How to do Makeup at Home for a Party?         

Today we will do makeup at home. Yes, Here I will share some easy steps, tips ad tricks of doing makeup easily at home for a party.

Choose the best dress, pick matching accessories and then doing makeup for a party is really a tough task. You wanna look beautiful with perfect makeup. But at the same time, you don’t want to apply lots of makeup.

Getting ready for your friend’s wedding party? Or whoever’s wedding is this, you have to look perfect. Planning to slay in all those parties but don’t know how to? Well, you have come to the right place.

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makeup at home for all

Here are the simple steps of doing simple makeup at home.

Steps of doing Party makeup at Home for Women?

Prepare your skin for makeup, apply a base, do your eyes and lips that’s it. These are the basic steps of makeup. Here I have explained each step to make it even easier for you to do.


  1. Before loading on lots of makeup, make sure your skin is all prepped. You don’t want to apply layers of makeup on dead cells or clogged pores.
  2. Cleanse your skin with a good cleanser. Chose the right cleanser according to your skin type. Use mild face wash if your skin is dry damager or sensitive.
  3. Once the cleansing is done, exfoliate your skin with a scrub. Scrub removes dead cells and unclog your pores.
  4. Use a peel-off mask to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Apply your peel-off mask for 15-20 mins and peel it off.
  5. Now once blackheads are removed off, wash your face with cold water. Remove all residue of the mask.
  6. Apply face oil or serum to bring back hydration. As the scrub and face mask removes excess oils from the skin.
  7. And now add on your favorite moisturizer. Moisturize your skin well before applying makeup. Do not skip moisturizer especially if your skin is dry.

Few things you may need before starting: – check out my fab product list.

  1. Clean & Clear 2-Pack Day and Night Face Cleanser.
  2. Sexy Red Lipstick- Liquid Velvet Supremé by Kuckian.
  3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizer Gel-Cream.
  4. Especially for India: – Beauty Products of my choice.

Base Makeup 

Now prime your face with a silicon-based primer. Apply a generous amount of primer all over your face and neck areas. If you don’t have a primer, you can use face gels instead. Just use a generous amount of Aloe Vera gel.

Hide all those marks left by acne, sleepless nights and overworking go on with an orange color corrector. Apply corrector to your concern areas.

If you are not comfortable with color-correcting, take a concealer one shade darker than your skin and dab it on your concern areas blend it. This is what I basically do.

Now layer it up with a Foundation. Go for the long-wear foundation as they withstand your dancing and sweat the entire night.

Choose 1 shade lighter concealer. Apply to the areas where you previously color corrected or concealed with a darker shade concealer.

Now for setting your face, I prefer Baking for such long nights. Grab your favorite loose powder. Dab it under your eyes and places where you used concealer.

makeup for a wedding at home

Glow Up

At this point, every spot and scar is hidden. Now to get that chiseled look and to hide your fluffy chubby cheeks too. Let’s contour now.

If you aren’t good with contouring, stick on to powder contour. If using cream contours and then top it off with a powder contour this makes it stay longer.

Then while contouring makes sure you contour your nose. Draw thin small lines on both sides of your nose area.

Narrower the lines are sharper the nose looks. Now pick up a bronzer with a fluffy brush and go above the contoured area.

Trust me you are going to love this. Let’s bring out the kid in you by adding pops of color all over your cheek. Go with a coral shade of blush which brings that youthful glow back.

Now to blind your ex-boyfriend or your Crush tonight, glide your highpoints with a blinding highlight. Now set your base with a Makeup setting Spray. And make your make up stay the entire night.

apply mascara

Eye Look

Let’s enhance the game with a Smoky Eye and Bold Lips. Sounds cool right? Smokey eye is not as difficult as you think.

Take your concealer and dab it over your eyes. Concealer primes your eyes enhances the color contrast and makes blending easy.

Take a light transition shade and then pick a dark brown shade in a fluffy thin eye brush. Apply it all over your crease.

Defining crease line is very important in the smoky eye but most people skip this and end up looking like a panda, haha just kidding.

This is the major mistake people commonly do. Once you pack dark brown in your crease dip your brush in Dark black and start packing it in the outer – v of your eyes.

Now the most important part- Blend it all properly. Repeat the step throughout the eyes always make sure you go little by little.

