What are the best ear piercing for guys that girls love a lot?

Ear piercing like Earlobe gauging, helix, rook, tragus, and snug looks really awesome on guys. There are many more ear piercings for guys that are trending.

The questions that make you confused like- Should you get an ear piercing and what are the best ear piercing for you?  I am sure I’ll clear all of these doubts related to ear piercing.

In this article, we’ll talk about all types of ear piercing that are suitable for boys. And also we’ll discuss some related confusing questions also.

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Best ear piercing for Guys

  • Earlobe piercing

The earlobe is the fleshy bottom part of our ears. And piercing earlobe is the most common type of ear piercing.

It looks cool and also very easy to get. I personally feet earlobe piercing is not that much pain. The most important thing about this piercing is that it is very easy to clean.

Boys generally pierce any one of their earlobes. But it totally depends on you, if you like then you can even get both of your ears to pierce.

I just love earlobe piercing on guys. And can ensure you that it’ll look awesome on you. Just be confident and wear a bold style that you love.

  • Double or triple earlobe piercing

As the fashion trends keep changing we all try to be updated with the new tend. That’s why you can say that double or triple earlobe is an updated version of the traditional earlobe.

I am including this piercing just because I found it super classic. One day I have noticed a guy wearing three studs in the same earlobe. Three studs are in a manner making a triangle form.

If you’ll ask my view on triple earlobe piercing I’ll say- It’s cute. You can wear rings or studs, whatever you like you can wear.

If you are confident enough and really like it, then just go for it. I am sure it’ll look awesome on you too.

  • Earlobe gauging

Earlobe Gauging is another modification to the traditional earlobe piercing. It this piercing your piercer will make a cut on your earlobe.

piercer made a cut and stretch it to the maximum level. Then insert the large gauge ring in it. The gauge size is generally the bigger one so that you can see through it. This is one of the most popular ear piercing for men. It shows your creative and strong personality.

It looks painful, but believe me, it is much less painful than other ear piercings. Although it will pail a little, just as simple earlobe.

Visit any professional trend piercer for the earlobe gauging. As it may be risky to get by any untrained piercer.

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  • Helix piercing

When you pierce upper outer cartilage of your ear it is helix ear piercing for guys. You can pierce helix to get a chic and flashy look.

Helix piercing is popular among both men and women nowadays. You can pierce your helix multiple times and can wear rings in all of them.

For guys, I recommend getting the uppermost area single helix piercing. In my personal view, it looks girly if anyone pierces multiple helices.

Keep in mind one thing I am just suggesting, you should get that piercing which suits you the best. And most important it should be of your choice. You have to live with it, you have to carry it everywhere that’s why you have to take a decision.

  • Forward Helix Piercing

Forward helix piercing is piercing on the upper side of the forward helix. You can wear 2 or 3 piercing jewelry in your helix piercing.

Wear stud, ring or loop whatever suits you. A forward helix is more popular than simple helix piercing. You can get both the helix piercing at the same time if you want.

Wearing a loop or ring suits best for forwarding helix piercing. Whatever jewelry it is, it should be of good quality.

  • Industrial

Industrial piercing is the most unique type of ear piercing. It looks totally different as ear needs to be pierced twice at the same time. Industrial sometimes termed as scaffold piercing.

In this piercing basically, two ends of the ear get pierced to wear a piece of rod-like jewelry. As an example, you can pierce your helix and forward helix and wear a piece of straight or slight curve jewelry in it.

The straight jewelry is penetrated from one end through the other. Simply it divides the ear into two parts mainly vertically.

  • Tragus ear piercing for guys

A little projection of cartilage of ear root can also be pierced. The section is called tragus and it looks really cute on guys.

You cannot wear heavy jewelry in tragus that’s you-you should wear a light ring or stud in it.

If you are planning for tragus piercing don’t think twice. Just go for it coz it looks awesome on everyone.

Be sure it is a cartilage not skin and do not try to pierce your tragus at home. It may result in heavy bleeding thus trained piercer is needed.

I like the cute tiny ring in tragus piercing but you can also go for studs or loop.

  • Anti-Tragus

Anti-tragus is done on the outer side raised fold of the cartilage of the ear. It may look similar to helix piercing to you.

But there is a slight difference between helix and anti-tragus. It is done on the raised cartilage outline of the ear and helix can be done by taking whole cartilage outline.

Most of the people don’t call it anti-tragus, almost everyone gets confused with helix.

Wear a cute beautiful ring coz I like it. Otherwise, you have many other options of jewelry for your tragus and anti-tragus piercing.

  • Snug piercing

The inner part of the ear rim is pierced to wear jewelry and look fashionable. This inner section of the rim is snug which is sometimes also called as anti-helix.

Snug is adjacent to the helix and known as anti-helix piercing. Generally, studs are commonly used for this piercing. But loops or rings can also be worn.

  • Diath Piercing

Diath piercing is the inner cartilage ear piercing. It is considered as the most complicated and painful ear piercing.

Diath is pierced using a thin wire and needs professional knowledge. Do not even try this by your own as all cartilage piercing results in heavy bleeding and may lead to complications.

  • Rook piercing

Rook is done on the inner part of the section on the cartilage folds. According to the piercer, this is one of the most painful and difficult ear piercing.

In order to get a rook piercing one should have defined cartilage folds. If you don’t have properly defined cartilage folds this may be difficult for you.

Whatever it takes, at the ends you’ll feel that like worth it. It looks really beautiful on men.

  • Conch Piercing

Cup-shaped curved cartilage section is perforated to wear jewelry. This part of our ears looks like a sea creature and that’s why called conch.

Talking about conch piercing, there are two types- Inner conch and outer conch piercing. The cup-shaped area adjacent to the ear canal is the inner conch area. It is located at the center of the ear. Whereas the outer conch is positioned in the flat side between edge and ridge of the ear.

  • Ear orbital piercing

Orbital piercing is done on the outer most section of the ear. In Orbital piercing, the cartilage outline of the ear is pierced. This is a double piercing as the cartilage get pierced twice at the same time.

You can make two piercing side by side on the snug or helix area. Insert any smooth lightweight ring or barbell or hoop. Never wear heavy jewelry in your orbital piercing, It may tear or migrate easily.

Why is my ear piercing bleeding? Aftercare

Related Question

How do you take care of pierced ear? Clean ear piercing at least 2 times a day. Use sea salt water or saline solution for cleaning and mix a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil to it for faster healing. apart for cleaning you should take care of your new ear piercing by avoiding a few things like- too much touching, touching without washing hands, using the public pool and makeup to the new piercing.

Do Guys wear earrings in both ears? Yes, guys wear earrings in both the ears. But some prefer not to pierce both the ears. There are a few stereotypes. Left is for straight, right for gay and bisexual guy pierce both of their ears. Although I don’t support these things. There are no such rules of ear piercings for guys, its a thinking of some of the people.

Which Ear is straight ear? The left ear is the straight ear. I don’t believe these things and not even support these ill thinkings. You have the right to choose which ear suits you the best.

Which Ear Piercing hurt the most? most of the people think Industrial, snug, and orbital. But I think almost all cartilage ear piercings are a bit more painful than others. Assuming these piercings as most painful piercing will not be ok there are many types of ear piercings for guys and the pain varies as the technique of piercing also varies.

Do ear piercings close? Yes, if you leave your piercing for a long time without jewelry, it will get closed. Especially if you have removed your jewelry before the wound is fully healed. Wear high-quality rings/studs and avoid leaving your ear piercings without jewelry for long.


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