How To Do Skincare During Self Quarantine?

Currently, almost the whole of the world is in Quarantine. The amid Covid-19 outbreak, self-quarantine is the only step to stay away from the deadly virus. We have to face many challenges in day to day work. Today I have decided to talk about Skincare During Self quarantine. This post is going to important for both men and women. As we all are mentally in pressure, quarantine feels like we are stuck in our homes. Tention and mental pressure result in sleeplessness, dark circles, pimples, and even wrinkles.

You can do some easy skincare steps to keep your skin healthy at home. Do some Yoga, exercises for a healthy gut, eat healthy, drink lots of water and juices, try different DIYs for the skin.  Apart from these things you can also try to do meditation and self-affirmation techniques to ease our panic and anxiety.

The two most important points that you should keep in your mind is- You need to keep your stomach healthy and second is mental health. Here, first of all, you need to release the mental pressure and start thinking in a positive way.

Haircare Routine During Home Quarantine

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skincare during self quarantine

How To Do Skincare During Self Quarantine?

This is a pandemic situation and we cannot avoid it. To stay away for the virus infection everyone should follow the official guidelines and stay at their homes. But some of you found it very difficult to take care of your skin at home. I am doing some easy things to stay healthy and to keep my skin healthy you can try these too.

  • Keep Your Body Hydrated

This is the most common and most important point. In order to keep your skin, you need to drink a sufficient amount of water every day. Almost everyone suggests you drink lots of water for healthy glowing skin. I am pretty sure you know this too.

But the problem is we don’t feel thirst all the time and can’t drink lots of water as people suggest.  Actually you should drink water as much your body needs. You should know your limit first and drink as per that. Men should drink 3.5-4 l water a day. for women 2.5-3 l is sufficient.

If it is very hot or you are doing lots of physical works during quarantine, your water or fluid intake may increase. As we are all quarantined at our home we can keep doing our work and take proper rest. And also take care of food and water intake.

I got many messages and emails of people asking how to drink sufficient water if I never feel thirsty. Actually, the real scenario is we feel the thirst but ignore most of the time.

I recommend drinking water instead of any cold drinks. If you want to track your water intake, you should drink water in a bottle instead of a glass.  Keep your bottle always with you even if you are working in the kitchen or in your garden.

This really helps me a lot to keep my body hydrated during this quarantine period. You do not need to have a 3 or 4-liter bottle just keep 1 l bottle and finish it 3 or 4 times according to your need.

It’s summer and whenever I see water I feel a little thirst and I drink from that bottle. You can try this with a sipper, especially for kids.

Detox drinks

Detox drinks can help you to hydrate your body. You can make your own detox drink to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. These kinds of drinks help boost your metabolism, detox your whole system. Hence, it helps you to achieve beautiful skin.

Green tea is a well-known detox drink. It is very popular these days and many of you are already using it. But its complete lockdown almost everywhere and is not safe to go out. In this condition, if you are running out of your green tea, you can try something different at your home.

Lemon and honey with lukewarm water work equally amazing. I usually squiz half of lemon in lukewarm water. Sometimes I try orange juice, mint, cinnamon, ginger or even Aloe Vera juice for a change.

These drinks help keep my gut healthy. It speeds up my metabolism and helps reduce body weight. Continuously drinking only water to stay hydrated is also a challenge for most for you. Just try to make some interesting detox drinks or try homemade fruit juice (if available).

drink water for healthy skin

  • Eat Healthy foods

I kept healthy eating habits at the priority as food plays the most important role in keeping your skin healthy. Actually, we don’t have lots of choices left. As we cannot go out either we can order junk foods online. The only option left is to cook and eat by your self.

I have seen my friend posting pictures of some new foods. But trying new oily and unhealthy foods makes your skin and also you’re going to run out of the resources very soon.

Eat sprouts, steamed foods or boiled veggies. Yes, I know you are thinking about the taste. So, there are thousands of healthy yet yummy food recipes on the internet. Try learning new things instead of wasting your health and money on unhealthy foods.

  • Try Meditation

Yeah yeah, I know you Meditation is not easy. Meditating takes a lot of time and patience. But my friend this is not my type of meditation. Here I am sharing the steps that worked for me and is super easy to do.

Meditation helps us to release tension and mental pressure. You start feeling light and relax after meditation. But there are many steps of meditation it actually takes a long time to get expertise.

