How to look beautiful without makeup?

Beautiful without makeup? Is it really possible? Well, I think there is nothing impossible in this world. Our habits, lifestyle, and diet decides most of the changes in our body.

Ironic for a beauty blogger but believe me we have all been there with a sincere wish to look and feel beautiful without any makeup. Imagine the moment, you woke up and you look amazing to go out. We all want to look beautiful and do not want to rely on cosmetics to feel our best.

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beautiful without makeup

Can I look beautiful without makeup? Yes, You can look beautiful even without makeup. For that, you have to improve your lifestyle and diet. Maintain a healthy lifestyle for healthy and glowing skin. Along with these, you can also try some easy hacks to look beautiful without makeup.  

Frankly speaking, as I am a no-makeup person in daily life, I love my absolute best when I’m in my own skin. But there are certain occasions where a tint of makeup can work wonders.

For me, the best makeup on a women’s face is confidence. Even when you’re running on a hectic schedule, and you don’t get time even to run a comb through your hair, iron your clothes, wear a simple earring, or adorn your eyes with Kajal or Mascara, still you can become the center of attraction in any function by wearing “confidence”.

When you’re confident, you’re happier and stronger. So, in order to attain that confidence, you need to reach the right place or take the right advice from the apt person.

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How can I get flawless skin without makeup?

Flawless skin is all that we need to look beautiful. If you have beautiful, healthy, glowing skin, you don’t need anything. You can go out confidently even without makeup.

But the reality is that we all know how tough it is. Yes, it is tough to get beautifully flawless skin but not impossible though.

Here are some of the easiest ways to get beautiful skin. You can develop these habits easily and can see the results.

  1. Dry skin brush

Using a bristled brush, stroke your skin before shower (don’t wet face). This simple routine facilitates in increasing blood and lymph circulation and removes dead skin cells! This simple step guarantees in attaining a glowing, smooth and delicate skin.

  1. Skin needs Sauna

Sweating is a good exercise especially when it involves burning unwanted fat and a dry sauna will help your body to excrete toxins. As you know, the skin is one of the body’s ejection organs and when we allow it to breathe by removing dry skin cells using a dry skin brush and via sweating, the job is done in a perfect manner.

  1. Exercise makes you beautiful inside out

Choose any good exercise apt for your body and mind. It will bring color to your skin and the increased amount of endorphins and don’t forget to wear confidence.

Include Pilates or yoga for attaining good sitting, standing or walking postures. Always remember to hold your head high, be pleasant and smile: say it in your mind, you’re beautiful! Pour in an optimistic attitude.

Develop a habit of doing yoga and exercises at least for 30 minutes. Start your day with warmup and exercises, you’ll notice a visible difference on your face within a week or two.

drink juse to look beautiful without makeup

  1. Green Juices for a pink glow

Consuming loaded multiple vitamins in the form of green Juices. Green juices rejuvenate your skin and give it a beautiful glow. You can make aloe vera and mint juice for glowing skin.

Try cucumber as it’s hydrating especially for your skin. The greens are alkalizing and acid aids in the body’s detoxification process. Mark my words, you will notice a visible change if you drink it once a day regularly.

  1. Eat fat and make an oil change

Well-Hydrated skin maintenance requires good fats. It will make your skin stay dewy, wrinkle-free and plump. Eating chia seeds, sardines, avocado or consuming coconut oil is good for your skin.

But, at the same time, ditch processed oils (canola, sunflower, corn, soy, etc) as they are more likely in oxidizing and causing inflammation in the body and hence not a beatifying food at all.

  1. Get a shower filter

Our body has the feature of absorbing whatever we apply to it. Nowadays, water has high chlorine content. It gets absorbed by our skin. As you all know, Chlorine dries out skin and can cause rashes. For sensitive skin, it causes itchiness, redness and also rashes.

It also aids in damaging your hair and results in hair loss too. Buy and fit a shower filter that can drain out Chlorine and other harmful chemicals from your water. A shower filter is really an important thing if you want to stay away from unwanted skin and hair problems.

  1. Moisten or pamper your skin with oils

Use essential oils as moisturizers instead of using chemicals. You can use olive oils, coconut oil or even castor oils for your skin as well as hair. Try to choose only natural, organic and chemical-free oils.

Avoiding toxic perfumes, additives parabens and other harmful chemicals for your skin. Use 100% pure oils like jojoba, coconut, argan oil or Shea butter to moisten your skin. I highly recommend using these oils.

Jojoba oil is especially great for oily skin as it helps balance out the skin’s naturally occurring oils. You can choose oils according to your skin type. If your skin is dry and damaged, switch your moisturizer with oil today.

  1. Consume rainbow

Bright colored vegetables and fruit that are high in antioxidants. These veggies help fight free radicals in your body. As free radicals act as a vital factor of aging, consume natural foods to fight it.

Add carrot, beetroot, bitter guard, and other fruits and veggies into your diet. Do not forget to eat a salad with at least one of your meals. This way we can avoid fillers and expensive magic potion in the long run.

