DIY Eye care Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Eyes

Eyes! Most beautiful gift from God to us, Eyes not only helps us to see the entire world but also helps us to express our feelings, thoughts, and mood without using a single word. Beautiful and Healthy eyes are the Most precious gift we have. It is the most important sense organ as we sense anything at first by seeing it- It enables us to admire this beautiful world. we all know the importance of our eyes. No one can imagine this world without Eyes that’s why this is also important to know everything about the wellness of our eyes.

It is really important to maintain your eyesight throughout your life, and it is not really tough to maintain it. For Beautiful and Healthy Eyes, we can care and nourish them by doing super simple and easy steps. By doing these simple steps we can maintain our eyesight for long.

The most Beautiful eyes are those who see everything with love and compassion.

Before doing anything and buying a huge number of eye care products, STOP! Here I have the very simple thing to do for the wellness of your eyes and is no cost. You should know about how to care of eyes daily so that you can get Beautiful eyes with a healthy eyesight. And I am here to help you out of all of your eye problems.

So let’s start the process of Improving Eyesight First then we will talk about the beauty because the wellness of our eyes is our first priority and after getting that we will work upon enhancing our Eye beauty.

Few simple exercises for our Eyes

Beautiful and Healthy Eyes

We all know the importance of body Exercise in today’s busy life schedule but we always forgot about our eyes. Exercising our eyes is one of those simple things that very few people do. As the use of Mobile Phones and Computers increasing day by day the eyesight problems getting common and this is not only in old age people but also in youngsters and even in children.

Top 10 Exercises for Beautiful Eyes

Here are 10 exercises that will take you no more than 10minutes to do, You can try these while you are reading this Post

  1. Blink quickly and Blink for a minute- This Regulates blood circulation inside your eyes, Take your time and let’s began now. Blinking is an excellent way to relax your eyes. It helps clean your eyes, grease them and give them a break from light. If you don’t blink your eyes frequently it becomes dry and leads to inflammation and poor vision. Keep blinking (keep opening and closing your eyes) for a minute without straining them. Do this regularly and develop a habit of frequent blinking. This practice is really working for those who do works that needs lots of attention.
  2. Staring ahead while rotating your head- You need to move your head in a circular motion while staring ahead. Try to look straight and rotate your head in circular motion, slowly turn your head Left to Right and then up to down while looking straight. You can do this for 25-30 sec but it depends totally on how much free time you have. You can do this as much time as you want. Try this now, there is no time to start to do this now and develop a habit to do this daily.
  3. Gaze Right and left- again you can do this exercise 30-60 sec. Start! Look to your right and then slowly move your gaze to you your left. Keep in mind- you should do this really slowly while inhaling. Take your time and Look Right without moving your head and then slowly move your gaze to Left but without stressing it. Be comfortable and do to the extent you can do don’t try to do any of these exercise stressfully.
  4. Close your eyes and relax- you only have to do that Close your eyes slowly and sit back. Now think about your happy moments and your pleasant feature. You can think any good thing that makes you feel happy. In this exercise, it is important to relax your eyelids completely just think about the things you love to do and it will become most wonderful exercise for you. It is important to relax your eyes for at least 35 seconds.
  5. Gaze different directions- Now move your gaze slowly in different directions and you can do it is circular, oval or any way you like. It improves all aspects of your visual perceptions. It is suitable for both near sight problem and far sight problems. You should move your gaze in different directions. First Look to your left for 5seconds and then to your right for another 5sec. Next, up to down for 5 seconds each. After that move your eyes in a circular motion and do this for 10 sec. Then draw different Shapes or you can Draw different alphabets like big “A”, “B” or “C” or anything. Besides all, do it slowly for 10 seconds- Don,t stress your eyes.
  6. Slow Blinking- this exercise helps relax your eye muscles and improve blood circulation which is really important for improving vision. Slowly close your eyes tight for 5-8 sec and now open them. Do this again and again at least 8- 10 times.

Everything you should try for Beautiful and Healthy Eyes

  1. Pushing your temples- yeah! Name of this exercise will confuse you bit little. You have to do very simple things with the help of your fingers. Place your fingers on to the curvy area above your ears and on the sides of both of your eyes. Just press the Curvy area (Temples) with the help of your fingers slowly. This exercise improves the flow of intraocular fluid. Slightly push against your Temples and maintain the pressure for around 2-3 seconds. Do this for at least 4-5 times.
  2. Geometric Gaze- keep your head straight and try to draw different geometric figures using your gaze, just gaze in the manner you are drawing figures by gazing only. Try to make figures like Triangle, Square, circles and all different figures slowly and then try to make figures that are a bit difficult to draw like trapezium and parallelepiped.
  3. Draw figures with your eyeballs – sit wherever you are comfortable and close your eyes slowly, take your time and try to do this very slowly. Now, move your eyeballs upward and downward. Repeat this process of moving your eyeballs up and down for 5-10 times.
  4. Strengthening Focus- this will help you to strengthen ear and far focusing. sin in a chair or stand straight in front of a wall place your thumb about 10 inches far from your face and focus on it for 10-15 seconds you can also do this by placing an object 10-20 feet in front of you without moving your head and again Do this very slowly for 10-15 seconds. After 10- 15 seconds focus again on your thumb. Do this 6-8 times regularly and you will see the results.

Only By doing these super easy and simple exercises regularly you will see the results within a week. But for the great result please do these exercises and if you are unable to get extra time then try to get time when you are on your work or you are in front of your PC and doing your work. Take a few second’s rests and do these exercises one by one.

Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Eyes

Beautiful and Healthy Eyes

Now let’s talk about your Eye beauty- after improving your eyesight you have to do a very few things for your eyes to look more beautiful. As you know you are Beautiful, you don’t need to do so much with your face just enhance your eye’s beauty and you will be the most attractive lady in your world.

  • Wash our eyes regularly with cold water
  • Wipe it slowly, never rub your eyes even if it’s itching
  • Put few drops of rose water if it feels itchy
  • You can put aloe Vera pulp for cooling and lightening (dark circles) your skin near your eyes
  • You can use cucumber piece if Aloe Vera is not available, you have to stay like this for only 10-15 minutes
[NOTE: Try to eat a spoon full of Fresh Aloe Vera pulp as it helps to increase our eyesight and keeps blood pressure under control and also keeps our digestive system fit and cool]
  • After the process of putting Aloe Vera, wipe your eyes slowly and gently
  • Apply your eye makeup primer if you want to do simple makeup
  • But I will prefer you to use only Kajal, a thin stroke of your liner and a light Mascara if you are doing it as daily makeup.
  • Wallah! You are looking gorgeous even without any makeup “Your Eyes are smiling”

You have the most beautiful and healthy eyes- They deserve more for your personality so judge yourself. Have you tried these exercises and beauty tips? How did they work for you? Let me know by commenting and by contacting me. Thanks, For now, stay tuned for more detailed and useful Posts…


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