How is Green Tea good for you? Health, hair and Skin (FAQ)

Green tea an awesome healthy drink. Today we’ll discuss everything about green tea. Generally, tea is a beverage people drink all over the globe, which not that useful at all. Although excess intake of tea can cause a severe digestion problem and can lead to drastic gastric problems. Indigestion, Acidity, and sleeplessness are the few problems that can be caused due to a heavy dose of this beverage.

But, Wait! Green-Tea is not the same. Before you decide to quit your green/herbal tea or switch to another alternative, let me explain clearly. The Greens tea is way far different than ordinary tea.
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What is green tea?

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverage on our planet. A healthy, refreshing drink that keeps your active whole day. It is loaded with a lot of goodness in it. This beverage is having antioxidants and nutrients in it which has a great effect on the human body.

Green tea helps in reducing extra weight easily. Promotes heart health and also helpful in lowering blood pressure. It is also reported that green tea is helpful in reducing the risk of Type2 diabetes. It has much more goodness in it.

Before further talking about green teas, I must say- even if it is full of goodness, excess intake (doing) of anything is not good. Let me share a recent incident with you all.

How people take it:

About a month ago I met a woman, we talked for about an hour. She is one of my relatives. I come to know that she is not happy with her life and wanted to know her more. We had a good healthy talk but between every topic, she uses to criticize her body. I guess she not happy with her body and that the main problem behind her sorrow. We talked again and I ask her to take green tea daily and do some exercise as she is overweight. Then I got surprised after listening to her that she is already taking green tea on a daily basis. It’s been 2 years, she is still taking green tea-5-6 cups a day.

OMG! 5-6 cups a day? Is it normal? Absolutely not. Drinking or eating habits should be under our control. If you are drinking green on this much amount and you can`t miss it a single day. This is also an alarming situation indicating that you are addicted. And this may be caused due to caffeine presented in the green tea.

There are a numerous amount of peoples out there wondering why their green tea not working. And the only answer I am having is that you are not taking it in a proper manner. The process of taking the health beverage is not ok. Something is not working. You only have to judge your self- are you really doing justice with that or not? This is all you need to do and then switch your habits instead of your tea.

What happens if you drink green tea every day?

There are several results you are also listening daily here and there. The social media is flooded with the number of peoples claiming they are having the best results of green tea. Some of the outcomes are common to all of them, but you have to do with that. You have nothing to do but analyze by yourself. Here are some of the effects of green-tea.

  • Prevent inflammation and swelling
  • Lessen joint degeneration
  • Protects cartilage between bones
  • Fight Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infections
  • Helps in reducing Cervical dysplasia (How? Not proven yet!)
  • Protect the heart and blood vessels
  • Lower body fat or cholesterol
  • Reduce the risk of clogged arteries
  • Reduce the risk of developing endometrial cancer
  • Controls low blood pressure
  • Relief in oral leukoplakia
  • Increases bone mineral density (helps is osteoporosis)
  • Lower risk of developing flu.

these are the good effects of green tea when taking by mouth. Today we will talk about green tea benefits and side effects.

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What are the side effects of green tea?

Although these tea are good for health, cause some side effects if taken an excessive dose. If you are drinking these tea daily I will recommend you not to exceed 2 yrs limit. Don`t make it your habit or addiction. It is working for you is a great thing and if it`s not then it is not gonna work for you. Read below if even now you are thinking that “can drinking it be harmful?”

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Anemia
  • Bleeding disorder
  • Cause irregular heartbeat
  • Lievre disease
  • Osteoporosis (weak bones)
  • Digestion problem and constipation

These disorders get worse if taken an overdose of green tea. Most of these problems don`t cause due to green tea intake. The only way to avoid all this is to take a safe amount of the beverage.

Now, I know your mind is generating so many more questions regarding this. Another important question in your mind is-

How to drink green tea? 

 These are the most common question by you regarding natural tea and all these are the same question. There is nothing like a strict dose to follow. Nothing is like if you don`t follow you will die. The thing is that if you drink this excessively it will be a problem for you.

when to drink green tea morning or night?

