How I remove my Halloween Makeup at home?

Any Makeup lover out there? Haaah! Funny question. You are here to know how to remove Halloween makeup. That means we all are makeup lover here.

Sometimes makeup removing gets tougher than doing makeup. Right ha?

You are all worried about getting stained face after Halloween. All excitement get vanished when you come to know that your face color is permanent enough to leave stains.

You got to go for a party, office meeting or for any important work, and still unable to remove your Halloween Makeup. Really horrible isn’t it?

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Halloween is all about tricking and treating but after having all fun, the main task is removing makeup. Let’s have a talk about what is your Halloween look for this year?

I am going to be a vampire. Ssshhh! don’t ever dare to reveal this secret with anyone. I know what thought is humming in your mind right now. You are thinking that the vampire is too common Halloween look, then why I choose this.

Although the Halloween Vampire look is a common one, very few decide to be that. Almost everyone thinks this is a common and simple look. That’s why I have decided to be a Vampire this Halloween. There should be at least one vampire there in Halloween, isn’t it?

I want to keep my look simple and horrible, don’t want to daub too much face paint and makeup on my face.

M sure, you know the real reason behind this. This is the thinking of almost all of you. No wants after Halloween stained face. Even I don’t want it!

Today we’ll gonna talk about the methods of removing face paints and Bloodstain from face easily at home.

Here are some of the ways to avoid after Halloween stained face.

  1. Use Natural or Herbal face colors

This is the best way to avoid the stained face. I recommend people always go for herbal colors available in the market.

Herbal Makeup, as well as Herbal face paints, are far better than chemical products.

These colors are less harmful or I can say that these are totally safe to use. Now, you can buy herbal colors of your own choice online also.

Before buying your Halloween makeup, Face or body paints or even any other Makeup products, try to read the instructions given on the pack.

Don’t buy any product just by seeing the Herbal written on the pack. Even in the Herbal colors, there are many ingredients which may cause allergies.

Read the instructions carefully. And always do the patch test before final trial. You can check a few herbal color’s details and Price here  

You can also buy Halloween Tattoos for kids. These are the best alternatives for colors and are safe too. You can check the details and price by clicking here.
Buy stickers and avoid the risk of skin problems and allergies. Best way to but tattoos stickers is to buy it online. You can get the best price at your doorsteps.

  1. Make your own DIY face paints

yeah! It sounds a bit weird to you. You are thinking that whoever do this? No one has time in this busy world right?

But there are many Pro like you and me right out there. Many loves to make and mix different colors in their home on their own.

Let’s do something Natural, different and environment-friendly this Allhallows’s eve.

Now the question is-

How to make face paint with Natural Ingredients?

There are many different processes for making natural colors at home. But I am giving the easiest my favorite one. This is totally safe for the kids too.


  • Cornstarch or Arrowroot Powder (as per the quantity of color you need)
  • Readymade white clay or refined white flour or you can use baby powder
  • Honey (optional)
  • A little water
  • Food colors
  • Turmeric (for yellow)
  • Activated charcoal powder (for black color)
  • Some dark green leaves can be used for a green color

Red, yellow, green, white and black are colors that we already have. We will make all other colors using these 4 colors.

  • Take a bowl
  • Put cornstarch or Arrowroot powder in it
  • Add refined white flour/baby powder or clay
  • Mix them well
  • Add a few drops of Honey and water as required
  • Put this mixture in different small containers
  • You can simply divide this mix into some small cups
  • of containers depends on the no. of colors you are making
  • Now add Turmeric powder in one of them. You can also use the juice of fresh turmeric
  • Crush few leaves and add the juice for the green color in another container
  • Add activated charcoal for black
  • And mix more baby powder and white clay in one of the containers for white

You can also use Gelatin powder in place of cornstarch or arrowroot powder. But the mixture should be of thick consistency. liquidy gelatin will be tough and painful to remove.

Thick gelatin paste is easy to remove. Avoid applying gelatin on your kid’s face or body.

You can keep the consistency as your need. If you want it to be long lasting then keep in more liquidly.

Tricks for application

Dab a little baby powder or white refine flour before applying your DIY Face paint.

Make the desired design on your as well as your kid’s face and body (if not gelatin).

Leave your arrowroot or cornstarch mix colors to dry for a few minutes (10-15 minutes).

You will get a glossy paint look. But for a matte finish just dust some cornstarch or baby powder at last.

Color combinations

Red+ Green -> Black

Green + yellow -> Blue

Red + White -> Pink

Blue + Red -> Purple

Red + Yellow -> Orange

White + Black -> Grey

Black + Red -> Brown

You can find many more colors by combining these colors. Do it yourself and find different colors for you and your kids.

