you haven’t picked a Halloween costume for your toddler, And decided to do something different. Here are some DIY ideas for your girl. First of all, ask your baby for what she wants to be as she feels special. After that start preparing.

Choose your look first and collect all the things that you’re gonna need. For instance, if you are going to be a witch, you’ll need colors black dress and hat. Therefore, you don’t have to do things in a rush. I am giving some easiest Halloween DIY looks for girls.

  1. Witch
  2. Ghost
  3. Zombie
  4. creepy clown
  5. cloud
  6. Bird
  7. Tree
  8. Cat
  9. Pink skeleton
  10. Strawberry

These are the easiest 10 looks that you can do completely on your own using all materials that are available at your home. Above all make sure it is looking unique. Do some modifications in the commonly used looks. In short, make them look different for others.

  • Witch Halloween look

For unique witch pick the dress other than black. For innovation, you can use colors like pink for a pink witch or make her a red witch or anything different. But make sure whatever color is choosing is the darkest shade. For example, if you want to make a red witch use dark blood red or wine red like colors.

color the lips and color the lower as well as the upper eyelid. make a broom using real broomsticks or just make it out of sticks or bushes from your garden. don’t forget to make a hat and a cute little Halloween pumpkin. For more witchy look use blue or purple lashes.

  • Ghost

For a ghost, you’ll need a Black and white color. But be sure you are using high-quality face color or just use edible colors. For best ghost look use glowing colors. So, whenever your kids go out in the night, it will glow and give a real cute ghost look.

Choose dress color according to the body. For example, if you are making a white ghost, paint the body white and make her wear a white dress. Sprinkle some colors on the clothes to look more realistic. Paint eyes and lips with contrast color, for instance, if your body is white use blake for eyes and if your body is black use white.

  • Lazy Zombie

For Zombie look you’ll need green, brown-black and red colors. Adjust the colors according to your choice. wear ripped dress that should be damaged and dirty. But, if you don’t have any ripped dress. Make your own at home. Take any old dress make cuts, stretch it tear it and rub it to look ripped.

Sprinkle some black and green on the clothes to look dirty. Paint the body with green and brown patches. Paint lips black and applies red at the corners to look bloody. Use brown to dark circles and at the very last make veins like impressions on face and body.

It will look really horrible and funny at the same time. Above all, you should take care that your kid is enjoying her look.

  • Creepy Clown

For making your girl a creepy clown you can choose any dress you want. Black and white are recommended or red and white. You’ll need face paint to color her face as the clown. The main thing is the nose you have to make a big fat nose.

Choose the contrast colors for nose and face. For example, if you are using white for face use red or black for the nose and lips as well. But if you are using red or black for a more creepy look, then use a white nose and lips. However, you can modify the look by choosing different colors of your choice. Make it creepy of cute, depends totally on you.

  • Cloud

This Halloween makes your little baby girl look like a cloud with lots of stars and moon. It may sound funny or something confusing to you. But believe me, it is gonna be the best Halloween look of the year.

You’ll need lots of cotton glue and some colors. Make her wear her dress, try to choose the dress with lots of volumes to look more light and fluffy. Fix cotton balls on all over the body using glue. Make cotton balls with light hands.

Now make stars and moor or sun using a cardboard box. You can reuse the waste boxed. For example, cut any cardboard box that is not in use anymore and paint it according to its shape. For instance, if you are cutting moon shape paint it grey, orange and yellow for the sun and you can use multiple colors for stars.

  • Bird

For bird look, you’ll need a black and red dress. Choose the cutest dress for your cute little bird. Make winds using cardboards. Paint the wings and fix it at the back using glue and threads. And very last paint her lips red and make a beak using cardboard. paint the beak red and fix it over the nose of your girl.

  • Tree

The tree look is something we’ll are familiar with. choose a brown and green dress for your girl. Bottom wear should be brown. Paint her hands brown and green palm. Make some leaves like shapes out of cardboard and fix all over the upper body using glue.

You can make some stems and leaves out of cardboard and fix it to the back using thread and glue. Or just use some real flowers, leaves, and stems, only if your kid is comfortable with it.

