Home Remedies for Glowing Skin in 10 days

If your skin is dull, dark and ugly, this is a perfect stop for you. As I am gonna give you a complete combo of getting glowing skin in just 10 days. These habits and remedies will help you to get naturally healthy glowing skin along with a healthy body.

Get ready for the 10 day’s life-changing task. This is going to be fun for you, so don’t think about dieting, tough exercise or anything that you hate doing. You’ll do only what you love doing.

I am gonna share my secret recipe, my diet, exercises and lots more. Along with all these, I’ll answer most frequently asked questions about the related topic.

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This post Includes:

  • My secret juice of glowing skin.
  • Secret Face Pack.
  • foods
  • Easy Exercised
  • And some really useful tips

Drink for Glowing Skin:

For making this secret drink you’re gonna need – a pan, strainer, 2 glasses of drinking water, fresh Aloe Vera leaf, a bunch of mint leaf, 1 small Tomato and Lemon & ‘Honey’ (optional ).


Before starting with the recipe, let me clear the quantity. We’re preparing 2 glasses of juice that you have to drink twice a day for at least 10 days. As a result, you’re going to get glowing skin naturally beautiful & healthy skin.

  • Take a pan
  • Pour 2 & half glasses of water into it
  • Put the pan on the stove and let the water boil
  • Now wash the freshly picked bunch of mint leaf
  • Put the mint leaf into the boiling water
  • Cover the pan with the lid
  • Cut the tomato into 4 pieces
  • Put all 4 pieces into the pan and cover it
  • Let it boil for another 2-3 minutes
  • Switch off the stove and let the water cool a2-3 minutes
  • Strain the water in another container
  • Take out the tomato pieces and mint leaf and store in the fridge
  • Cut the fresh Aloe Vera leaf and scoop out the Aloe Vera pulp
  • Put the pulp in the grinder and grind for a minute
  • Pour the strained water into the grinder and grind again
  • Make sure the water is not hot while grinding
  • Your secret drink is ready to consume
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice if you want a lemon freshness
  • Also, add honey if it tastes bitter to you

You have to take this drink twice a day. Drinking in the morning is the most important. Take it on an empty stomach and do not eat anything for at least 15-20 minutes.

*You can all orange juice in place of lemon and ‘honey.’ It will give you a fresh tangy taste and act as a natural sweetener. You just have to pour a little more orange as compared to lemon juice in it.

How can I make my face glow at home?

You’re going to get a glowing face at your home in just 10 days. You have to drink and apply a natural homemade face pack that’s it.

So, you have to take the Miracle drink for glowing skin (given above) two times a day for at least 10 days. You can reduce the amount after that.

Along with the internal treatment, it is very important to treat your skin from outside also, to get a quick result. And that’s why I am giving you the secret recipe of my face pack for skin glow.


‘Aloe Vera gel’, Tomatoes and mint leaves (use the leftover that you strained during making the drink above), Yoghurt, Honey and a pinch of Turmeric.


Mix all the ingredients together, Grind if you are using fresh Aloe Vera, mint and tomato. You can also use the fresh Aloe Vera pulp or can just use any readymade Aloe Vera gel available in the market.

*Quick Tip: Use 1 tbsp. of the mix, you have prepared for the juice.

  • Mash the tomatoes and meant leaves.
  • You can simply grind all the ingredients together in the grinder. So, you’ll get even textured paste.
  • Apply a thick layer of the mix to your skin
  • Leave it for 15- 20 minutes
  • Meanwhile, set back on your couch and relax
  • You can put cucumber slices onto the eyes (if you like)
  • Relax and take rest for 15-20 minutes
  • Wash your face using cold water
  • Give your face a nice cooling Ice massage
  • Pat dry and feel the softness

You have to apply this face pack every alternate day. For instance, if you have applied it today, skin tomorrow. Apply day after tomorrow then skip the next day. You have to apply this pack 5 days out of10 days.

glowing oily skin

Home Remedies for Glowing skin for oily skin?

For oily skin, you should add lemon, yogurt, orange juice or orange peel to your face pack. All these ingredients are acidic in nature and are good for removing excess unwanted oils from your skin.

