My Weekly skin care routine: Steps for problem free glowing skin.

Our skin requires some special skin care apart from daily care routine. We should give it more care at least once a week. You should take special care of your skin doesn`t mean that you have to spend more on it. You can do some of the weekly skin care routines at your home.

Sometimes you just have to put some extra effort and time for the better result. Applying moisturizer, sunscreen, and toner daily is not enough. We must do some variation in our skin care routine.

I go for the spa, fruit massage, facial and skin steaming. Sometimes I do spa and skin steaming at home. Apply Mask and face packs or some essential oils. These different activities make my skin look problem free, fairer and glowing.

My face is my Identity.

Determine your skin type

This is the very first step and important also. You must have proper knowledge of your skin type before applying any product. Wrong product selection may cause your skin problems worst.

There are mainly four types of skin-

  • Oily skin You
  • Dry Skin
  • Combination Skin
  • Normal Skin

Some people consider five skin types instead of four. They include Sensitive skin into a type of skin. But actually, it is an exception. Any of the skin types can be sensitive.

And if your skin is sensitive then you have to be more careful while choosing to apply any product.

How do I know if my skin is oily or dry?

This is very simple, you just have to observe your skin. The change occurred before and after applying any product will explain everything about your skin type.

You are using any normal face wash and after a wash, you feel your skin looks clear and more whitish by not glowing. It is a condition of dry skin. But if your skin is highly dehydrated you will realize skin stretching and pain. Apply moisturizer just after a wash on damp skin.

If you are feeling no change and a few mins after face wash, skin turns glossy and shiny but darker. This a condition of the Oily skin. Change your face wash and start applying toner and astringents.

If your skin feels fresh normal even after an hour. Or you are feeling neither too oily nor too dry then congratulation, you have a perfect skin type.

But here is a skin type that feels oily at some spots and dry at some spots. This is a combination skin type. The area near the nose, chin, forehead, and neck will be oily. But cheek and skin near eyes will be drier.


Before I go into detail let me clear some things. You should daily skin care routine. As I have stated in the previous daily Skincare routine post- (you can check here).

  • Wash your face using cleanser or facewash only two times a day. Even if your face is too oily, do not wash it too much. Try to use simple water or you can use Aloe Vera for cleaning face instead of soap based cleanser.
  • After you can apply toner. But this step can be skipped if your skin is dry. But if you feel that your skin is highly oily and greasy then this will be an awesome product for you. Apply toner using cotton and do not rub it on your skin just dab. Twice application after face wash will be sufficient for you.
Firstly Toner then Moisturizer is the correct order of applying.
  • Now it is the turn of moisturizer. Applying moisturizer on damp face works better. If you are applying toner before moisturizer then do not pat dry your toner apply moisturizer just after it.
  • Now after moisturizer you should apply Sunscreen.
  • But at night apply serum and eye cream. And you can apply essential oils or night cream in place of moisturizer before your bed.

What I do weekly Special for my skin?

At the end of a busy week, my skin and I both get tired. I need some rest and so as my skin. My skin needs rest from daily skin care products and Makeup applications.

Skin starts looking tired and darker after one whole week. But caring own skin is really a simple thing. You just have to give it a little time and effort.

First of all, take a long deep sleep at the end of the week. Try to rest and take a proper sleep instead of going out on Saturday night.

Most of the Saturday night I sleep a long deep sleep. This helps to feel fresh and charged for the next morning. Do extra Yoga and exercise and drink extra water.

I do all these after getting yearly Sunday morning. Then after my breakfast, I start my Skincare and Haircare routine. Here are some of the things I do with my Skin-

  • Scrub
  • Steam
  • Face Mask
  • Face pack (someday)
  • Ice Massage
  • Moisturize

Before anything, I want to clear all your doubt regarding these. Here are the answers to the questions you keep asking. I have answered the questions which I found more Reliable and Important.

  • Can I steam my face every day?

Yes! Of course, you can. Steaming skin helps in opening pores. And it is really essential for your skin. As the open pores absorb essential oils and other products and give it a proper nourishment.

You can steam your face every day if you want. But only steaming is not enough for a good skin texture and complexion. You should rub Ice our wash your face with chilled water. This will help close, open pores.

But it is really important to have proper knowledge about the thing you are going to try. Although steaming is good for our skin but if you have pimples. And your skin is highly prone to acne, then first try to heal it.

Hot steam is not recommended for a break and damaged skin. But if you have only 1 or 2 pimples, then it is ok to do steaming. But keep in mind Excess of any this is harmful. If you steam your skin too much it will starts glowing but may cause wrinkles and dry skin.

