17 Best Ayur Herbal Hair care Product Review

It’s been 2 months I am using lots of herbal products from different brands and now it’s time for an Ayur Hair Care Product Review. Using Patanjali products and Kesh King Now I am here with a new and most wanted review. I have used almost all of the hair Products of Ayur and I am pretty much happy with the results. There are so many things I have to share with you and this is the main purpose of this post. My hair is now much healthier and beautiful.

This is all about what happened after using Ayur product. Just be with me for more useful posts. Now, let`s talk about Ayur.

Ayur herbal is a Brand name in Herbal Cosmetic business of accompanying named- Three-N-products Pvt.Ltd. It provides a wide range of beauty products strictly made of Herbal Component so that there is no need to think about any side effects. With an objective of being one roof solution for all beauty and cosmetic need Ayur ensures that the customer gets the true value of their Money.

Today I will discuss these few topics in my current post:-

  • Different types of Ayur Herbal Hair Care Products- i.e, Shampoo and hair oils.

  • Ingredients of Ayur Hair care products.

  • How to Use Ayur products for best hair care and style

  • What are the benefits of Ayur Hair Care Products

  • How much it costs. What is the Price of Ayur Hair care Products

  1. Brahmi Amla Hair Oil

The best thing about Ayur Brahmi Amla Hair Oil is that it gives Cooling effect to the Scalp and will relax you when you are in stress. This oil reaches in the natural goodness of Brahmi and Amla. It really stimulates the hair growth and nourishes your hair root. I use this Oil mainly at the time when I feel low or exhausted due to any work pressure. It Cools my Scalp and helps me to take a deep sweet nap. I will recommend you to use this oil and night and wash it off in the morning. The only thing I can say negative about this oil is that it is a bit heavy on your hair.

  1. Hair Treatment Oil

As the name Describes, Ayur Hair Treatment Oil exactly does the same. It is super light on the hair. This oil is a premium quality Ayurvedic treatment oil enriched with natural Ingredients which stimulates Blood circulation to the roots and promotes hair growth.

My hairs started growing really faster after using it 3 times in a week. I am happy with the result! It really worked for me and I feel this is a type of oil you must try once in life if you are suffering from hair problems.


  1. Amla Shikakai with Reetha Shampoo

This shampoo is the product that is not for my hair type that is (Oily). It works like a wow for Dry hair but doesn’t work well for oily scalp or hair. It is an excellent combination of nourishing, cleansing and foaming agent.

This shampoo is enriched with both the best component for the hair that is Amla (which improves hair texture and by stimulating the hair follicles is improves the hair growth), Shikakai (which is a good cleanser as well works as a conditioner) and Reetha (makes hair strong and gives it an extra bounce).

  1. Soya Protein Shampoo

I suggest this shampoo to my friend after I come to know that this shampoo is enriched with the properties of a protein. My friend’s hair is bit thin and looks lifeless and this is the right product for her hairs. And guess what! Her hairs are now more voluminous and shiny.

This Ayur Soya Protein Shampoo Strengthens hair roots, makes them thick dense and add extra luster and bounce to the hair and provide an extra layer of Protein to protect the hair from any damage.

  1. Lemon Shampoo

Whenever anyone asks me about this shampoo and reply “the best in this is awesome Fragrance”. The shampoo is rich in the goodness of Lemon and Orange Blossom extracts. The fresh smell of lemon makes my day, I fee fresh a whole day after using this shampoo.

This is the best shampoo that suits my oily hair type. This is because lemon has good cleansing properties for greasy and oily hair. It regulates sebaceous gland while giving a natural sheen to the hair. Orange Blossom extract has anti-oxidant properties that help to repair and rejuvenate hair. If your hair is Oily and greasy, this is the Shampoo that is recommended by me. This is an awesome product as it prevents Dandruff and Scaling problems too.

  1. Rosemary Shampoo

This is a shampoo made up using Rosemary which is fragrant evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean. It is a rich source of Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Rosemary is a good source of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin B-6.

Rosemary prevents brain aging, cancer, skin aging and premature greying of the hair. It prevents dandruff formation and removes flakes. Rosemary has also excellent Conditioning properties which soothe and condition the dry and flaky scalp.

  1. Heena Tulsi Shampoo

If your hair is dull and damaged then this Ayur Heena Tulsi Shampoo is one of the best product for you. The combination of premium herbs makes this product different from others. Heena is helpful in preventing hair loss and promote hair growth and also proves as a good conditioner. Tulsi is a well-known herb enriched with so many goodnesses which nourish hair roots and makes it strong and healthy and also prevents hair greying.