You can make Orange peel face pack at home which is really good for oily skin. I feel like the simplest and the most common gram flour face pack is the best for removing greasiness from your skin.

  • Take 2 tbsp. of gram flour
  • Add yogurt, you can also add milk instead
  • A pinch of turmeric
  • Add orange peel, or lemon juice or you can even add orange juice
  • Aloe Vera is a life savior ingredients for skin (add)
  • Mix it all together well
  • Apply to your skin
  • Leave for 15 minutes
  • Wet your hands
  • Sprinkle some water to your face
  • Now gently remove the pack by wiping off using your hands
  • Do not rub vigorously
  • If it is tough for you, just wash it off using cold water

Apply this face pack regularly to see the result. It will help to remove greasiness, clean pores tighten skin, and removes wrinkles and skin aging signs.

How to make dry skin fair and glowing?

You can make your skin fairer and glowing at home even if it is dry, just by applying the right face pack. Dry skin needs special care and nourishment, as it gets damaged easily.


Aloe Vera Gel and honey are the most important ingredients for dry skin type. Honey moisturizes and gives a natural glow t the skin. However, Aloe Vera hydrates and repairs the damaged skin. It also helps to cure other skin problems and soothes your skin.

You’ll need – Aloe Vera gel, Honey, Olive oil (or any essential face oil) and milk.


  • Take a bowl put Aloe Vera gel into it, I prefer natural fresh one.
  • 2 tablespoon of milk
  • Half tablespoon of honey
  • Few drops of Olive oil or any face essential oil
  • You can add gram flour or clay for the thick sticky consistency
  • Mix all the ingredients together well
  • Apply to your skin
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse your face using normal or cold water

Massage your face while wet you can apply face oil or moisturizer for massaging. Do not use warm water or any soap for at least 1 hour.

This pack with add natural oils to your skin and also give hydration to it. Your skin will start repairing and glowing naturally.

glowing dry skin

How to make Dry skin glow naturally at home?

Drink lots of water, Apply Aloe Vera gel and Honey and also try to apply essential face oils to your skin.

You can simply apply coconut oil or Olive oil to your skin whenever it feels dry and flakey. Keep applying the above-given face pack for a quick desired result.

Along with the face pack, face oil you should drink the juice I have given above for at least 10 days.

  • Do not wash your face too much.
  • Avoid hot water bath
  • Take Aloe Vera Mint juice 2 times a day
  • Do not use harsh soap or face wash
  • Drink sufficient amount of water
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel and Honey as your daily face pack
  • Use moisturizer and don’t forget applying sunscreen before an outing.

What should I eat to get glowing skin?

You should eat more green and less fried junks. Well, this is quite an obvious thing and almost everyone will advise you the same. But, the question is exactly what type of food results in glowing skin.

Eating healthy is always a good thing. Healthy eating leads to a healthy body and a healthy body has healthy skin and hair. But, the thing is everyone is eating healthy in their view. So, I am giving a list of foods that results in glowing healthy skin.

Diet for glowing skin in 10 days:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Fish (tuna & salmon)
  • Green tea (Matcha)
  • Root Vegetables (Beetroot & turnip)
  • Walnut & Pistachio
  • Strawberries
  • Leafy vegetables (spinach)
  • Dark chocolates

food for glowing skin

These are the foods that result in glow in the skin if taken regularly. Try to include any 3-4 of the above-given food items. You can skip green tea as you will be drinking DIY Aloe Vera and Mint juice for 10 days.

Add tomatoes, spinach, beetroot, and spinach into your daily diet as a salad. Eat walnuts, pistachio or berries as evening snacks or just eat a little dark chocolate.

Add tuna, salmon or any fatty fish in your lunch or breakfast. Arrange and manage your diet according to your convenience. Above all, you must feel happy to look healthy and beautiful.

I love eating sweet potatoes with milk and dry fruits as my morning breakfast. However, you just have to take special care towards sugar as well as salt intake. Neither too much sugar nor too much of salt is good for our body and skin.

Try to stay away from junk foods and cut down your oil intake for at least 10 days. I am not giving you any strict diet plan. Just try to eat everything in limit and do not forget to include the above-mentioned things in your diet.

