My Homemade face pack for pimples and fairness

Homemade pace packs are the best remedy for fighting Pimples. And for getting clear flawless skin Homemade natural face packs are useful too. This is all without any side effect.

Imagine those days, you waked up with a big popped pimple on your face. What did you do? Screaming shouting and start panicking?

If you really do this, now to don’t have to. Yeah, I have an instant and an effective solution for fighting Pimples.

Before doing any home remedy, examine your skin type properly. Your skin should not be too sensitive. Coz the DIY methods for eliminating pimples can cause unwanted sensations to your skin.

Next step of eliminating pimple is to try to find out the cause. What causes pimples to appear on your skin?

You can remove acne within a day by applying my face pack. But I can’t guarantee you that it will not come again. If it is not your puberty that causes pimples, then you should take care of it properly.

Glowing skin in just 10 days.

My Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness

If your digestion is not good. Your stomach uses to get upset more often. You’re living a stressed and highly busy life. You are suffering from mouth ulcer. Noticeable acne popping on your forehead and cheeks.

All these conditions are inter-related with each other. All these signs are the alarm that your body needs grooming and nourishment. You should take care of it.

I believe, if you are trying to eliminate any problem try to find out the root of that problem. The root cause of the problem will help you to solve that problem from the root.

Check my daily skincare routine here.

Get glowing skin in just 10 days

Let’s take a quick look at the possible causes of acne.

Causes of pimples on Cheeks and Forehead

My skin is highly oily and you can feel the problems only if you have that skin type too. How embracing it sometimes to have such oily skin type.

You have to be a bit choosy about your skin creams, makeups and anything that you are applying to your skin.

I have remembered those bad skin days. With pimples on my skin, I use to wonder for the effective home remedies. One thing about that time that always makes me confused.

It was my mom’s words- Drink lots of water, take a digestive supplement if you are suffering from constipation.

I use to get angry with her. What is the relation between my acne and my stomach? This question tends me to research on the causes of acne. Let’s have a look at what I found about causes.

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  1. Dirt

Dirt is the primary cause of acne. Whenever I go out for a whole day in dirt and dust. I noticed pimples if skipped proper cleaning before bed.

Fine dirt particles get stuck into the tiny pores of the skin. It blocks the natural oil secretion. And cause a sore bump at the very beginning. Then the further process of pimples is also done by some bacteria.

This is my personal experience. Never ever skip skincare routine before going to bed.

Out body relaxes and rests with the repair mode on overnight. This is a true fact. After piercing or getting any wound, people advice to take a deep relaxing sleep.

Our body gains energy and spends it on healing wounds. That’s why your skin should be clean before going to bed. Clean, tone and moisturize your skin before saying good night.

  1. Food

Food plays a crucial role in getting a skin breakout. And the food is also responsible for eliminating pimples.

It is not always your diet that defines the reasons behind your acne. But yeah most of us avoid proper diets on weekend and eats almost all rubbish behind the Hashtag of Cheat day.

You are eating from Friday to Sunday and ends up with a pimple on Monday. What are the foods that cause acne? This is a very serious question of knowledge. Get down to know the detailed answer.

Almost all fast foods, fries, and too much sugar intake are maybe a reason behind your breakouts.

If you too are noticing that your food gives you unwanted acne, then why don’t you think about quitting bad eating habits?

This doesn’t mean to avoid eating everything and start eating only greens. No, this means you should strictly limit your cheat to only 1 day.

Eat healthy to stay healthy and keep your skin healthy. Although there is no strong evidence that shows bad eating habit is the only reason for pimples.

  1. Too much makeup

Applying makeup is nothing bad until you remove it off completely by time. Doing make and removing it means you should not wear makeup for more than 8 hours.

Makeup depletes moisture and natural oils from the skin. If your skin is super oily, it may be even worse for you. Removing makeup completely is more important than applying evenly.

If your skin is of dry type, you may notice fine lines and cracks on your skin. It is better to remove it properly as soon as you back home.

I love doing makeup but the feel of stay without makeup is even more pleasant. Whenever I am at home, I just wipe off all my makeups and apply moisturizer or any essential oil.

It makes me feel more natural, fresh and organic. Essential oils can be your best buddy if used properly. You may fall in love with your skin if you start regularly using natural essential oils.

Avoid applying makeup if it is not necessary. Stay natural! Coz I always told you that you are Beautiful.

  1. Stress

Stress is not just a problem, it is a disease. Stubborn worst disease and sometimes is incurable.

I address Stress as a disease and the reason is it makes us sick. We become sick not only mentally but also physically.

High blood pressure, nervous breakdown, Digestion problem, Hair fall, weight, and a much more serious problem comes with stress.

I know you are wondering why I am considering Stress as a cause of acne. It has a very important link with skin pimples.

Some people start overeating if they are stressed, some start taking alcohol or some avoid eating. All these results in digestive problems and then comes skin breakouts.

There is a very deep relation between acne and stress. Just you have to notice your changes whenever you are in a stressed situation.

To stay away from unnecessary stress it is advised to do some exercises and Meditation. You can do some simple exercises every morning to stay activated.

  1. Medication

Acne may also a result of any kind of medication. Medicines are taken for Weight loss, weight gain or hair gain, kinda result in skin breakouts.

You have to take special care if you are taking any supplements. Just make sure you are eating healthy.

Any medicine works properly only when you take a proper healthy diet. Find some time for yourself. Add green veggies, nuts, beans, and fruits to your daily diet chart.

Drink milk instead of tea or coffee. Juice is optional. If you are eating fruits daily then there is no need to drink fruit juice after that.