After using this shampoo, I loved it! I will recommend you to use this shampoo for a daily use. If your hair is really damaged then use this shampoo 3 times a week along with Ayur Amla Shikakai Oil.


  1. Coconut Shampoo

If you have Dry hair and Scalp and you love the delicious fragrance of Coconut then this the perfect product for you. It makes dry hair highly hydrated and moisturizes. Ayur Coconut shampoo is made for the dry hair type which is highly enriched with the goodness of coconut. Perfect nourishment for the hair is here but only for the dry hair type.

  1. PH balance Antidandruff Shampoo

Ayur PH balance Anti-dandruff shampoo is the miracle product. It is highly recommended by me for those who are really pissed off with their dandruff problems. I will suggest you use this shampoo in winters mainly because in winter our scalp is more prone to dandruff. But this will help you to get rid out of this problem for a long time. Try this out.

  1. Moisturizing Charcoal Rich Shampoo

In my view, this Moisturizing Charcoal Rich Shampoo is a dry hair shampoo. It makes hairs look shiny and moisturizes it by giving it perfect wash. This shampoo helps in removing all types of impurities like dandruff, scales, and flakes and helps in retaining its original essential oils. Charcoal in this shampoo helps in to retain the natural color of the hair and gives it an extra volume.

  1. Moisturizing Milk-Cream Conditioner

Ingredients– ceremid protein, coconut extracts, and chamomile. Ayur Moisturizing Milk Cream Conditioner is a PH balance conditioner. The awesome combination of the wonderful components makes it a perfect blend of essential herbs for a dull and damaged hair. This Moisturizing Milk Cream Conditioner is best suits for dry hairs.

  1. PH balance Rinse off Conditioner

This PH balance Rinse off conditioner is ideal for all Hair types. It gives a good luster and volume to the hair and also repairs texture and damage in the hair. It is a good product but I found nothing different from other herbal Conditioners or Ordinary Conditioners.

  1. PH balance Leave on Conditioner

This PH balance Leave on conditioner is Gel base conditioner, it`s consistency is Gel like. It feels light and soft on hair and helps in locking nutrients of the hair and prevent it from damage. The best thing about this conditioner is that it easily detangles the hairs without even making it sticky or greasy. I must say this conditioner is the best for the Oily hair type.

  1. Natural Hair Wash with Amla and Shikakai

This is something different for me but definitely a good product. It works as a shampoo as it cleanses your hair and Scalp. Combination of Amla and Shikakai makes it a perfect rejuvenating and hair cleansing product. I used this product and find it a really good for my hairs. After using thrice in a week it gives a healthy and beautiful shine to my hair and it really natural.

Ayur Natural Hair Wash is a Powder and used for washing hairs. First time I was confused.  At the same time, a little bit worried about my hair`s texture. Will it be harsh to my hair? Will it damage my hairs or will the dandruff problem return after using this? All the questions coming that time vanished after I used this hair wash. I dissolved a little of the hair wash powder into the water and then applied it to my hairs and Scalp. It works really well and gives me totally different experience.

  1. Hair Styling Gel

There are 6 different varieties of Hair Styling Gel in Ayur Hair Care Products. These Gels comes in a round shape and Different colored (Green, pink or purple) packaging. It smells good and works well too. I use these gels occasionally not on daily basis but even after this, I found it a good product at an affordable cost. It is a Non-Oily and protein enriched formula to give you manageable and desired look.

  1. Kali Mehndi

Ayur Kali mehndi is a product made with so many herbal components. It not only makes your hair look young but also gives nourishment at the same time. This product is enriched with the goodness of Mendhi, Amla, and Shikakai. Mendhi has coloring properties and also makes hair lustrous and manageable by conditioning them. Amla darkens your hair from root to tip and gives strength. Shikakai is enriched with the cleansing and conditioning properties which keeps your hair and scalp clean and fresh. I hide hair greying and gives your hair a natural color and shine.

  1. Natural Heena Powder

Ayur Natural Heena Powder is a simple Mendhi Powder. This is one of the important product that helps me to stop my hair falls. I use Heena Powder once in a month or sometimes once in 2 months. I have used Ayur`s Heena powder only 2 timed and noticed so many good changes in my hairs.

It makes hair roots strong and conditions our hair. Gives a nice shiny and silky texture. Ayur Natural Heena Powder helps to get rid of dandruff too. Color your palm if you want to, this is just a perfect.  If you love to color your hairs, like me but fear of chemical effect then this the best product. It adds a nice vibrant color to my hair and I am now much more confident about it.


Thank you So much for tuning in with me. Do share this post if you find it reliable and helpful. How these products worked for you, let me know by commenting below. Even if you have any Idea or suggestion, do comment.

“Because you are Beautiful”.




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