And once it is done blend it all together. Blending is the key to smoky eyes. Once you are happy with it take a glittery liquid eye shadow or a shimmer and apply it on your lid with your pinky finger.

Then blend the edges to avoid harshness. Once you are done with it, do the lower lash line with the same black shade (You can also use kajal).

Now, let’s sharpen the wing liner and Arch the Brows. Always use Dark brown or Grey for your eyebrows.

Never go with Dense Black, it looks unreal. Go one shade darker than your brows. So it gives you natural and sharpened brows.

And to give more sharpness pack your concealer above and below your brows. Then blend it properly so that it looks natural. This enhances the entire look.


Add up the look and bring that Dramatic eyes, Take curler and curl your lashes and now coat them with your favorite mascara. Initially, I found it really tough to do eye makeup at home. But practice makes you an expert.

Now to spice up the look, take your false lashes. I know this is the trickiest part. Don’t worry I am there to help you out.

Drop some eyelash glue in a plate or some flat container. Let it be there for 30-40 seconds. This enhances the glue texture now the glue is all set, take the eyelash and apply the glue and stick it on.

Once it is done, grab any one of the previously used mascaras and coat them. Make sure the falsies blend with the original lashes. Then, curl them again.

To add glow to the eyes, grab the same highlighter and highlight the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone. Woah!! Now your eyes are all set to grab everyone’s attention.


No matter how your eye looks, Lips always adds up the look. To get that plumed lips, first of all, exfoliate them with a lip scrub.

Then top it with a lip balm after a few minutes. Apply a lip Plummer and then Line them with a Lipliner. Then cover it up with your fav lipstick.

I prefer going on with a bullet and top it off with a lip gloss. Personally I feel like even though liquid matte has longer staying power.

It gets chapped once you eat and you can’t touch it up. And it is hard to remove the entire lipstick and then reapplying. It all gets hectic.

So better stick on to a bold lipstick and add a gloss. You can always retouch it up whenever you need it. And now your plumed lips are all set to go.

lips makeup for party

Body makeup

Apply good moisturizing body lotion to stay hydrated the entire night. Make sure you drag the foundation to your neck.

Applying makeup on the neck area is important So that the makeup looks all one and natural. Do not ignore this area.

First, define your collar bones by drawing lines with contour. Make lines above and below the collar bones. Blend it properly to give a more realistic look.

Use powder products if you are new to it. Once it is done glimpse the highlight all over your shoulders collar bones and just swirl the brush in your neck.

Highlight the sections you want to give chiseled look. It builds up that glossy and glowy youth full skin. Highlighting gives you a more glamorous look.

This enhances your look as a whole, as you will be in a pretty dress. Shiny party dress with heavy work on it needs to carry on with heavy glowing makeup.

Drape a heavy worked dupatta which is already shining. Body highlight enhances your features and matches your body with your outfit.

Additional tips

No Makeup can equate a glowing skin, make sure you get a good 8-10 hours of sleep the before a night of an event or Wedding.

Never ever match your eyes with your outfit. Don’t go for a monochrome look for weddings. If you are not a fan if Smokey’s eyes, go with simple transition shade and then add shimmer.

Shimmers are perfect for weddings and Go on with bright reds as lip shade. Make sure you wake up 4 hours before If you really wanna do makeup at home. the party so that you don’t have to do things in a hurry.

Don’t wash your hair the same morning. Try to wash it and style it the night before, So that you could touch it up in the morning.

Make sure to use a Serum and a hair Spray this makes your style stay in place. To add volume to your hair go for curls or else straighten it.

Do a proper manicure as well as pedicure the before night or morning.

And grab your touch up kits, Make it as small as possible so that it fits in your clutch. You really don’t want to carry totes to a wedding right??

Just pick a lipstick and a gloss and some compact to set your face if you need to carry an eyeshadow quad.

Don’t forget to spritz your face with a setting spray before you leave. Use a mild fragrance perfumes. Don’t go for bold fragrances

Okay now, you are all ready to rock your day. Do all these and don’t forget to thank me later.

Diy makeup at home

Wedding party makeup for girl kids

Sometimes you need to do your kid’s makeup. Some dresses need cute accessories a little bit of makeup too. You can do some really easy makeup using my tricks at home.

