Urban Botanics Olive Oil Review : Pros/Cons & Tips

Urban Botanics Products Review

Hye all, This post is gonna be one of the most interesting posts for you all. As you all are going to explore one New Indian Brand Urban Botanics that produce Hair and Skincare products. Before going into the detail about the product and company let me clear how I come to know about this.

I got the offer on my Instagram Handle. Then I have decided to get information about the company and product. I have noticed the most of the comments of shopping sites like Amazon are all positive. Then I have decided to try it on my own to check whether it is true or all fake.

My mom an I both are using this olive oil for skin and hair. And it is now over a month we continuously apply this to our skin. My mom is applying this to her stretch marks. And I am applying like a normal face and body oil. And guess what happened? We both are now fallen in love with this oil.

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Before sharing my views lets get started with the company Details.

Urban Botanics Company:

Urban Botanics India is a company of South India. It is manufactured and packaged in Telangana (written address on the bottle) The company detail is still not clear as you’re not gonna find detail on Google or anywhere. But the product quality and price attracts me a lot.

And It is my responsibility to clear all your doubts. This why I have decided to try and test this Olive Oil on my own. I did a patch test as I always do before trying any new product. It is always recommended to test your products before final applications.

Olive Oil
Cold pressed Olive oil. Check Price here

Urban Botanics Brand

The brand offers a nice range of products at a very reasonable price. The products are easily available on Amazon. You can get the following products-

Urban Botanics Castor Oil

Aloe vera Gel

Rose water skin toner

Urban Botanics Almond oil

Kalonji Oil 

Urban Botanics Under-eye Cream

These are the other products offered by the Company urban Botanics. You can try all of them, you have to do only one thing just click and order.


URBAN BOTANICS OLIVE OIL is absorbed by cold pressing olives and state for highest nutrient retention possible. Olive oil is one of the earth oldest and most versatile healing gifts. It is loaded with anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, and Vitamins. Including Vitamin E, making it a powerful anti-aging agent. It Improves blood circulation to the skin, increasing hair growth and restoring a youthful radiant glow to your skin.

Uses: Urban Botanics olive Oil effectively softens and hydrates skin, fades scars, prevents Hair loss and thickens hair. This olive oil also helps in treating skin dryness. It is a beauty solution for Skin, Hai and Nails at the same time.


100% pure high-grade Olive Oil

color: light Olive green

How to Use Urban Botanics Cold Pressed Olive oil?

For Skin:

This oil can be used as a moisturizer. Suitable for all skin type but will be best for Dry skin type. It contains essential fatty acids that help skin stay moisturized for long. This olive oil will prevent your skin to get dry even in winters. Massage the oil to your skin and let it get absorbed. If your skin is oily reduce the quantity of application. and do not forget to wipe out the excess oil from the skin. It is really helpful for dead & dry skin and also helpful in reducing dark spots.

For Hair:

I always recommend applying warm oil to the hair and scalp. Olive oil contains Vitamin A, e and anti-oxidants which helps protect the hair keratin and seals the moisture. You can apply this olive oil by mixing it with your regular hair oil. Or just apply the pure olive oil as you usually do.

For Nails:

Apply Urban Botanic olive oil to your nails. It will strengthen your fragile nails and give it moisturization. Dip your nails into the warm olive oil and massage each nail well. It will make your nails stronger, give strength to cuticles and fragile nails and also promote nail growth.

As a massage oil:

This olive oil can also be used as a regular Body massage oil. It helps in relieving sore muscles and strained joints. Apply as you usually do with other massage oils. It will calm nerves and increase blood circulation all over the body.

What I liked or Disliked about this Oil

What I liked✅

Don’t Like ❌

Cruelty-free No added fragrance- smells much similar to refined oils
Hexane-free No Detail is available on the Internet about the company  (although contact info in mentioned on the bottle)
Free from preservatives & Additives
Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
Chemical Free


The key point of any organic or natural product that attracts me is a Cruelty-free tag. I never support products that are tested on animals. This Olive oil is Vegan as well as Cruelty-free.

If you want a product to be totally cruelty-free, Don’t buy any just be seeing Vegan product tag. Vegan means the product doesn’t contain any animal product and made up of totally natural things. Whereas, it doesn’t mean that the product is cruelty-free or never tested on animals. Vegan and Cruelty-free are not the same things. Hope you got it, always feel free to ask in the comment section.

The things I don’t like is the smell and the missing company info. But I think these two points are not that much strong to oppose this product. I think the company is new and working on their site. And as far the smell is concerned, it is not that bad.

It smells normal, just doesn’t contain any added fragrance which is a quite good thing for our skin. Maximum added fragrances are harmful to our skin and hairs. Overall the product is really good.

Ultimate Outcome: 

As I have already mentioned at the beginning of the post that I and my mom are using this form at least 30 days continuously. I used this Olive oil as a makeup remover and massage oil. As my skin is a bit oily, I never apply oils for longer.

After removing makeup and cleaning my face, I apply a few drops to my face and massage it for at least 2-3 minutes. Then leave it for 30 minutes and then wipe out the excess oil for the skin. Also, I have applied Urban Botanics Olive oil by mixing it with my DIY Face packs.

The visible change is my nose area that was dull and darker but not it feels soft and my face is glowing. One of my followers applied this oil to the dry skin as a night moisturizer. As a result, her skin starts glowing, No dryness no flakey or dehydrated skin. It is really an effective oil.

This Olive oil is also effective on stretched marks and dark spots. My mom realizing that the small marks are no longer there. Black patches and spots are also no more existing on her skin. Overall this is an oil that worth paying. You can’t get 250 ml quality oil at this rate.

Talking about the use of oil to the hair. As my hair is oily, I barely apply oil to it. You can try this and share your experience with us by commenting below in the comment section. Explore more and help others.

Finally, I would like to say that this Olive oil is really effective and must try the product.


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