Trending Piercings For Guys: Types & Information

Are you planning to get the most trending piercing now? Today I’ll let you know some of the most trending piercings for guys.

It is a well-known fact that piercings done on men are as popular as those done on women too. It is in another way a funny thing that most guys see some types of piercings on other guys. And discover that they look cool before concluding on having theirs done. Funny right?

This seems right though because there are lots of piercings that leave amazing looks. It also leaves great confidence in guys that nothing else can.

As a matter of fact, there is an odd belief about guys with piercings. It is believed that guys who wear these popular piercings on any part of their body are the modern and happening guys. Hence the need for other guys to do the same.

Trending Piercings For Guys

In modern-day statistics, the major types of piercings men preferred the most are the nipple and eyebrow piercing among others. These two categories are carefully followed by Earlobe piercings, a tricky upper cartilage piercing, Flesh tunnel & a large septum piercing.

Clean look with a septum piercing, Rugged look with flesh tunnels and nose piercing. A nicely decorated profile, an eyebrow piercing for more charm. Lip horseshoe, and ear ornaments, Huge flesh tunnels, and a nose adornment.

A charming stud with a septum ring, Nostril ring with a big smile, Lower lip piercing, double eyebrow piercing.

Here are some of the most popular piercings for guys. You can pick any of these and give your personality a unique change.

What are the Trending Piercings for guys?

Eyebrow piercing, Nipple, Lip, tongue and earlobe piercings are some of the most trendings piercings for guys.

Out of all, eyebrow, septum piercings are the most popular. And we can see guys wearing septum jewelry or eyebrow piercing jewelry more often.

Here is a list of 10 most trending piercings for men these days. Check all these out and find the right type for yourself.

  1. Trending Earlobe Piercings & Septum Horseshoe for guys

This is one of the means of accommodating a type of jewelry in the lobes of the ears. Earlobe piercing gives a very comfortable and trending design. One of the most preferable and recommendable piercings in modern times.

If you are the guy that likes to look like a female, not for anything. But just to wear that female look, then this is super right for you. So dear friend, what are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you grab that amazing look you have always yearned for?

Jewelry plays a really important role in deciding your final look. You choose colorful jewelry with lots of stonework to give it a girly loo. On the other hand, you wear simple to look more manly. It all depends on your jewelry choice and your way of wearing it.

Earlobe piercing is one of the most popular men’s ear piercing. You can get is done easily and it is very less painful than any other ear piercing.

To get this whole look you, You have to get one nose piercing also. Septum nose piercing is one of the most popular nose piercing among both men and women. I personally love septum piercing and it is often called bull piercing.

I think this look is simple yet classic. If you don’t want to look so funky but get a bold fashionable look. Just get a septum with an earlobe piercing. It looks amazing on guys with Beard too.

trending septum piercing for guys

  1. Upper Cartilage Tending Piercings for guys

This piercing is done on the upper cartilage of either or both of the human ears. A quick observation shows that sometimes, you may not need to make your piercing that visible at first glance.

You just want it a little bit hidden around you, but it is there. So this is very suitable for guys who like piercing but are shy to make them in open or have them in body parts easily visible to observers. Therefore, any guy can have a piercing on. Isn’t a big deal though. Get it on.

This is really an amazing type of piercing. As it helps to hide as well as expressing your personality. You can wear a beautiful expressive ring or stud to get everyone’s attention.

  1. Flesh Tunnel & Large Septum Piercing

A really modern style right now! Very popular and mostly done on the ears. This type of piercing shows an opened ear holes by which one can see through. This is practicable when the person to wear the piercing uses a notable stretcher in the stead of a plug.

This is basically what you call gauging. Earlobe gauging is the most common but guys do this on their cheeks as well as on lips. But it is’int easy to get and maintain.

Although you could also have some fascinating design with some earplug motifs. With this type of piercing, you have the liberty to experiment on the different patterns you so desire.

Take, for instance, a flesh tunnel that has a rim is most popular. So you are left with a variety of options as regards this type of piercing.

Get a simple earlobe gauging and a septum piercing for this look. Wear a big bull nose ring or hoop to give yourself a bolder look. It looks really good on guys.

  1. Clean Look with Septum Piercing

One of the places in the body you could find Septum Piercing is the nose. A ring is passes through the septum of the nose to the other side. It is to give a cool and clean look on the person wearing the piercing.

Being a girl I can say that septum is one of my favorite piercings. And I love the look when a guy wears septum jewelry and have a nice styled beard. It totally changes your look and gives a funky yet smart look.

One could conclude that this type of piercing is mostly found among rock stars or punk rockers as it were. As a matter of fact, we have lots of celebs that flaunt this type of piercing.