There is no fixed time for this but I will recommend you to drink your first cup in the morning just after leaving your bed. take it empty stomach and try not to eat anything for at least half an hour. The morning after you woke up to take a warm cup of Green-tea just before Yoga or Exercise (without sugar).

After your morning Green tea, you can drink it whenever you want. Take a cup of green tea while having your lunch or after lunch. It will work best if you will follow a healthy diet plan along with it. Do not eat biscuits or fried snacks with it. eat fruits and blanched veggies (salad) instead.

How many cups of green-tea should you drink a day to lose weight? 

How many cups of green tea a day? I will strictly recommend you not to drink it more than 4cups a day,2-3 cups a day is enough for a normal person. It is enough for an average person. Make your own schedule at your own convenience. Never miss your morning green herbal tea as it is most useful for your health.

Don`t depend solely on your green tea, do some work out if you are suffering from excess body fat. Drink sufficient amount of water and green tea along with a strict diet and some exercise if the problem is getting bigger (fat).

“Nature can give you Inner beauty”

For those who don`t like the ordinary flavors, I am giving a Green tea flavors list:

  • Matcha

Matcha herbal tea is a powdered herbal tea loaded with a lot of goodness. It helps in improving concentration and aids Weight loss.

  • Mint

Mint Green natural tea is rich in the essential refreshing aroma, starts your morning with a refreshment. It is a leafy Green tea helps to boost energy level, uplift your mood and improves digestion also.

  • Tulasi

We all are already familiar with the Ayurvedic medicinal properties of Tulasi. It provides relief in cold & cough, reduces stress, boosts stamina, strengthens immunity and improves digestion and metabolism.

  • Chamomile

This is one of the most loved Green flavored tea, flavored with delicate Chamomile flowers. Chamomile green tea is a good sleep inducer.

  • Jasmine

We all love the sweet smell of Jasmine and the unique sweet fragrance makes it a one of the high-quality green tea. This is Loved by all green tea lover as this is useful in curing arthritis, regulating blood pressure and relieve stress.

  • Honey Lemon

This is my favorite, I love to take this Honey lemon green tea in the morning. This is an awesome stress buster and makes my day. If you are going to try green first time in your life then you should try this one first and I am sure you are going to love this.

We have talked about a lot of things about drinking green tea. Now, let`s talk about how can we use green tea for the face. Yes! Apart from drinking, green tea can also be used for skin care.

What is the best time to drink green tea for a flat tummy?

Morning and evening is the best time to drink green tea for a flat tummy. Do some easy exercises and workout daily for the desired result.

Along with all these make sure your diet is also good. Having a balanced diet is also important for losing weight. Include fruits, green vegetables, nuts, and beans into your diet. Cut down the fried foods intake. Drinks lots of water and eat green leafy vegetables as much as you can.

Which is the best time to drink green tea?

you can drink your teas as your convenience but morning and evening are believed to be the best time for it. 1 cut in empty stomach in the morning and another cup in the evening is recommended. But if you are drinking 3 cups a day make sure you are not eating anything just after or before. Wait for at least half an hour then eat anything.

Schedule your daily work and Gree-tea time. Do not overdo anything, 3 cups a day is more than enough. I generally recommend 2 cups of green- tea along with some easy exercises (you can just walk every day for an hour).

Is there any visible effect of applying green-tea on the skin?

Yes! It has a lot of visible effects on your skin. At first, let`s take a look at what are the benefits of green tea if applying on face.

  • Helps in treating oily skin
  • Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Removes Dead Skin cells (act as an exfoliator)
  • Eliminate Acne and Blackhead
  • Reduce eye puffiness (swelling)
  • Lightens skin tone
green tea
Make Your Morning Good with a Healthy Cup of Herbal Tea

How can we use Green-Tea for the face?

You can apply green tea on your skin in so many different ways. It can be applied as a Skin toner, Face wash, and face pack also. I am giving you some of the easiest and useful ways of applying green tea on the face. You can call it our (your and my) secret shortcut recipe.

