25 Best Dog Halloween Costumes Amazon 2019

After getting all ready for Halloween party, Its time to make your pet ready for the party. Everyone should look good and unique right? That’s why today I am up with the best 25 Dog Halloween costumes available on Amazon. I am gonna explore the new, trending and unique dresses for your pet. So, you can buy one right from here.

Firstly, let’s get started with the costumes first, then we’ll discuss some of the most asked questions. This is gonna be a fun post for you especially if you are a dog lover.

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25 Best Halloween costumes for dog

If you are looking for something warm and cozy for your dog, this will your best choice. This coat is warm, hooded cozy and looks really cool at the same time. It will give your pet a unique cute look along with the comfort in the winter.

This costume looks different in its way with the patriotic feel. The best part is the hat looks really good. As a result, this set gives your dog a gentlemen look. He’ll love too.

Look how cute this purple octopus is. This costume is warm, comfy and unique at the same time. a perfect dress for your Dogo. It is comfortable for you as well. For example, whenever you’ll cuddle, you feel more soft and fluffy.

This costume contains two little arms. You can pic this for your dog, as it looks cute. But for me, it is funny too. The red and white stripes make it totally amazing.

Ohh the cute cozy teddy bear look. Who doesn’t to cuddle it and sleep?

This brown hoodie dress is more kind of scary dress. After all, Hallowing is all about the scary dress and makeup right? This will be a perfect Halloween costume for dogs. And yeah, your dog can help you tricking others too.

This colorful costume is perfect for Halloween dog Party. But make sure your dog love these laces. The cute head mand makes it more beautiful and unique

If you love formal, this dress for you. It is kinda formal wedding dress for dogs. You can pick this for your pet as your dog loos super cool in this dress. In addition, make sure you’re wearing something similar too.

Look how cute these dogs are looking in all 25 costumes. I am sure you have picked one for your pet too. But if you haven’t, and even now confused with these, do not forget to write it in the comment box. I’ll help you for sure.

How do you make dragon wings for dogs?

Making dragon wings for your dog? It’s gonna be super easy for you. I’ll tell you how. First of all, kipping the size of your pen in your mind, draw a shape in a paper. After that, use the marked paper to draw the impression on the paper which you are gonna use finally.

For making a dragon wing you’ll need-

  • Craft paper
  • waste cardboard box (optional)
  • Hot glue gun
  • A pair of scissors
  • Aluminum wire or use wired hanger (that is available at your place)
  • Most Important – Marker or pencil


  • Draw the wing shape as you want on a rough paper.
  • If you get the perfect shape on the paper, cut it out
  • Put the wing shape on the chart paper
  • Draw neatly and carefully
  • cut the chart paper out
  • fix the wire or wire hanger on the backside of the chart paper using hot glue
  • measure the curve part of the body to make bands
  • make one wideband or two narrow bands. However, I prefer one wideband as it gives more support.
  • fix the wings on the band using glue
  • wrap the band around the dog’s body
  • you can decorate the wings or bands if you want.

Another way of making wings is to just use a waste cardboard box. Cut two wings out of it. Paste color papers and decorate it as you want. Fix it on the band and wrap it around.

And the simplest way is to but online just from here.

Halloween costumes dog dragon wings

What is the most popular pet costume?

The most popular pet costumes are- Witch, Ghost, Bat, hotdog, and Dragon. However, these are some of the common examples too. I have given some really cute unique dog costumes above for the Halloween celebration. Apart from these here is a list of some costumes that are popular among both dogs and cats.

  • Witch
  • Devil
  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Spider
  • Bumblebee
  • Teddy Bear
  • Avenger star costumes
  • Ghost dog
  • Hot dog
  • Lion costume
  • Pirate


dog halloween costumes
price here

You can pick any of the given looks for your pet. Or just make your own DIY look, your dog gonna look cute in any way. however, making DIY costumes are a bit time taking and some times expensive too. Don’t ruin the excitement, pic the best costume and enjoy your day with your pet.

What can I do with my dog on Halloween?

You can celebrate your best Halloween with your pet. Just arrange a Dog party, Parade or vacation with your pet to make it special for him too. Arranging a Doge party is the most common and the best Idea to celebrate this Halloween differently.

