How Old Do You Have To Be To Get a Nose Piercing?

Wanna get a nose piercing? In this article, check out what should be your age. People pierce their nose all around the world. There are many cultural and traditional values connected with nose piercings. Thus, this is a controversial topic for some people.

If talking with a perspective of health, your age should be more than 13 years. Even there are some legal laws that state you should be at least 14 to get a piercing. But rules vary from country to country and region to region.

Nose piercing is one of the most popular and demanding facial piercing. Not only girls but guy’s nose piercings are trending these days. Nostril, septum, and bridge piercings are some very trendy out of all types of nose piercings.

Even I have a nostril piercing and love wearing fashionable jewelry. The best thing is you can wear fashionable as well as a traditional piece of jewelry in it. Or just hide with a clear retainer if you don’t wanna show your piercing.

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Get a Nose Piercing?

You have to be more than 13 years to get your nose pierced. In some countries, there were really strict laws for piercings. However, 14 is acceptable in most of the countries.

A country like India where there are lots of cultures and beliefs, people get piercings according to it. Although every country has its laws and regulations many countries like to walk with the cultures. They have different laws for piercing cultures.

Leaving laws apart, I have my personal views on this. Piercing is a body modification in which we made a cut in order to wear jewelry in it. Cutting results bleeding, pain, and also infections.

You have to follow strict aftercare in order to avoid infections and promote faster healing. It might seem to be easy for you but the case can never be the same for kids.

Tantrums and avoiding the cleaning process may lead to serious piercing infection. Infected piercing results in more pain, bleeding even throbbing burning sensation which can be unbearable for a kid.

Apart from this, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important. Eating too much sweet or oily food will slow down the healing process.

You have to keep these important points in your mind before taking your kid to a piercer. Even if piercing a kid of less than 13 is legal in your country, it might not be a good idea.

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 At what age are you too old to get a nose piercing?

There is no maximum age limit to get a nose piercing. You can get your nose pierced even in your 50’s. Actually, there are no age factor matters. If you have the confidence and courage to bear the pain, just go for it.

As I already have stated that there is a minimum age limit for piercings in some countries. But you will not get the maximum limit anywhere.

If you will ask whether you should get a piercing at a very old age, I’ll reply that you should check your condition first.

When we start getting old our skin, muscles, and even bones start getting old. You can notice the wrinkles on your skin. Surface piercings are not for you at that condition.

The healing potential of our body also starts decreasing at an old age. It is the situation your nose piercing will take a longer time to heal. And also piercing infections will bother you more, may also result in unbearable pain.

What is the appropriate age for a nose piercing?

15-35 should be the appropriate age for a nose piercing. Although there is no maximum limit, you can get it done even after 35.

I think the best age of getting a nose piercing is when you can take proper care of your piercing. If you are a kid you have to take your parent’s help.

For school going kids, it can be tough to manage time for aftercare, and also there is a risk to get hurt while playing. As I have a nose piercing, I think one should get pierced after high school. This is completely my own thought. We feel too much pressure on studies, homework, exams, and sports.

Apart from all these, you can get your nose pierced anytime you feel you should. Check for the legal rules of your country and reasons. Also, ask your parents if you are less than 16 years about your decision.

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Can u get a nose piercing at 13?

Yes, you can get your nose pierced at 13. There must not be any strict rules for piercing against minors in your county, you should make sure of it.

You must have your parent’s permission and you need to go to a piercer with your parent. Many of the kids choose to get pierced from any cheap piercer. But I strictly recommend you to go to the professional and ask him first about piercing your nose.

Can you get a nose piercing at 12?

Yes, you can get your nose pierced at 12. You should go to a reputed piercer. Go with your mom or dad for a nose piercing. In many countries girls get their nose and ears pierced at a very small age of even 5 or 6.

There is nothing bad or risky if you are going to a professional. Age doesn’t matter actually, but I think, the main problem comes after your piercing is done.

Pain, bleeding, swelling, throbbing, uneasy to wear clothes or sleep on that side are some of the challenges you will be facing for some weeks after getting pierced. But if you are confident enough and think you can bear all this you can just go for it.

Should I let my daughter get her nose pierced?

Yes, you should let her get pierced. If it is correct age and she is confident enough to carry a nos piercing, you should not stop her.

Although, it should be completely your decision., you should ask your daughter first. If she is a minor you can take your decision if you think it is not right for her.

After 18 years, she can get her nose pierced without anyone’s decision legally. However, I don’t think there is anything bad in getting nose pierced. it looks really cute. Apart from fashion, there are many traditional values of nose piercing in many countries.


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