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  • Fresh instant Green tea wash

This is the most simple and also effective way of using green tea. If you are taking a readymade green tea bag then you can use it even after use. You can reuse your tea bag after 1 dip. Drink your green tea but take out your tea bag and put directly on your face, on cheek skin, under eyes or anywhere you want. Use the warm tea bag it will be more useful as it will get absorbed quickly.

If are drinking homemade or powdered green tea even you can use it, apply your green tea using cotton on your face. If possible use warm tea or even you can use chilling cold.

  • Green Facemask

Tea + Aloe Vera

Mix your liquid green tea with a little Aloe Vera and apply directly to your facial skin. You can also use leafy green tea. After making your green tea stir it and use the residue of leaves. Mixt leaves with fresh Aloe Vera pulp or use readymade aloe Vera gel. After applying, leave it for 15-20 mins and then rinse with cold water. Now, look at your skin texture and complexion. It is glowing and seems fairer.

Tea + rice flour

Take a little rice flour (2-3 tbs) mix with liquid green tea. Apply on your face. Leave it dry for 20-30 mins then rinse with cold water.

Tea+ Clay (Multani mitti)

Multani mitti (white clay) helps in skin tightening and makes your skin smoother. The mixing process of Multani mitti and tea is the same as rice flour and green herbal tea.

  • Green Scrub

Sugar + Tea

Use leafy green natural tea for making your DIY (Homemade) scrub. Add some pinches of sugar with the leaves and apply on to the skin. Massage gently as you scrub your face. Massage of 3-5 mints and wash with child water or use ice cubes to massage after.

Dry orange peel + Tea

Peel of some oranges. Collect all of the peels and put it to dry in the sun for some days. After it dries, grind the peels into cores powder. Mix it with your green tea whenever you want to scrub your face. You can also use it as a mask.

It`s not done even now, I have something left to share with you about herbal tea. The thing is the benefits of green herbal tea for hair. We have talked a lot about the effects of green tea on our health and on our skin. Hair should not be left, it will we injustice.

I know what you are thinking right now. Greens tea and hairs? Yes! It is an odd concept for hair care but it works surprisingly.

Benefits of green – tea for hair

  • Adds unique shine to the hair
  • Fight hair loss
  • Helps in removing Dandruff
  • Reduce scalp itching

You can buy hair care products from your nearby market that contains herbal tea in it. Green herbal tea shampoo, hair mask, and oil. You can but all of your hair care product from the market.

If you want, you can make your own DIY green herbal tea hair mask or use your tea for a hair pack. At the last of this post, I am giving you my secret of natural hair care.

My hair care routine

I wash my hair 2-3 times I a week and do complete hair care process once in a week. First of all

  • Oil your hair. warm up Coconut oil or any other oil you like.
  • massage the oil for 5-10 min
  • Dip your towel in warm water
  • You can use green for dipping your towel
  • now cover your head with the warm towel ( it will help oils to be absorbed)
  • wrap the towel and keep it as it is for 15 mints
  • again rinse it and dip in warm (tea water) water
  • wrap it as you din early
  • do this 4- 5 times
  • wash your hairs with any herbal shampoo
  • after wash apply conditioner
  • at last, rinse your hair with herbal tea water

This is all about green natural tea. The process of using a warm towel is extremely essential. It helps oils to be absorbed in the scalp/ hair roots completely.

use green tea for face

how to use green tea for acne? drink green tea every day to reduce acne.

Bad Digestion is the biggest reason for breakouts. Green tea improves the immune system and helps improving digestion.

Drinking green tea regularly reduces excess sebum production which is another reason for acne. Just dring 1-2 cups green tea every day. Taking it in the morning is recommended.

You can drink your green tea every morning or evening. you can add Honey to it if you wish a change in the taste.

How to use green tea for dark circles?

how to use green tea bags for dark circles? Take two used green tea bags or just use cotton pads/ balls. Make your morning green tea, put the tea bags in the refrigerator. If you are using cotton balls then just dip it into the green tea and let it freeze.