The best will be to organize a Costume Dog party. As a result, your party automatically turns into a Halloween theme party. Put some more conditions for the costumes if you want. The mentor should also dress up differently as it is a Halloween party.

Secondly, you can just pick a unique dress for your dog and you. Wear it and do Halloween makeup. Play and trick your dog to have more fun. You can also trick other dogs ad make them scare by choosing any horror dress for your pet.

Visit your neighbor, play, eat and have fun with your friends and pets. You can choose a pretty dress or a scary dress just, be sure it matches your dress and look. You can also plan a vacation for your dog to make it more special for him.

But the best will be sweets and foods. Cook your dog’s and your favorite food, do not forget to enjoy it together. Invite your family and friends, watch, movies, play games, eat foods and enjoy together. On the other hand, you can prepare to treat for everyone. Believe me, it’ll be your one of the best Halloween.

How can I keep my dog safe on Halloween?

We all are gonna be super busy these days. However, can’t afford to forget about the safety of yourself and your pet. Caring your pet becomes very important especially when everyone is prankster out there. Here are some of the most important things you should keep in your mind to keep your dog safe.

  • Keep sweets and Halloween candies out of your dog’s reach. We’ll know candies and sweets are harmful to dogs. It may cause some serious health problem.
  •  Do not trick your pet or do not involve your pen in your pranks if they are not comfortable.
  • Do not let your dog out of your house. As there are many vicious pranksters those who harm animals by irritating them. It will always be better to keep your pet with you all the time or just keep them into the house.
  • Be careful while decorating lamps and electric lights and Do not leave wires on the ground. Your dog may chew the chords or wires and may get an electric shock.
  • Lit pumpkins should be placed away from the pet’s reach. As they can knock the pumpkin and there is a high risk of getting fire in the house.
  • Keep your dogs away from the front door. As the people and kids keep coming, knocking and shouting, it may make your doge uncomfortable.
  • Choose comfortable Halloween costumes for your dog and do not forget to try before the final day.
  • Keep the costume quite identifiable as if he/she ran out of the door, you can easily find him/her.

Where can I take my dog for Halloween?

You can take your do to your favorite vacation spot. But be sure your dog loves it too.  You should take him to his favorite place. It may be a Dog even or a Party. Search for the best Halloween dog event near you and head tho the event.

One simple way is to go to your family or friend’s Halloween party for dogs.  However, this will be the same fun. meeting new cute dogs and making friends is always fun. Play, Eat, dance and enjoy the Halloween night. Above all, your pet is having fun should be your first priority.

But the best will be if you organize a Halloween costumes Dog Party. Invite all of your dog lover friends and family along with their pets. Arrange fun games for dogs, trick and treat everyone. But be sure whatever you’re doing should not make your pet feel uncomfortable or irritated.

Read Before buying Halloween costumes for your dog

  • Keep it Identifiable. For example, choose a unique costume that can fit with the collar. Or keep it a bit simpler.
  • Do not forget to try before the final day. If you are buying costumes online, Order prior and keep some time in your hand for returns (if needed).
  • The costume should be comfortable enough to fit in easily for your dog. Do not tuck your dog forcefully in the costume.
  • Pick easily wearable dresses, on the other hand, it should be easy to take off too. Heavy costumes could make your pet uncomfortable.
  • Don’t let your pet sleep in the costume. Take it off before your dog gets sleepy. How even may not seems to be harmful to you. But think a while their body is not suitable to wear such fancy dresses.
  • Do not pick any plastic or too fancy costume. As it can irritate your dog. Your dog can chew and swallow the plastics or anythings which would never be a good anyway.

Final Words:

Enjoy your Halloween with your friends, neighbors, family, and friends. But Keep in mind, we celebrate to spread love. We trick and treat just for fun. Do not trick badly so that anyone gets hurt or upset. I am not against tricking or doing pranks, I just love it to a healthy level. Keeping it fun of both prankster and a prank is the most important rule. Enjoy the pranks, don’t get upset if anyone tricks you. Or if you cant prank anyone. Just stay happy and spread happiness.

keep your dogs away from the pranks. Especially if your dog is not comfortable with the people with unusual weird costumes, keep him inside the house. Play with your pets, do simple activities, do parties and eat good healthy foods. Take special care of your pet.

Keep smiling & stay Healthy- “Happy Halloween”.


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