Tongue Frenulum Piercing- The Complete Guide

Tongue Frenulum Piercing:

Recently, frenulum piercing has again become a common practice with people using it to display various adornments and pieces of jewelry. But if you are thinking this style was borne in the 21st century, then you are wrong. The style has been around since the early 90s.

There are a lot of important things and fun facts to know about tongue frenulum piercing, and in this guide, we will be talking about them.

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What is a Tongue Frenulum Piercing?

Tongue frenulum piercing is also known as smiley piercing or web piercing.

It is a piercing on the tendon inside the mouth. The piercing is done directly behind the tendon which is at the bottom of the tongue web. It looks super cute especially if you have broad front teeth.

If you notice, you’ll see that it is not a tongue piercing in actual. But the area connected to the tongue is pierced to insert jewelry in it.

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How much will a Tongue frenulum cost?

The total expense of a frenulum piercing can be between$50 to $100. It can also differ based on the expense of the adornments or type of jewelry you choose in the piercing shop.

This may, however, be different based on your location and the expertise of your piercer.

Is Tongue Frenulum Piercing painful?

Yes, you will feel pain but is much less than the nose or ear piercing. 

You may imagine that since the frenulum is soft, this piercing would tend to hurt more or differently compared to others piercing. This is not true.

In fact, piercings through thicker skin are in general more hurtful than piercings through thinner tissue like the frenulum. However, you will most likely feel a sharp pain while piercing your frenulum, but it will be quick.

How much will a Tongue Frenulum Piercing Hurt?

It does hurt as it is a process of piercing but it is bearable. 

On the pain scale for body piercing, frenulum piercing is apportioned a 5/10. This makes it a lot less hurtful than most body piercings.

Is a Tongue frenulum piercing the right fit for you?

It is absolutely right for you if you really wanna get it. 

As you should know now, the frenulum is a thin flesh. This is why a lot of individuals do not want to get it pierced. In the event that your frenulum isn’t the correct size for piercing, your piercer can give you different alternatives.

Delay getting a smiley piercing if you have teeth issues or you make use of braces. The piercing could complicate your condition and the braces can get tangled with the jewelry.

If you suffer from gum pain or any type of oral issues, you shouldn’t get this piercing. The jewelry will rub against your teeth and compound these issues.

Also, you should know that tongue frenulum piercing is a temporary piercing. The frenulum is so tiny, and that part of the mouth would still undergo maturity, so the puncturing may, in the long run, be rejected.

What age is legal for tongue frenulum piercing?

Your age must be more than 16 years. 

There’s no age limit for smiley piercing in some regions like the UK. However, beauty spots will have their own rules and may decline to puncture you if they feel you are too young to have it done on your own.

In other places, there are rules that incorporate not giving anyone younger than 14 years a piercing. In case you are affected by this age limit, then you have to bring a parent or guardian along before getting this piercing.

Since some beauty studios may choose to set higher age limits, speak to a piercer in your vicinity to know the age limit for a tongue frenulum piercing.

Healing of Tongue Frenulum Piercing

The healing period for frenulum piercing takes roughly 4 to 8 weeks. For these piercings, you can change your jewelry to a small one or an alternate piece after the healing period.

Before changing your jewelry, ensure that the piercing has completely healed. This is because in rare cases, the piercing may last longer than 2 months. During the healing process ensure you adhere carefully to aftercare routines.

frenulum piercing for tongue

Aftercare for Tongue Frenulum Piercing

For the entire healing period, you definitely want to be doing some saltwater rinses. Mouthwash is totally fine, an example of mouthwash you can use is Biotin. A mixture of alcohol-free Listerine is also effective.

Here is a breakdown of how you should go about the aftercare procedure

  •  Flush your mouth with saline multiple times a day.

There are mouth flushes made explicitly for oral puncturing aftercare that you can buy. You additionally need to ensure that you keep up appropriate oral cleanliness all through the healing process

  • Be cautious when you eat.

The area of the piercing should be used sparingly as regards to eating. You do not want to involve it too much to avoid tear. For a few weeks after the piercing, it is best that you only eat soft foods, so that you won’t have to chew for too long

  • Do whatever it takes to avoid jewelry.

You are not meant to touch the recuperating piercing. Moving the jewelry could cause rejection, and your hands harbor unsafe microorganisms than could lead to infection. Also, be mindful not to play with your jewelry using your tongue.

  • Avoid kissing.

Your mouth harbors enough destructive microscopic organisms itself without the exchange of spit through kissing. Pecks are fine, but you should avoid French kissing until your piercer has affirmed that your frenulum is completely recuperated.

  • Take care of proper Hygiene

Make sure that all of your utensils are cleaned on a regular basis. In fact, after the piercing, start with a fresh toothbrush. Also, do not share food, or food items with other people, and avoid eating off other people’s plates.

Best Style for a smiley piercing

A curved barbell is a nice option here. It is totally suitable and fine, and rings can also be less visible. You are really not going to be able to see it unless you lift your mouth open and show it to people from your tongue within.

The curved barbell will also give you a lot more room for the swelling that will occur.

tongue piercing pain

Dos & Don’ts for Tongue Frenulum Piercing

Here are some dos and don’ts for frenulum piercing.


  •  Pick a certified Piercer:

Take your time picking a proficient piercer that has been doing this for a long time. Search for somebody who is authorized and works in an approved shop or office.

  • Get suggestions:

Ask friends and families with tongue piercings about their experience and who they would prescribe.

  • Know the methodology:

Study up on sterile systems so you can be certain your piercer is following due procedure.