After a few hours take them out and put on your eyes. press it gently using your fingers and massage the dark circle area. After massaging 3-5 minutes you can apply moisturizer and eye cream.

Using warm tea bags are also helpful in reducing dark circles.  Make apply warm green tea on the dark circle area. Make sure it is not too hot.

can we use a green tea bag twice

yes, you can use your green tea bags twice. But it is not recommended to reuse the tea bags as it contains the risk of getting dirt and bacteria if not kept properly.

Although reusing tea bags twice doesn’t result in any serious problems. but You may observe the change in color, taste, and flavor of the tea.

Tea bags loose flavor and taste after the first use, this is why it is adviced not to reuse it. If you are ok with the light color and taste then it will be totally fone for you.

Just keep in mind to store the used tea bags in a clean air-tight container. I’ll recommend you to put it in a glass or cut with some water in it.  Dip the tea bag and put it in the refrigerator. Don’t forget to take it out and leave it for some minutes before use. Add boiled water to the water in which green tea bag is kept.

how to use green tea extract

Green tea extracts are available in three forms the market in liquid, Capsule, and Powder.  you can drink liquid extract by diluting it with water. If you are using powder just add it to your smoothie or similar drinks. 

The recommended dose of Green tea extract is 250-500 mg per day. This amount is equal to the 3-4 cups of green tea.

Adding extract to your food and drink is all your choice. But juice, water, and smoothies are commonly used to dilute and to intake green tea extract.

You can find a wide range of green tea extract on Amazon.

In my view, taking green tea extract capsule is much easier than the other two forms. Capsules can be easily swallowed without even tase. You can drink it with warm water or normal juice.

There are many benefits of taking green tea extracts-

  • Boosts antioxidant capacity
  • healthy skin and glowing skin
  • can promote Heart health
  • Improve Liver health
  • lower blood sugar level
  • Reduce the stress level
  • may help you to reduce weight
  • good for Brain
  • Also proved good for reducing cancer risk

how to use green tea powder

For making your powder green tea – take 1-2tbs to the powder tea. Sift in a tea bowl using a small sifter. Add warm water still quickly. Do not boil water too much. Just 20z warm water will be the best for making green tea. Whisk your tea well to turn frothy. Your green tea is ready, enjoy right from the bowl.

Another way of making green tea from powder is to make the powder paste first. take sifted 1-2 tbs of green tea powder. Add a few drops of warm water and mix to form a paste.

put the paste into your cup and pour water from a higher distance to form a froth. Stir with the help of a spoon and enjoy your green tea.

You can also add few drops of lemon juice or just add a slice of lemon into the green tea. Lemon will add a fresh flavor to your tea.

Can I reuse green tea leaves?

Yes, you can reuse your green tea leaves. But if you are asking about using the green tea leaves for drinking, you should not reuse it for drinking purpose.

As wet leaves are more prone to fostering pathogens. Which is not good for your health and always advise to use fresh leaves every time you make tea for yourself.

The most important reason why you should not reuse your green tea leaf- the first reason is that it loses its flavor, taste, and color also. Even the goodness of green tea also gets lost.

If you are using the previous wet leaves, again and again, there is nothing good in that. And if you haven’t stored the used leaves in a clean and safe container, you may fall sick.

If you don’t want to throw it away after use, you can do many things with the used green tea leaves apart from drinking.

How can I reuse loose green tea leaves? You can simply make a paste of it and mix it with your face pack or can directly apply as a face pack. This face pack will help you fight acne, reduce excess oil, remove tan and also improves skin tone.

You can also use left green tea leaf for reducing the unwanted odor of your refrigerator. You just have to do one thing, put the wet used tea leaves in the sun. Let it dry completely and then put it into your fridge.

You can do many DIY things with used green tea leaves such as making skin toner or make eye cream to remove dark circles by adding aloe vera get to it.

how to use green tea for skin whitening?

For skin whitening, add green tea to your face pack or make a face pack out of it.

