Types of Juda Pins every girl should know

All types of Juda Pins every Girl should know -Juda is a type of hairstyle which we also called Bun in English. Before getting to the Juda pins or bun pins lets talk about Juda or bun. It is a type of traditional hairstyle of India. Indians make Juda/Bun on different occasions. Juda pins are the most important part of it. But now a day this is becoming a trending hairstyle. Every girl loves to carry Juda or Bun on a daily basis. This is because it is comfortable, beautiful and super easy to make.

There are so many different types of Juda/Bun and we can make different Buns according to different occasions. We can carry Juda with Lehnga, Saree or any traditional dresses. It can go with casual wear like jeans-Top, trousers also.Juda pins

What type of juda can we make with what types of dresses? this totally depends on you. Here for your help, I can suggest you some Tips. Tips for choosing the Bun hairstyle.

10 best types of Juda pin

  1. Bobby pin 
  2. Bun sticks
  3. Kundan juda pins 
  4. Juda pin with earings 
  5. Floran juda pin
  6. net pins
  7. side pins
  8. silver pins
  9. Gold Juda pins
  10. Traditional Indian Juda pin 

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Hair Bun look best with which dress?

You should carry a bigger Juda or Bun on traditional dresses or occasional. Dresses like long Gowns (any type), Anarkali Dress, Mastani /Baajirao mastani/ Deewani mastani dress or Saree which will make your presence bit different and will give you a beautiful womanly look.

On the other side try to make your juda/ bun a little smaller. Smaller and simple Bun is one you are carrying it with your casual outfit.  If you will carry bigger juda then it will make you a little bit awkward. This is because your head will appear comparatively bigger than your body.

After all the decision making about your dress, hairstyle, makeup, and apparels. You should now think about How to make Juda or Bun with your hair. It depends on your haircuts and the length of your hairs. If you are having a smaller hair it is impossible to make Bun out of it.

If you have feather cuts in your hair. Even if you are having deep layers then you can make small Juda. But yeah! if you want Bun complementing your traditional dress. Your long straight hair will do the best job for you. It will give you a dimension as it will appear denser.

Now, it’s time to talk about How to make Juda /Bun. And I will give you only one answer i.e. by choosing the right type of juda pin/ bun pin or juda stick/ Bun stick. And to know about what types of Pins, hair clips or hair stick/juda stick we should use for what types of hairstyle, before this you should know everything about Juda Pins/Clips and bun sticks.

Firstly I am differentiating Juda/Bun Pins into two broad categories Supportive pins and fancy pins.

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1st and most important type- supportive Juda pins/Sticks or juda clips.

These pins are most important coz these pins provide support to our Juda/Bun. If you are unable to choose the right type of supporting juda pin it may ruin your party look or if you are going out with casuals and your juda are not supported with the right type of juda pin, your juda may fall and that may will your awkward moment.

Choosing the right type of supporting hairpin is a really crucial step in making long-lasting hair style.

  • If your hairs are long and thick you should go with bigger pins or even you opt for hair sticks/ Bun sticks you should find a little bigger and thicker.
  • You can also use Bobby pins
  • If your hair is thin or layered/feathered you can go with smaller pins.
  • Make sure your pins are not too thin that may bend. It should not be too hard as it may cause difficulty inserting in.
  • If you don’t want to show your supportive pins, then it is really important to choose or buy pins according to your hair and Juda type.
  • Bigger pin in a thin hair can be uncomfortable as it will poke you and it can ruin your hairstyle look also.
  • Inserting pins in the right place also important. This is why it should not be too pointed or uneven textured, make sure while shopping.

I prefer Black colored juda pin as these are easily available and is easy to hide between hairs. But you can always opt for different options according to your choice, need, and availability. U shaped plain Juda pins or Simple Bun pins are easy to insert in between your hairs and gives strong support to your Juda/ Bun. And this is not all these are really easy to put off.