Only medicines are not enough to get a perfect result. Your lifestyle should be improved along with everything.

  1. digestion imbalance

You are getting pimples on your cheeks and area around the cheeks. Notice you’re eating habits.

Are you a Junk food lover? You are addicted to fries and chips? Are you eating heavy dinner with lots of oily dishes included?

If yes, then get ready to get some pimples overnight. Although it’s not necessary. But most of us whose skin type is oily definitely suffers from these problems.

You have to improve your digestion first to eat these foods often. Pimples do appear overnight and may result from your undigested food.

  1. Hormonal disbalance

This one of the most common reasons for getting pimples on your face. If you having pimples when you are the very beginning or end of your puberty, it is very normal.

Pimple Location and their meaning

Pimples on forehead show you are having a bad stomach day. Your tummy is not happy with your eating habit.

Between Brows, pimples are the indication of some liver problems. Indicating your lever is having trouble in doing it job.

Heart and blood-related problems are reflected on your nose.

Pimples Undereye and area near your ears show some kind of kidney dysfunction.

Acne on the chin indicated stomach, small intestine or hormonal disbalance.

You should build a habit of drinking at least 3-4 liters of water a day. It even more important if pimples are popping on the area of liver and kidney.


How to get rid of pimple in an hour?

This is the question that tends me to try some natural ingredients that help to remove pimples. I have heard that acidic things help to remove pimples faster.

I applied lemon. It improves the skin condition but can’t say about faster pimple removal. I have used almost every things. From Potatoes to tomatoes.

And ultimately stopped at a conclusion that there is no shortcut to flawless skin. If you are suffering from skin breakouts every month or week, you should take care of it internally.

There may be any reason or any medical condition that you should pay a little attention to. The liver problem or the digestive problem.

For now, I have an unbeatable solution for skin pimples. You can remove your pimples within a few hours. Best thing is you don’t even have to wait overnight.

  • Only 2 ingredients are needed – Apple cider vinegar and few garlic cloves.
  • Cut garlic into pieces and crush them.
  • Take the number of garlic cloves according to your need.
  • Crush it well and get the juice
  • Mix a few drops of apple cider vinegar
  • Apply to the pimple directly
  • Massage using your fingertips for a few seconds
  • Do not rub vigorously
  • The light burning sensation is normal
  • Check whether your skin is too sensitive or a normal type
  • Add Honey to your instant DIY pack
  • The quantity of honey should be equal to the vinegar
  • You can wash it off anytime between 10-15 minutes
  • The result can be noticed within a few minutes of washing.

This is super-duper easy homemade face pack of Instant acne relief. Now come and take a look at how garlic works on pimples, acne marks, and skin whitening.

Garlic for pimples Marks

Garlic has Antifungal, Antibacterial, antiviral and Antiseptic properties. And it’s has been used as medicines for centuries.

Bacteria are an inevitable cause of inflammation and swollen Pimples. But Allicin presents in garlic which helps killing bacteria causing pimples.

And the presence of thiosulfinates makes it an antimicrobial medicine. Not only this, Garlic contains many Vitamins and minerals. Because of all these, it is believed that garlic is very good skin care medicine.

Yes, Garlic clears skin and prevent all microbial and bacterial infections. Also improves skin tone, helps skin to glow and look flawless.

Best Face pack for fair glow and Acne removal

I have a most effective Pace pack that removes whiteheads, back head, pimples, and dark spots.

Before starting with the ingredients and process of making let me clear one thing- This pack is awesome for oily, super oily or combination skin type. Natural skin type can also apply this pack once a week.

You can also use this face pace as an Instant glow face pack for party. Just remove garlic for it (you don’t want to smell like garlic in party).


1 Orange peel, 2 Vitamin E capsules, 1tbs rose water, 1tbs Honey and 1-2 garlic clove.

The process of making a DIY face pack:

  • Take fresh orange peel
  • If fresh orange is not available you can stalk them when available
  • Dry extra orange peels into the sunlight and use whenever needed
  • Make a paste of orange peel
  • Grind into a powder, if using dried orange peels
  • Put the garlic cloves along with the peels
  • Add rose water
  • Put 2 Vitamin E capsules into it
  • Add Honey 1/2 or 1 tbsp.
  • You’ll get thick smooth paste with an awesome fragrance
  • Add a few pinches of Rice flour or gram flour (whatever available)
I generally add flour to the pack so that it can stick properly to my skin. The original pack is so smooth, that it slips off from the skin.

Make it a bit sticky using a gram or rice flour. And apply a thick layer onto your skin.

Leave it for 20-30 minutes. It will not get dried completely. So don’t wait for the whole day to get it dries.

Just wash it off any time after 15minutes. Avoid immediate sun exposer. And take face vaporizer for a more desired result. Warm vapor helps your skin to open pores. Also helps cleaning the clogged dirty pores. Nutrients will get into the skin easily.

Wash it off and pat dry. You can rub Ice for tightening open pores. It will tighten your skin and improves texture. Your skin will start glowing immediately.

This pack is best for oily skin. If your skin is super oily you can apply twice a week, normal and combination skin type once a week. If sensitive skin- Better to avoid.

That’s all friends! If you are suffering from a chronic pimple, just try this face pack once. If your skin is bit sensitive and getting pimples you can simply add more honey and rose water to dilute the solution.

Apply and get the result instantly. Never forget to comment below- Your experience, queries, requests or even suggestions.

I have much more amazing face pack Recipe. Let me know if you need them. I am excited to share those amazing packs too. You can write your concerns also if you want to face pack any other skin problem or anything just go down and comment.

Keep smiling and stay healthy-“Because you are beautiful”.


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