  • Pink Skelton

You’ll nee white, pink and red colors. Paint the girl’s body using pink and white colors to make it a skeleton look. Use pink lashes re lips and pink nails. wear white or pink shoes. However, the look will be best without shoes. But for your kid’s safety make her wear shoes and you can paint the shoe dor the better impression.

Kitty look is a kid’s all-time favorite look and it is super cute too. The best part of this is you don’t have to apply lots of colors to the face. Just make mustaches and paint the tiny nose. make ears or just buy a headband with the kitty ears to make it even simpler.

  • Strawberry Girl

For an easy strawberry, girls look choose a red dress with black polka dots in it. Or you can paint black dots on her body and dress. Make some leaves using any waste clothes or cardboard. Paint the leaves and fix it using Hot glue at the collar area of the dress.

Then paint the girl’s body red and make dots using black colors. Paint her face green including lips and eyes. But be sure whatever color you are using should be safe for kids. As they may like it and swallow the paint. Therefore, I always recommend using edible colors.

Cutest toddler Halloween costumes

Cute Halloween Pumpkin dress. price here.

toddler cute pumpkin halloween dress

Pink tutu princess dress. click for price.

halloween pink toddler princess

Little Witch Blue Tutu dress. check price here.

toddler princess halloween costume

Cute sheface Halloween costumes. piece here.

toddler baby panther halloween

Little monster cute Sulley dress. click here.

toddler cute Halloween

Elsa The elephant costume. price

toddler halloween elephant costume

Last-minute baby Halloween Costumes

If you are late and haven’t ordered your baby’s Halloween costume yet, you can do many things at your home to give your toddler one of the best and easiest Halloween looks. Bought some makeups face or edible colors and some nail paints. Or just do whatever you can do with the things that are available at your home.

toddler Halloween costumes

1- Mummy

This is my personal favorite as it is super easy to get. you’ll need 2-4 Gauze bandage rolls. The number of gauze roll depends on the age and size of your baby. Start covering the legs first, then gently cover the hands and body. Be very gentle, do not tie it tightly as it can make your toddler uncomfortable.

Do not cover the face area if he/she is too small. Just cover the head, ears, and neck you can also cover the forehead area. leave the nose and mouth opened. For making it creepy just apply some edible colors or face colors. You can simply apply your red lipstick to give it a bloody look.

That’s it, your baby mummy is ready to scare you. Make sure he is comfortable while walking. tucked in the ends of the gauze. Use bandage tape or simply pin it using hair clips.

2- Zombie

I think Zombie look is the easiest one. You’ll have to spend lesser time as compared to mummy look. You’ll need a pair of an old dress and some colors. First of all, make some cuts, holes and tear the cloth from different areas.

It should not be even, so make cuts unevenly stretch it and tear it unevenly. Now its time to make your dress dirty. It is gonnabe your kid’s favorite task. Let him do it, use colors like black and green to make the dress look dirty. Then its time to make your body look like zombies.

Dab some green color to make green patches. Use black color for dark circles. Then at the end make vein-like impressions using red. black and brown color. Green with a touch of the black color of lips will give the perfect zombie look. That’s, your kid is Halloween ready, Enjoy your Halloween.

3- Funny Ghost

Making a ghoulish Ghost is even easier than both zombie and mummy. You’ll need any white or black Blanket Solid color bedsheet can also work for you. Drap the blanket over the head covering the whole body. Make two spots on the blanket so that it can look like two eyes. And it should be placed on the head area.

for better impression use glowing colors or radium colors that glow in the dark. Another way of looking different is to color your face with white or green or black glowing colors. Make the face white or black, for better creepy eyes color the eye circle areas with contrast color. For instance, if you are using a white blanket for the body of the ghost use black for eyes and mouth and vise Versa. But be sure you are using good quality color and your kid is comfortable with it.

Final sayings:

Wear whatever do whatever, just keep in mind that celebrations are for spreading love and happiness. Enjoy to the fullest, trick and treat but do everything in a limit so that no one gets hurts.

Do try these looks and do not forget to write your experiences here in the comment box. I’ll be waiting for your comments.

Happy Halloween!


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