  • Be prepared:

If you do not have an experience you could watch YouTube videos, or go with someone who is getting a pierced tongue and watch the procedure if it’s allowed. At that point, you’ll really comprehend what will happen when you get yours.

  • Wash your mouth:

Clean your mouth completely before you have your tongue frenulum piercing. This incorporates brushing your teeth, gums, and tongue, just as flossing with a capable mouthwash.

  • Pick the correct jewelry:

Take your time choosing your gem piece. If you are not sure, your piercer can provide you with options that they feel is suitable for your piercing. However, carry out your research too

  • Make inquiries:

Keep asking questions on the things that are not clear to you before the procedure happens. You are not disturbing your piercer by ensuring you know all that is involved, and a genuine expert wouldn’t fret if they are following legitimate sterile systems. Remember that during and after the process, you may not be able to talk to such some extent.

  • Don’t be scared:

Relax as much as you can while anticipating the procedure, there is no reason to fret if you are working with a professional.

  • Adhere to directions:

Listen cautiously to your piercer’s guidelines about aftercare, and attempt to get them written if possible.

  • Trying to reduce the pain:

Use ice to reduce any form of pain that you may be feeling. You can likewise take anti-inflammatory pills like ibuprofen or acetaminophen if the pain is more than you anticipated.

  • Eat delicate meals:

Stick to delicate food sources for the ensuing days after your piercing. This will help you to reduce the hurt.

  • Wash your mouth before going to bed:

Brush your teeth after each dinner, and wash your mouth out.

  • Randomly clean your mouth:

During the healing period floss your mouth out occasionally. This should be done with a saltwater mixture or an alcohol-free liquid,  like Biotin.

  • Keep personal hygiene:

Keep good hygiene and wash your hand frequently, especially if you have to touch the jewelry from time to time.

  • Watch out for disease:

Check for signs of contamination. Common symptoms include the warmth of the piercing region, redness, fever, pus release, reoccurring mouth ache, etc. In case you experience any of these symptoms visit your expert.

  • Go for a subsequent visit:

Don’t stop visiting your piercer should you come up with complications within the 2 months of your healing period.

Tongue Frenulum Piercing


  • Avoid DIY:

Don’t do the piercing, or let anyone that is not a professional do it for you. You certainly need an expert on this one.

  • Don’t do your piercing in an unhygienic shop:

Don’t have your tongue frenulum pierced in a shop that is unclean or one that does not sterilize its equipment

  • Don’t make use of low-quality jewelry:

Don’t pick pieces of jewelry that are fake or of low quality. High-quality material will give you a minimal measure of difficulty during the healing process.

  • Try not to pick short length jewelry:

You’ll need the additional length of your jewelry in case you have issues with swelling. A professional piercer should educate you on this beforehand.

  • Don’t touch your piercing:

After the procedure, fight the temptation to touch your piercing or the jewelry because this can be exceptionally harming. This can import more germs to open injury.

  • Stay away from Aspirin:

Don’t take normal aspirin medicine for the pain because of how it affects bleeding.

  • Don’t kiss or perform oral sex:

Don’t kiss or take part in other oral exercises until you have recuperated.

  • Don’t smoke:

Smoking will prolong your healing process and cause more damage to the piercing

  •  Avoid the intake of alcohol or related liquors:

Avoid alcoholic drinks or those that are acidic in nature while the injury is recuperating. This can prolong the healing process

  • Don’t make use of harsh mouthwash:

Don’t wash your mouth with a harsh mouthwash, they can disturb your piercing.

  • Don’t ignore any detail of aftercare:

Ensure you follow all aftercare routine as given to you by your piercing expert. The inability to do so could bring about a genuine disease.

  • Don’t ignore any symptom:

Don’t disregard the indications of an infection. Doing so could land you in the medical clinic if the disease spreads through your circulatory system.

tongue frenulum piercing for fashion

Tongue Frenulum Piercing Problems

Here are some common piercing issues that tongue frenulum piercing causes.

  •        Respiratory infection

No one’s mouth is completely free from microscopic organisms. They are normally present in various forms, particularly around the taste buds.

At the point when you pierce the frenulum, you offer these microbes another home to colonize, hereby causing mouth infection.

Even though this can be very agonizing, it is the least of your stress. In the event that the disease enters your circulatory system, it can cause more complications, which means it can spread all through your body.

  •         Swelling

A specific form of swelling will normally occur after tongue frenulum piercing. However, this issue gets perilous if the swelling grows unreasonably.

The swelling can affect the whole tongue in such a way that it expands and stretches out into a segment of the throat. Here, suffocation is inescapable without quick clinical mediation.

  • Gagging

Gagging on your jewelry is unquestionably a significant problem associated with tongue frenulum piercing. While sleeping especially on your back, there is a likelihood that the jewelry can become unscrewed and be mistakenly gulped.

  • Gum issue

The specific position of your jewelry can cause gum issues by rubbing against your gums. This can cause sore spots at the very least. Open gums uncover the foundations of your teeth, this leads to contaminations that can consume the jawbone and cause your teeth to drop out.

If this happens at the start of your healing period, you might have to remove the jewelry till your gum completely heals.

If it happens during the later stages, it will require dental medical procedures to fix the gums, and there is no assurance you won’t lose your teeth.

How to know if I can handle the pain of tongue frenulum piercing?

The pain scale for the tongue frenulum is 5 out of 10, and this is only experienced during the sharp quick piercing.

Since this is not an excruciating pain and does not linger for a long period of time, then you should be able to deal with it well. With proper aftercare, you would not feel any other pain.


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