Why is my ear piercing Bleeding? ear piercing aftercare

I pierced my ears a few days ago and it bleeding. this is the most common statement I hear from new people who got their ear pierced for the first time. But, Is it normal for an ear piercing to bleed?

Ears generally bleed after piercing. If your piercing is bleeding and it’s been only a few days then it is totally normal. There is no need to worry as new piercing usually bleeds for some days.

Although piercing bleeding is normal but you should not ignore any sigh that seems to be abnormal. Bleeding can be a sign of infection but it is not necessary to be infected.

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Why is my ear piercing Bleeding?

You hurt your piercing accidentally, it is infected, or maybe your piercing healing. There many possible reasons for ear piercing bleeding. you should check out the main reason and treat it accordingly.

  • Hurting Accidently

It is the most common cause of piercing bleeding. As your piercing can get hurt easily even by pulling off your shirt or doing makeup, washing face.

If it gets banged it may hurt you for some days and also bleeds. New piercing wounds especially cartilage piercings usually bleed more than any other piercings.

You should take care of a few things to stay away from this problem-

  1. Comb your hair carefully
  2. Wear and take off your clothes carefully
  3. Do not play with your ear piercing
  4. Avoid touching too much
  5. Be careful while sleeping (do not put pressure on your ears)
  6. Never try to move or change your jewelry before healing
  7. Clean piercing very carefully
  • Pain killers

If your piercing is neither infected nor hurt, and you take regular pain killers then it may be possible that your ear piercing bleeding just because of it.

Pain killers are blood thinners. And if you are on a regular pain killer then it is not uncommon for your new ear piercing to bleed.

I’ll personally advise you to avoid taking too much pain killers as it is not good for your new piercings. And that’s not all, taking too much pain killer can damage your liver and can cause other health-related complications.

  • Infection

Piercing infection is another common cause of bleeding. Try not to miss the cleaning routine at least 2 times a day. It is very important to clean your piercing regularly in order to stay away from infections.

Cleaning your ear piercings with saltwater or saline solution is recommended. Warm water mixed with sea salt can work for you. Never use iodized water.

Use a cotton swab or Q-tip to clean your ear piercing. You can also use Cotton balls for cleaning.

If you are feeling too much pain, throbbing unbearable burning sensation or any symptom of infection. Do visit your piercer or doctor.

Ear piercing bleeding due to infection should be taken special care. Consult the doctor and do whatever prescribed.

  • Alcoholic drinks

Unlike pain killer pills Alcohol is also acts as a blood thinner. New piercing may bleed a bit more if you are taking Alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol is a Big No until your ear piercing gets fully healed. Alcohol man makes the situation worst.

This is not all, alcohol also slows down the healing process. With alcohol in your system, it is not advisable to get any piercing or tattoo.

Getting piercings just after alcohol intake may cause this much complication that you may end up in the hospital.

It is always better for you to stay away from alcohol until your piercing is fully healed.

  • Picking crust

If you are also uncomfortable with the crusts forming near your ear piercing just like me then this may result in bleeding.

Scratching or forcefully removing crusties can tear the skin near the piercing wound which starts bleeding.

It is always advised to keep piercings clean and remove crusts formation from time to time. But is much easier to remove crusts during the cleaning process than normal.

If it is hard to remove crust then it’ll be best to soak your piercing in salt water before removing crusts. Do not pic forcefully, Use a cotton swab to remove dirt and crust from your piercing.

Direct touching your new piercing with your fingers is a big No. Use Q-tip or cotton balls instead of using your hands.

  • Cleaning too much

Too much cleaning is also not good as it may dry the skin near the piercing wound. Result skin tearing and bleeding from your ear piercing.

I’ll recommend you to clean your ear piercing at least twice a day. Cleaning two times is enough for a normal piercing.

If your piercing is infected then clean it 3-4 times a day. But if it feels dry then apply tea tree oil or any other recommended essential oil.

Tea tree oil will help your piercing to get healed quickly, and even it is also effective in removing infections.

So, clean regularly as recommended but do not be obsessed with too much cleaning.

Ear piercing Aftercare solution

Cleaning new ear piercings are a super easy task. It will take only about 5 minutes to clean your pierced ears.

You should clean your new piercing with a salt solution or readymade saline solution available in the market.

I’ll recommend you to make your own saline solution at your home. You can make you a DIY solution for almost no cost just by using a few things.