Yoga for glowing face with Pictures

I do 5 yoga poses and 2 face exercises that really helped me to improve skin condition.

1.    Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)

2.    Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

3.    Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

4.    Utthanasana (forward bending)

5.    Halasan (plough pose)  

Kiss Face & fish face

I will recommend doing all the 5 poses. But it is always better to start with easy and doable poses. The poses except Sarvangasana are all easy and doable. Start with small timing and increase time slowly each day.

These asana helps getting glowing skin, healthy hair and most important healthy body. these poses will increase blood flow towards your face and head, as a result, you will get healthy skin and hair. So, what are you waiting for? Start doing today.

  • Fishy lips or kissing face exercise

The simple face exercises as the fish face and kiss face exercises can help you get glowing skin easily. Its been a week that I am doing these face exercises for 5minutes twice a day. And guess what? I am feeling like it helps reducing face extra fat and defiles the cheekbones and jawlines.

You have to close your mouth and suck your lips inward. As a result, it forms a fish-like face. Then try to smile harder while keeping your lips in its place. It way feels a little painful and tough in the initial days. But, after that, it will become your favorite face exercise that you can do anywhere.

You have to do the same thing while making face like you are kissing someone. And the do the same thing while making whistle lips making O shape with lips. While doing these exercise keep your eyes relaxed. Do not put pressure on your eyes.

  • Bhujangasana 

cobra pose for glowing skin

Bhujangasana is one of my favorite yoga poses. As it is really easy to do and is really very effective. Bhujangasana is popularly known as a Cobra pose. first of try to relax all your body and lie on your belly.

take your arm closer and raise your upper body up. While resting your lower abdomen and legs on the ground well, Breath in and out. Stretch your body and try your head to reach your back as you can see in the picture. Do not put too much pressure, trying to do any of the yoga poses forcefully can lead to injuries. Feel your limit and stop where you can’t go further. Do slowly and give yourself a little more time in the initial days.

  • Utthanasana (The Cobra Pose)glowing forward bending skin

Stand straight, relax your body and slowly bend towards your feet. Forward bending is really a great pose for both skin and hair as it increases blood circulations through the body. It increases oxygen supply to the body and rejuvenates your skin.

If you are new and doing this post for the first time, try not to put too much pressure. It may be possible that you are unable to touch your feet. It is really normal for beginners. Bend and try to touch your feet, If you couldn’t don’t get frustrated. Be calm and relax stand straight again and try to touch your feet again. I am sure each time you try, you’ll feel you are getting closer.

  • Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

skin glowing pose

The Camen pose is the pose in which you have to bend back wart try reaching your feet. you can say that camel pose is reverse of forwarding bending pose. It may be a bit complicated post for you if you are a beginner. But, believe me, it will become a piece of cake in less than a week.

Sit on a carpet bending your knees. Slowly stand on your knees and gently bend backward. While your head faces upward try slowly to bend backside. Give support to your body by holding your feet. do not put all pressure on your leg do everything gently and to a bearable limit.

  • Halasana

skin glowing pose

Halasana is nothing new for us. Almost everyone did this in his or her childhood. But as we grow older and heavier, these things seem to ve impossible to us. you can still do this pose easily. Try to start the first day of doing Halasana by taking the support of a wall or anything you want. You can also ask your friends or family to help you with doing this pose.

Lie down straight and relax your body. Slowly try to raise your legs up. slowly bend your legs backward while raising slowly. Once you reach the position and you became comfortable, try to touch the ground with your feet while bending 180 degrees.

this asana is best for the lower abdomen and also promotes digestive health. it is also a great pose for reproductive health. Improving digestion cuts down almost all skin problems.

Final words:

please do try all these remedies for 10 days and see the miracle. Your skin will start glowing and you’ll fee more energetic and healthy. I hope you got the exact information you are looking for. Do try and don’t forget to let me know how it works for you. If you have any doubt, query or even any suggestion, do write it in the comment section below. I’ll definitely get back to you.

Keep in mind Juice +mask+Diet +Ecercises all 4 steps are important to get glowing skin in just 10 days.

Keep Smiling & Stay Healthy-“Because you are beautiful”. 


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