Using Clear Retainer right after nose piercing:Do/Don’t

Do you wanna hide your nose piercing? Thinking about using a clear retainer right after nose piercing? Here are some very important for you to know. Before proceeding check out the post.

You should avoid using a clear retainer until your piercing is healed completely. Plastic or glass retainers can be very harmful and can cause infections too.

Having a piercing is a great experience. And if it is a nose piercing then what else is better than that. We all know that our nose is the heart of our beauty. Being a girl, I love my face and hope the same you all do. Many of you may have a facial piercing like the nose, eyebrow, or ear piercing just as I do. If yes then you all may know what a piercing retainer is, if not then keep reading.

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A retainer is a small tool that helps us to keep the piercing firm and stable. It also stops the piercing from closing. A retainer is especially useful for cartilage piercing where the risk of shape deformation and closing is very high. You can also use a retainer for any of the soft skin type piercing like belly button piercing or even nose or ear piercing.

What is a nose stud retainer? – A nose stud retainer is simply a stud or jewelry for nose piercing. people specially use it for keeping your nose piercing open and stable. The only difference is that it used to keep our nose piercing healthy, firm, and open other than looking beautiful.

Can I get my nose pierced with a clear retainer?

Yes, you can get your nose pierced with a clear retainer but you should not do that.

Before this, let us answer- should you use a retainer with piercing? – The answer is a strict No. If you want to keep your piercing healthy and fit then wait before it heals completely. Using any retainer with a fresh piercing can be harmful as well as very uncomfortable. Trust me, a retainer is quite heavier than any ordinary stud.

Speaking to the point, it might seem contradictory but believe me its 100% true. Yes, you can get your nose pierced with a clear retainer. It’s perfectly alright but you should always understand that a retainer is heavy and can damage the soft tissues. Most of the clear retainer is made up of plastic, rubber, glass, or other synthetic composite materials, most of these are harmful and can cause infection to any fresh piercing- especially nose piercing.

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How long before you can put a retainer in a nose piercing?

You should wait for at least 1-2 months after getting your piercing. Although, nose piercing takes 4 – 6 months to get completely healed. It will be better to leave the piercing with the jewelry until it gets healed properly. After that, you can insert a retainer into the piercing.

Think a while, you have to bear the pain while getting your nose pierced. And inserting a retainer after removing the jewelry can hurt again. You have to be very careful while removing the jewelry and inserting the retainer. Hurting or scratching could slow down the healing process and might result in pain and bleeding.

It will hide your piercing as well as protect it from closing. But yeah, inserting a retainer in the fresh piercing can be harmful to you. The piercing retainers are made up of glass, plastics, and transparent acrylics such as Bioplast or Bioflex. These materials can cause irritation and also infections in some cases.

If it really needs to wear a piercing retainer just after piercing, do not forget to pre sterilize the retainer.

Can I wear a clear retainer two weeks after my nose piercing?

Yes, you can. You can insert a retainer into your nose piercing after 2 weeks. But, it will be always good to avoid retainers until your piercing is completely healed. If you can wait for at least 4 weeks after getting pierced.

You might see people getting their nose, eyebrows, or lip pierced and wearing a retainer just after. There might not be any sign of infection or irritation but it doesn’t mean that your body will react similarly. Everyone’s body behaves and reacts differently.

It is always better to not take any risk and stay away from the problems. You can get piercings as you want and wear whatever you like. But keep in mind for a healthy beautiful, problem-free pierced nose, you have to pick the best on the options. Choose high-quality jewelry and then a high-quality retainer.

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Keep following your daily cleaning and aftercare routine. Eat healthy foods and follow a healthy lifestyle to boost your body’s healing power. Never ever forgot to ask your piercer for whether the tools and jewelry he is using are sterilized or not. Always go to the reputed professional piercer’s shop. Piercing at Malls are a big no.

How long must I wait after getting my nose pierced until I can change the jewelry to a retainer? This is the most common question I receive. You have to understand that not everyone’s body feels and reacts similarly.

If someone is wearing a retainer just after piercing or changing the jewelry to retainer just after getting pierced and not getting any negative effect doesn’t mean that it is safe for you. I recommend not to touch, remove, or disturb your new piercing until it gets healed completely.

Can I put a plastic retainer in my new ear piercing?

No, I never recommend using plastics for new piercings. Use metals instead and make sure you are using high quality sterilized jewelry. Plastics cannot be sterilized and thus contains many materials and harmful microbes. It cannot be a good decision to use plastics in place of metal or any other material.

Although you might find out the methods of sterilizing plastics online. But keep in mind you cannot ask your piercer to do all that for you. Even a brand new plastic retainer can be infected. Please switch to metal or other materials. You can also use glass retainers.

But always keep in mind sterilizing retainer, jewelry and tools are the most crucial steps of the piercing. Apart from all this, you should avoid using plastic materials to save this world and our mother earth. Do something good today and use metal instead of plastics.

FAQ for Nose Piercing

Can you wear makeup after getting a nose piercing?

Yes, why not. You can definitely can wear makeup just be a little careful.  Even after getting your nose pierced, you can wear makeup as you want. It will not be harmful or dangerous until you do it carelessly. Yes, your piercing needs extra care until it gets healed. And you have to careful while doing anything. Applying makeup on your face is not bad but you have to leave the piercing site undisturbed. Apply foundation, concealer compact, or blush, just be careful that the products should not get into the new piercing as it can get infected.

I recommend using light and natural makeup look. So that your nose will not look awkward even if you skin the area. It will always be a better option to skin heavy makeup for at least 6-8 weeks.

Is it unprofessional to have a nose piercing?

No, it’s not. But it depends on the size and type of jewelry you are wearing. In some religions, the nose piercing is related to culture, traditions, and rituals. But it is common among females only. If you are a guy, you can take it out. Or just try to wear smaller jewelry that is not very eye-catching.

How to hide a new nose piercing?

Hide your new nose piercing with tape or retainer. Let me clear one thing that using a retainer or makeup or anything in a new piercing can cause complications in healing.

If the healing process is complete, it will not be a tough task. You can simply hide it by using makeup. Apply concealer and foundation and powder and that’s it.

If you have the nude color tapes use it. Use tape matching to your skin color. You can follow the rest makeup steps to hide it completely.

The last option is a clear retainer. Plastic or glass retainers are great to hide nose piercings. Make sure you are using a fully healed piercing hole.

My nose ring won’t go through the last layer

The inner side of the Nostril there is a mucous membrane that forms a layer very quickly. You should not leave your nose piercing without jewelry if you want to avoid this problem. Although there is nothing to worry about, you can reinsert the jewelry just by putting a little pressure. But do not try very harder if it is hurting too much and it will be better to visit your piercer for re piercing. Try to insert jewelry into the piercing after applying oil or soap. It should get into it. But if it is not getting even after, please leave it and visit your piercer.

This is all about nose piercing and piercing retainers. Please leave your experiences or queries below in the comment section. And do not forget to share it with your friends and family.


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