Snake eye tongue piercing: risks, pain & pros-cons

If you are familiar with Snake Eye Tongue piercing, you must know how trending this tongue piercing is. Why people got this piercing and why this is so demanding?

You’ll get the answer as soon as you’ll see how it looks. Piercing your tongue to give it a snake look is really crazy. But this is one of the most attractive piercing. You can’t take your eyes off to that person’s tongue with snake eye-piercing. It’s really very attractive and beautiful that worth the pain.

Snake eye tongue piercing is popular among snake lovers (I guess). Your tongue is mimicking your favorite pet animal isn’t it a cool thing?

I personally think that this is the most attractive tongue piercing. If it attracts you too and you’re planning for a snake eye, go for it.

Get your tongue pierced but don’t forget that it is one of the most complicated piercing too. You shouldn’t try it at home nor should you go to any untrained piercer. Go to the most reputed expert piercer near you.

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And first of all, clear all your doubts related to piercing and aftercare before getting your tongue pierced.

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Snake eye-piercing Risk

What are the risks of getting Snake eye-piercing?

This piercing has many risks as it can damage your teeth, gums and may end up with an ugly scar on the tongue.

That’s not all, in some cases, snake eye tongue piercing causes speech impediment. Some people also experienced deactivated taste buds and can’t taste things as they use to.

Gum erosion is also one of the most common problems that people face after getting a snake eye. The tongue jewelry keeps hitting teeth and also damage than by continue hitting for a long time.

Speech impediment is one of the common problems with almost type of tongue piercings. But if the piercing is done correctly, it may not affect your speech quality. This is why I always recommend choosing one of the most reputed expert piercers.

The risk that seems most dangerous to me is piercing migration. Snake eye tongue piercing also has a migration risk that can leave an ugly scar on your tongue for a whole life.

You can avoid all these risks by choosing the best piercer for you and by strictly following all his instructions.

What is Snake Eye tongue piercing?

A snake eye is a horizontal tongue piercing. In this piercing, the tip of the tongue is pierced in order to insert a barbell in it.

This tongue piercing is called snake eye tongue piercing only because after wearing a barbell it seems like a pair of snake eyes. Snake eye looks beautiful and easy to get but actually, it’s not that much easy.

At a first look, it may seem as it is two separate vertical piercings but it’s not it is a single horizontal piercing. This piercing is a bit complicated and tough. In this, two different muscles of your tongue are pierced horizontally to wear a piece of single jewelry in it.

This piercing binds two different muscles and also makes it difficult to move independently. You’ll need experts to get snake eye tongue piercing. Never ever try this at home or any other rookie piercer. It may end with a serious injury, that’s why it is always better to get pierced at a reputed expert piercer shop.

Snake eye-piercing pros and Cons

Every piercing have some pros and cons, let’s talk about snake eye tongue piercing today. This pros and cons section will help you clear your vision for this piercing and also help you to decide whether you should get it or not.

Pros Cons
Less painful Jewelry keeps knocking teeth and can damage it
Quickly heal It can cause some oral pain and problems
Less bleeding Affects  speech pattern
Easy to hide Decreased some of the functions of the tongue
Looks very fashionable Sometimes cause difficulties in chewing
Give extra pleasure to some Some feel like pleasure is decreasing because of this piercing

Snake eye tongue piercing is one of the most attractive and fashionable piercing.

It takes around two months to get a tongue piercing to heal completely. Even only after 40 days of piercing, you’ll feel like nothing, no pain, no uneasiness, and no swelling. But it takes around 55 days to heal your tongue piercing completely.

Tongue piercings usually bleed very less as compared to any other facial piercing. This is one of the plus points for you that it bleeds less and you can get it done very easily.

The best part of tongue piercings is that these are very easy to hide. We all know how some of our relatives and friends react to these types of bold piercings. You can hide these as long as you do not adopt the habit of licking lips or stretching your tongue out.

Some feel like these piercings gives more pleasure during intercourse. They can take their point of pleasure one level higher. On the other, some people feel like it sucks. They feel like they have ruined their intimacy by getting their tongue pierced.