  • Juda sticks or bun sticks,

these are bigger pins and are of two types- 1st simple juda stick with different colors and design. 2nd bun stick with upper support (cap like)

These are a bit outdated or we can say out fashion as the upper can hide the design and shows nothing. But on the other hand, it works really good when you are in a hurry and you want non-messy simple bun you can use this and it will not get loosen even after 3-4 hours.Juda pins

These are the pins or clips are used to make your juda look more beautiful. Apart from this, these pins don’t play any role to support your juda. That’s why before using decorative hair pins/ Bun pins or clips make sure that your Bun/ Juda is tied tightly so that the designer juda pin or any decorative pin get fixed properly.

Make your Juda/Bun as you want to fix it with the help of any supportive pins then decide the design you want on your Juda then make designs using small decorative pins or just use a single big pin to decorate it.

Fancy Juda pins

There are so many types of fancy juda pins available in the market. To give a different and beautiful look to your juda I have some suggestions-

  • Juda pin with earing

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These are Bun pin with an attached earing, most demanding Bun pin, and most women love it to wear it with traditional lehngas or sarees. These pins look out stunning when worn with these dresses. These are the traditional Hair Bun pins. Also known as Maharani juda pin. this is because it gives the look of the maharanis of ancient India.

  • Kundan juda pin-

these pins are also one of the popular Bun pins as these are in demand because of its different Indian Look. Kundan jewelry is very popular among Indians. These are decorated with beautiful stones and crystals. Mainly used in all types of traditional Indian jewelry.

  • Side pins-

these Bun pins not only add beauty to your juda but also gives you a bit different look. Wearing this pin on your Weeding day is a really awesome idea you should go for it if you are wearing lehnga, saree or even a beautiful Indian Gown.

  • Floral pins-

the floral pins are all-time favorite Bun/juda and hairpin for girls all over the world. These can be wearable with gowns, short dresses, salwar suits, Anarkali dress, and mastani dress or even with saree. These are the most common and easily available juda pins in the market and its light weight makes it comfortable for everyone even for girls.

  • Net type juda pins

these net type Bun pins are bit different, beautiful, simple and lightweight. Best suited for girls but any women can wear this, these are easy to wear and feels no weight on your head. You can use these even as your daily life ornament.

  • Gold plated juda pin

these pins are of golden color. This may be your precious personalize gold plated juda pin. You can order your silver Bun pin or order for gold plating on it.

Gold hair Accessory (World)

  • Silver juda pins

silver Bun pins are easily available and this may be the personalized original pin you can buy or order form any jewelry shop or you can order juda pin online.

Making Juda or Bun is common these days for every girls and woman. But every woman gets confused after making juda. Confused with what type of pins can be used as juda support. How to use these depends totally on you. Be confident and try before final use!

  • Tips to get Perfect Juda and how to maintain its look even after 4-5 hours-

This is the commonly asked question and here are the steps for more beautiful and long lasting Bun or Juda-

  • please make sure that your juda is on the place before pinning it
  • Don’t tie it too much tight coz it may hurt or damage your hairs.
  • After binding your bun on the place, insert supporting Bun pins. Big if your hair is long and thick. Smaller one if you have comparatively thin and small hairs. pay attention to while choosing this.
  • If your hair is long enough but is thin you don’t need to worry. Use big pins at the dense end and smaller Bun pins at the thin end.
  • Before you started decorating your juda make sure it is fixed well in place.
  • You can tie your hair and keep it as it is. use of rubber band will hold your hairs gathered. It doesn’t feel the burden on the Pins. That’s how it will be in place and will look perfect after long hours.

Related Questions

Can we use hairspray on our juda? Yes, you can use your hairspray after you are done with your Juda. Do spray before putting decorative pins. This is because colors of your decorative/ fancy Hair pins may get faded. This is the only this you should keep in mind the rest of all depends on you. Enjoy your Style!

Can we order our Juda pins online? Yes, you can buy your pins online. There is no size difference, you order online your Hair Pin and can use it as you want. Just Keep in mind only your hair type. Now order the Bun pin or Clips that are suitable for you.


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