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An Unblended 100% natural essential oil. The goodness of this unique organic natural oil tends me to get it here in front of you all.

Yes! Today we’ll talk in detail about this unique Immortelle plant, flower, oil, and its uses. I got this oil from PEGO and they sent me its three types.

We’ll talk about Immortelle and the company that offers me their unbeatable immortelle oil.

Immortelle oil of PEGO

I have read many review posts and watched videos about Immortelle. And almost all of them describes the goodness and positive effects of this oil.

This is the time that worth review, isn’t it? It is the most awaited post that you all are waiting for a long.

PEGO produce one of a high-quality immortelle oil with high quality 100% pure organic aromatic oil. This is really wonderful. I got 3 types of this oil from PEGO.

  • 1st one is an oil of immortelle with 5% nerylacetate and Alphapinen cca 20%. This is the concentrated oil with a strong aroma of immortelle.
  • 2nd oil – oil of immortelle with 14-17% nerylacetate and Alphapinen 9%.
  • 3rd of immortelle with 30% nerylacetate and 5% Alphapinen. This oil is mild with a light aroma and is used directly in perfumery.

The very First word come out of my mouth is- OMG! It is really cute looking containers.

3 Tiny bottles of Immortelle essential oil along with 3 tiny droppers. Look at the images it is cute, classy and beautiful. I Loved it!

The company facilitates delivery almost all over the globe. Then what are you looking for, contact now and get your own immortelle oil at the best price?

My experience

At the first site, it looks cute and attractive. I was curious about the color and aroma of the oil. And I opened the1st one first and as soon as I inhale, it hits me with a strong smell of the essential oil.

I was surprised that how it can be used in perfume. But as I moved to the other bottles from 3-1 I realizes the variations.

I know that no. 1 and 2 is not for direct use (as instructions were given earlier by the company). Decided to use 3rd one and I applied it at first with my body lotion.

But before doing anything I did a patch test. It is important if you’re going to use any skincare product for the first time.

My experience is total wow. It improved my skin texture and removed spots to some extent. It’s being 2 weeks I am using this oil and its glowing now. Really amazing effects.

The major difference you can feel between these 3 Immortelle oil is their fragrance. The 1st one is too strong and 3rd is sweet and light aromatic oil.

The oil with high nerylacetate (like 3rd one) can be used directly for perfumes. This oil is very similar to oil of Korzika.

Amazing aroma and of this oil by PEGO makes is unique and awesome. The company claims that all the three types are unblended and 100% organic.

So if you are planning for buying Helichrysum Italicum Oil, don’t even think twice. You can buy this PEGO Immortelle oil just by visiting their site and contacting them.

And the simplest way is to go down in the comment section and write your query. We’ll get back to you for sure.


What is Immortelle oil?

For knowing the detail about Immortelle oil, you have to know about Immortelle plant.

This Plant can be seen around the Mediterranean where the ground is dry, rocky or sandy.

Immortelle is a plant of Daisy family scientifically known as Helichrysum Italicum. Italian Sunflower and Immortelle are it another commonly known names.

Due to the strong smell of its leaves, it is also called as Curry plant. It is a wonderful plant which bears cute small yellow flowers. These flowers grow in clusters.

Immortelle is a very rare plant as it grows on rubble where very rare plants can survive. And produce flowers is summer.

Growing the plant, plucking flowers and then process it for extract is really a complicated process.

The oil of immortelle extract by distillation process of the flowering top of the plant. And it should be distilled when the flowers are fresh as the fermentation begins 24hours after it is harvested.

That’s why I told you this is really a complicated process. If the flowers are not then the essence will not remain the same and can impact the therapeutic essence of the oil.

Immortelle oil Before and After

Before starting the topic like what happens when we apply this oil, we should know about the uses of this oil.

Essential oil of Immortelle is used in many cosmetic products, pharmacy and even in aromatherapy.

Yes! It is used by many aromatherapists as this essential oil is an awesome stress buster.

You’ll be even more surprising to know that the oil of Immortelle is one of the best Anti-Hematoma. It relieves stress, nervousness and gives a relaxing feel.

This oil is also used by perfume companies in bulk. And is mainly popular in the French, Italian and USA market. You can also use this oil on daily basis, as it gives a soothing feel when smell or even applied.

You cannot apply this oil directly on your skin. But the 3rd Immortelle oil can be used by mixing in body lotion or with your massage oil.

Helichrysum oil for skin

Now, this is the thing for what we all are here. We love beauty and want to be beautiful.

The process of being beautiful begins with our personal care. And the first thing comes to our mind is skin care. We all look beautiful if our skin is healthy and beautiful.

This is an essential oil which is helpful is removing several skin problems. It is effective in removing fine lines, Wrinkles and the major problem of skin aging.

Helichrysum oil makes your skin looks beautiful and also improves the texture. Your skin starts glowing and looking younger.

It is a rare essential oil among few which contain – “Diketones”. These diketones help in removing the appearance of skin discoloration or age spots.

This oil is amazing for oily skin. As you all know, I have mentioned in my other posts that my skin is highly oily.

It prevents dryness but along with this, it controls excess skin greasiness. It gets absorbed into the skin and gives a smooth and beautiful texture to your skin.

I compared this oil with Chamomile before and this is because Helichrysum is very gentle to the skin. It is this much gentle as it safe for children. It is also very good for sensitive skin type.

You want a Firm, youthful and vibrant skin, start applying Immortelle. And for that, you have to buy it.

Buy high-quality Immortelle Oil for whatever you need, just let me know in the comment section even if you have any query.

Helichrysum oil for Scars

Helichrysum Italicum oil is really a magical oil if talking about skin care. And this magical oil is not that much popular among us.

But I think there are many things you should to know about this oil. Because I know you are beautiful.

It is noticed that Immortelle essential oil removes scars effectively. Old unwanted scars always make you feel bad about your skin.

Regular use of this oil will help you to get rid of this problem for sure. Add this magical essential oil in your weekly or daily skin care routine.

Helichrysum Oil for Pain

This is another reason why you must have this oil. Helichrysum Italicum also works magically in pain removing.

Yes, you can replace your pain remover lotion or pills with this oil. Although I haven’t tried it in any types of pain, some of my followers also committed that it works like a wow.

In today’s world, the Painkillers are widely used for any type of pains. These painkillers are more dangerous to our health and reality is that it is killing you.

It is recommended not to use directly, but those who have applied directly also reacted positively.

My recommendation is to mix this oil along with your regular and rub it on the area where the pain is occurring. Apply it regularly for effective result.

If you are wondering how it works then let me clarify that too.

It removes toxins from our body and reduces inflammations. Relaxes tight muscles and connective tissues and promotes cellular regeneration.

The essential oil of Immortelle prevent bruising and blood clotting. This is the property which makes it one of the best anti-hematoma.

Last Note*

Before doing anything with any essential oil, make sure whether it is safe for you or not. Try to check before, if you have any type of allergies.

Do the patch test before applying to your face. Apply regularly for the best result.

Get you Immortelle Essential oil here at best price. Use it and observe the changes.

Have you tries? Do share it with me, I’ll be waiting for your comment.

Stay Healthy & Keep Smiling- “Because you are Beautiful”. 


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