Keeping these points in your mind you can get a better idea of whether you should get it done or not. Although everyone’s feeling is different and you should only think about your feeling instead of others before getting pierced.

How do you take care of snake eyes tongue piercing?

Getting your tongue pierced is not a bit deal. Even getting any of your organs pierced is not that a big task. The main thing is to follow the daily cleaning and aftercare routine.

If you do not follow your aftercare routine or use to avoid piercing the cleaning process it may get infected. Cleaning also speeds up the healing process.

Food and dirt stuck in there can cause infection and slow down the healing. If you want you piercing to get healed quickly then you should follow daily cleaning routine strictly.

Your piercer should have provided you a list of things you have to do and what not to do. Even after that here are some of the basic things that you can do to care for your snake eye tongue piercing.

  1. Don’t touch your piercing using hands

This is the most important thing as your hands can transfer harmful bacteria to the newly pierced tongue and it can get infected quickly.

I’ll recommend you not to touch it using your finger until it is necessary. And never forget to wash your hands properly in order to eliminate all bacteria before touching your piercing site.

  1. Eat soft bland foods until you are comfortable with your piercing \

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It will become a tough task for you to chew and eat solid food after getting your tongue pierced. And this is mainly due to the swelling in your tongue.

You should eat soft foods like baby food, pudding, yogurt, and applesauce. For variation, you can add custard and Ice-cream into your diet and this will help you with pain and swelling.

After 7 days you’ll be more comfortable with your piercing and can eat crunchier and solid foods. But make sure you’re not putting too much pressure on the tongue while eating.

Eating quickly in rush can hurt your piercing and can lead to bleeding. This may slow down the healing process. It is always recommended to eat slowly.

  1. Brush your teeth 2-3 times using soft bristle toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is a very important step in cleaning your tongue piercing. Make sure you are using a soft-bristle toothbrush. It is always recommended to use a new toothbrush after getting tongue piercing.

Cleaning teeth is important coz any food left there can attract bacteria and germs. And dirty teeth can cause infection to the newly pierced tongue.

Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day or you can brush after every meal until it gets healed completely.

Be very gentle while brushing, don’t rub vigorously it may hurt your tongue. Brush slowly and give it time and clean properly. Do not skip brushing as is it important not only for piercing but also for your teeth.

  1. Rinse your mouth with Saline solution

Your piercer will give you a saline solution for washing your piercing wound. The saline solution will soothe you, keep you away from infections, and speed up the healing process.

You can also buy the best saline solution online on Amazon.

This is one of my favorite non-iodized, vitamin-rich healing salt. This salt soak is easy to prepare and use. You have to keep the ratio like 1/4 tablespoon of salt to 1 cup of warm water (8oz).

Soak and rinse your piercing at least two times a day using this salt for better desire results.

This healing sea salt is full of vitamins and minerals. Botanical oil helps the body heal quickly. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E moisturize and nourish damaged skin.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can prepare your own saline solution at home. You’ll need only 2 things sea salt and warm water. Mix some sea salt to the boiling water and let it cool aside for a minute. After some time check whether it is too hot or just warm. If you are comfortable with the heat, then pour some solution in your mouth.

Wash your mouth, swish, and spit it out. Repeat this twice or thrice at a time. You should rinse your mouth with a sea salt solution after having each meal.

But if it is not possible, just try to rinse your mouth at least twice a day using this solution.

  1. Use Alcohol-free mouth wash

If you are using mouth wash, make sure it is alcohol-free. Avoiding drinking alcohol is not enough, you have to avoid products that contain alcohol in it.

Alcohol can dry out the wound and halt the new cell generation. It kills new cells and slows down the healing process. Alcohol can make the situation worse from the bad.

That’s why it will be better for you to stay away from alcohol and alcohol-containing products.

  1. Eat slowly

Eating food slowly and chewing carefully is caring for your tongue piercing. Eat soft bland foods. Stay on a liquid diet for 1-2 days if it is not easy to eat even bland foods.

  1. Avoid spicy foods for at least 40 days

Eat healthy and easy to digest food. Avoid spicy foods as it can irritate the new piercing. Along with this, you should keep one thing in your mind is that your food should not be too hot.

