My Haircare Routine During Home Quarantine period

We are all at our home, quarantined for some time. This is a tough situation for everyone as you can not go out, there is no malls opened, no restaurants even no salon. In this situation, we have to take care of our skin and hair at home. Today I’ll share my Haircare routine during the home quarantine.

You can check out the Quarantine Skin Care Routine amid lockdown. All salons are closed and you cannot get an appointment for a hair spa or hair cut. The only thing you can do is to take care of your hair at your home.

There are lots of negativity roaming around but you can stay positive at your home. Disconnect yourself from unnecessary social media and news. Yeah stay updated, do not check for the updates all the time.  You cannot save the world, you can stay home and save yourself. This will ultimately save everyone in this world.

Stay at your home, spend happy times with your family, do some exercises, eat healthily and take care of your skin and hair. This is exactly what we all have been craving for alone. isn’t it? feel like you are at your home, utilize it as your “me time” instead of feeling like you are stuck up.

Haircare Routine During Home Quarantine period

My Haircare Routine During Home Quarantine

I frequently wash my hair, apply DIY hair masks, sometimes apply oil and keep hydrating myself. 

We all have hair problems and we can do many things to pamper our hair. But the thing is we all have reasons for not following any haircare routine. All those reasons are excuses in reality. Well, it’s time to think whether there is any real reason or you just have an excuse to avoid that work.

You are at your home with your family, you don’t rush for school, college, office or anywhere. Sit back on your couch, prepare a hair mask, apply and relax.

  • Oil

Well, oiling your hair is not at all important. I barely oil once in two months coz I have oily hair and scalp. Its summer and due to sweat and dirt scalp gets dirty. Now I get sufficient time to wash my hair 3-4 times a week.

Washing your hair too frequently makes it dry and damaged. Then comes the role of hair oil. To avoid hair damage you should moisturize it very well. But the thing is hair oil doesn’t condition and neither repairs your hair. It forms a barrier but makes it look greasy.

I found the best way for oiling is to apply it before a hair wash. You can simply apply warm oil (not hot) to your scalp and massage it for a few minutes. Live it overnight and wash it off in the morning. Or you can oil your scalp and hair 1-2 hrs before a hair wash.

Oil your hair roots and tips properly if you have dry and damaged hair. You should not wash your hair too much, it will wash off natural oils and make it dry.

  • Hair wash

Usually, I wash my hair 2 days a week in general days. But its quarantine and I am getting sufficient time, so I wash my hair whenever I want. As I already have told you that I have very oily hair, I wash it 3-4 times a week.

But the thing you need to keep in mind is that the shampoo you are using is mild. Do not use harsh hair shampoo, use herbal instead. I sometimes wash my hair with fuller’s earth (Multani mitti). It makes my hair smooth and manageable.

There are no side effects, nothing harmful in fuller’s earth. It cleanses the scalp well and also conditions the hair strands. Sometimes you can replace your hair wash with fuller’s earth also.

This might sound weird but I have heard from my grandma that they use to wash their hair with clay. They have used fuller’s earth for body, face and even for hair.

Let your hair breath, do not use harsh chemical shampoos. This can reduce hair damage and you can get beautiful hair at home.

  • DIY Spa

We love getting hair spa at salon. Its satisfying, relaxing and also gives you healthy beautiful hair. But we are all locked at our home and getting that special treatment at your favorite salon is not possible.

Rather you can do hair spa at your home and even without too much equipment. If your hair is highly damaged, Spa can repair it and give you amazing results.

You can apply your favorite hair cream or spa cream. Apply it properly, cover your hair from roots to tips. Clip it using any clip. Now take your towel, dip it into a bucket of warm water. Drap it and wrap all-around your head properly.

Keep It mind water should not be very hot. Unwrap the towel, dip it again in the water and wrap again. Repeat the process for 15 minutes and then wash your hair. This is basically, the steaming process that you can get at your home.

If you don’t have any spa cream, you can use egg whites( for oily hair) and yolk (for dry hair). Or just prepare a hair mask at home and follow the DIY hair spa process for an awesome result.

I do this only once a month. This process takes a little more patience and time. However, the results I get after the whole process is worth doing.

  • Hair Mask

I usually apply a hair mask 2 times a month. This is to give extra nourishment to my hair. Applying any hair mask is one of my favorite steps of Haircare Routine During Home Quarantine.

I always pick the DIY organic one over chemically treated or readymade ones. Heena with Aloe Vera and some essential oils made one of the best hair masks. This hair mask gives a beautiful color to my hair and at a natural shine to it. But I use it only once in 3-4 months.

You can simply take the whole Aloe vera leaf pulp with Curry leaves. Add some oils like coconut oil or castor oil. You can skip adding oils if your hair is oily but do not avoid it if your hair is dry.

Apart from these hair mask yogurt and banana can be best it for dry and dandruff prone scalp.

  • Eat Hair foods

I ear Sprouts and green veggies for my hair. Fatty fish, spinach and even eggs are a very good source of protein and biotin. You should eat foods that are rich in the biotin for healthy hair.

It doesn’t mean you have to eat these all the time. Just try to add any of these in your daily meal. During quarantine or lockdown, some people face difficulties in getting veggies or eggs. For those, I recommend nuts and seeds.

There is nothing to get panic, eat whatever available. Do think too much or get panic in the situation. Just relax and eat happily.

  • Drink sufficient water

This is the most important step for haircare and skincare. It’s summer and you need to stay hydrated the whole day. As sweating results in water loss in the body and many other hair problems also.

Dry scalp, dermatitis and dandruff problems can be eliminated with the help of proper hydration. But the problem is to drink 3-4 liters of water a day. Many people find it tough to drink even 1-2 liters of water.

Let me clear one thing first, you don’t have to drink water if you can’t. Eat juicy fruits, drink juice or smoothie instead. Try to make some interesting fruit juice of your choice.

I love drinking lemonade, green tea, fresh fruit juice, smoothie. But I try to prepare low sugar drinks as I am on my weight loss journey. However, I eat cucumber or watermelon every day to fulfill my daily water intake.

Haircare Routine During Home Quarantine

  • Yoga helps a lot

Yoga helps you release negativity and fills your inner soul with positivity. It helps you relax and stay stressfree. There are some studies reports saying stress and anxiety also lead to hair loss.

I do Balasana to release stress and anxiety. Balasana also called a child pose and almost everyone knows about this. Child pose is one of the easiest and most common yoga poses. You can do it just after waking up from the bed.

There are a few more poses I do and you can also try them. Forward bent, camel pose, cat and dog pose. Yoga can be the best step as it will help you get healthy hair, skin and a healthy relaxed soul.

If you are a beginner you can start with some easy yoga asana as experts for help. Or just search the poses online, please do not try to do tough poses without expert advice. Include the easiest poses for haircare routine during your home quarantine.

  • Skip Chemicals & Heating tools

As I am at my home and I don’t have to go out, I skip hair styling tools. I don’t color my hair not, apply a DIY hair mask instead. Heating tools like straightener, curler or hair dryer damage our hair with used regularly.

I skipped using Hair straightener and curler to avoid hair damage. Even iI am not using a hairdryer after hair wash, I chose air and towel dry.

I keep suggesting you avoid heating tools in general also. And it is easy to giving upon styling tools as you don’t have to attain any party not even have to go out.

This is all about my quarantine hair care routines. Hope you liked it and got exactly what you are looking for. Don’t let me know your Haircare Routine During Home Quarantine in the comment box.


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