  • Take 1-2 tbs or rice-wheat in a bowl
  • Make green tea, take 2 -3tbs of it and pour in a bowl
  • AddAloe Vera Gel
  • Pour a few drops of lemon juice

Mix the ingredients well and apply on your face. Let it dry for 15- 20 minutes. Apply green tea and lemon juice on the face making the dried face mask wet again. You can also use normal water but green tea will work best.

After the mask getting wet again, massage your face with the fingers. Let the face pack come off and wash your face with warm water (not too hot).

Apply this DIY face pack at least twice a week for the desired result. This face pack will reduce excess oil and brightens up the skin tone.

how to use green tea for acne

Make Green tea +Gram flour face pack for eliminating unwanted acne.

  • Take 1-2 tbsp of gram flour
  • add a pinch of turmeric
  • few drops of Honey
  • pour warm green tea in it

Mix the ingredients together. And apply on to the face directly and let it dry. after 15- 20 minutes wash your face.

For the best result, you can make a paste of green tea leaves and add it to the mixture.

how to use green tea for weight loss

For losing some weight you have to take at least 2 cups of green tea along with some easy exercise.

Depending solely on green tea is not going to work for you. You should drink 1 cup of green tea in the morning and take another cut in the evening.

Do simple exercise at your home like crunches, squats, planks and never miss your morning walk or jogging.

how to use green tea to reduce belly fat? Drink 2 cups of green tea every day. Avoid eating processed foods, junks and fried. 

Green tea will speed up your metabolism and help you to lose weight even by doing a simple exercise. drink green tea empty stomach and do crunches regularly especially side and twist crunches. These exercises are easy to do and giving only 20 minutes will be enough for you.

use of green tea for hair loss

Green-tea aids hair growth. It gives nourishment and eliminates scalp infections. Drinking green fresh tea results healthy skin as well as hairs along with many health benefits. You can simply wash your hair with green tea and leave it for 20-30 minutes and the shampoo.

Doing this will reduce scalp infection, dandruff and also remove itching. It will soothe your scalp and give nourishment to the root and scalp. This is the easiest way to apply green tea to the hair. For making this you can reuse the used tea bag.

The Second way – take 2 tablespoons of castor oil/ olive oil or coconut oil. Heat the oil in a small pan and put the green tea leaf in it. Let it boil until the leaves get burned. If you are using tea bags, cut the bag and take out the tea out of it then use it.

strain the oil and apply after cooling it. This oil will help you fight dry scalp problem, cure scalp infections and promote hair growth. I’ll recommend you to apply this hair oil before bed and wash your hair in the morning.

can I drink green-tea while pregnant?

Yes, you can drink green tea while keeping a few things in your mind. Drinking green tea is nothing bad, there is no such official advice. But you should drink it in a limit.

As we all know green tea contains caffeine and too much of it may harm you or your baby during pregnancy. if you are pregnant, never exceed the limit of 200mg caffeine a day. this 200 mg should include all type of drinks and foods that contain caffeine.

One or two cups a day will be ok for you. It has antioxidants, a chemical compound that prevents cell damage, improves heart health and also helps lowering blood pressure.

Do not drink too much tea in a single day. As it reduces the folic acid and can cause neural tube defect in babies. Although the risk is very low, it is always better to be careful.

can drink green-tea while breastfeeding?

yes, you can drink 2-3 cups a day during breastfeeding.  As we all know it contains caffeine and too much of caffeine can be harmful to you during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Do not exceed the limit of 200 mg of caffeine a day while pregnant. And 300mg will be enough for you while breastfeeding. Do not exceed this limit.

Taking Green tea is not always a good option for new mothers. Too much of it may increase caffeine content in the body and can be harmful to both mothers as well as an infant. lightly steeped 3 cups of green tea a day will be more than enough for you.

how these ideas worked for you. What are your experiences and suggestions? let me know all about your like and dislike by commenting on below. Do share this post with your friends and family if you found this helpful. Stay tuned for more useful posts, until the- “stay happy and Stay beautiful” Because you are Beautiful. 


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