How to removed Dark Circles in 2- 3 days?

You are taking proper care of your skin but even then, you have under eye dark circles. Why your dark circles are persistent? Have you ever thought what could be the possible cause of Dark Circle?

You should improve your habits that are causing dark circles instead of curing it. But no one is even thinking about that. Everyone wants to get rid of dark circles immediately.

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Home Remedies for dark circles under eyes fast

Now let`s see the ways of curing dark circles. We will also discuss remedies. There are several methods helpful in removing under eyes dark circles naturally in one week.

These are my home remedied that helped me to get rid of dark circles in 2-3 days. Do try any of these and let me know by commenting below.

  • Potato

Potato is the most common remedy for dark circles. You can use Fresh raw Potato slice. Or you can grind that potato in your grinder and use the juice. I will recommend you to use Potato Juice as it will utilize it better.

You can add a little bit of honey to your potato juice. Add about 1/2 tbs of honey into the juice. Mix it well and let it cool in the refrigerator. You can apply the mixture or plain potato juice directly without cooling it.

Dip two cotton balls into the juice. Dab the cotton ball around the area of dark under eyes. Then leave it on your eyes for 10-15 mints. Then wash your face with cold water.

You will see the result instantly. And if you will keep doing this, then your dark circles will vanish in 2-3 days. you can prepare and preserve the mix in your refrigerator for instant use.

  • Tomato

Pour some tomato juice in a bowl. You can add a little sugar or Honey to it. Apply this tomato juice around the area near the eyes. Let it dry for at least 5 mins. Then clean it with the help of wet tissue paper or wash it off with water.

Add honey and tomato juice along with sugar and massage gently. This mix will exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells and dirt. You can apply this mixture to your whole face.

  • Cucumber

Cucumber is the most common and age-old remedy for curing dark under eyes. We put the cucumber slice on our eyes while using any face mask.

But you can use cucumber regularly. Try to use cucumber juice. Apply the juice all over your face. Let it dry then wash it off with chilled water. Pat dry your skin and see the result within 7days.

  • Almond Oil + Vitamin E oil

Mix Vitamin E oil with Almond oil. Before going to bed apply this oil mixture. You can also use olive oil (if available).

Massage your dark skin with this oil. This oil mixture will be absorbed into the skin after 5-10 mins massage. Leave it overnight, sleep well.

Wake up and Wash your face. See the result- Smooth, Glowing and lighter skin tone.

  • Rosewater

It is really useful to apply rose water every day on your skin. Make it your daily habit. Apply rose water using cotton pads.

This is not a quick method of curing dark circles. You can see the result in 2-3 weeks. And the results will stay for the long term.

  • Raw egg white

Take out one egg from your refrigerator. Crack it and pour it into a bowl. Separate the yolk and apply the egg whites. Try to take only as much you needed. Do not waste food/ any food items.

Apply the chilled egg whites as a face mask. You can use colon balls/pads or even your makeup brush.

Apply one thin layer around your eyes or on the whole face. Let it dry partially then apply another layer. You can apply 4-5 layers and let it dry.

Wash it off with cold water. This will help reducing dark under eyes, puffiness, wrinkles and even other aging signs. The result can be seen in 2-3 day`s use.

  • Carrot and Papaya

    Eyes Indicate everything about our Health

Apply Papaya paste or Carrot juice at least once a week. mash the pulp of some of the pieces of papaya. Grind carrots and squeeze it to get the juice out of it. Mix carrot juice with papaya pulp paste. Apply it to the under eyes or to the whole face. leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off using cold water.

  • Yogurt

Apply yogurt 2-3 times in a week for the desired result. You can add turmeric to the yogurt and apply it on your face. Let it dry and rinse it off with cold water.

  • Milk

Apply milk and massage your skin. Massage your under eye till it dries. Apply another layer. Do the same massage till dry. Apply milk at least 5-6 times. Leave it for 1-2hrs then wash it off and see the instant result.

“Prevention Is Better than Cure”.

Try to prevent it instead of wondering about its cure.

After my matriculation, I started noticing dark under eyes. Getting panic at that time was normal for me. I run to my mom and showed her my eyes. But she was not worried as she knows the cause of my dark circles.

I was curious enough to know why she did not bother. Why is she reacting so normal? Then she told me that sometimes this happens.

I asked her-“What happens?”  She replied when we forgot that our body is God`s gift. And we must take proper care of it. If we start ignoring proper diet and sleep. This will happen again and again. This is the indication that God is not happy with you as you are not taking proper care of his Gift.