You’ll need Sea Salt, Cotton Swap, warm water, and a small container. you can check the best saline solution for piercings online

Heat water in a pan, add sea salt to it. Make sure whatever salt you’re adding is not Iodized. Iodized salt can worsen your new piercing wound.

Pour saltwater is a bowl or a small glass. Make sure water is not too hot. Now try to dip your ears in it and let it get soaked.

A minimum 3- 5 minutes of soaking is recommended. Let your ear piercing wound get soaked. Then dip the cotton swab or cotton ball into the saline water and gently rub on the site.

Do not rub it hard, put gentle pressure on the wound for cleaning.

I’ll recommend applying tea tree oil after cleaning for faster healing. Take a drop on the swap and dab with a light hand.

You should follow this ear piercing aftercare routine for at least 2-8 months (depending on the type of piercing).

 How to clean smelly earrings?

Clean smelly earrings with warm water and also wash the piercing are regularly. 

You can get rid of the unwanted smell from your ear piercing. Just keep cleaning your piercings as well as your earrings regularly. Use the best quality hypoallergenic earring.

Cleaning your earrings before healing is not recommended. You should not touch it or move it before your wound gets healed completely.

This is for old piercings, if it is smelly you should take off your earrings and clean it regularly along with your piercings.

  • Clean your piercings with mild anti-bacterial soap
  • Use warm water to clean your ear piercing as well as your earrings
  • Wash your ear piercing jewelry properly
  • Always wear high-quality metals in your piercings
  • Let your skin breathe and do not wear jewel just after cleaning
  • Make sure to remove your earrings before going to bed

You can avoid piercing jewelry smell just by following these easy steps.

How to heal ear piercing faster?

For faster healing use tea tree oil or lavender oil at the time of cleaning or after cleaning.

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the sea salt solution. Or apply it after cleaning your ear piercing using Q-tip. Tea tree is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal in properties.

Regular use of tea tree oil can speed up the healing process. This is not all it will keep infections away too. And if your piercing is already infected, tea tree oil will help you fight infections also.

You can also apply lavender oil to the new piercing. It will help you to relieve pain and swelling.

Lavender oil is really an awesome pain killer. I always recommend applying lavender oil before bed as it will relax your nerves and gives you a sweet sleep.

The main thing you should keep in your mind is to dilute these essential oils before application. It may give you a strong burning sensation if applied concentrated.

Do not forget to do the patch test before the final application.

What not to eat after ear piercing?

You should not eat excess dairy products, sugar, or red meat. 

Our body heals wound on its own, but the healing process also depends on the food you eat. Healthy foods can speed up healing whereas some foods can impede the body’s healing power.

Here is the list of some foods you should avoid-

  • Sugar
  •  spices
  • Processed meats (hot dogs, bacon)
  • Skim milk (dairy products)
  • Red meat
  • Processed food
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol
  • Beverages like coffee or tea

Avoid taking these foods as these can affect the healing process and worsen the condition. Spices such as turmeric and ginger are proven as medicinal properties but too much intake can thin the blood and result in bad bleeding.

Recommended foods are high fiber-rich foods, beans, veggies, and fresh fruits. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies than processed in order to heal the piercing wound quickly.

How much does ear piercing hurt?

Generally, ear-piercing doesn’t hurt much. It is easier to get than any other piercing. Comparing pain is not an easy task but I am sure that ear piercing is much easier and causes less pain.

Pain bearing power of each person is different and this is why different persons can feel a different level of pain for the same type of piercing.

We can’t measure the level of pain for ear piercing. But most of the experienced people feel like it is less painful to pierce your ear than any other piercing.

Related Questions

Can I wash my hair after ear piercing?

Yes, you can! But make sure the shampoo or soap you are using is not too harsh. Apply mild shampoo while your ear piercing is healing. Avoid direct application of soap or shampoo to the new piercing area.

Should I get a second ear piercing?

Yes, if you love it you should go for it instead of asking anyone. You can pierce your ears as many times as you can. There are at least 10 types of ear piercings that are popular among people. You can try all of them.

Which ear piercing for guys?

You can pierce both of your ears or whichever you like. There is no such rule for piercing ears for girls or guys. But many believe that straight guy pierces their left ear or nose. On the other hand, most of the Asian countries, especially in India women, pierce their left nose and they believe the left body of a female is related to fertility.

Why is my ear piercing bleeding?

Your ear piercing may bleed due to piercing infection, wrong jewelry size, or badly pierced. Let’s check out the possible reasons first.

I hope you got your point. Please do not hesitate to ask your doubts, suggestions, or views in the comment section.


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