How to quickly do Makeup in the Morning?

Do you keep on snoozing the alarm every morning? Are you a type of girl who never gets time to do makeup in the morning? I heard you right there.

How to do makeup fast in the morning? Wash your face, apply toner, serum, and moisturizer then do base makeup, dab some powder. Apply eyeliner and lipstick that’s it.

I follow these steps only when I am in a super rush. By the way, I do my makeup in a hurry almost every day. This is not a Party makeup just a daily quick makeup look.

Here are some of the steps that you should follow to get it done quickly. My morning makeup starts with my morning skincare routine. Yes, you heard it right. Even there many ways to look beautiful without makeup.

I give extra attention to skincare rather than makeup. My nighttime skincare is something that helps me a lot to get my makeup done quickly.

Here are some hacks and steps that you should follow to do your morning makeup.

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Skin Care

Getting up late can be an excuse but Skincare shouldn’t be on that list. Even if Makeup is a must, you can skip some steps. But ignoring skincare can be very harmful sometimes.

Do not forget to clean your face and remove all dirt particles from your skin. Tone it, apply serum and then moisturize it well.

The most important step of a skincare routine is to remove makeup properly from your face. Wipe your face and wash it off using face cleanser.

Always remember to follow the perfect Nighttime Skincare routine. Your skin is all ready for the next day and skipping a few steps for makeup wouldn’t matter.

The following day just uses a pre-moisturized wet wipe or wet towel as your skin is all set with the previous night’s pampering.

But never forget a moisturizer, it’s a savior and it makes makeup application easier and even softens your face.

How to do a perfect makeup in the morning?

You should do a perfect base makeup, eye, lips and set it using a setting spray. 

I always count my skincare routine as my makeup step. But apart from skincare here are some basic quick makeup steps. The best part about this is that everyone can try this. You neither need lots of techniques nor lots of products.

  • Base Makeup

“There is no perfect structure without a base”. The same applies to skincare as well. The base makeup is definitely important.

As you need a perfect canvas for painting, your skin needs a perfect base to make it suitable for makeup.

For that perfect base make sure you blend the products properly. For those hurry burry mornings, I mostly prefer BB/CC creams.

Yes, I know it’s difficult to find the perfect shade of BB or CC creams for all skin tones.

But you can always use a Cushion Foundation. According to my WET N WILD makes the best Cushion foundations.

You can always check E-com stores for some amazing offers. But while applying them make sure that you drag the product down to your neck.

This dragging technique gives you a natural look. You can also use a Tinted sunscreen. If you have any scars or pimple or acne mark grab your concealer and dab it on with your ring finger (so that you won’t put so much pressure).

  • Powder for setting it down

In order to make your makeup last longer, set it up with a lightweight compact powder. Make sure to set your T-zone even If you are not a powder person.

Lakme 9-5 Compact is something I have been using for 2 years now. And trust me, I have been loving it ever since and the best part is it is very affordable.

The powder is an important step for me as I have oily skin. It sets up your makeup and also makes your skin looks non-greasy.

Even if it just a simple makeup, apply a generous amount compact. It will give you a matte, perfect finished look. For other options, Maybellene and Purple compact are really good and quite affordable.


  • Add some Colors

Now coming to my favorite part of makeup “Lipsticks”. According to me, Makeup is incomplete without lipstick.

Grab your favorite lipstick and let it kiss your lips. I personally love Maybellene Creamy Matte lipsticks in the shade Lively Violet (it has a hint of purple) and Nude Nuance (for those brown nude lovers).

Both of them are perfect for the college/work area. Now to bring that youthful look dap that extra lipstick on your cheeks and blend it well.

Using the same lipstick draws some strokes on the eyes and blends them to avoid harsh lines. This not only saves time but also gives a put-together look.

Now to add that up, grab a stroke cream or a cream highlighter and blend them together. This gives a natural glow.

Even if you don’t want to get very bold or bright, you can use nude colors. For me, lipstick is something that completes my makeup.

Most of the time when I am getting late, I apply BB cream, eyeliner and my lipstick that’s it. I use lipstick as blush and sometimes eyeshadow too.

Lipstick is really a must-have makeup product. Choose your favorite color and paint your lips.

  • Define your eyes

Eyebrows can change or break the look. Yep, indeed it takes a hell lot of time, for that just take a spooly and brush your brows or use an Eyebrow tint.

I haven’t tried one yet, but have heard so much about ETUDE HOUSE EYEBROW TINT. It stays for almost 4-5 days. And now take the same lipstick you used and apply it on your eyes and blend them with your fingers.

Winged liner ain’t a good choice for late runners, Better stick on to a kajal. I personally like NYKAA EYEM BOLD KAJAL.