If you are steaming face daily then you should do it for 5-6 mints. This will be enough for you. But if you are steaming your face weekly then 10 -15 mins will be enough.

  • Steam face before or after cleansing?

Cleaning your skin before steaming is the correct order. You should clean your skin first. Cleaning skin with Facewash, scrub or with any cleansing milk can be done.

Mostly I exfoliate my skin using a face scrub. This removes the layer of dirt and oil from the skin. Then steaming helps skin to be firm, smooth and clean. Cleaning assured you that opening of the pores will not absorb going to absorb any dirt or oil.

Scrub or wash your face with any cleanser just before steaming. Ready your hot water for steaming before face wash.

  • What to do after steaming your face?

After steaming your skin pat dry your skin and apply your face mask. Apply a face mask immediate after steaming your face.

Some people suggest to apply chilled water or do Ice massage just after steam. But this is not a correct method. Applying ice will tighten your skin and closes pores.

Before applying ice just apply a face mask. Try to apply any herbal or homemade face mask. Face mask helps in hydrating skin. And pulls out rest of the impurities and oils from the skin pores.

Your skin will start glowing even more. You can also apply any natural face pack. Or just apply gram flour milk and turmeric paste on your face Leave it to dry. Wash with chilled water and pat dry.

Now come to the complete process of my weekly skin care routine.

Skin care routine steps

I am giving the simplest skin care everyone can do for his/her skin. Yeah, I am a bit lazy to put my whole day into these things. That`s why I do all this at my home. I never want to spend all my free time in a salon or parlor.

Many of you ask me about skin care routine for combination skin, dry skin or oily skin. I am not going to give different tips for different skin type. As my weekly skin care routine suits almost all skin type.

  • Scrub for face

It is really an important process of skin cleaning. Scrub not only removes oil and dirt but also removes dead skin and tannings. There are many more benefits of face scrub. You should exfoliate your skin before steaming.

You all know about scrubbing and exfoliating skin. But how to scrub face properly? Is the main question. Only rubbing and cleaning is not a right way.

It takes not more than 5 mins to do the scrubbing. At first, wash your face with water. Apply your scrub on your face and massage. You should not rub it harshly. Keep massaging for 4-5 mins then wash it off.

There is nothing more in this. But the selection of proper scrub is also important. Try to always pic herbal products. Or you can make your own homemade face scrub.

You should exfoliate your skin at least two times a week if your skin is tanned. This is also helpful in removing blackheads and dead skin. 2-3 time skin exfoliation is recommended. But as I have already told you, I am a bit lazy type. I scrub my face only 2 times a week.

Homemade face scrub for glowing skin

  • My favorite face scrub can be prepared using only two ingredients. 1) Half of the tomato and 2) Sugar. This is best for combination skin type and dry skin.

But it is also a good scrub for a bit of oily skin.

Yes, it`s true! This natural face scrub is my favorite scrub. You just to take a half cut tomato and sprinkle some sugar on it. Now scrub your face using this tomato. Rub gently till all sugars get melted. Then wash it off with cold water.

  • If your skin is highly oily then use lemon. Lemon, rice flour, and sugar. You can scrub your face with lemon if you have oily skin.

Do not try to do this if your skin is dry. This scrub will reduce your skin`s natural oil. And it will make your skin even drier.


  • Steaming face

I have already told you what the benefits of steaming your face are. This is extremely important for you to take steam. All closed pores will be opened and your skin becomes softer and glowing. It will take only 5-10mints.

The process of face steaming at home

  • Take a pot or saucepan, pour some water in it.
  • Turn the flame of your stove to high.
  • Let it boil completely, then switch off the stove.
  • Now, pour the hot water into a big bowl.
  • I recommend to heat water in the kettle, it will be easier to take steam.
  • Now you can drop some essential oils in the hot water.
  • I sometimes squeeze a few drops of lemon in my hot water.
  • Hold your face over the bowl.
  • Drape the towel over your face, and let your skin steam.
  • Make sure towel is covering your head and bowl completely.
  • Let the steam be trapped inside the towel.
  • Maintain a distance of 5-10intches from steam.
  • You should not go too close to hot water, it may have a risk of burning.
  • Never force yourself to do this for a longer time.
  • Do this in small intervals.
  • Hold your face over the steam for 60-90 seconds.
  • Take 1-2 mints to break after each steam.
  • 5-10 mints steaming is more than enough.