Eat foods like ice-cream and custards that will soothe you and can reduce swelling and pain. Spicy foods not only irritates the wound but also disturbs your stomach.

Eat less spicy and healthier foods to stay healthy. People with healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyles experience less complication and their wounds get healed more quickly.

  1. Do not drink alcohol or smoke

 Alcohol kills new cell generation and slows down the healing process. This is not all alcohol intake can cause dryness and result in tearing of wounds.

You should not even think about drinking alcohol for at least 40 days. As alcohol slows down the body’s metabolism and makes the healing process a tough task for our body.

Smoking does the same with the tongue piercing wound. It can cause infection to your snake eye-piercing. And in some worst cases, it results burning of a newly pierced tongue.

How do you know if your tongue is infected?

Swelling, redness, and burning sensations are some of the common symptoms of piercing infection. 

Getting your new piercing infection is a major drag especially if it is an oral piercing. Infection in your tongue is even more dangerous as it is more apt to spread.

It is very important for one to diagnose his/her tongue piercing from time to time. And rust to the piercer or doctor if the symptoms of infections are visible.

Some of the most common symptoms of tongue piercing are swelling, pain, burning sensation, discoloration of the tongue, and redness.

  • Swelling

Swelling is very normal after getting a snake eye tongue piercing. But you should keep a strong eye on your tongue that whether the swelling is decreasing, increasing or stay the same.

Usually, the swelling starts decreasing after within 3-4 days or for some people it takes a whole week. But if swelling is not decreasing or it keeps increasing maybe a calling card of infection.

You should follow your daily care routine strictly and never miss cleaning. Wait for another 1-2 days, if the symptom stays you should visit your piercer immediately.

  • Redness

Mild redness is very common after piercing and it keeps going as days pass. You should be worried about it if it keeps increasing or not decreasing.

If your tongue is naturally red then you should not worry about it. And predicting about infection only by due to redness would be nonsense.

You should look after your snake eye piercing and take immediate action if other symptoms also start appearing.

  • Pain

Tongue piercings are usually not so painful. But the pain in the initial days of piercing is normal. After 4-5 days you’ll not feel that pain or swelling.

Mild pain may be experienced due to scratching or rubbing your tongue against teeth or inner mouth.

But if after a week’s pain is unbearable, you should visit your piercer as soon as possible.

  • Burning sensation

Burning sensation for snake eye tongue piercing is generally not common. But some people experience a burning sensation during perforation.

But after piercing, if you are feeling a burning like sensation for a long time, it may be an alarming situation for you.

  • Tongue discoloration

Unlike Red tongue, discoloration is a big concern. Even if there is any serious problem in there, it may cause tongue discoloration.

Or you may also notice some different colors on your tongue like purple, green, black or sometimes yellow. This may happen when a serious problem has taken root. Visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Related questions

Do snake eyes piercing hurt?

It hurts less than nose piercing. If you are asking about during piercing then yes it hurts, but after that, it seems much easier than any other piercing.

Snake eye tongue piercing doesn’t hurt too much neither it bleeds. The pain and bleeding during piercing are normal, we are living, and perforating our skin or any other organ will result in bleeding and pain.

You shouldn’t think about any piercing if you are looking for painless piercing. At some point, every piercing feels painful. But yeah, I can compare the pain of snake eye piercing with any other piercing, there is much lesser pain.

Most of the people feel pain similar to when they accidentally bite their tongue a bit harder. If you’re planning for getting snake eye piercing then don’t think about pain, that’s not the problem.

How can I make my snake eye piercing heal faster?

  • Eat soft bland foods
  • Develop a healthy eating habit
  • Give your body proper 6-8 hours’ sleep
  • Do not touch your snake eye piercing without cleaning your hands
  • Never skip cleaning or aftercare routine
  • Avoid Alcohol & avoid smoking
  • Apply diluted tea tree oil for faster healing (a couple of drops will be enough)

(Make sure to rinse your mouth well after using tea tree oil)

Following an aftercare routine and developing healthy eating habits are the keys to heal tongue piercing faster. You do not need to do anything extra for it just follow your routine strictly.


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