I was not matured at that time but you are. Then why are you ignoring the sign of trouble? If you are noticing dark circles around your eyes that means your body wants to tell you something.

Listen to your body and do a proper cure. If you are wondering about the solution, I will help you to find that. I will tell you what to do to remove dark circles and what can you do to avoid Puffed eyes and dark circles.

How to get rid of dark circles permanently?

If you really want a permanent solution then you have to improve your daily habits. Being a bit straightforward I can say- No one can cure your problem without curing your bad Habit. You have to follow some daily routine and good habits.

I am giving here a few steps to follow daily. Trust me these are the easiest steps and the best way to get rid of dark circles permanently. Everyone will tell you to follow them but no one can help you do that.

  • Proper diet

We need a properly balanced diet not only for curing dark circles but also it is necessary for being fit and stay healthy. Most of you are wandering here and there for the exact answer of -“what foods to eat to reduce dark circles”.

Here I am giving a diet plan to reduce dark circles-

Eat Fresh and Live Fresh
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Turnip greens

Add these leafy veggies into your diet. Try to take any of these every day. You can eat these as a salad or you can blanch or boil it.

The intake of too much beverage is not good for health. It affects only our digestive system but also the nervous system.

Don`t drink too milk much tea or coffee. Try to drink a cup of green tea or Lemon tea instead. Drink your green tea at least once a day. Do not add Sugar. If necessary add minimum sugar you can.

  • Drink sufficient Water

Try to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water in a day. 2.1 L for an adult woman and 2.6 L for an adult man. If you don’t drink this much water in a day then try to increase your dose. Try to drink at least 2 liters a day.

  • Take 7-8 hrs. sleep

Sleep is the most important task. After a whole stressed day, our body needs a proper sleep of at least 8 hrs. But we never give this much sleep to our body. As a result, it starts giving warning signs to our bodies.

Sleeping is a phase of repairing our body. Your body needs at least 7-8hrs for repairing Skin, Hair, Eyes, and whole body. Try to go to bed earlier, wake up early, go on a walk and do some easy exercises.

  • Reduce or stop consuming Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol is not good for health. Dark circle is the smallest deformity caused by the consumption of alcohol and cigarette. It can cause chronic diseases like Cancer. It is better to stay away from these things.

  • Use your teabag to treat Dark circles

After drinking your Green tea. Do not through away your used teabag. Put it in your fridge or let it cool down. After cooling take it out of the fridge. Close your eyes and put the tea bags on it.

You can press gently or just leave it. Leave it as it is for as much as you want. Then remove and wash your eyes off with cold water. This will help reduce your dark circles and also eye bags (puffed eyes).

  • Do some Yoga Poses

You can do only three easy Yoga or exercises to get rid of dark under eyes. This will be a permanent cure for your problem if you will do it regularly. You should do these poses daily and properly. It will be good for not only Eyes but also other parts of your body.

Here are simple three known Yoga Poses-

  1. Viparitakarni

This Viparitakarni Yoga pose is commonly known as “legs up the wall pose”. It is the easiest and most relaxing pose. The pose increase blood flow to your head and face thus helps in curing Dark Circles. It is also beneficial in stretching out the back. The pose helps to relieve the lower back pain/cramps and to calm the mind.

  • Lie down on the floor near a wall.
  • Now be relaxed.
  • Stretch your legs upward gently.
  • Come a little closer to the wall.
  • Rest your legs against the wall.
  • Make sure your legs are relaxed.
  • Legs should be straight and relaxed.
  • Stretch your arms out on either side
  • You can up your chin a little towards the ceiling. (optional)
  • Don`t stretch your chin
  • Be gentle and comfortable
  • Now close your eyes.
  • And relax for at least 15-mints.
  • You can tilt your head if not comfortable with chin stretch.

Tips: – Avoid during High Blood pressure, Mensuration and if suffering from any serious Eye disorder like “Glaucoma”. If you are a patient with regularly high blood pressure then you should not do this.

  1. Sambhawi Mudra

This is actually a mudra. Sambhawi is a form of meditation. It helps awaken the most “Chakra” of our body- “Ajna Chakra”. This Mudra relaxes the mind and stretches the muscles around the eyes. IT increases blood circulation through the eyes and also improves eyesight.

I prefer to do this mudra 2 times – morning and evening. You can do this either of these times at your convenience.

