Easy Christmas Present Nail Art Step by Step

Let’s make Christmas present nail art this today. This is one of the easiest nails designs. Christmas is all about winters, celebrations and lots of gifts. I thought of making a Christmas present nail design this time.

I am wearing a Christmas theme dress at this Christmas party. And thought for making my nails look the same. Christmas present design will be the best for this eve. Even it doesn’t take lots of time.

You can make the same design on every nail or you can alter for a twist. Make some snowflakes design on nails or you can go for floral designs like daisy flowers.

Give your nails more Christmas touch by making presents with some snowflakes. Do not overdo anything, keep it simple and beautiful.

christmas nail designs

Christmas Present Nail Art Step by Steps

I am giving you detailed information from basecoat to top coat. Always clean previous nail polish before applying a new one. file your nails to give it a proper shape and texture. Then start with the final steps.

Do not skip your nail care routine as chemicals as colors can stain your nails even can damage it. Healthy nails always look beautiful and strong. This is the reason I never skip my weekly nail care as my skin and hair care.

Before proceeding, here is a list of products you will need. Check whether you have everything to proceed and finish your nail art beautifully.

Products used:

1: base coat

2: “pastel 05” from “meow cosmetics”

3: glitter powder “ silver and golden chunks” from “the.beauty.emporium”

4: glitter stamping gel “GS09/ summer breeze” from “ Bornpretty “

5: a liner brush

6: Topcoat

7: UV/ led lamp from “missu”

Procedure :

Start with a base

Base nail coat

You should always start with a base coat on your nails. As I always told you, basecoat makes a wall between your nail and the colors. It protects your nails from staining and also keeps it protected from chemicals.

After letting your base coat fully dry apply the red color polish as a base color. We are making a presentation on our nails so it will be good if the red polish is a bright shade and not a dark shade.

You can choose the base color of your choice. Pick lighter and brighter colors. for a twist, you can use all different colors for each finger. Use only one or two colors to keep it simple.

Add Glitters

Christmas Present Nail Art

Let the red polish dry completely. We will add glitters to our nail art. Time to stick some dry glitters on the top of the base nail polish.

Take the topcoat and apply an even coat on less than half of your nail, let’s say 40%. YOu can do as I did in the picture.

I suggest you not to go less than this because it will end up shifting the design to the tip of your nail and your nail will look empty too.

After applying the topcoat on your nail, sprinkle the dry glitter on to it. You have to do it immediately before the topcoat dries up. You have to work a bit faster at this stage. Glitters won’t stick if topcoat gets dried before it.

Brush off the extra glitter from the nails. And wait for the topcoat to fully dry up before you start with the next step.

Draw a thick line

Christmas Present Nail Art

After letting the topcoat fully dry, pick up your liner brush and draw a horizontal line with a golden color. The line should a little thick for it to be noticed easily.

When you find trouble in drawing a straight line, you should always start with make dots. After making dots, just connect them all together to make a straight line. ( It’s like a little cheat trick)

we are giving it a look of bright ribbon on the wrapped gift. Your Christmas present nail art would never be completed without a ribbon. Use glowing glittery color like golden and draw it a bit thick.

Draw a vertical line

Christmas Present Nail Art

Now draw another straight line vertically on the horizontal line. The line you are making should be a little off the middle to give a design a realistic look.

Just like the horizontal line you draw earlier, the vertical line also doesn’t have to be drawn in middle. Draw it as I did, do not place it in the middle.

This line will cover top to bottom of the nail vertically. Place it slightly away from the middle. It can be towards the right or left, place according to your choice.

Make a cute knot

Christmas Present Nail Art

After drawing a vertical line, it’s time to make a bow on the point where both the lines are intersecting with each other. For making a bow, make a deep “C” or “U” and connect the ends of it to the corner.

You have to make deep “C” or “U” on both sides of the line. See the picture to make it more clear. imagine the beautiful knot of the ribbon and make a bow according to it.

Both of them don’t need to be exactly the same. In fact, it looks more cute and real when they are different. As a real tied ribbon bow never look similar. And you’re done.

Some useful Tips

If you’re using gel paints like me for drawing the design from the start then it’s time to cure it.

But if you’re not using gels then you can freely skip this point. Leave it to get dry itself.

The last and very important thing is to apply the topcoat. To seal your work, to give a finished look and to make your design long-lasting topcoat is important.

Topcoat application is a necessary step for you if you’re using the acrylics. I will seal your nail art and make it long-lasting.

How do you paint your nails for Christmas?

Paint your nails with colors like white, red, blue, pink or even golden. The color should be of your choice. You can paint your nails with the colors that match your dress.

Make cute Christmas designs on your nails. You can make snowflakes, Christmas present design, Santa cap, bell, ballons and many more cute designs of your choice.

Or make stars, Christmas trees, and Santa face or even whole Santa on your nails. Choose the design according to your comfortability. Complicated designs needed techniques and knowledge of making nail art.

There are lots of things around that we can draw on our nails. warm clothes, caps, gloves, snowman, Christmas decorations and many more things. We just have to observe and imagine the outcome.

If you are trying the first time on your nails or you are just a beginner, I’ll suggest you start with some simple designs. You can simply start with this Christmas present nail art as it is simple and it doesn’t take expert skills.

Can I make four same nail designs and one different?

yes, you can make the same design for all four nails and one totally different from it. Even I personally do that often. It looks really good and stylish.

I usually do this with my ring finger’s nail. In my view, it looks really good altering only one nail design. Like I make Christmas present on all for nails and snowflakes on my ring fingernail.

You can do the same with your index finger or pinky finger. But it never looks good on the thumb or middle finger. As thumb gets unnoticed and the middle finger makes it fronter.

It should be your own choice to choose which nail you want to make different from others. Maybe the design that looks not that attractive on my nails can be the best for you. So first try and then decide what suits your nails.

If you want me to share more posts about cute nail arts, please let me know. You can comment on your demands below in the comment box or send us a mail. I’ll create that design for you and make a post in detail.


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