What to Wear for a Pool Party If You’re Not Swimming?

A pool party is the union of everything good that exists during a party. Pool, friends, music, food and of course, a lot of styles. Besides the swimsuit, did you know that there are many combinations?

Yes, there are many ways for those who want to enjoy the party without going into the pool? And here you will learn how to use them.

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What to wear for a pool party if you’re not swimming?

You can wear a romper, a jumpsuit or even a kimono. There are lots of options to wear to a pool party if you don’t wanna go into the pool.

Today I will help you to choose your party dress according to the situations for different people. No matter you are a man, woman or a kid, here is all the information you need to be a pool party-ready.

What to wear at a summer pool party?

You have lots of options to wear in summer-like vibrant color printed dresses, shirts or whatever you want. Summer is the best time for a party, especially in the pool.

Pool parties are good in almost all seasons, but it’s even better in summer. After all, the sun will be there to warm up the party’s atmosphere even more, especially if it’s daytime.

But do you know what the sun combines with? Prints and lots of vibrant colors, keep that in mind even before putting together your look, separate that patterned piece you already have at home and check out the suggestions below.

Suggestions for women to wear at the pool party


short, midi or long, the ideal is that they are very loose, especially at the hem.


shorts or longs, this piece is practical, versatile and very comfortable.


the kimono is able to save even the most basic look, from the shirt with shorts to the dress, the piece combines too much with the summer and is perfect for making overlap.

Long Skirt

Is it a style mermaid you want? The fluidity and lightness of the long skirt convey this beachwear vibe. The long skirt is the most suitable because it allows you to move around more easily.

It can be a single color or printed, when you use it, combine it with clothes of other colors, to avoid a mix of prints. Pantaloons and pantacourt – pants at a pool party?

Yes, the pantalona and pantacourt models are wide, fresh and light to enjoy a pool party, with a top the combination is perfect.

Printed sets

Shirts and shorts with the same print is the trend of the moment, can be used with a bikini or top.

Sarong –

You may not be on the beach but it will be on you somehow. Sarong keeps the outfit unpretentious and very stylish. Do you know the best of everything? It allows many moorings that can vary and achieve a unique style at
the party.


Do you know when you borrow your boyfriend’s shirt and wear it? The pool party clothing is very similar, the difference is that you will wear the open shirt and underneath you can use the bathing suit.

Shorts with top cropped

This combination is the simplest of all and one of the best to enjoy the pool party very comfortably, top cropped is that type of blouse that matches every occasion and style, and shorts are the perfect complement.


Perfect item for hot days, the top is present in practically all combinations and can be a bikini substitute, there are strapless variations, neckline shoulder to shoulder, with thin straps and much more.

Suggestions for men to use at the pool party

Flax shirts

known as one of the most refreshing fabrics for the heat, the flax shirt is the missing item for your pool party outfit to be complete, for men in general, the shirt is the most recommended suggestion for the party, besides guaranteeing a more elegant result.

Bermuda shorts

a key part of the pool party for men, the shorts match almost every style of shirt, they can be twill or jeans.

Printed shirts-

with the short sleeve, this item is full of style and colors, can be used with the buttons closed or with a tank top underneath.

Tank tops

If you are not a fan of shirts, you can invest in a tank top, this style of blouse is more open and excellent for hot days.

What should children wear for a pool party?

Children should wear a romper, bodysuit, skirts, shorts or a similar dress. Especially if they are not swimming

It is practically impossible to keep children away from the pool during the party. But if they are not going to swim the ideal thing is for them to be dressed in light, comfortable and refreshing pieces.

They are children and will enjoy the party in some way. So, it is important that their clothes are chosen carefully but without losing the essence that the pool party outfit has.
The children’s look by itself is already very printed and colorful, at the pool party is that they take on new shapes, making the little ones look even happier. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, see below some ideal pieces for girls and boys to use at the pool party.

For girls: baggy pants, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, t-shirts and long-sleeved blouses.

For boys: shirts, shorts, pants and boxer shorts. Children get dirty easily, remember to bring extra clothes, in case it is necessary to change or use them after leaving the pool and avoid tight clothes so as not to disturb the children.

What to wear for an evening pool party?

You can wear a sequin dress, bright color shorts or long maxi dress. 

If the look of the pool party during the day calls for strong colors, the look of the night party is the most neutral colors that prevail, with many flowing fabrics, and even the floral print already so characteristic of events like this.

Girls, during the night it is released clothes with a little more daring cut (like slits and necklines). For men, the style remains practically the same, but with a full-bodied shirt textile. And it has key pieces that can complement your composition, adding a touch of style.

For women: slit skirt, long dresses, long jumpsuit, hot pants, clochard pants, flare sleeve blouse

For men: twill pants, satin shirts, and dark-colored shorts.

What clothes to wear at a winter Pool party?

Winter pool party seems unlikely, right? But believe me, it’s not. You can’t control the weather and if the party happens in the winter, you need to be prepared. you may not enjoy the party with everything you are entitled to, but one thing is certain:
some of these pieces cannot be missing from your winter outfit for the pool party.

  • Elongated cotton cardigan
  • Jacket
  • Light sweater
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Pants

They are basic clothes that can be worn by men and women, with some adaptations, of course. It is even possible to insert them in the usual appearance of a pool party.

Even if the party happens during the summer, take a slim jacket in your bag, the weather can change throughout the day. I was invited to a hotel pool party, what to wear? The hotel is a bit more luxurious and the ideal is that the clothes used in this environment follow the same formality of the place.

At the pool party, you can play with the textures of the clothes using something more sophisticated like lace, transparency, satin or crochet. You can find these elements in the most varied styles of clothing.

But if you don’t like it, no problem, you can use one of the combinations already suggested. Don’t forget to add some accessories to enhance the outfit, thus guaranteeing a sophisticated and ideal combination for the place.

What are the best shoes to wear at a pool party?

Chosen outfit? So it’s time to think about something important: shoes, forget about uncomfortable heels and shoes at home, now it’s literally time to put your feet on the floor, for men and women have several options, choose your favorite and that best matches the look.

Shoes for women

  • Espadrille
  • Flat sandals
  • Mule
  •  Slipper
  •  Espadrille

Shoes for men

  •  Flat slide
  •  Moccasin
  •  Slipper
  •  Sneakers

What accessories to use at a pool party?

Sunglasses, a hat, and a scarf is the must for me whenever I am planning to chill in a pool. 

The focus on clothing is great that the accessories end up being left a little aside. It is not a rule, but sunglasses and a hat are the best accessories to protect from the sun. Also, these are suitable for men and women. In addition, women can also count on an extra amount of accessories.

You can wear that makes you look even more ornate. And that can be used in different regions, from hair to the body. It can be scrunchie, body chain, necklaces, earrings, choker, straw bag, etc.

What do I need to take to a pool party?

Are you putting together the pool party bag and don’t know what to bring? There are tips on the main items that make your party even better.

  • Bath towel
  • Sunscreen
  • An extra outfit
  • jacket
  • An extra bikini
  • Slipper

In summer or winter, what you wear at a pool changes little depending on the environment. It depends on temperature, time of day and many other elements.

Even with these tips, you need to consider three things before choosing your pool party outfit: fabric, piece width, prints, and colors. As written above there is ideal that the clothes are as light as possible. So that you can enjoy the party as much as possible and have a lot of fun (entering the pool or not). Use what you feel good and have a good pool party.
What is your favorite outfit for a pool party? Don’t forget to let me know in the comment box.


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