This stays almost an entire day and it is smudge-proof, then take your mascara and for that, I prefer Maybellene Hyper Curl or Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, It adds volume, lengthens your lashes. If you like bold eyes then add 2-3 coats of it and TADA you are ready with your eyes.

  • Set your look for a long run

Setting your entire face is important if you are getting for long go. As I  mostly use cream-based products, It’s important for me to set my face.

I  prefer Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner to Setting Sprays. It gives instant freshness and a glow plus a beautiful fragrance. It gives a dewy finish and also makes your makeup last for an entire day.

Generally, I skip or forgot about setting my makeup. But I never leave it if I need it to stay for longer.

What can be the alternatives to blending?

As you all know that blending the most important step of perfect makeup. If you are not comfortable with blending in a rush, you can go with powder products.

For this stick on to one eye shadow palette that includes all pinks and nudes and highlighting shades. It helps you to save a lot of time.

I personally prefer the Makeup revolution reloaded palette in the shade Neutrals 2.

This palette contains those basic brown and pink nude and some good collection of shimmers, which you can probably use as a blush, eye shadow and also for your highlights.

Is using your hand is better than using a brush for makeup?

No, absolutely not. Never make the mistake of blending your foundation/bb /cc cream with your bare hands. It doesn’t give you the perfect coverage. This ultimately leads to the usage of too many products and gives an uneven look.

I always prefer a Beauty Blender or a flat kabuki brush. You can also use the same brush for applying powder, by just dabbing off the excess is a key.

This doesn’t mean that you can not or you should never apply foundations using your fingers. Even I personally have done it.

Yes, you heard it right. You can definitely use your fings but keep in mind it can never be the perfect one. I have heard many people though that there is no difference between base makeup application using brush/blender or bare hands.

But, it is really the biggest myth. You should try and check both the methods of doing makeup. You will realize a huge difference in your skin texture.

And yeas you can use your fingers if it is necessary or in a hurry.

What are some multiuse makeup products?

Mostly use multi-use products, so that it can save a lot of time like using a lipstick as a blush and eye shadow. And for these use a creamy matte lipstick. Maybellene creamy lipsticks are a blessing.

The formula is very good as it is a creamy matte it doesn’t dry up your lips and also good as a blush. You can also use the same blush for the cushion foundation and compact. If you prefer bronzer to brush you can apply it as an eye shadow too.

This gives that all nude and bronzed look. There is no specific rule for makeup you can always multiuse products, It saves a lot of time and you don’t need to carry a lot of products to touch up in the middle of the day.

Organize all your makeup products

Organizing makeup products are indeed important so you will know where the products are rather than digging them and searching around in the morning.

And most important is to arrange your morning skincare and makeup products separately. Stick on to the same base makeup every day, so that you will get used to it which helps to speed up the process eventually.

Follow your nighttime skincare

Make sure to make a detailed skincare routine at night. This gives you soft smooth skin in the morning. Moisturizing is key for good skin. No matter what your skin type is, you have to moisturize your face.

Just find the perfect moisturizer for your skin type. My skin is a bit dry and I need to give extra moisturization to it. For me, moisturizing skin is a real pampering.

Cleanse your skin, apply toner. Then apply night serum followed by your favorite moisturizer. This is what basic skincare looks like.

There are lots of steps and products you can apply to your skin. Lots of skincare steps are there to follow. But the above-mentioned steps are the basic ones.

Extra tips to follow

If your skin is good, you don’t need to do so much makeup in the morning. Take shower mostly in the night so that you can save a lot of time. Never ever try new products or new looks in the morning.

On a regular day basis no college/work area expects that chiseled face, just add some colors to spice your look. Stick on to the same base every day.

If you feel like it’s boring to have the same look every day you can always change lip color, you can also add color kajal depending upon your mood and the day ahead.

But make sure to search them and organize them the night and always make sure that you carry a toner with you (which you used to set you to face) Make sure you get your 6-8 hours of beauty sleep every day.

Well, that’s all I got for you today.

How long does it take you to do makeup in the morning?

It takes only 20 to 30 minutes to do makeup in the morning. I basically avoid doing heavy makeup for office or daily look.

BB cream, eyeliner, and lipsticks are some of the makeup products that I usually apply. I don’t need lots of products to get ready in the morning.

Whereas, it takes 1-2 hrs to get my makeup and hair done occasionally. Blending makeup products properly is an important thing.

Apply makeup and take your time to blend it completely to look natural not very dramatic. Everyone loves the no-makeup look and it’s the toughest one.

Try to take extra care of your skin instead of makeup. Beautiful skin takes much less time and makeup as compared to unhealthy skin.

Do not forget your morning and nighttime skincare routine. Always do base makeup before the final makeup application.

Always apply face primer before applying heavy makeup. It forms a layer between your skin and makeup products.

Never forget to remove makeup before going to bed. Follow your nighttime skincare routine even if you haven’t applied makeup on your face.

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