What to eat after Tongue piercing?

Tongue piercing- for me is one of the most daring piercing types. A piercing tongue has many risks and complications. Not only this, but a tongue piercing can also affect speech quality and cause many other oral problems. You have to take proper care of it during as well as after piercing in order to avoid unwanted problems. Take proper knowledge of how to care for your piercing before getting it.

You can eat Shakes, baby foods, ice-creams, and yogurts after tongue piercing. Eating soft and cold foods are good to soothe the piercing. Avoid too spicy or too oily foods.

While thinking about tongue piercing the first question comes in my mind is- how is it possible for a person to eat comfortably with a tongue piercing. Actually, what should you eat and what you shouldn’t eat just after getting your tongue pierced are the most important questions. And you should have proper knowledge of it.

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What to eat after tongue piercing?

Ear custard, cold pudding, ice cream, baby foods, and yummy shakes. Actually this is gonna be an amazing food journey.

Just after getting your tongue pierced, you’re gonna face many problems like you can’t talk normally (at least until it’s not healed completely). But this is not the actual problem. The actual problem is to eat some solid foods.

Your tongue plays a very vital role in chewing food. It put so much pressure on your tongue to move and chew solid foods properly.

This is why it becomes very difficult for you to eat just after getting your tongue pierced. Soft and bland foods are recommended at the initial stage of healing. I recommend you to make a routine for 30  days diet and make changes as given below.

  • From day 1- 10

These are going to be the most difficult days of all. You’ll suffer pain and swelling while eating or even drinking anything till 6th day.

Neither eat nor drink too hot try to keep it Lukewarm will be the best for you. Avoid too spicy food as it may irritate the piercing wound right there.

Now the question of what will you eat during these days?

You can eat foods like Applesauce, broths, protein shake, yogurt, food replacement shakes, or even baby foods. Ice cream, cold puddings, or custards can help relieving pain and swelling, don’t hesitate if you love them.

You can take beverages but be careful it should not be too hot. And try to reduce the quantity as tea and coffee can affect your new piercing wound and you may feel more pain.

It becomes very difficult after getting your tongue pierced because of selling. You should wait until the swelling settles down to eat something solid.

Along with these things you should not forget your tongue piercing cleaning routine. Give it a saline or salt solution rinse at least 2 times a day.

  • From day 10- 40

After completing 10 days, you’ll realize it is now normal and you don’t have any pain or swelling there in your tongue.

You can almost anything at this stage of the piercing. But you have to be special careful while eating foods that can scratch or stuck in there. It may be stuck in there and tear it to bleed.

You should eat slowly and try to take smaller bites. But do not forget to clean it regularly using a sea salt solution.

  • From 40-50 days

This is the safest period, you can eat anything anyway. Consider 40- 50days as the last stage of the healing process and continue with the tongue piercing cleaning routine.

You can reduce the frequency of cleaning your piercing but do keep in mind brushing your teeth is very important.

At this stage the piercing should be healed, but if not this may be a warning sign. This also indicates that you haven’t taken proper care of your tongue piercing.

And it is also possible that your piercing is infected. If you are still feeling pain and uneasiness then you should visit your piercer or doctor for a consult.

eat after tongue piercing

When can you eat after a tongue piercing?

You can start eating some crunchier and solid foods after 10 days of getting your tongue pierced. But stay on soft, bland, and liquid food until the 10th day.

You have to eat something to stay alive so do not avoid your diet. Avoiding a proper regular diet may result in weakness and slows down the healing process.

If it is very painful to take anything in your mouth try to sip some liquids like soup or juice. Even if this is not easy for you due to swelling, try to sip using a straw.

After 1-2 days you’ll be comfortable enough to eat bland foods. Then start eating soft baby foods that are tasty too. Eat custard, yogurt, Applesauce, or pudding for variations for at least 10 days.

After that, you can start eating soft pieces of bread, omelet, and boiled crushed and mashed veggies. Try to take some solid food and try chewing it slowly and gently without putting too much pressure on your tongue.

Can you eat dairy after getting your tongue pierced?

Yes, you can but some experts advise to avoid dairy products like cheese and mayonnaise. As these foods are greasy and stick to the form a layer on the tongue.

These products are also tough to clean from tongue and bacteria in dairy products like cheese and mayo can increase swelling and pain. And in some worst case if it is not cleaned properly, can cause infection.

But yogurt is recommended at the initial stage as it can help to relieve stabbing pain and swelling.

You can eat some of the dairy products. But it’ll be better to avoid some of the dairy products like cheese, mayonnaise, and butter.

Can you drink alcohol 3 days after a tongue piercing?

No, you should not drink alcohol until your tongue piercing is completely healed.

Alcohol intake during piercing healing time is a Big No. It can make the wound worst from bad. It can also increase pain and swelling and slow down the healing process.

Alcohol can cause irritation and other complication to your tongue piercing. It’ll always be better to avoid alcohol during the healing period. Even your piercer will recommend you a mouth wash that is completely alcohol-free.

Drink fruit juice, smoothie, soup, or anything healthy instead of taking alcohol. This healthy drinking habit will speed up the healing process. And if you’ll stick to these healthy habits, this gonna help you to stay fit for a whole life.

Can I eat chicken after tongue piercing?

No, eating certain solid foods in the initial week may harm your new piercing.

Meat can be stuck in there in the pierced area or in the jewelry. Due to the swelling and pain, it will be almost impossible for you to clean and pull it out.

Almost all type of meats is harmful to new tongue piercing because of living bacteria in them. It can make the situation worst.

So, it is always better to avoid it, but if you desire you can eat well-cooked meat. It should be cooked enough to eat comfortably without putting too much pressure on your tongue.

eat potatoes after tongue piercing

Can you eat mashed potatoes after tongue piercing?

Yes, you can eat mashed potatoes after tongue piercing. But I’ll recommend you not to eat it for the first four days.

In the first four or five days, there is intense pain and swelling in the tongue. it becomes tough to clean food particles from it. Mashed potatoes are sticky enough to stick to the jewelry. It may also be the toughest task for you to swallow it, without hurting your piercing. Be careful while eating.

You shouldn’t eat anything too sticky or too dry. And try to keep your tongue a little folded so that your jewelry does not get scratched by your teeth while eating.

Can you eat noodles after getting your tongue pierced?

Yes, you can eat noodles without ant tension. But make sure it is not too spicy and also it should not be too hot.

Eat slowly and steadily. Do not hurt your pierced tongue. Do not try to sip the noodles as it may be stuck to the jewelry and also put too much pressure on the tongue.

Sipping noodles and putting pressure on the tongue may lead to bleeding. And you may end up with pain and more swelling.

Be careful while using a fork for eating noodles. It should not poke the piercing or the jewelry.

Can I eat bread after tongue piercing?

Eating bread will not be easy for you for the first 7- 10 days. If you want to eat bread, try to make it a little softer. Dip it into any liquid thing so that it becomes soft and easy to eat.

You can definitely eat bread after 10 days. But even after that be careful while chewing and swallowing it.

do not smoke after tongue piercing

Can you smoke a cigarette after getting your tongue pierced?

No, you shouldn’t smoke. Smoking can cause infection, swelling, and also cause the burning of the wound in some worst cases. This will ultimately affect the healing process.

I am sure you don’t wanna slow down the healing process of your tongue piercing. That’s why it will be better for you to avoid smoking for at least 20-25 days. Even after 25 days, it is not completely safe to smoke, and don’t forget to rinse your mouth after smoking.


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