Venom Piercing: Pain, pros-cons and heal time

Horizontal venom piercing

We are again here with another popular tongue piercing. We’ll discuss piercing pain, pros and cons of venom piercing, healing time and also I’ll answer some of your most asked questions in this post.

It’s being a time people practicing body modifications. But nowadays meanings are of lesser values however, the popularities are increasing day by day. People are exploring new piercing types and make trends.

Venom piercing is one of the most popular tongue piercing which is in hot trend nowadays. And in my view, it is one of the most attractive and unique piercing types.

To decide whether you will be going for this piercing or not, first of all, check out its pros and cons and the risks involved in it.  I am pretty sure you’ll be able to make your decision clear after reading this whole post.venom piercing


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What is a venom piercing?

Venom piercing is a type of tongue piercing which is often known as horizontal venom piercing, Venom bite piercing and sometimes Frog eye piercing.

It is a double tongue piercing in which tongue is pierced horizontally. This piercing is much similar to Snake eye tongue piercing but the positions make venom piercing different from snake eye piercing.

The positioning of venom piercing mimics the venom teeth of the snake and thus called as venom bite piercing. Looking at it from another angle makes it look like a pair of eyes of a frog.

Call it a venom piercing or frog eye, whatever you want. But make sure wherever you are getting your tongue pierced is a professional piercer shop. In this piercing, your tongue is pierced symmetrically both sides surface of the tongue resembling venom bites or from eyes.

Venom piercing is also a complicated piercing in which expert’s involvement is needed. It includes many risks and complications if you want to avoid such problems just choose your piercer carefully.

Do venom piercing hurt?

Yes, it hurts but not as other facial piercings. Tongue piercings hurt much lesser than nose and ear piercings. But horizontal tongue piercings are a bit more painful than vertical piercings. As in this piercing more nerves get affected.

Almost all types of piercing hurt, none of them is painless. I mean, common what are you talking about. You’ll make a cut on your body In order to wear jewelry in it and it wouldn’t hurt you? Is it possible?

Each and every piercing will give you pain but the intensity of pain may vary from one type to another. It also depends on your pain bearing power. Some people feel more pain as compared to others.

The best way to measure venom piercing pain is to compare it with nose and ear piercing. It bleeds much less and even pain is very less.

 How long does a venom piercing take to heal?

Venom piercing takes the same time as normal tongue piercing to heal. It will take about 6-8 weeks to get healed completely. Give it a whole two months to get healed.

Do not try to remove or change your tongue jewelry before it is fully healed. Removing jewelry before 6 weeks may get closed quickly or removing can make the wound worst by hurting it.

The healing time of venom piercing varies from person to person. For a person with a weaker immune system, it may take a whole 2 months or more to get healed completely. Whereas the body can reject jewelry soon after piercing for a person with an overactive immune system. Constant, irritation and allergies are the sign of overactive immune system.

For a normal person heal time should be anywhere between 6-8 weeks. Heal time also depends on the aftercare and cleaning process. If you’ll follow the aftercare instructions strictly, your tongue piercing will get healed quickly.

 Some recommended aftercare products:

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  • Aftercare Sea Salt and Tea tree oil combo check price here

Venom Piercing Risks:

Venom piercing is a type of Horizontal tongue piercing and the process of piercing is also the same. The risks of getting Venom piercing is also the same as other horizontal tongue piercings.

There are no such risks in getting venom piercing. always go to the reputed piercing shop. Getting Venom piercing at a mall is big No. Some of the risks of getting venom piercing are-

  • Blood vessels damage
  • Damage teeth
  • Gum erosion
  • Piercing Infection
  • Speech impediment
  • Piercing migration or rejection

Speech impediment and blood vessels damage is not common. And the people who have faced these problems are not serious for getting their tongue pierced and get it from any local, not trend piercer.

Teeth damage, gum erosion, and piercing migration are some of the most commonly faced tongue piercing problems. You can avoid all complications and risks by choosing the best Piercer and the best quality jewelry for you.

Venom piercing Pros and Cons

Pros Cons

No painful, easy to get

Jewelry keeps knocking and scratching gums and can cause damage
Heal quickly May result in some oral problems


Do not bleed too much Affects speech pattern
Easy to hide Can damage nerves
Looks beautiful and fashionable Sometimes cause difficulties in chewing
It gives extra pleasure to someone Some feel like venom piercing affects pleasure level
It Gives you a bolder look It may be difficult for your partner to kiss you

There are many pros and cons of venom piercing, out of which these are some common points. It may vary from person to person.