Pour a few drops of rose or jasmine essential oil into the hot water. It will smoothen skin and gives it a younger look. This oil is especially for dry and dull skin type.

One great hack for you is- pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil or you can boil eucalyptus leaves in it. This is great for those suffering from cold and cough.

If your skin is acne prone then do not over steam your face. But if you are steaming your skin to get rid of acne then you just have to add oils with antibacterial properties like Rosemary oil or Tea tree oil.

Grapeseed oil will help you to balance your skin oil and moisture. This is an awesome product for combination skin type.

What to do after steaming your face

I pat dry my skin as it feels soft and fresh. Do not apply any moisturizer or essential oil just after it. As it may close all the pores opened during steaming.

Do not wash with chilled water. And applying ice is also no allowed just after steaming.

This is time for your favorite skin care process- Applying face mask and relax in your couch. I simply apply my homemade face pack after steam.

Just after steam pats your skin and lets it partially dry. Apply a thin coat of your face mask. Try to choose one of the best face masks.

How to use face mask properly?

If this is your first time, do not worry. I am here to guide you the way of applying mask properly.

First of all, choose the right type of the skin mask according to your skin type.

Apply a thin layer of it and let it dry. It will take your 15-20 mints. Application of the mask should according to the instructions given in the pack. But if you are using natural face mask like me then just apply it and leave it dry.

Then remove your mask and wipe with wet cotton or any clothing to wipe area near your hairs. If you are using sheep marks or any gelatin based mask, then do not try to pull it forcefully. If the marks are not coming off just wash with water.

Are face masks beneficial?

The face mask is beneficial in removing oil and dirt. It pulls out excess dirty oils from each pore of the skin. Face mask also removes tan and dead tissues.  If you are here with this question then I will simply ask you a question. What else you want your face mask to do.

Do not use to much face mask or face pack. These can remove the oils from your skin and your skin will turn even drier and lifeless.

Different face mask for different skin type

  • Clay-based face mask

The clay-based face mask is really good for oily skin type. It absorbs excess oil and deep cleans the pores. Tightens enlarged pores and is also worked awesome for acne prone skin. The application is also easy as it is a paste-like consistency.

  • Cream-based mask

This is a most commonly used face mask. The hydrating cream based mask is not for oily skin. It contains oils and best for dry and dehydrated skin type. It adds moisture to the dry skin and gives nourishment.

  • Gel mask

Gel face mask is suitable for almost all skin types. You can use this mask even if you have sensitive skin. It gives your skin a soothing feel even if it is an oil-free mask.

  • Sheet mask

Sheet face mask is now in demand. And most of the people prefer this mask after steaming. The application is also really easy. And there is no risk of getting your clothes dirty. Put the sheet on your face and try to lie on your bed while applying it.


What to do after face mask?

Mostly it is recommended to wash the face mask with warm water. But I generally use chilled water to wash my face. And massage my face with Ice cubes of few minutes (1-3). Ice or chilled water helps to close opened pores.

Remember steaming helps to open of pores that we can clean our skin properly. Ice helps in skin tightening. This helps in closing all those pores opened during the steaming process.

If you are applying clay-based or cream face mask, you can rinse your skin with water after it dries.

If you are using sheet marks, then no need to rinse your face. These sheet face masks contain some special oils/ essential oils that are useful for the skin. After taking off sheet mask, just massage your skin until all oil gets absorbed into the skin.

Moisturize your face at the very last step. Do massage well and feel the difference in your skin.

Homemade face mask for dry skin

  • Break 1 or 2 eggs in a bowl
  • Separate the yolks
  • Keep it in a refrigerator if you want cold, soothing mask.
  • Take it out after about 30 mins.
  • Add a few drops of honey into it.
  • Beat the yolk well and apply directly to the skin.
  • You can also add Aloe Vera or some essential oils if needed.

After applying this mask wait at least for 30 mints. Then rinse it off with cold water and you are going to love your skin.

If you have normal skin type just use entire egg. Egg white along with egg yolks can be used in the mask.

If your skin is oily, then just ignore yolks. Apply beaten egg whites. It will help you remove excess oil and will make your skin smooth fresh and glowing.

What is your daily skin care routine at home? Did you find this useful for you too? Then do share and comment below your experiences. Let me know everything about your skin care routine. Write me at my email address or comment below.

You can follow my posts and find more informative posts by visiting my site. Do share this with your friends and family. And let me know if you have any suggestion or query related to any beauty and health issues. I will be always there with you for sure.

Keep Smiling-“Because you are beautiful.”


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