Such as Willow Smith as well as Jordin Sparks – and their appearance with this type of piercing is super cute. Wouldn’t you love to look like your favorite celebrity? Common, you would!

  1. Trending Eyebrow Piercings for guys

This sensational type of piercing gives you a more charming look. This is so true in so much that most ladies refer to guys with this type of piercing as “charming men”. You can wear Stud or Barbell, Curved ball or Captive bead ring jewelry.

It is worn just a little distance away from where the eyebrow begins. This type of piercing is capable of complementing a guy’s look in so much that they are wanted by ladies at first glance.

Guys common, get that lady! There are various forms this piercing could come. Either vertically, horizontally or both. The combination is even cooler and eye-catching. My friend, it will make you look really cool, why not try this on and see for yourself.

You can try some face rings or studs to figure it out. Just check whether it looks cool on you or not. But believe me, almost everyone looks cool and happening with an eyebrow piercing. Just choose the right type for yourself.

  1.   Lip Horseshoe and Ear Ornaments

Hey friend, did you on any occasion think that it is practically impossible to combine the office look and the piercings?

Dear friend, think once again! The stud sits well just at the lower part of the lip to give you that cute look. You could take it to the office, party and the likes.

This piercing is very versatile in the sense that you could wear it even as an artist, a hype man and so on. This type of lip piercing is further divided into three catalogs where you could choose the one you think best suits you.

These are Single lip piercing, Double lip piercing, and Quadruple piercing. Get the one that suits your look and give you a cute or manly appearance whatever you like.

  • The single lip piercing is a single, off-centered piercing. On the lower or the upper lip that is mostly done using either a 14G or 16G needle.

Of course, it is the most common of the types of lip piercing as it is one thing that comes to the mind when you think of piercing the lip

  • The second type is the Double lip piercing: this piercing is generally found just by the corner of the mouth.

It is usually prepared in pairs. Though a single type of piercing provides a very novel substitute. The  type of body jewelry mostly used for a double lip piercing is the Labret stud

  1. A Charming Stud with a Septum Ring

This particular type of piercing represents everything that is trendy, simple and cool. The type of stud used matches well with the body wears, accessories, any hairstyle, beards as well as tattoos.

Studs such as Rose Gold Labret Studs, Surgical Steel Labret Studs, BioFlex Studs and a host of others can give you this charming look. In addition, this piercing helps to boost confidence wherever it is situated in the body.

You wouldn’t want to say this is not right for you. Smiles, it is a dear friend as you look forward to building firm confidence with your looks

  1. Nipple Piercings (Trending for guys)

This is also one of the trending piercing done by men. It helps to increase the sensitivity of their nipples. As it is one of the most popular types of piercing done on men.

It should be noted that a proper nipple piercing is to be done just at the base of the nipple. It should not in any way through the areola.  This is because if it is done through the areola, it may take a much longer time to heal.

It takes a long time before healing takes place, thereby increasing the pain sustained. As a matter of fact, if you find a very good piercer, the procedure for piercing would be tolerable and the outcome a worthwhile.

In my view, nipple piercing is really cool and looks amazing on guys. But another aspect is that you have to be fit and cool too. You cannot show your nipple piercing if you are fat or chubby.

Toned up beautiful body is what needed to showoff your nipple piercing. If you are really planning to get it done, just take a shirt-off look at your body. Figure out whether it suits you or not and then go for it.

trending earlobe gauging for guys

  1. Closed Bead Ring For The Nostril

Without any form of doubt, the nostril piercing is one of the most popular times of nose piercing. One could wear either a stud or a ring through it. This is mostly suitable for guys who don’t feel comfortable wearing too loud piercing.

So with either, a stud or ring pierced through your nostrils. You are home and dry as regards looking cool and simple. In addition, this type of piercing does not come with pain during and after the piercing is done.

I personally have a nostril piercing. And I feel like it is less painful than any other nose piercings. It looks simple, smart and descent on almost everyone. So guy, shrug off that pain mentality and go for this.

  1. Trending Smiley Piercings for Guys 

This piercing type shows up just when you smile or laugh. It is a modern piercing style that is now very popular. You mostly attach to the frenulum (a tiny tissue located just under the lip) of the lip.

Cool right? Just take a look at it. As you laugh or smile, a piercing shows up and you wow your audience. If you have a TV interview, it is suitable for you. It helps you get people’s attention very easily. Again, you should note that for you to have this kind of piercing done, you should visit a very good piercer.

This is all about some very trending piercings for guys. I hope you liked it all and if it is, then let me know which one is your favorite? And which one you have decided to get?


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