Some feel it is less painful and easy to maintain. Whereas some feel like venom piercing is the most difficult one and tough to maintain. Everyone feels it differently.

You have to be a bit more careful while kissing in the initial days, as it can hurt your piercing and can cause some serious problems also. Talking about pleasure while lovemaking, everyone’s opinion is different. Some feel more pleasure with piercing while some not.

Most of the people feel good, so you can go for it if you are comfortable with it. Take extra care in the initial days to avoid any serious problem.

P.C- piercee

Venom piercing Vs Snake eyes

Snake Eye Tongue piercing Venom tongue piercing
Tip of the tongue is perforated in the snake eye piercing Venom piercing mostly done on the middle section of the tongue
It mimics the eyes of the snake and thus called a snake eye piercing This piercing looks like the venom teeth of a snake and called as venom piercing
It is visible as the placing of this piercing is the tip of the tongue Hiding this piercing much easier than snake eye as it is placed on the inner tongue
Snake eye hurt front teeth and gums and can cause problems Gum erosion is a common problem

 Is horizontal tongue piercing safe?

Yes, it is safe until you get it done by any unprofessional piercer. I always recommend you to get your tongue pierced from a reputed piercer. Horizontal tongue piercing has some risks including infection, rejection, and tooth and gum erosion and nerve damage.

These tongue piercings are less common than any other basic tongue piercings. It will define your identity and may distinguish your personality differently. If you are planning for getting it just go and get it right now.

A horizontal tongue piercing is totally safe for you. It goes through one side of your tongue to another side horizontally. Only one thing you should keep in your mind is to choose the best piercer as well as piercing jewelry for you.

One more important thing about horizontal tongue piercing is that it is not suitable for everyone. Your piercer will give you the best suggestion for whether you can get this piercing or not.

Strictly follow your aftercare routine, never miss a cleaning. And follow each and every instruction given by your piercer. Jewelry also plays an important role. You should choose high-quality metal jewelry.

Do not touch it too much or try to move it before it is fully healed. Avoid such childish things and stay away from infections and unwanted piercing problems.

How long will my tongue be swollen after piercing?

It will take around 1 week (7 days).  Generally, swelling stays for 3-4 days. After piercing your tongue, it will be a bit uncomfortable for you to eat and speak due to swelling.

You feel uneasiness and swelling for at least 5-6 days after piercing. You should be more careful while talking, eating or even drinking anything. Try to eat soft bland foods you can also eat baby food you are a baby food love as I am.

Feeling stabbing pain or raise in temperature of your tongue can be cured.  Eat ice-cream, or keep an ice cube in there. It will soothe you and can help you with the pain.

The swelling will start decreasing from day 3 and it will be normal after 6-7 days. You’ll feel almost no pain or swell in there in your tongue.

If the swelling is persistent or even increasing from time to time, then this may be an alarming situation for you. Your tongue is trying to give you a sign that something is wrong in there. You have to figure it out as soon as possible. Whether it is a normal body phenomenon or it is due to infection or some other problems.

Related questions

How can I reduce the swelling of my tongue piercing?

  • Place 1 ice cube and let it melt inside
  • Do not talk too much
  • Avoid carbonated or alcoholic drinks
  • Cut down the hot beverage or soups intake
  • Eat soft bland foods in the first few days

Can you change your tongue ring after a week? No, you should not take tongue ring before 6 weeks. Change your jewelry after the healing process.

What can I eat after tongue piercing? You can eat soft bland foods like applesauce, yogurt and baby foods. For the initial few days try to eat foods that are easy to swallow.

What happens if you swallow your tongue ring? Swallowing tongue piercing can cause serious harm if it gets stuck in your windpipe. But generally, it will pass through intestine and stomach as normal food. It will come out with the poop nest day.

What can I eat with a tongue piercing? You can eat everything you love to, but in the initial days, you should eat soft bland foods to avoid complications.

Can I drink milk after tongue piercing? No, you should avoid all dairy products. Avoid cheese, Milk, cream and other dairy products.

Is it normal for your tongue to be white after piercing? Yes, it is totally normal for a tongue to get white after piercing. This is due to the general bacterial process, you should clean your piercing at least 2 times a day. And follow your aftercare routine properly to avoid any infection.


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