DIY Christmas Wreath Nail art Design-5 Easy Steps

We will create one more cute Christmas nail art design. Let’s make Christmas wreath nail art design today. Whenever we thought of a wreath, red, green, yellow and white are the colors that come in our mind.

we’ll also make it out of a similar color combination. You can choose your favorite color anyway. This is one of the easiest ways of making Christmas wreath nail design.

A wreath is symbolized by thorns worn by Christ. The green leaf that shows the eternal life. Red berries represent christ’s blood. Overall wreath shows the love and dedication towards Christ.

Make wealth for Christmas decorations and hang it on your door or window. But making wreath nail art for Christmas is the best idea. It will look not only beautiful but also unique.

For a change, you can also make some snowflakes. Decorate it with some Christmas present nail designs or make some floral nail art. But Daisy nail art is my favorite of all.

DIY Christmas Wreath Nail art Design- 7 easy Steps

Products used:

  1.  base coat
  2.  golden color polish “Matte chrome01” from Meow cosmetics
  3.  red color polish “pastel 05” from meow cosmetics
  4.  light green color Polish “ pastel 08” from meow cosmetics
  5. dark green color Polish
  6. dotting tool
  7. topcoat

Procedure :

Make whatever designs on your nails, but never skip cleaning routine. Do proper nail care and clean your nails at least once a week. Stick with that basic steps of nail art that is basecoat and topcoat. Basecoat will protect your nails and top coat will protect your nail polish and nail arts.

1. Prepare the Base

Apply the Protection of your nail and you all know what it is. Yes, you are right. You have to apply a basecoat on your nails. Make sure your nails are properly clean and filed.

Christmas-Wreath-Nails-Design- Step 1

Apply an even coat of base coat on your nail. It will keep your nails protected from staining and also protect from chemical damage to some extent.

Let your base coat to get fully dry. Then apply the golden-colored polish as a base color for your design. Here I used is a matte polish but you can use the glossy finish golden polish too as long as you matte top coat it afterward.

Note:- For the design to give more Christmas vibes, I love to use colors that are mostly be seen on Christmas day or Christmas related kinds of stuff like green, red, golden, white. So I tried my best to use all these shades in one design here.

2. Create Outer ring of Wreath

After the base polish gets dried completely, it’s time to make a circle for the Christmas wreath. You might find this step to be the toughest step in this whole design. No matter how many times you have drawn earlier, you always make mistakes in drawing a perfectly round circle.

Christmas-Wreath-Nails-art-design- Step 02

So, let’s make it a bit easy for you – start with making four dots in a (+) sign. Place four dots in the for different directions. Try to place all the dots at the same distance from each other.

Tip: There are a few points you have to keep in mind while making these four dots. First, to have around the same distance between these dots. Second, to make dots in a way that after it completes, it will end up in the middle of your nail.

3. Finish the Curve with alternate dots

Step 03

After making four dots, make more four dots all should be equidistance from each other. But this time make them in between of earlier four dots so they form a circle.

The dots you are Making in this step and in earlier step should be all of the same sizes. It will be much easier to make a perfect Circle.

If the dots vary in sizes from each other than it will be a little tough to get that circle and you might end up with something else. Make all dots equidistance and of the same size.

4. Make more dots

You have drawn a circle, it’s time to make it thick and for that start making random dots of random sizes. For this step, I wanted to give it a little dimension and a different look.

Christmas-Wreath-Nails-Design- Step 04

So for that, I take two different shades of green and made random dots. If I make all the dots with just one single shade of green then it looks like a thick circle and nothing else.

But the Christmas wreaths are used to be more colorful so for it to happen to achieve I choose two different shades of green. You can choose more than two shades of green too. The more the merrier but don’t overdo it.

And this is the fun part of this design because you don’t have to worry about Overdoing the dots. You don’t have to even think about size in particular. Just make dots of any green shades.

You can make them side by side and also onto one another. If at any time you feel like one shade of green is overpowering the other shade then make dots of other to balance it. Only if you want to.

Keep making those random dots until you are satisfied with it.

5. Give it a finishing touch

After making all those dots you’ll find yourself with almost complete wreath. You just have to decorate it and give it a beautiful finishing.

Step 05 Christmas-Wreath-Nails Art design

Now to give a more realistic look make a few random dots of red shade. You only have to make most probably around 5-6 dots in particular on the whole wreath. And you’re done.

The red color will show the red berries in the wreath. you can also use some white or yellow fo this design. At this point, you are almost done with the design.

But the last and very important thing is to apply the topcoat. I suggest using the matte top coat to give the design a whole different look. This is very important to seal your work, to give a finished look and to make your design long-lasting.

Beautiful-Christmas-Wreath-Nails- Final Step

Can I use white color in wreath nail art design?

Yes, you can use white polish to decorate your wreath design. The white color will add more volume and it will look even more beautiful. You can use white to give your design a snow feel.

Make some small and some a little big dots. There is nothing big in this. Add white color as you added other colors. But it will recommend you to use white polish at the very end.

Keep in mind- do not overdo any of the given steps. Keep it simple and use colors very wisely. Too much green red or any color can spoil the whole look and it will look messy.

Take some time to do everything slowly and neatly. Do not make designs in a hurry. Let each layer dry properly to get will finished look. And the most important thing- do not skip basecoat and topcoat.



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