  1. Use Makeup remover

This is the most common way to remove makeup. But yeah a bit expensive too. If you don’t want to waste your time in making colors at your home or you don’t like to then just to the nearby market and grab one effective makeup remover.

The thing I can say on behalf of my experience is that Makeup remover is not always effective. Some of the Halloween makeups are really thought to remove even with makeup remover.

The thing is that we don’t use only simple makeup for Halloween. We apply different types of face and body paints and colors.

Not all types of colors are removable by makeup remover. But yeah most of the makeup can be cleaned.

So if you are planning a simple Halloween look and not doing much of makeup then just a makeup remover will be enough for you.

You can check some of my favorite Makeup remover and their price just by clicking here.

  1. Remove Makeup with Natural Ingredients

This is the ultimate method which you all love and was waiting to hear. I know this coz most of my followers keep asking me- is there any natural method or not? I know everyone is conscious about their skin. And wondering for an effective, easy natural method to remove their Halloween makeup.

Trust me these methods are effective. The only thing you must have is patience. My grandmom taught me these methods. The methods I am going to share with you is grandma’s home remedies.

If you have applied water-based colors:

  1. apply lemon juice
  2. Yogurt

These two ingredients are really effective. You can directly apply yogurt to the colored areas.

Leave it on there for a few minutes (5-10) and wash with a little warm water. If the stains are stubborn then apply lemon juice and again leave it for few minutes.

Do not leave lemon juice more than 3 minutes on your skin. This may result in dry skin.

Avoid applying concentrated lemon juice if your skin is highly dry or sensitive. Even avoid applying colors.

If you are using oil-based colors:

The simplest method to remove oil-based colors is to apply oils. Yes! Apply any oil like Coconut oil, Olive oil or any other oil. Leave it for a few minutes and try to rub gently.

Apply makeup remover or alcohol bases removers for removing oil paints. You can also use nail polish remover (spirit) for body paints.

Never apply nail polish remover to your face or on the area near your eyes. You can only apply it to the other body areas for removing colors but only when needed.

Applying oils, Yogurt and lemon juice is the most common things that I usually use to remove my Halloween face and body colors.

If your skin is normal or oily you can also use baking soda or just any toothpaste with baking soda.

Yes! This sounds something out of the box but is really super beneficial. Apply the toothpaste and leave for a few minutes. Rub the area gently with water using cotton pads. Do not rub vigorously.

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Things to avoid while in the process of Halloween makeup removal

  • Do not rub your skin too much. This may hurt and damage your skin layer.
  • Avoid applying lemon juice directly on to your skin if your skin is sensitive.
  • If your method is not working try another one
  • Never repeat any method more than twice
  • If it is not working then doing it, again and again, may harm your skin.

How to get fake blood stains off your skin?

This is a common question regarding Halloween Make removal that you all keep asking me.

But who never tried red colors on their face for fake blood look can never know why it is an important question.

You got a look of the bloody beast or even a simple vampire look. You have to put fake blood on your face to look horrible. At the end of the eve, you got to know that your face color left a stubborn stain on your face.

The red patches are the most common and embracing problem after Halloween. Well, it is not impossible to remove.

You can easily remove the stains by applying natural ingredients given above like lemon juice, yogurt, and toothpaste or even oil. Some of the stains are easy enough to remove by applying soapy water also.

How to remove face paint from clothing?

The simplest way to remove face or body paint’s stains from clothing is to apply stain removers.

There is a huge range of clothing stains removers out there in the market. You can get one of your types also.

But I have heard about one of the methods – to apply baking soda on the stain. Baking soda will help you to remove the stain easily.

There is something that stops me to do that. Baking soda may break the fiber and make it weak. Too much baking soda may damage the clothe and also result in discoloration.

One more thing you can use is rubbing alcohol. Blot rubbing Alcohol with cotton and repeat if needed.

Halloween Holiday

That’s all guys. Enjoy the Halloween night, costume and your Halloween Makeup. Eat Healthy and treat others healthy. Do lots of fun, do pranks but be aware that your prank should not be serious enough to hurt or harm anyone.

Stay happy and spread happiness on this eve. Eat healthily and do herbal harmless makeup. And do not forget to share everything with me.

What do you think about this treating and tricking eve? How you trick others. Which one is your Halloween Look for this year? How you removed your makeup and how my method helped you?

Comment below everything in the comment box. I’ll be waiting for your comment. Write your personal experiences, suggestions, and demands. You can also drop me a mail on my mailing Id. If I missed anything here do let me know. Suggestions will always be appreciated.

Stay Healthy and Keep Smiling“Because you are Beautiful”.



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