  • Choose the most silent and calm place in your house.
  • Sit comfortably in that calm corner of your house.
  • At first, try to relax your body for a few seconds.
  • Then try to relax your mind.
  • After feeling relaxed.
  • Put both of your arms on your thighs.
  • Your pam should face upward.
  • Now try to turn both of your eyes to the center.
  • Just try to look at the center of the eyebrows.
  • Try to do this till 5-6 counts
  • Stark humming loud.
  • You can pronounce “OM”
  • Chanting “Om” produces a unique vibration throughout the body.
  • It massages our Nervous system and relaxes our mind.
  • Try to do this for a short period daily.
  • Putting too much pressure is not beneficial.
  • Stop after 5mins
  • Turn your eyes back to their position.
  • And Close it for a few seconds.
  • This Mudra is useful for relaxing eye muscles and reduce dark circles.
  1. Hastapadotasna

Hastapadotasna is also a simple and interesting Yoga pose. This is commonly called “Standing Forward Bend Pose”. You are going to love this pose. This is also helpful in increasing blood flow to our face and head. Doing a standing forward bend is really beneficial.

It stretches almost all parts of our body, improved digestion, Cures digestive disorder and invigorates the nervous system.

  • Choose a calm and soothing place for this yoga
  • I will recommend doing this in Park or on The Rooftop of your house.
  • Stand straight.
  • Feel relax.
  • Take long deep breaths.
  • Now stretch your arms.
  • Go upward while stretching your hands.
  • Stretch your legs.
  • Do this as you are trying to touch the Sky.
  • Stretch your whole body upward.
  • Make sure you feel a stretch up your spine.
  • Now bend forward.
  • Bend down slowly.
  • Keep bending till your head touches your knee.
  • And your pam should touch the ground.
  • It may feel a little advance level but try.
  • Try till you get the original position.
  • After getting the right position hold on for as much as you can.
  • Doing this will make you an expert.

This Yoga should be your very first yoga. Then followed by legs up and Sambhawi. Do not try this if you are a patient of high blood pressure, Spondylitis or any heart disease.

Causes of Dark Circles

It is believed that tiredness, doing hard work and less sleep are the causes of Periorbital Dark circles. This may be true or may not be. Maybe in your case, it`s your gene that causing dark under eyes.

In some cases, as we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity and regeneration ability. As a result, the skin below the eyes becomes thinner.

The blood vessels under the layer of your thin under-eye skin, sometimes become visible. The blue and dark green patches can be seen on the skin below your eyes.

Thin skin is not the problem of aged old people only but also observed in those having genetically thin skin below their eyes.

It is noticed in some of the dark complexion people that dark circles are due to Periorbital Hyperpigmentation in the skin below the eyes. This is basically a condition in which our skin starts producing comparatively high melanin. As a result, the area looks darker.

Another cause of dark skin below the eyes may be the blood leaking from the periorbital vessels. This sounds more dangerous than it is. It is a big problem! as dark circles due to this problem cannot be cured by external applications. But it is easily curable, sometimes without even any surgery. This blood leakage can be caused due to damaged vessels.

Bags under the eyes/ puffed eyes also cause dark circles. Swollen eye leads seem darker. Even after getting normal puffiness of eye left dark circles.

What is the cause of puffiness under the eyes?

Knowing the causes of puffiness under the eyes is as much important as Dark circles. Puffiness is the biggest reason behind dark under eyes.

Puffed/ swollen eyes are the common symptom of allergies, poor diet, too much alcohol consumption, lack of proper sleep and Stress and aging is also a reason behind this.

If you are taking too much alcohol or sodium before bed, you will for sure wake up with swollen eyes. This is due to the liquid retention under the skin.

Quit Alcoholic drinks, tobacco, and develop a healthy eating habit. Add beans, nuts and green veggies into your daily diet. Drink lots of water and do some simple exercises daily.

This is the last solution I can suggest to you. You can apply a bit of cream or under eye gel for an instant result. Here is the list of most effective products for curing dark under eyes.

Related questions

Are dark circles under eyes a sign of illness? Yes, dark circles under your eyes are the warnings your body gives you to take care of yourself. It shows your body is craving for deep soothing sleep.  Dark circles also show that your lifestyle is not healthy and you need to make changes in your daily routine.

Can low iron cause dark circles under your eyes? Yes, deficiency of iron may result in the dark under eyes. Your dark under eyes may be the sign of anemia. You should visit your doctor if you’re on an iron supplement and even after that your dark circles are visible.

Are dark circles permanent? No, dark circles are temporary in most of the case. But if you’ll ignore it for a long time it may stay life long. For the best result, you should improve your eating habits and lifestyle. Even after that dark circles are persistent, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.

 I have tried my best to put almost everything about Dark circles into this post. Let me know if you have any idea, suggestion or query related to this. If you found this a useful post then share this with your friends and family.

Stay tuned for more upcoming useful posts, until then –Take care.


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