I do meditation with some motivational speeches, songs and sometimes by just humming.  Yes, it really simple the only thing you have to do is to listen to the music of the speech without thing about the problems or even the outer world.

To release your mental pressure just think about the happiest moments. Or think about the life you are always dreaming to have. Do not think about the current situation during meditation time. You have to do this for only 15-20 minutes for a start.

If you are listening to music, I recommend the soft kinds of music. Do not choose sad songs it can result adversely. If you are listening to any motivational speech or story it should not be anything related to coronavirus or lockdown.

  • Avoid Makeup

This is totally an optional step but is really very important. As we all know makeup is not good for our skin. It results in breakout, skin aging and even inflammation. Although very few people wear makeup at home.

This is the time to be relaxed and let your skin breathe. Yeah, I know many of your clicks regular pictures for social media. Specially blogger, who have to work even in this lockdown wear makeup to face camera regularly.

I am in quarantine and I  keep clicking pictures too. But this time you can stay normal and real too. Skip makeup completely and try camera filters instead. If it’s really very important to do makeup just wipe it 0ff immediately after work is finished.

I do like doing heavy makeup even at any party. Foundation, compact, eyeliner and lipstick, that’s it. However, during the quarantine period, I never applied makeup. I just applied eyeliner some days when I feel like I need to look more beautiful. Haha, jokes apart, the truth I can now live 24hr without makeup and that’s really a great feeling for me.

skin care during self quarantine at home

  • Skincare DIY Face masks During Self quarantine

As you are getting lots of time to rest and do extra works, you can definitely make some DIY masks. Now some of you will say – I am married my husband and kids are at home and you are not getting time. But the truth is there is no rush to go to school or office and you can easily get 15-20 minutes for this.

Make gram flour turmeric honey with a milk face pack. grind green gram to make a thick paste and apply for pimples cure. Apply tomato juice, rice water, Homegrown Aloe vera, Gooseberry pulp for youthful younger-looking skin.

I tried applying a DIY face mask for 3 days a week during the quarantine. And it really results in amazing brighter skin. Along with drinking water detox your skin by applying Organic homemade masks.

It is really very easy to do skincare during the Self quarantine period. YOu just have to manage your time properly.

  • Morning and Night Skincare During Self quarantine

Wash your face, tone, apply serum and moisturizer. This is the sequence you basically have to follow in the morning and at night before going to your bed. If you can’t do anything extra just keep doing your regular skincare routine.

Cleaning your skin, eating healthy foods, drinking water and avoiding makeup altogether is going to result in you a healthy skin.

It’s spring season and due to dry hot wind, your skin feels drier and rough. You might feel the dryness just after moisturization too. Keep moisturizing your skin continuously to avoid damage. If you have dry skin try applying castor oil instead of any light moisturizer.

  •  Take Proper Nap

This is one of my favorite Skincare steps During Self quarantine. As I have to write and work from home for you, I made a schedule and following it strictly. You can do that too.

Do your morning work, cook food eat and sleep for 2-3 hours. Play indoor games in the evening, with Tv and eat some snacks to relax your brain. If you are doing work from a home skin afternoon nap and try to go to beg earlier than before.

As we are all mentally not feeling good due to this pandemic. It is really very important to do some extra activities to stay calm and healthy. Play games but try to avoid video games. Play Indore hide and seek with your family, play music and dance together.

Take a break from social media and your mobile phones. Eat together, Sit together and do gossips other than the virus talking. These activities will help your release pressure from your brain you will feel light. Ultimately you will sleep properly.

That’s all I am doing to keep my skin healthy and beautiful. You can from your suggestion and thoughts in the comment box. Stay Home – Stay safe and enjoy every moment of your life.


Shipra Chatterjee. After working for years as a content writer, she is now a full-time Professional Blogger. Beauty and fashion blogging is her motivation. Her experience and feel can be seen in her work. She is passionate about writing articles and reading as well. Apart from blogging, she keeps inspiring people through different social media platforms. Spreading quality knowledge, Love and Positivity is her primary moto. "Keep Good coordination with your Life, There is no way to get out of it Alive - Shipra". Instagram: -Beautyhacks4all Twitter: -@Beautyhack4 LinkedIn: -BeautyHacks4all

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