  1. Cut the sugar

Sugar is toxic to our skin. And has been linked to many chronic diseases in recent times. It causes inflammation which makes you age faster, causes wrinkles and even acne.

Even some studies show that the intake of excess sugar slows down the healing process. If you already have active pimples on your face, it can get worst.

If you wish to eat something sweet, consume fruit and sweet veggies as they act as sources of antioxidants too. You don’t have to leave sweet forever, just cut down the intake.

  1. Avoid Alcohol Party

It is scientifically proved that alcohol is really very bad for your skin. It dehydrates your skin and makes it look older.

If you have noticed someone who takes alcohol frequently looks tired and older. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes wrinkles, pores and other signs of aging more visible.

Skin loses its glow, plumpness and healthy bounce only because of excessive alcohol intake. Regular intake of alcohol can cause serious health problems too. It can never be a good idea to take alcohol regularly. Switch your drink with green veggies or fruit juices.

How can I look naturally beautiful every day?

Naturally beautiful means no makeup, right? Follow a healthy lifestyle to keep your skin youthful, glowing and flawless.

Beautiful healthy skin needs less or no makeup. Along with a healthy lifestyle, you can do some easy hacks to look more beautiful.

  1. Fix that hair

Hair makes a huge difference to your personality. Clean hair and the right type of hairstyle can make you look gorgeous. If it is frizzy and dry, do not skin conditioning.

You will feel amazing and confident if you have a great hair day. But, the reverse can be too bad. So, whatever hair type you have, make sure to style it.

Style it to look clean and manageable. I’m not suggesting to go to the parlor, and do blow out. But if your hair looks as if you’re an alien from another planet, put it up in a bun.

A bun will hide the frizz and spray down the flyaway or throw it in a braid. You can curl a few strands on your face depending upon your facial features.

If you’re trying a hard time to settle oily hair, stick it back with some hair spray and make it look classy.

  1. Depuff, depuff and depuff

Try saying this 10 times in a row as it will be engrossed in your mind. Your overall look will change a lot with depuffing.

If you are still not here, let be define it for you- Depuffing is a process of declination of puffiness from your skin.

When we wake up, puffy faces and puffy eyes are results of retaining water and salt overnight.

Try a simple lymphatic drainage massage to enable blood to flow smoothly. Apply some cool eye masks or spoons under your eyes.

If puffiness is decreased, you will look more awake. Contours of your face will be highlighted for a more sculpted look. You can also use a warm green tea to remove under-eye bags.

  1. Brighten those Eyes

Your eyes express a lot regarding how you’re feeling. Eyes will appear more red and smaller than actual when you’re in stress or experience insomnia.

Do some easy eye exercises to keep it healthy and beautiful.  Bright and white eyes appear more awake. You can start pouring eye drops and reduce redness if needed.

Also, soak cotton pads in milk that was frozen overnight and rest them on your eyes for extra brightness.

Makeup trick: Use a beige Kohl on the inner rim of your eye for an even more awake look.

  1. Don’t forget to smile!

The best free makeup that anyone can have on their face is a refreshing smile. Carry your whole look with confidence and a big smile on your face.

Smiling makes you look attractive and confident. Do not forget to give a sweet smile to every person you meet.

A beautiful smile requires taking care of your lips and teeth. Exfoliate hydrate and nourish your lips to look beautiful.

Also, it’s extremely important to take care of your oral hygiene. Make sure teeth are clean and white enough for a beautiful smile.

You can do some home teeth whitening treatments. And floss regularly to get gums from getting inflamed.

  1. Groom those Eyebrows

Eyebrows give dimension to your face and also highlight the features of your eyes. Grooming eyebrows are areally very important especially for those whose eyebrows are thin and lighter.

For those blessed ones with full thick eyebrows, don’t need any makeup. Just brush those hairs upward, then outward and apply a clear brow gel or hairspray to keep them in place.

If you don’t have full eyebrows and still want to act as one get them shaped, use a brow pencil, powder or gel to get your perfect look. Just some subtle strokes are needed here and there.

Try applying castor oil for overnight. It will nourish the root of hair strains and makes your eyebrows healthy. Whenever you are going out apply brow pencil or powder to make it more visible and defined.

Bonus steps:

If you smell good, the attractive tag is auto appended so don’t forget to take care of your cleanliness.

Drink plenty of water as it aids in eliminating dark circles and keep you hydrated. (I drink a minimum of 12-14 glasses daily)

Take good care of your skin and have a routine that works for you.

Fill in sparse areas of your hairline (in case you have less hair) with eyeshadow for a fuller look.

You are an absolute pretty person both inside out. But self-care enhances the beauty and fill you with confidence. a lovely genuine smile says it all that you are beautiful. I hope reading this article brought a smile on your faces and aroused your confidence. Please do try out these simple steps at home and let me know the feedback as Email or comments.

Content by- Gayathri Padmakumar. You can follow her on Instagram @gayoos_voyagediary


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