I always suggest keeping your kids aways from makeup. But it is not always easy and the main reasons are their tantrums. Some little girls love doing makeup as their mums do.

Here is some easiest way to do your girl’s makeup quickly and easily.

Start with Prepping

Cleanse face with facewash. Always go with a gentle face wash for kids. And once you are done with it, exfoliate gently.

Take 1 tablespoon of Honey, sprinkle rice-wheat and coconut oil. Scrub your kid’s face. Don’t be harsh on to the skin, do everything slowly and gently.

Wash it off after scrubbing for few seconds. Kids have very soft and sensitive skin. Too much scrubbing or even washing can irritate them.

Now mask the face by mixing Turmeric, gram flour, and water. You can also use milk or yogurt in the place of water.

Apply it on the face and let it dry for 15-20 Minutes. As it is very tough to convince kids for this, you can decrease or increase time accordingly.

Wash face with normal to cold water. Now moisturize the face with their favorite moisturizer. This is really very important step.

If you find it very difficult to do all steps of prep, you can skip scrub and face mask. Just wash the face using a face wash and apply moisturizer properly.

kids makeup at home

Do the Base Makeup at Home 

As your kid’s skin is all prepped, Now let’s move on to base makeup. Start with a primer, apply it all over face and neck areas.

Then apply any good quality light weigh foundation of matching skin tone. You can also use BB/CC cream instead of a foundation.

Concealing is definitely not necessary for kids. You can skip concealer as their skin are so young and free from spots or dark circles. But you can always use concealer if you think there is a need.

Take a generous amount of product and dab it all over making dots. Then blend it very gently without putting any effort. Use a very little product and keep it as simple as you can.

You can use a makeup brush, blender or even your hands if you found it difficult. Just keep in mind you don’t have to rub the product on the skin. Use the dabbing method to blent it properly.

Take a compact powder and apply all over to set your face. This makes your makeup look not greasy and to stay long.

Make your cheeks pink

Once you are happy with the base. Take your favorite pink lipstick and take some on your fingers and rub a little on your cheeks. Blend it into your skin to give a natural yet party look.

This is a trick to do makeup quickly without using lots of makeup products. Kids never stay quiet and doing makeup becomes really very tough. Apply lipstick and use the same lipstick as a blush as well as eye shadow.

You can try this even for your self too, it is really fun. Even I have tried this trick and its a yes for me. You can use your lipstick as a cream blush and it works as a wow.

I will never restrict you to use eyeshadows. If you feel like your kid is quite enough to do all these makeup, just go for it.

makeupe for kids

Create your Favorite Eye look

Now for your eyes, use the same pink lipstick. Apply some lipstick on your eyelid and blend it using your fingers or a brush.

You can definitely go for eyeshades but do this to stay away from complications. This technique will save you time. Your kid will look simple and cute too.

Now time for a liner. Even if you are keeping it simple, you shouldn’t skin eyeliner. It helps enhance the beauty of the eyes and looks gorgeous.

I mostly prefer Glitter liners as it draws attention effortlessly. But you can always opt for the basic black one. Draw a perfect wing out of it.

Grab a kajal and line your lower lash line. Fill the eyebrows by just filling the places which are empty. Tada your eyes are ready.

Kids want rosy Lips

Before starting filling the lips, prepare the lips of the makeup. Take some fine sugar and honey, mix them well. Apply on your kid’s lips and massage gently.

Just do it softly to get rid of dead and chapped lips. Once you are done with it, apply a nice coat of lip balm.

And now pick your kid’s favorite lipstick. Let it be Pink or Red, just apply a good coat of it. If you don’t like applying lipstick, you can use a tinted lip balm instead.

Additional tips for Kids Makeup at Home:

Choose and finalize the dress a week ago, so that you don’t have to do that in a rush. Do your makeup nicely at home.

Finalize all accessories, clutch, and shoes matching the dress. Keep all makeup products ready in advance.

Clean your shoe the before day. Wake up 2-3 hours before the party so that you get a lot of time to get ready. Don’t do anything in a hurry.

Carry a comb, lipstick and a compact always in your clutch. Get good sleep before night. Use a mild fragrance perfume before you leave. That’s it, you are ready for the Party.


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